My Account. My Words. My Thoughts.

This all about talking about different topics each day with everyone who drops in. I think you will all discover I have a certain way of thinking and putting into words those exact ideas and concerns. I enjoy making others understand what is important each day once my topic is chosen. I want people to have a good, enjoyable read when they come visit and like and hopefully follow my blog. I always have music playing and blasting away while writing my daily blog and working on my books. Music is food for the soul, mind and heart it has been for me since way back in my life. Words should fill a void we experience in our everyday life. Reading has always helped me escape, to take any adventure, go any where, do anything at any time through the pages of each book. It should be the same way I believe when reading my blog it should be a short escape from reality and more time after to think what you just saw with your eyes. What did my ideas and words really mean to each of you after taking time to drop in to read ? I hope you all have had some thought provoking time as you read my daily blog. Have an awesome day filled with great music of your choice !! I have always had deep talks with other individuals in my life. To all the people who were elected to hold office Federally and provincially in politics who were my friends and associates. To top organized labor officials and other elected labor leaders who I knew. Plus, to all of my many co-workers, other union members and business people out there. Also to the many others involved in community groups back in those days. After busy days full of meetings going back home was always welcome as it provided the spark to our lives !! Just like words, music and insights make my world better. Let us enter a daily blog journey through topics put into creative word forms. See you all back here tomorrow and feel free to follow along !!