Today Is A Must See

This is one my most liked posts from August 25, 2017 ! I hope even more of you will like this story !!

James A. Best- Author

How are we to know if this day is worth checking out ? Maybe, as my name is Lestor Wanton from some where in between reality and lost some where. I love those types of days that draw us into the mist of times. Clouds are deep fluffy kinds cruising around the sky above. How can we not want to jump right inside of this moment ? I felt that if any thing is possible than sky diving into those soft white pillows hanging high above us is reality. Who can say other wise right ? Just once in the crutch of the early morning a choice has to be made or else it might be lost forever. Today is special in that way due to being brand new and never spoiled at all. As my name is Lestor Wanton I swear I am going to try to be likeā€¦

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