The Prey in The Air

There was no real explanation for what existed high overhead in the air. The beast of prey was some form of an ice age pterodactyl. It was more than huge and less than a giant monster with wings capable of picking up human beings and deposing of them. This sounds like a weird movie from some foreign producer and director with leanings towards things that kill. Especially since this was not a movie it was for all pretenses real life. Right here on the cold western plains in South Dakota. Now, lets try to explain maybe this creature came out of the ground due to a larger than life sink hole opened up in the middle of wheresoever. At one time back in the last two hundred and fifty million years ice covered the entire planet before the dinosaurs roamed the fresh green earth. I know some people have seen what is a pterodactyl on stands in museums in large cities across the nations on earth. But, how can something that has been extinct for millions of years just suddenly appear in the bright blue sky? Oil workers were unsure of being the next meal or morsel for this giant bird of prey. They kept their families locked behind closed doors at home instead of them being outside in danger of being swept away in those gross ugly claws on that pterodactyl bird of prey. Armed guards were being brought in by the companies for safety of everyone on site and in the town close by all drilling rigs. Nothing short of armed missiles were capable of taking down this pterodactyl cruising the skies for food. Already there had been three men grabbed and just swooped away to where ever this pterodactyl nested. Maybe, groups of armed crews should be roaming the country side to shoot and kill that flying animal of prey. The worst thing summer had just started so people and families had to have fresh air with windows and screen doors open wide. The heat during the South Dakota summers could be unbearable at times. Especially with a pterodactyl wanting to have fresh meat to eat everyday. Did there exist more than one of these pterodactyl’s out there? There had been only one flying high in the skies over the oil camp town. There was no way that one other was in the skies at the same time. It was impossible to hide anything so giant sized in a clear blue sky. There was a rumour that the owner of the the rigs was asking the air force to put some planes in the sky to shoot these creatures down and out for good! Who knew if this was just a rumour or true fact based idea of the head honcho. It was like going back into time through a drilling project while looking for oil underground. Like some form of gas turned their world upside down and inside out in seconds. Did some seismic force decide to release the pterodactyl’s loose from a deep seated grave? Maybe there existed a open air cavern for them to live in all this time. Danger is all this meant for the workers and families until someone got rid of the giant size pterodactyl’s from this area. When shift change took place workers waited in a secure area until the relief shift arrived. Then they all made it single file out into the compound and onto a bus to take them home safely, if possible. For some unknown reason, the pterodactyl’s were not aware of the bus being a metal can that needed a can opener to eat the food trapped inside. Which as the mine boss told every crew that until those dumb big birds figured things out the air force would shoot them down. Why not have these up to date skeletal remains in one of the famous museums across the country? Stories would certainly fly around for the next few decades about how the pterodactyl’s chased the tin bus on wheels with out catching it. But the birds did not have any can openers to reach inside to feed. Starvation may take some time which came from the head office of the mine. The local newspapers were to scared to send news crews out to the site. Who could blame them for the right reason out there? This situation could go one of two ways. Until one out come would stop these giant white fifty foot wing spread pterodactyl’s from striking again. I wonder if anyone prayed for a serious storm clouds with extreme wind warnings to hit right now for the next week at least. Blow those seventy million year old foggies down onto a deserted island in the south pacific ocean areas. Or blow them north into the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears which was more of a fair play situation. So, my choice for the final scene is the being blown north to the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears. That is my excuse for the ending of this blog post tonight.

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Abrealand; The Connector Group

Abrealand, is in such a non-typical position to not only control passage to many other unique and significance countries but to negotiate access to such human rights tribunals as needed to eco-groups and in some cases NGO’s. Not one non-elected or elected governments are allowed access to enter let alone take pictures by alien shutter bug or by all small self operated UFO’s as both are blocked and barred entry. Abrealand has this all locked down until the year 4632. By, then all wishes of countries subject to the now enforced “Abrealand; The Connector Group” will be tightly detailed and under lock and key in only one giant super safe in Abrealand itself. These land rights, water rights and air rights are a key to ensure that this part of the world is saved from groups intent in damaging all areas not under lock and key in such land locked areas. Legal rights seemed impervious at first yet, they quickly became real necessary to ensure requirements that are locked into writing by the World Court System in Abrealand. As one can see land has a value way out of bounds according to the records filed with the Abrealand Land Court Records. The water rights are not near what they should be set at and those same water rights will be negotiated upward over the next years before 4632 arrives. Air rights are also not protected to the proper level required to sustain life on this planet ” Sotfiner Wimong” in The galaxy of “The Major Avtos Vortex” in the universe, “Jiaketuary NP-64”.

One read over through these important issues makes the fight for the land, water and air quality that much more demanding and negotiable. Plus, the drink ability, plantibilty and breathability are the main reason for setting up the Abrealand; The Connector Group. All this turned into a fresh, new legal home for the new Abrealand Land Court Records. The new Abrealand; Connector Group Court House will be open next year well before the dates for filing legal briefs and the setting of strategies to appear in front of the Chief Magistrates start. That jockeying will kick start years of legal wrangling in the new court house. The, very first time anyone, will have that type of voice mandate to protect their indomitable rights to clean land for growing food stuff’s, fresh water to drink when needed to.and fresh air to breathe all the time.

All this in the legal arena had been put into motion when the first people’s started to ask pertinent questions. The general public became slowly educated which scared the ruling party. This evidently meant a shake up from the bottom up to the top echelon. Plus, I hope that many other alien people jump at the opportunity when you come over as well. This was so envisioned and designed to ensure all alien residents out in the far flung planets had access to top legal help. This was due to some outrageous alien sicko trying to grab all the planets in the outer portions in the farthest distances from assistance. It seemed a natural progression to where things now sit with new courts to handle truly unique cases to everyday legal battles. For the first time in history all alien rights were to be protected for eternity in this incredible legal realm being built and put into action. This will mean all the decent Confederations in space will feel at home here to assist in aiding alien rights on their home planets and beyond. The ultimate objective is to warn the wild and rude alien’s to be real quiet and use manners while stopping any where out here. So, for now things are going to be ratified to protect the land, water and air on and in between planets soon. It was known the very first cases would attract large crowds of the powerful and the meek and innocent ones.

One day the signs for lawyers in need of clients would pop up in offices in the new buildings being erected. This planet, Sotfiner Wimong, just happened to be central to most of the surrounding planets. The decision as to which planet was to become home for the new court house was not an easy one for those involved. The residents of all planets had an equal and alienable right to have the court house built on their planets. It was the high commissioner’s who made the final curtain call for Sotfiner Wimong to be showered with all these wonderful artifacts. Plus there were all sorts of papers written by some of the important and some high handed lawyers to read and discuss before that final decision was passed. The well educated high commissioners were provided with transport to all the effected planets to meet with those in agreement or those opposed. Getting the feel for the real individuals affected by the land, water, and air discussions was pertinent to their call, for where the new court house was to be created. Now, that is the final part before the high commissioners depart to where they live. But, they would be back when the new court house opens the legal-lease on the people and businesses. Of, course they would be sworn in to hear cases in all chambers through out the majestic building where the law is at home for all.

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Please read and enjoy my words for which they are meant to be for. Thank you all !

The Remnant’s Dusty Mirror

Over in an ancient foreign city; ” Quan Ma Imang”, in the land of ” Drui Preau” once owned by the Biedgar Areden Grakeas Family. Apparently, there existed by some strange rumour a box which was to contain the true ownership papers of “Drui Preau”. The last heir of this huge land mass was to be ” Strucix Grakeas” himself. It was long talked about how he died in some weird accident in some other country. Strucix was usually running to assist in saving some store or school or what ever. He was a good man with a greater love for mankind than any member of his family. Strucix had some vague idea of a special mirror sitting all covered with dust up in the attic of his families house. He grew up there and had never seen this crazy storied mirror that was all talked about. Now, he was to return home immediately for an emergency meeting of his home property. The countries government was actively trying to change the laws around inherited items. Which had a huge value upon the taxes payable for each year of possession of such items. This was going to raise the ire of the rich who could afford top lawyers. But, tax laws were not the straight purview of the government in power. Not one item could be brought to the business of the Government, with out a plebiscite being run first. So, this was about to blow up in its face so to speak. Never before, had any taxation problem not be brought to the attention of the owners, of each piece of property they wanted to tax. This indeed was to be some what of huge fight over taxation rights and how it is carried out. The government was going to have their toes held to the fire for breaching the law of the land. Somehow, there must be a way for the rich to be forced to pay their fair tax burden instead of having it forced upon the ordinary citizens time and again. One interesting point the government was right to raise according to the citizens of this land of ” Drui Preau”.

The remnants dusty mirror belonging to the said Strucix Grakaes was the starting of the tax row that was bringing him back. This important meeting over his belongings in his family’s house stirred a fire inside of him. How dare this government try to strip the rich of their ancestral rights of not paying tax on inherited items passed down from one generation to another. Strucix knew of the old tale in regards to this dusty old mirror holding a power to escape into another place. Would this also take the remnants dusty mirror with him should he attempt to use an unknown power? He felt in his heart he was in the right to take what belonged to him and rush it through his old dusty mirror. But, he would need to find the the old ownership papers with everything else attached to them. Yet, this government knew of his way of helping the less fortunate over all lands as much as he could. So, why attack his tax rights on his old family estate. He was amidst to find out when he returned home. All he had done was set out to carry out the wishes of his Family. Here instead he should have paid more attention to what was occurring behind his back. The people here never told him what the present government was stirring up in these matters. Especially, the tax laws on old family holdings. Strucix Grakeas was inbound and worried sick over the unknown and not to clearly new tax laws that were going to try and crush his income by paying such outrageous taxes.

A tax war was looming before he touched down at the airport at Quan Ma Imang, the ancient city in the land of Drui Preau. He had to ensure his tax lawyer met him at the airport to inform him of what exactly was hitting him in his bank account. Secondly, he must get to his old family estate home right after this visit. That remnant dusty old mirror held the most important key to his future. His mother told him to stay up to date with that. During his travels he forget the dire warning from her. Now, he must find those papers and figure out how to escape from here with that mirror before any new taxes hit directly on it. Strucix was lost considering the last time he was here his mother sat before him explaining this very predicament they faced. She told him where to find the many pages of things to find and to clear them out. That remnants dusty mirror held within it a secret way of sending objects to certain locations with easy code words. To places no one need worry about them as all are safe as possible forever and forever. Now, this mind blowing situation might tear Strucix apart inside. As strong a man as he built himself into with lots of abilities to lead or mislead people depending on what they wanted from him. Now at this point, Strucix had exactly eleven days to find the papers and depart with all art. Along with the remnants dusty mirror with it’s hidden secrets in his pocket. Sleep was important or Strucix might miss the exact spot that was calling to him. Food was secondary until supper was very much required. Some days Strucix sat trying to recall the same words his mother told him in her urgent soft mannerism. Tears were never going to cut it for him. He never held tears as being effective effort to gain what one wanted. No, strong men had the special inner toughness to pull anything off especially when it was so needed. Strucix had a few successes with using a medium to get through into his subconsciousness. Today, he was on the search on the dark web to find a medium that was extremely effective to assist him. After, many hours Strucix did in fact find the one he really wanted to be there to assist his luckless effort so far. So, they agreed to meet at his flat and get things found that very evening. After a few short hours what Strucix required was in his hands. He payed off the medium and gave her a big tip for her extra efforts. After, about another two hours went by and all one might have heard was a soft laugh. Two days later when the city went to call on one Strucix Grakeas he was gone along with all his stuff that was to be taxed. They sent police to start w search of all residents for clues on his disappearance. No one heard or saw anything, in fact they mostly remarked it would have taken a large crew and huge trucks to haul it all away. So, where Strucix Grakeas had finally did something that his dear old mother desires of him with ease to say the least. Now a happy and contented man out there among the prosperous people who he loved and admired. Those feelings were reciprocated back to him. His music most likely is making some juke joint bounce with hit music over and over again.

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Confessions of An Alien Freak

Let’s begin with where this Alien Freak was picked up and taken into custody. If, for some reason, this will shock your thoughts trust me on this one. One day the Vortex Security Swat Services were doing a routine cruise through some of the outlying planets in The Leonis Expanse. The Leonis Expanse was part of the Capella Carina Giant Universe. Needless to say, this is far inside the deep middle set of planets with two green/blue moons. No one on our crew had ever explored such incredible coloured twin moons before. A slow-speed cruise just relaxed watching the outside before our screens. At some point, radio frequencies tried to send a message out to us. We stopped our KBL Eagle Super Cruiser on that spot. Our ship was a Battle Cruiser with all the bells and ringers to defend against any enemy force if attacked. Our radio personnel were still trying to decode the message and the frequency it was sent on. We knew most of the time it usually was nothing of consequence. Not this time. We eventually had arrested an Alien Freak. Yes, a true greenish-blue Alien Freak. These Freaks were really dangerous to outsiders from this planet we circled way above called Groth 9HJZ. Now, we had nothing keeping us at this location anymore. We fired the engines to full throttle and headed home. Once we backtracked half way at that stardate we got home faster than ever planned on. One and a half days is some record from out that far. Now, the interrogation began under the deck in the security holding cells. Not taking chances with our new friend the greenish-blue Alien Freak.

What confessions did this greenish-blue Freak hold in his memory banks? Was he from that planet or not? Did he truly understand he was being held on an instigation discovery warrant? Some Alien Freaks could endure people talking with them for long periods of time. Other Alien Freaks had no toleration for such tactics. All we desired was a confession of everything he saw, heard, carried out, met who when, a time when he arrived at Groth 9HJZ, and why he picked this planet? To say we were completely unsuspecting of how fast this greenish Blue Alien Freak began spilling stories faster than could be recorded at times. But he went back and filled those holes in for us. What he who turned out his name is; Breccreots Scuurgien. As he stated or as Breccreots Scuurgien went on to say he was originally from the planet; Chobbae Gawa in The Uranilla Expanse in the universe; Meoclavin Universe. Breccreots was freely telling his life history like it was nothing to recall. Was there a particular country on his home planet he called his home? What city or town was he from around there? He just kept letting us know his home country on this planet was a weird sounding name to him. After a few more short beaks he exclaimed the name is Morroe Genyma. A hilly country with such stunning natural beauty it shocked even him upon returning home. The country covered a third of the planet so it was rather huge. On the far eastern edge was a mountainous range of granite monsters almost higher than all the terrain here. It is named for some scientist he thought. He mentioned it might be; The Comleahier Peaks. It was a weird sounding name after all. We poked his memory a little further for his home city. And where he was educated to gain the skills as an Alien Freak. Breccreots spent a long time and we saw how hard it was on him now. I asked him if he desired a break and he said not right now. A few seconds later he stuttered out something sounding like Trauling or Sladross. Finally, he shouted with happiness ” Ozheehhull”. I was raised there and educated there. Breccreots was hungry so we had to find out what they ate here on his home planet to get him food to eat. His family knew the top restaurants in Ozheehhull. They actually ordered for us and had it delivered to our location across the city. Wow! Now that was some nice for them to do. The delivery was not long so we were not quiet just famished. The food was enough to feed twice as many people. Yet, most everyone, including myself dug right in and had seconds of this incredible tasty food. Once, we finished off the food we sat back and relaxed for a long time. We talked in low voices in case we decided to order more food. It was plain alright to just relax. The small talk went on for the entire time we relaxed after supper.

I just wanted to have Breccreots to assist in finding any pictures of his planet we could keep as a record of being here with him. He was, I do admit a very wonderful person after all. Most Alien Freaks are just downright unlocked in their minds and run free making all kinds of voices and noises no one understood. That was it was a serious decision to have Breccreots come aboard with us for a short voyage to his home planet. See below for planets that are the nearest to his home planet.

to see planets
Digital Generated Image16:9 Space Scenes:

All of these Breccreots said he could not pick anyone for sure even though we flew around and over his home planet. I know once we blast off back into our duties in the far away deep space arena. We have a long time before we are to be going home. Until than be good and smile and be nice. This is due to you never know who you are speaking to it may well be an Alien Freak. So do be careful and run fast if need be. trust me they do not run fast if ever run period.

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Lost Amid The Chaos

This past week or so has been hazardous to the people on the planet Detronetous. Life out past the last out post of the Gartidamus Regime was dangerous. Period. No one knew who or what was coming next to attack or coming as peaceful visitors. We have lived this way for many years being on edge. The old people told of our past history of living in peace among all the planatory travellers. Gigantic ships from many different Space Federations which came in search of unknown worlds. They were advised to keep moving towards the twin orange suns. It was spoken that there existed a number of planets that may or not have life forms. As for the records speaking of grateful travellers revelling here there were hundreds. We enjoyed having foreigners stop by showing off their particular technologies. Our planet provided students to go with them to learn of becoming officers aboard these vessels. Some of us would have gladly traded places with the young men and women who were chosen. But, it was going to be many light years before they returned if at all. In fact very few came back home after hunting out around the universes out there. Their lives must have excited and thrilled them all. How we waited in anxious anticipation of one of them returning to spin stories. We felt that in some magical way they would hold us spell bound for hours upon hours. At least from our advantage point the comets and meteors flew by at dizzying but colourful speeds. The red hot tails dazzled us watching them slowly disappear around the galaxy. Plus, we saw other huge dark rocks tumbling around in oblong circles. They were fascinating to us, which made the wonder, that much greater on how could they roll around being so gigantic at times. The full size screen in front of us was plain fascinating and stunning in full colour. It was to bad that there was no way to save or record these events of our galaxy. Word of mouth was the best method of transmitting information back in the early parts of our life here. This is what drew me towards a future with the Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. Just listening to the few personnel it was just intriguing and so incredible which appealed to my sense of adventure. That was exactly the point in time I felt I had not other calling just an Officer with Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. Dedicating my life towards finding new planets with life on them is stunning enough. To be among a crew that actually were capable of talking with new life forms makes my heart smile. My face has a giant grin from ear to ear when that day finally arrives out here among the stars, suns, moons and planets. My family was so happy when once I made my decision. They could not have been any more happier for me. I have kept this memory right locked up where it does the most good inside of my heart. The Gartidamus Regime, for what it is wort, lives on the drags of life forms who get lost among their areas in deep space. Better worded as areas where there is no known forces to put a stop to this inhuman torture facing innocent space tourists for the most part. These people paid money to see more of deep space from a kindly space company willing to carry them out and back. That despicable Regime refuses to answer hails when sent out by all Deep Space Cruisers. Reason number one for them to be brought to justice in a space court. This turn of events has brought the Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. As the name suggests they are not going to be pushed around by any alien beings or alien ships. You could say they are this areas Watch Dogs. A term from so way back into time but it is brought out of sleep locked retirement for many different difficult creatures. This time the addition of the name is permanent upon this company Division. A very proud division who knew this name change was coming down the pipe. Once, they pull out of the dock a heavy dark screen covers their ship the full length and around the girth of the entire ship. No one is going to see them on any radar screen or any location. This majestic edge over the enemies is manufactured back home on another planet. The full time being spent on this special mission was known to only The Top Headquarters Staff for this trip. Now, Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division was chasing the head of an enemy with no warning until the end was on top of them. With a few giant sized bangs it would be over permanently. This is why head hunters are searched out for these unwarranted events from enemy forces with the big bully syndrome. No one should accept any other answers to the big bully syndrome. Which kills thousands and hundred of thousands of innocent space people on their home planets. When we first started doing our own deep space discoveries wars were not present any where in out there. Just lots of planets with good, funny, caring thoughtful people doing the best to eek out a living on each planet. Yes, this is what we could and did help them out with. Growing foods were our best ideas that went around our near planets first. After that we branched out deeper and deeper into space. After, a number of space years it was like a virus started to grow in this star showings dark space. This was so stunning and magnetic and majestic to see a perpetration being forced upon these planets under the stars. That was the first call to Driftionics for help. They sent back a short note saying early next year they would come to their rescue once and for all. Well , that time period had come and Driftonics Deep Space Cruiser Division was here and taking care of business as agreed to. The resident of Detronetous took in deep breaths knowing that the big bully people were wiped out. The rest of the galaxies and the universe were smiling and happier for the first time in many space years. Having friends to be able to call on when trouble gets worse is a long call into and through four different universes. The Space Companies stuck together like glue they had no other way to survive against each terrible enemy that arrived.

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Life Under Our Ocean’s

2021 is off to a great start for myself. The weather here is some fine for January. Now, if this sticks in the area for another few months, well I will be happy camper. Mother Nature is pleased with the her works turned out and came tight now. Hats off to her majestic warm air she is beholden for us all. One day at a time is the way to go. The only thing is when out driving the snow is melting. When on coming traffic goes by the windshield get a bath in muddy water. That is what our windshield wipers are for. So, I am not complaining this is all good practice for the real spring when it shows up. Besides each day like this is closer to yes, Spring. The results are from my own personal poll today while I was cruising the highways and by ways. I took votes from other drivers when they were splashed across the windshields and their hoods. Yes, the sides of my vehicle are white looking like salt. We are in the winter months at least the calendar says it is winter. Mother Nature must have some secret desires yet to show off to us on our planet. Old Man Winter, where exactly is his old body laid up? Those two are not usually far apart at the worst of times. So, it seems.

The sun has long ago sunk over the horizon into the eastern part of our effortless turn on earth’s axis into a morning situation. By now it is probably mid to late afternoon over the International Date Line. Yes, our brothers and sisters who live on that side of the planet are fortunate to be awake while we sleep and dream all night long. Things were done right the first time, we just have to look around and grasp the incredible, stunning, unknown things yet, to find on our very own planet. I for one feel the ocean floors are where the most important discoveries will be located. Some of the most exquisite, unknown creatures are ones we have never laid eyes on at all. The oceanographers are aware of things living down at the bottom of the oceans and seas. Yet, I do believe we will or may never find out all the sea creatures, that God made for us in the cold, cold waters of the oceans and seas around the world. I have found some weird and hardly been seen by the world at large ??

This thing actually lives on the bottom of the our ocean floors. They have kept hidden until recent dives down to see what was there.

I have found more pictures of things down on the ocean and sea floors. The last frontier on our planet. Our Oceans !! Take care and look and think about why or where did they come from? There are many heater drains that feed heat from the centre of our planet. They are some weird and different and out right scary.

Bye for the night. I need more sleep as my body is old and worn out lol lol Maybe ?? But, no. I am still in great shape just ask anyone female if I am with you. I am a decent human being with a weird sense of humour at times. But, I love everyone as Jesus Christ taught during His earthly Mission. God bless you all. Have a good night.

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The First Saturday Night in 2021 !!

What did we all do this first important weekend? I spent today doing early errands and took my morning meds. I waited half an hour before starting my breakfast to allow a few of my pills to work their magic. To be honest I do feel some what better inside as my nerve pains hit hard. Age is catching up to me before I have any chance of riding the world atmosphere to visit far flung countries. Yet, my main goals are to go back to University to get a Bachelor Degree in Canadian Literature. Then a Masters if possible in Canadian Story Telling. I know how to write but these educational ladders are beyond my pay grade for these ladders of knowledge. Do not be shocked when I want to settle down to achieve each step that is involved. I love learning in any field of study as I have already.

Tonight I have watched a few shows on CBC Gem. They have some unique programming each month. I would recommend the entire world watch CBC The coverage and type of shows is something to feel any and all crays in life. One show I watched with unbelief was called ” The Bang Bang Club.” About a photographer goes through to get that one perfect shot to go on all front pages world wide. If they are that good it can win Pulitzer Prizes for the Photographers. The hardships are plain when you go to civil war zones. It is on CBC Gem so please take time to sit and watch what our Crown News Programmer is doing for all of caring Canadians. I fully intend to keep watching CBC Gem om my computer to learn and for laughs with comedies. We can watch everything Free of Charge on CBC GEM !! That brought me into this perfect streaming service that captured my attention right away. Now, they are stuck with a proud watcher who can see the incredible improvement in the type of shows we have to watch now. Why should we pay for streaming services like Netflix who charges us and pays no taxes in our country of Canada. I wonder how many of the other streaming services make money on our backs and pay no taxes. These are our air waves and we should be taxing them for every show they are charging us for. Until they learn we the Canadian People own this country and all the natural resources. Like minerals, elements , gas, oil, coal,trees, pulp mills and all our grain crops that were under the Canadian Wheat Board which, are ours until them outsiders pay their fare share of taxes on such . Oh, yeah, I forgot Prime Minster Stephen Harper sold our Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia. No bad intentions but what would a desert country want with owning our grain businesses. Boy, I wish, I was a fly on the wall during that program of selling our grain farmers into the ground. I might ramble but, I am slowly getting to the main point of this blog post tonight. The world has just started a brand new year with countless chances to improve our improvised Ingenious People on their reserves. Lets Stop The Boil The Water Advisories across Canada for them and their children and families once and fro all. Lets while we are at things improving the housing decadence is disgusting on our reserves across Canada. Lets stop this BS and work alongside with the Ingenious Bands to bring them new homes. All this and more were signed in the Treaties with the British. This is my first blog slamming the current and the many past Governments for ignoring the First Native People of our Beautiful country. I mean it belonged to them back in when they solely occupied Canada.

Our Top Canadian Singers of all Genres who should be able to receive the same treatment here in Canada or down south in the USA. Maybe, they do, but I am fictional writer who tells fake stories about all types and kinds of things and places and people here and on other planets in other galaxies and Universes. My run on sentences are similar to my guitar that I do not have. Yet, I can music from typing my keys on this board faster and faster. Maybe, in one way this blog post will irritate some one who lost the election in the USA. Now, we are going to singing loud and louder each day while the Presidential Balls are held in Washington after President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamara Harris are sworn in. As a Canadian I am proud of how they defeated that ruthless one down there.

So, I hope you all see that our world has a fantastic opportunity to climb out of drug infested crime riddled cities. The cities have a new breath on life to branch out in greener ways and great ways to improve our atmosphere. Then, once when we hit success in all areas down the road some number of decades from now. Than, this planet will be saved and returned to its previous glory that God made it for us.

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Happy New Year 2021 !!

2021 is going to be a better year according to some optimists in the news world. We should be cautious but happy that vaccines are already hitting the world at large. Yes, it is going to be an exciting world as we slowly return to normal or a new normal. Yet, being positive and having a great life in 2021 is nothing to be scoffed at. No, 2021 is the year the world masses turned it upside down with the most powerful, liberated populations coming out of the home offices. Going back to for the most part into the offices they left in 2020. With young children being home schooled by their parents they are the future of this planet. Having one on one teaching against schools where classes are over crowded as students are not receiving the proper attention daily. Just, maybe we end up with more teachers aides in classrooms to churn out top rated future engineers, CEO’s, Accountants, Small business operators etc. Yes, 2021 is looking even more the brightest and best year in some time. So, lets celebrate at home with our families and get ready for the best year ever to start this weekend !!

With hope, increased faith, more in depth understanding of what it takes to create the world of the future, we are standing ready to jump forward !!

All the BEST to Everyone in 2021 !!!!!

What incredible Dreams

As one year comes to an end another 12 months is set to startle us with new highly classified stunning ideas. New Year’s Eve is full of songs and good times with family this year due to Covid 19 Virus. Lets, just say this past year was that was not expected even not as an everyday run of the mill year. Please, stop and think about all of the spine-tingling, shocking, dead bodies on the news surprising, stunning, and incredible dreams we all popped out of our minds all night long. Like, back in the old days in 2019 and into the past years. There had to be some sort of mind-blowing, dreams that slowly, creep into your mind’s eye, after contemplating for a while. This has to be a sorry time to want to bring to life some hot dream from your teenage years. Let’s say Zomley Bhigie wants to bring alive some of the best sexiest hottest sweatiest dreams from his youth. This is at the exact time his wife is in bed with him. They are two of the closest married couples we all are aware of. They were a daredevil pair who loved and played adventure in bed all through school. No other couple or twosomes could even come close to maxing them out or outperforming Zomley Bhigie and Anna Koscux in any sex game competition. That was back in high school when excitement was normal and sex happened in weird places. But, If all these games were tucked away in a secret location, if they actually were returning to the human race then the trouble was coming soon enough. Okay, let’s not get the investigative teams any heartaches before they start this sex game scene from decades ago. High schools were adequate in having lots of things on hand like tech equipment. One might think it was a way in regard to how safe were high schools these days. Now, relax you have to have fun while doing this investigation in a school setting. Plans needed to set up with little or no fanfare. In other words, this operation was to be top secret out of the capital. Parents suddenly got cold hands and feet fearing their school kids just might stumble across a copy of his video. From one point of view of one officer searching for information about all these videos, they were well hidden. So far anyway. None of the former teachers questioned ever recalled such behaviour ever taking place here. Police Brass knew this was wrong and started pressuring them into confessions. It was that age group who were probably going to jail should anything turn out to be true and illegitimate. Each High School Principal should be held to the same legal level as the teachers and parents from back then. Students may be the most compromised of all being questioned. After all, they were in those videos taped back when they were in High School. The most asked question around the city was ” How did the cops find out ?” Was someone out there wanting to share dirty info more for a great deal in court. Who knew !! Residents were not happy being embarrassed over such behaviour from so long ago! The top rebuttal to the most asked question is ” Why were young kids, your kids, doing such despicable behaviour at the local high school?” Possession of school equipment after hours required a teacher to be present at those times. Who is hiding that dark part so earnestly ? And where exactly are those pertinent records hiding ? Yes, as time was slowly winding tighter and tighter some one may or may not step forward. But, everything bottom line is got away out of control in that high school at in the evenings. Police should start focusing their attack and search for all the required records that were not yet found. That is the best avenue to switch over to fear had to be felt by know by someone. Who paid the over time for teachers during the time these shenanigans were be carried out ? Did the local school superintendent know of anything or any part of what students were doing in the school during evenings. It started to look like many teachers, students and now the superintendent may take the a point of not saying anything in court. I guess they would rather face jail time than step forward to simply clear up an old mess. This high school was in a mid populated city and nothing made sense now. Where should the blame be focused or should any blame be focused against anyone ? A court room case might rip apart this great high school that took a long time to turn it into a success in classes and sports. This was according to the police chief that a chance had to taken under the circumstances. Gossip ran wild through out the town. Every restaurant this was high on the gossip while people ate three times a day. It would be dangerous to have a court case decided by gossip and not by law.

This is a complete fictional story that fell out of my regular mind and my subconscious mind. I could have turned this fictional story into things that are taking place due to Covid-19 pandemic. I do not write true stories due to the laws around being 100 % correct or a writer could be sued for damages. I just want people to realize once things if they come out at all not to be surprised at the overall charges and fear and doubts. I just want to create content that may or not help me find work. I love writing and need money to publish more books so finding writing work is my way of trying to smile all the time. I hope as always everyone enjoys my blog posts. Please leave comments if you disagree with my blog post or have idea on how to improve its over all appearance. Thank you all so very much your reading and following has made me feel honoured and humbled. God bless you all out there.

Merry Christmas Everyone

I wish you all the best and all the happiness that is required at this time of year. Especially after this year we need a huge breath of fresh love and happiness and friendship across the world.

Heavenly Fathers only begotten son was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He was born on earth to save us all from our sins. Along the way he taught the Holy Scriptures with his 12 original Apostles. I know for one Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants us all to live in total Peace, Happiness, and with grace and with Gratitude and Honesty etc.

Lets all stand together after such an incredible deadly year of Covid-19 taking its toll world wide. Covid-19 did not discriminate as it made its way around the world we live on. But, lets all pray together for these vaccines to work and get rid of Covid-19 period.

Lets have turkey, gravy, boiled potatoes , stuffing and all the white and dark meat to last all day. All the time assisting us to build some of the most sweet, kind and lovable memories ever made on our world.

Love to you all across the world !!

James A. Best-Author-Blogger !!