Today Is A Must See

How are we to know if this day is worth checking out ? Maybe, as my name is Lestor Wanton from some where in between reality and lost some where. I love those types of days that draw us into the mist of times. Clouds are deep fluffy kinds cruising around the sky above. How can we not want to jump right inside of this moment ? I felt that if any thing is possible than sky diving into those soft white pillows hanging high above us is reality. Who can say other wise right ? Just once in the crutch of the early morning a choice has to be made or else it might be lost forever. Today is special in that way due to being brand new and never spoiled at all. As my name is Lestor Wanton I swear I am going to try to be like a strong spirit with huge wings and cruise high over top this day to get the best views. I can imagine you have felt this way at least once maybe twice before making that super choice filled with brightness as the sun becomes your partner. Lets get going before that ray from the bright yellow fireball disappears on us.

Just do not think about falling to soon off against those giant balls of white far far below as we swing on past the local heights of the mountain tops. Can you glimpse the smiles from the other silent beings as they pass us in the windy skies. We are not the only salient types out so early today. It is a day worth viewing as we can see so far. One more trip around the hidden blue skies before we must decide which is the way for today. we can go see where the likes of some long ago lost sky carriage now sits. Or we can try to find where the Fairies are actually living in that deep green covered canopy that still exists. Remember this is all make believe in our minds as we control our cruising speed to high swiftly swinging more as the warm wind currents picking us up. This time we are going to search below that dark green canopy as we can land on that small patch of clearing below.

Do not be scared we made it this far along our day journey. One short hop as our feet hit the grass and our wings fold up without our help. What is this place called does anyone know ? Why should a name matter as we start walking into the dark green shadow world in front of us. We have to keep our eyes wide open just to catch a look at those little Fairies who live in these parts. Be careful you do not step on any mushroom because those small ones live close by according to ancient records. Maybe, it be possible that things are not as what they seem here. Under this giant sized green canopy built just to hide these small fairies in order to keep them safe. One more slow movement going forward in the deep lush grassy things under our feet. There had to be a method of catching a glimpse of those brightly colored little beings even if the sun was partially blocked from entering. A flashlight was forbidden under the rules of being in a make believe world or was it ? How could we be here if it was not real ? This meant the fairies were real as well. Let’s keep looking as we silently move around this forest of live green trees and lush grasses.

All of us were surprised by the silent ways of this place which we found flying around in the skies high above those giant white pillows. Never before had anyone found this hidden dark green canopy of the land of the fairies. Becoming famous was not why we had decided to have a day being a must see. But those fairies were remaining hidden some where close by they had to be. Our time was running out on us. One more foot before we had to stop our day in this secret location in the world of make believe. Who said our imaginations could not create that special must see day ? This one was not going to end with out spotting those small fairies of the green forest world. If we go to far than our trip back might not be as silent cruising along the early evening winds. No one wanted to stop yet at least until a fairy could actually be seen.

Then poof !!! Our time ended so abruptly we had no time to unfurl our wings to get back home. Now what are we going to do. Think hard everyone !!

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