One More Update

Last night after 7 weeks on IV Antibiotic Treatments that was my last one at 10:00 PM my time. I am happy to be off that routine of three times a day: 6:00 AM then 2:00 PM and then 10:00 PM. It does wear a person out after a long time. I do not want to go through this again. I know I have to wait to make sure the chest infection is gone for good.

This is me good news for this week. I hope you will keep coming back to read my posts on my blog. I will get one written tomorrow and post it. I am just tired out and worn out from not getting enough sleep for so long. It started way back June 5 or 6th after an operation I got this infection raging through my chest, heart and body. After two months and 18 days this infection is for all intents and purposes is gone away. Yeah !!!!

Keep being positive and most of all keep praying as it works.

See you tomorrow everyone !! Bye for now !!

29 thoughts on “One More Update

    1. Thank you joansanusi. I am still not 100 % yet. I have stitches on the upper side of my left chest. I hope to have them out next Tuesday when I go for my next check up. It will take another 6 weeks yet to heal or more not sure

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