One Look Is All It Took

This is one scary tale told from my conscience. Originally postes May 22, 2017 I hope you all can relate to this Adrenalin rush

James A. Best- Author

I know one look is all it took for me to be completely over powered by those apparitions on the cover of that book. Yes, I knew from that second forward I had to have that scary looking book for ever close to me. Even though I was deathly afraid of any unseen, eerie, hideous beings even though it was just a cover. Inside my nerves automatically went on notice knowing something sinister was hidden inside these covers. I had to have it to explore no matter what or else my life would not be complete. Just, like having to watch a particular show or movie over and over allowing fear to take hold of my soul with an ice cold grip. Books always held a deeper more convincing breed of horrid, noxious, obscene creatures ready to pounce out with each passing word being read.

The first step to desiring…

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Rainy Wednesday

Fearful thoughts on rainy Wednesday with thunder and lightning strikes. This was originally posted May 24 2017. Hope you all enjoy this one.

James A. Best- Author

How much does the weather effect your thoughts when the rain comes down ? Does the thunder and lightning cause small ripples of fear to travel up your spines ?

I will admit from an early age I have been afraid of loud thunder clapping high above causing things to shake around me. That extreme loud noise made me jump out of my skin at times. Yes, thunder holds the most fearful exclamation possible during severe storms each year. Why I wondered did this have to happen especially in the dark of the nights ? What caused such incredible noise to take place ? I know we were told that people were bowling up in the sky. And thus the really loud bangs and crashes from the balls knocking the pins around. Being young. One does not stop to rationalize such silly things our parents told us. Now, I know…

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Sunshine Blogger Award #5

I want to give my friend Mrs. Holliman @God’s Love, a big Thank You for this Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination. I am humbled and honored by her nomination for this Sunshine Blogger Award. I am also happy to have such a great blogger follow my blog and be my friend. Mrs. Holliman inspires me to be a better person with her love for God. You should really follow her blog and see for yourself how the word of God truly inspires her and all of us who follow her blog.

What is The Sunshine Blogger Award ?

” The Blogosphere Community holds several awards that bloggers use to nominate a blog in appreciation for its creative, inspiring, and motivational content.”

” The Award also helps other bloggers receive recognition and free exposure for their blogs.”

Award Rules :

There are some basic rules to follow if you decide to participate :

  1. Thank the Blogger who Nominated you and link their blog so everyone can visit.
  2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Notify the Nominees by commenting on any of their blog posts.
  4. List the rules and display the Award Logo on your post.

Mrs. Holliman’s Questions :

  1. How old is your blog now ? My blog is almost three years old now.
  2. What do enjoy most about blogging ? I most like how all of us have built such a great community around
  3. How important do you think Social Media is for the success of a blog ? I use a number of social media sites to spread the word about my blog. I also use social media sites to boost awareness of my books.
  4. How would you define a successful blog ?In other words, what so you think a successful blog looks like ? I would say one that has lots of followers and lots of likes and lots of readers.
  5. Describe your feelings when you received your first blogging award nomination ? I was really surprised, humbled and honored with that first nomination. I still feel humbled and honored with each nomination.
  6. Have you ever thought about monetizing your blog ? Yes, I have but have not done so yet.
  7. If, so what do you think is the best method of monetizing your blog ? To be honest, I have no idea right now.
  8. What kind of post do you find easiest to write ? I find any post easy to write as I let my mind roam free with music playing.
  9. What do you think is best, long or short posts ? Either one is best depends on how creative I am at the time.
  10. Funny/Weird Question : What is the weirdiest thing you have ever eaten ? I just bought some ” Energli Power Balls”. They tasted good and the first time I have had them.
  11. What is your favorite way to unwind after a hectic day ? I would have to say reading the word of God is the best method for me.

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  2. SaaniaSparkle Fun With Philosophy
  3. Shell-Shell’s tipsandtricks This crazy busy life
  4. JoAnn Midnight Harmony
  5. The Typewriter Thoughtsmith
  6. Betul Erbasi To Write or not to Write and What to Write
  7. Kelly Curtis Kelly’s Quest
  8. A. Rinum Rinum’s blog
  9. Melissa Rose Rogers Melissa Rose Rogers, Writer
  10. WAEL Inspire Someone Today
  11. happytonic Readingtonic

My Questions For My Nominees :

  1. What is your favorite genre of music to relax with ? Why ?
  2. What motivates you to be active each day ?
  3. What is your favorite food for breakfast ?
  4. What is your biggest fear in life ?
  5. What is your one hidden talent you do not share with others ?
  6. What is your biggest challenge in life ?
  7. Who do you admire the most in your life ?
  8. What would be your last wish ?
  9. Who were you in a different life ?
  10. Weird Question- Have you ever left a hand or foot print in a fresh cement sidewalk ?
  11. Which is your favorite emoji to use all the time each day ?

I am looking forward to reading your answers to my questions and your blog posts for the Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination. If , you decide to participate.

Extraterrestrial Lights Shone

One more story about aliens attaching themselves to a person maybe maybe not. I hope you will enjoy this story like all others I have produced. It was originally posted on November 2, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

I suddenly woke up around three in the morning why I was not sure to be honest. I got up and walked out to my front room. That was when those bright lights shone from the floor to the roof. Why was I being attacked again for ? Who actually sent these lights to warn me ? Did the alien commander decide it was time to have me brought back to the far away place ? Yes, was all that came to my mind. It was like a tractor beam pulling me forward which I could not fight. Those lights can they be shut off before something actually occurs and I leave here.

This was one account of an alien intrusion into the life of Herman Crink. Herman lived  inside a weird world of make believe to most people. To him it was reality. Not one outsider was able to…

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What Attacked Me

A weird strange event happened in this blog. It is all fictional trust me. I posted this October 24, 2017

James A. Best- Author

I have been a victim of some alien infested sickness for almost a month said John Binary. After he told me he was abducted by aliens from his country estate over three weeks ago. He is not one to go around telling tales to impress anyone trust me. In the last forty years I have known him this is the first time he spoke of such incidents publicly.

John Binary is a wiry type of individual who does not stand out in a crowd. Rather, he takes his time not to be noticed unless he knows you. Then he might stop for a quick conversation about local issues. John would love to just pick up fresh grown items from the local market and go home. He also loves fresh butchered meats available from meat shop down from the market. This is what he did before the fateful night he was…

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Thursdays Musings Maybe

This is all about what I faced a few a couple of years ago. This blog is real and true about my health and life at that time. Posted December 13, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

Have you ever had one of those days which just happened to be a Thursday ? Yet, my Tuesday was one of my most interesting and challenging days this year. Like I have said Thursdays musings Maybe !!

Here is what transpired Tuesday afternoon. I found out some news that I have waited three long months to hear. It has something to do with what took place almost twenty years ago. I had a pacemaker put in to help my heart beat. The one wire that was put in side my heart to connect it to my pacemaker has been having troubles. This started in January of this year when my third pacemaker was put in. I got the news that has helped me feel good. I am going in for surgery to remove and replace that one wire in January or early February next year. I have to wait…

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Where Do They Come From ?

From July 22, 2017. My fascination with aliens and UFO’s. A good read in my thoughts

James A. Best- Author

This question has been asked ever since I saw that glowing orb flying around the night sky. I had a strange feeling that some sort of creature was actually taking shots of potential landing sites. Why else would that sort of round looking flying machine stay zig zagging up in the dark sky above ? I had read about such things existing but I always thought they were just made up. A product of a over active mind working hard to stay awake at night. Then, one day I saw a show that featured flying saucers. Not the type of saucers our parents used underneath their cups of tea. Each one seemed to have a distinct shape and coloring. This began my fascination with alien’s and their UFO’s !

I read up on everything possible about UFO’s and the alien beings inside them. Where did they come from ? I…

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My Soul Wants Another Life

From July 17, 2017. A way in to my minds thoughts

James A. Best- Author

It does not matter what experiences we have in the here and now. We always try to stretch out trying top grab hold of a magic switch to hit the replay button. This first time here should only be a practice run. This is something ordinary deep thinkers have tried to visualize everyday. They keep trying on our behalf to kick start a replay life time once we leave for the first period.

There are way too many projects and ideas I have not been able to finish or even start due to a lack of minutes, hours , days, weeks, months, and years. My projector in my souls theater is ready and willing to accept one more go around at least. Not quite like the rodeo cowboys who get another go around. We should feel the same excitement and happiness knowing our second round is coming again soon. I…

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Alas, I Have Been Deserted

My First Pirate Story November 19 2017

James A. Best- Author

Now, I can fully comprehend the sick, disgusting feeling of the sailors who sailed the oceans in search of new horizons and lands. When the going got extremely rough their sailors dropped the row boats and left their fellow sailors and Captain behind. This is exactly how I feel today since no one not even family who always stopped in to hear my stories have come. Those scally wags will be rewarded for this dastardly behavior once they are seen again.  They have no common sense of decency left inside of them trust me. Haha my mateys we shall shove off into the wild blue oceans shortly once more in search of gold, sliver and other rewards we find out har !! My name is Captain Bremner and a pirate as well.

The last trip was not so how shall I put it not good at all. Me thought I…

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I Thought I Tried

This is the way of living in such a fabulous location in the great Proxima Orion Star Galaxy. This was not the first spot we both agreed on as our feelings for the warm eractics of shocking others drove us way out here a few years ago. We never thought that anything was going to occur especially in this star studded part of this galaxy. The planets are some of the most stunning of any in only a few simple locations we figured. Than, BOOM, here it is where this had to take place this far out but no second guessing any longer. It is after all not a chance that we could ever pass up after spending a long time here. I mean everything is located on this planet deep inside called the Tolveon 92Q. After lots of soul searching and being a top graduate from the Unilaterean University of Inua Sacred Fleet Star Command. This was so every grad student knew exactly what they faced and where they were being sent to with out any arguing or disagreement. Lets start this new era in a relationship out here in deep space with great instructors willing to work long hours to create such one fantastic star academy and now it is in existence. There would be no excuses taken from or received from any star fleet student. This had to be rule Number one before being accepted in the Star Fleet Command. The rest of the rules were going to be created as we went about our business way out here. The many red suns would spin around and provide more than enough sunshine and heat for all of us trust me. It boiled down to who we trusted out here and we came out with the express written confirmation to succeed as failure was never an option in this regal Star Fleet Command post construction to create the most daring, most brave and most incredible students with a desire to more than succeed for us in four years of studying in our universe.

We had to start building every thing we needed and it would be all done here with our real people. We required that all students study what we tell to and when they have to do all this. All students paid a full tuition and knew exactly what they faced in coming to study here at our Unilaterean University of Inua Star Fleet Command.

Then good get then fed and put to sleep as morning comes early around here. All 1,200 students were also our labourers which made them feel like they are having a leg up into this business. I want all instructors and workers to have hand on experience in all assets in the sky and on the ground. A lot of other workers were being brought out to build the factories that had to be required to feed, make uniforms for and build long distance flight warp speed capabilities. Those workers are part of the other teams to ensure there is no cross over of working personnel from one side to the other. These teams had years to go hard onward to build factories and then another final team would come in and put these magnificent flying ships together. The top managers would be kept on during this entire building process. After, they would become officers in the large Unilatereen University of Inua of Star Fleet Command. Good night to all students and workers in their proper rooms with no hanky panky or trouble tonight or any other night going forward.

Part Two Will Be Coming Soon. Trust Me !