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I have not written about my books for since before summer started. This is due as I have said in my other blog posts about my hospital stay and stuff.

When I wrote my first book titled ” A Walk in Time” I was in the mood to create a dream I had coveted since I was younger. I knew that creating a piece of literature for all generations to enjoy would not be easy. I simply sat here in front of my computer monitor and wrote a fictional account of life with the main character being a person named Ben Crowley. I poured out what I could each night for twelve hours a day for five months. I did use spell check and grammar check as much as possible while creating this make believe world. At the end I edited it and then rewrote using different words to try and bring my book to life in each sentence and paragraph through out the book. The hardest part had to be the ending actually. Tying the ending to the whole story was a real chore but it was fascinating how it came to be. I have had lots of people who read my book ” A Walk in Time” were shocked and surprised by the ending. I was proud to say “Yes I wrote it all”. Goes to show when we let our minds loose creating stories is a wonderful experience. I knew than I could create another book. Which I did.

My second book is called ” The Haunting of Marcasite”. Another ficitonal work from deep inside my soul and mind. I have always been fascinated by horror stories in print and on television. So, creating something that the masters of horror like Stephen King and Dean Koontz, etc was going to be a challenge indeed. The first thing was deciding on what the story was going to be about. I thought long and hard for awhile and I will admit i made  outlines for each of my books. This is important as it helps to know about the characters inside my books. They had the same abilities and attitudes as anyone else except I created those things to assist me telling the story. Once I had a story line basics written down I needed a title. I do not recall how I came up with the name of the town ” Marcasite” but knew I required something to make my story realistic but fictional. I explained it all in the forward of my book.

I spent a few years creating my second book as I was in and out of hospitals with serious medical problems. This horror book took lots of work when I was able to be on my computer. Plus, I required a new computer because my old floppy disc drive one died on me.  I managed to find a good second hand hard drive tower which was good enough.  I used the same old monitor as it had what was needed a good clear screen. And a good writing program as well. Now I proceeded earnestly when ever I was able to think in the right frame of mind. I finally got my second book written in February 2016.

My first book was self published and I did the same with my second book except I used a different self publishing company. I did lots of research about self publishing and also about traditional publishers. Believe me I wrote many letters to agents in hopes of getting picked up and being signed to a contract with a big traditional publishing house. That dream never materialized yet the responses from the agents were all very positive and encouraging about my story. I know this rejection pushed me towards doing self publishing for both of my books.

Getting back to my second book again. I know that creating a huge story line was not something I had ever done before. This was once more a giant challenge for me. I used an outline to help me as I did before. I learned more from my second book about editing and growing each line come to life. The editors were definitely better qualified in my mind when they helped with ease instead of criticism. I found doing things their way really allowed me to build and create a better story for my readers. Which it did as the comments were always incredible and they loved the story. I hoped for stuff like this to come out in favor of “The Haunting of Marcasite “.

This is a brief approach towards my books. I have more books started already. One is a fictional crime novel in a metropolis. I am also working on a trilogy of an alien invasion.

Hope to have them ready in the next six months or maybe longer who knows !!

31 thoughts on “About My Books

    1. Thank you for your amazing comment Ana !! I am trying to move forward each day. I am slowly working on my alien invasion trilogy. I finished Chapter Two and started Chapter Three today. I had some energy and a clear mind this afternoon. Wish you and your family a great weekend Ana !

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  1. Congratulations, James, on being the author of not only one but two published books. That’s a big deal…I came to announce that I nominated you for the Blogger Rcognition Award only realize that you are already a published author.

    You can find the nomination at http://www.racquelwrites.com. Looking forward to your blog post response.

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    1. Hello Rakelle I have started my blog post for the “Blogger Recognition Award”. I am tired and my eyes are sore so I will finish it tomorrow. I wish you success when you write your first book !

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      1. Hello Rakelle It is my pleasure to do the ” Blogger Recognition Award” piece. I am humbled and honored by you Nominating me. I will post the Blog Posts Today !! Thank you again Rakelle !!

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    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am happy for you having finished your first book. I wish you luck getting an agent. I have written a number of letters to agents in the past. Never stop in pursuit of your dream Shantanu !!

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