Copy Write Protection

Copyright Protection is no. 1 for our books and blogs. This is why I wrote this blog post back on January 17, 2019.

James A. Best- Author

Everything I create and write is mine according to the law of Copy Right Protection. These words are protected by copy right because the laws say so.

The Haunting of Marcasite

Copyright @2016 James A. Best

Published : September 6, 2016

ISBN : softcover 978-1-62217-864-3

ePUB 978-1-62217-8667

Revision Date : 10/12/2017

All rights reserved. No part(s) of this book may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval systems without prior expressed written permission of the author of this book.

Copyright @2010 James A. Best A Walk in Time

Published : March 3, 2010

ISBN : softcover 978-1-4500-5413-3

ebook 978-1-4653-2788-8

Rev. date : 10/12/2017

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any storage and retrieval system, without permission…

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What Am I looking For ?

This is going to keep me awake until I find out what I want. Maybe not ? I like this blog and so do 43 other bloggers back on October 4, 2018. Please read this and if it scares fine if not well lol Thank you all

James A. Best- Author

I wake up so many times during the night wondering what or who is calling me from afar. I meaning me, Hank Warner from some where being on earth I hope. I keep asking myself each time my eyes open in the darkness and the stillness of the nights. I stay awake long enough to try and not see anything or anyone like a shadow. What would I do if I saw a ghost like figure with a gruesome smile staring at me ? Do not get me going because ghosts are real to me. I know they can be good or bad spirits. I like one’s with a sense of humour in their minds. I just do not know what or who is trying to reach out to me all night long. I wish maybe not but if you are like me sleep is important. You all do know…

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Secret Scary Things

Please take a tour through this blog and see if you find out about the secret scary things. Posted back on September 26, 2018

James A. Best- Author

IN our deepest darkest sections of our mind we do have the drive to push ourselves over that limit when we want to face fear. Fear driven by secret scary beings from where you might interject. They with some nudges from the psychosis Team manage to interrupt your thought process long enough to allow you to scream some monstrous creation from another realm right ? This exhausted worn out set of eyes can no longer focus the two eyes in one direction. The Shrink Team Leaders are concentrated on some frightening terrifying majestic beastly aggressor near huge enough to stomp on everyone any where with ease.

Yet, staying abreast of what typically occurs once this announcement takes place is way beyond normal. On top of that over and above what could be fantasized about is now the reality. This eager beaver who way back when in the green shaded canopy…

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One More Update

I love this blog post. This is real life situations I have dealt with. Posted this on August 24, 2020. Let me know what you think of this it was incredible experience

James A. Best- Author

Last night after 7 weeks on IV Antibiotic Treatments that was my last one at 10:00 PM my time. I am happy to be off that routine of three times a day: 6:00 AM then 2:00 PM and then 10:00 PM. It does wear a person out after a long time. I do not want to go through this again. I know I have to wait to make sure the chest infection is gone for good.

This is me good news for this week. I hope you will keep coming back to read my posts on my blog. I will get one written tomorrow and post it. I am just tired out and worn out from not getting enough sleep for so long. It started way back June 5 or 6th after an operation I got this infection raging through my chest, heart and body. After two months and 18…

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Just Waiting For Time

This stunning tale of ghosts tells exactly what they have in life or not. I might say it if fictional to be honest. Posted December 18, 2018. Please enjoy this one my fellow bloggers

James A. Best- Author

Here I sat just waiting for time to crawl along bringing me to the the day when music would be playing automatically from loud speakers across the country. You know playing all the great oldies with fabulous lyrics and tunes to dance all night to. The place is not the same unless you have a way to download music to play on your computer or phone or smart TV.

Yet, I wake up shaking my head wondering what I just had streaming inside my brain waves. But. at least the night went fast for the umpteenth time this week. Now, I decided to lay here enjoying the warmth of the covers over my body. Yet, I knew getting up was easy but I was feeling good not moving at all. One of those moments that come along every once in awhile. My only wish was that my bathroom was so…

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Stuck in Space

Here is a incredible post from April 12, 2018. I know that 31 other bloggers and readers can not be wrong right ? Please enjoy and let me know !

James A. Best- Author

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that no matter how hard you try our world keeps spinning around going no where ? The same can be said of trying to get going on coping with the daily struggles. Like the title says stuck in space going no where really fast. That is how my latest character Herman Frank felt about his world. What would instigate a young male child of earthly parents formulate such ideas of being an alien born child ?

Herman Frank always felt that some how an alien being had dropped him off because he did not fit in. He had talked with his parents about why he felt this way all his eleven years since he was born. One night during his early life he must have doubted his earthly lineage. Maybe, the cartoons he watched frazzled his coil in his mind. Then again being…

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Today Behind The Clouds

38 Bloggers and readers liked this blog post back on Dec.27, 2018. I hope more of you will take a chance on checking this out. Thanks in advance !

James A. Best- Author

Today is one of those days that make me think about what is behind those clouds. If we could get get rid of the haze and clouds what would we see shining back down on us. Maybe do you think it would be stars twinkling ever so peacefully against the pitch black darkness of space. Or it might possibly be the huge planets stretching ever so closely reaching out in real friendship. What ever lets push back those earthly bounds creating a free wide open canvas before our eyes. Look deep deeper into and around those stunning glazing twinkling heavenly stars searching for anything that will grab us by the eye balls. Just do not be scared or afraid because we are locked safe back here on earth. Or are we ? If, you are not sure then grab the seat belts and lock them into position. There now, you…

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Lost One Time

Hope you all like this one as 43 other bloggers have enjoyed this one. Posted August 16, 2018

James A. Best- Author

I actually was lost that time just beyond the realm of reality in the star filled Milky Way. What was it that drew me out this far in the dark of the night ? My mind is not the same as back then maybe better in reality. I know I hitched a ride on the wayward comet that swung around my home planet called Earth. You know the big blue sphere hanging out in space close to Mercury or was that Venus ?? Maybe. Looking forward to returning as long as I can lasso another ride.

There I was all of a sudden thrown onto a huge asteroid that just seemed to be halted in route to some where. I was stunned to say the least. I could see nothing but stars glittering brightly all around me to my left and to my right. My parents called me Tex because…

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My Story for Real

This i sa real true story of myself. Posted on July 31, 2019

James A. Best- Author

Hello everyone ; I am telling you my actual story which is real life and took place this year and still sucks and is getting me down.

This all started earlier this year with me having a bad cold. I thought it was all because of being sick with a real bad cold that was going around where I live here. But it was not as I found out at the end of April beginning of May 2019.

May 1 st I believe was when I had gone to see a different doctor because my doctor was on call at the hospital. Anyway, I ended up seeing my regular family doctor in emergency at the local hospital where he is located.

My doctor ordered blood tests to find out what was wrong. After he gets the results he tells me I need three to four pints of blood. It turns…

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I want to give a huge hug full of gratitude to my friend Mr. Holliman : A Happy Life. This is my first time getting an award like this. If you want some great inspiration than check out his blog. You will love what he has for us spiritually and to eat physically. He creates : Live happy; live healthy and travel. Check out Mr. Holliman’s Blog at : A Happy Life.

Guidelines For BEE LOVE AWARD :

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My Definition of True Love :

True love to me is unconditional love. A love that is full of loyalty, respect, trust, and 100 % Pure Love for thier lives together. There is no other kind once you recognize it. Deep sacrifices that are made between people in True Love should never stop growing. Nothing will ever get into a Pure Loving Relationship. Everyone can see that the two individuals are made to be in True Love. You can see when pure love strikes into the hearts of people as it shines outward and inward.

My Nominees For The BEE LOVE AWARD :

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