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The Haunting of Marcasite

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Published : September 6, 2016

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Published : March 3, 2010

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Voluntary Stupidity

Where did common sense happen to leave the human race ? As, a member of the Human Race and I have the application paperwork to prove it. That is right I do !! My name is Cyrus Deinard from Hankala. In case you are wondering of my application was actually approved the answer is yes ! With this done it does not include myself in the group of voluntary stupidity which is important. I saw this application in a comic book I was reading one lazy Saturday morning. I knew instantly that I ad to apply right away to be part of the Human Race Legally. Who would not want to have permanent proof of being part of the Human Race ? I will admit that lots of my classmates applied for this Certificate of belonging to the Human Race. We all were lucky enough to be approved to be part of the Human Race. Ever since that time we just kept to ourselves and minded our own business. No one as far as we knew ever became aware of us belonging to the Human Race. How would they right since silence was the key to belonging to a group the majority were not aware of. Just look around to see all those who obviously do not belong to the Human Race.

There are thousands running loose shouting their guilt of not knowing anything about the Human Race. It is so sad yet tremendously insane that at times people line up behind asinine leaders who are not part of the Human Race. Why do they not take them aside and ask for their proof of belonging to the Human Race ? This must be the right of all citizens to seek proof of anyone they doubt to be part of the Human Race. How else can they seek redress for stark errors in judgement that creates fear and hate in societies? No one seemed to be in a hurry at the right and correct time to step forward or maybe fear stopped them from speaking out. I would have to stay home and think a lot and even search the records in the Hall of The Human Race. I felt sick inside over this problem since anyone could have joined the Human Race at any time. How could I, Cyrus Deinard, save the day now ?

As much as Hankala was an exceptional town to grow and live in some residents may have been transplanted from other worldly places. Like perhaps from other less or more aware regions. Who knew what was going to occur unless we all belonged to the Human Race ? Maybe, not everyone read the same comic books as we did here while going to school in Hankala. Just maybe, no one thought such things were possible that sticking together was important enough to over come crazy leaders.

It was late Friday night as I perused through the text about the Human Race searching for things that pertained to recalling Non-Human Race People. I hoped to be able to find some ethical means to achieve this point. I decided to turn on some music as it usually aided my mind to relax doing these mundane chores. Reading was one of my favorite things at times especially reading comic books. Research was not fun but interesting enough if music played in the back ground. I knew that some where on one of these pages was the key I was looking for. It had to be or the Human Race was going to sink away into oblivion. Could it be possible that our fabulous Human Race Certificates might be not worth anything ? No, everyone in Hankala was relying on me to locate this answer for them. I was slowly creating a smooth spot on my bed listening to music knowing full well that words were my strong suit in life. Suddenly one of favorite bands started playing their top hit ” I do not want to go”. Sort of like how we in the Human Race felt about not daring to go away with out pushing back hard and fast right away.

It was now getting to be close to two in the morning and nothing was appearing to my sore tired eyes. I decided to go to sleep and proceed in the morning. My brain knew this was the best effort at this point. I set my book down and changed and climbed into my bed. Good night world.

It was going to be a fun filled weekend I thought when I awoke in the morning. Yes, but then again I spotted my book I was reading last night. Oh, no. I had to keep up the search once again after a nice hot shower. Maybe, some food than dive into the Human Race Theory and Resolutions to stay alive in harmony. Maybe, since this began while reading comic books could it all be fake. No, just look at who was leading the world and why answers were a necessity today if at all possible. Not one member of the Human Race in Hankala disbelieved in what we stood for. That fool in charge needed to see what the Human Race could offer the world. It is to important to give up on man kind not to have them join the Human Race.

The End

A White Storm Coming

You know those types of mornings when nothing seems to be right no matter how hard you try. That is until those weird untold screeching noises start up after a long hiatus. Those white legends last appeared so long ago really or it seems like that to my mind and heart. The noises came about just as I was about to create a new method for ensuring I could capture them in a round barrel type instrument. Their way of getting even before I got started at attacking them with a secret weapon. Now I knew they had access to my thoughts in order to stop me in such a way. Horrid, repugnant loud unnerving sounds coming from all angles bouncing off the walls surrounding me.

Sorry, I should recall my manners and tell you my name ; it is Caden Gregory. Not famous or anything maybe after all this ends with my barrel capturing piece of equipment. Only if I can stop the white legend from winning this round of the high frequency noise war. Not sure if I can find something to cover my ears and protect them from those noxious obscene screeching creatures or beings. Hard to describe something that is white and hides behind the revolting, ghastly sounds similar to running your nails across a black board. Soft rubber plugs in my ears do not prevent the high onslaught of noises. The search is on for saving my ears.

After walking through this old cabin by the river it struck me as to what to use. Caden, had some head phones from listening to loud music out here with out scaring anyone or any creature who lived here. If, they could keep music inside why not stop that heinous, white legend noise out of my ears. He was pumped now with being able to finish off his project to capture that loud disgusting, grisly noise and stomp out the White Legend. I was hopefully going to be able to win for sure. I slid them on and no more of the White Legend noise entering my ear drums! Yahoo !! I was stunned beyond belief actually. I just stood there in one spot for what seemed a long time. Yet, how should I write this story. As Caden or myself ? I did all this with some help from my friends, August Harris and Lawrence Emery.

August and Lawrence and I grew up together going way back to when we were around six years old. Forever and than some as good close friends. They walked in just after I was slowly piecing that round barrel capturing machine all up. I had to use my phone to write out what was going on with that White Legend Noise. Lucky they brought their ear phones for their phones with them. Both scurried out to grab them and insert those buds as fast as lightning. it seemed to be that fast. We all smiled and high fives with each other. The war was on against that White Legend Noise.

Tracking white noise was not strange to any of us today. A long time ago we had bought some high frequency noise locators. Just in case we chased wild animals in the woods at night. Our parents were unreal that way allowing us to seek out what was cool and interesting. Growing up this way was unreal here. After all those years ago our old ideas were pushing all of us into what we always wanted. Tracking ghostly noises from the edge of the forest behind my home. White noises seemed real but as we grew they left and we went our ways into teenager haunts. Now we are the aged ghost trackers with our first white noise that returned to track. Should be a bit strange but scary actually. Or both of those we were not sure. We could not remove the ear plugs now. So smiles, shrugs and using our fingers to point directions to go along with if we agreed. Right than we all felt sure that White Legend Noise was going to be history tonight soon. One step forward being carefully not make any noises that would give our location away to ghosts like figures.

Something was out in front of us causing a disturbance as we could see squirrels, rabbits and some birds moving fast. We all stopped and used our phones to message each other. It seemed we agreed that being slow and careful was the key. None of us had any idea what to do if and when we captured the White Legend Noise along with the White Legend. Our noise capturing barrel equipment was behind us, way back. Plus we needed each other to use that machine let alone capture both these enemies from our youth. Yet, we had to have a meeting to figure out these circumstances or it might be death to us. Thankfully our phones were well charged at this time which gave us more courage to push forward. All of a sudden what had to be a fast dark avenger circling us. We had sent out our intentions by mistake. They knew how to use technical things like phones and stuff.

We had to retreat faster than they could move forward. One miss step and it would be over. Al of a sudden the giant back yard light light up the night sky. We were saved from certain death thanks to my parents who came out unexpectedly but the right time.

Great News Today

Hello Everyone. I want you all to know that ” IngramSpark” is now the Official World Wide Distributor for my book ” The Haunting of Marcasite”. You can still buy it in soft bound cover, epub and ebook editions. I hope you will take advantage of this new connection and enjoy reading my book.

Thanks in advance and I am smiling and extremely happy today !!

Happy New Year Everyone

I wish all my peers and friends across the world a Happy New Year in 2019. All the best to you and your families and friends.

Lets ring in the New Year 2019 with a happy festive spirit full of love, fun and well being towards each other.

Lets Ring in 2019 with a desire to be willing to share our happiness and success with all those around us.

Lets just be the best we can be in 2019 !!

Today Behind The Clouds

Today is one of those days that make me think about what is behind those clouds. If we could get get rid of the haze and clouds what would we see shining back down on us. Maybe do you think it would be stars twinkling ever so peacefully against the pitch black darkness of space. Or it might possibly be the huge planets stretching ever so closely reaching out in real friendship. What ever lets push back those earthly bounds creating a free wide open canvas before our eyes. Look deep deeper into and around those stunning glazing twinkling heavenly stars searching for anything that will grab us by the eye balls. Just do not be scared or afraid because we are locked safe back here on earth. Or are we ? If, you are not sure then grab the seat belts and lock them into position. There now, you are very secure now while that studded star infected night sky is ready for to be searched.

Just stare out into the glossy starry blackness in front of you and forget about the seat belts holding you in place. Because for this trip which will be all like trying to recognize exactly what is in front of your eyes. Can you see that object just crossing the slim horizon ? You can not miss that dark pot mocked scarred moon that circles the planet below your feet. Unless you are fixated on that giant circular craft approaching fast coming up on your left. The one that has those different colored lights flashing around the middle of it. No, it is not at all like the neon lights in Times Square these ones are indicating it is a explanatory explorer from maybe the Zdotad Galaxy Alliance. No one had ever seen this type of space machine before until this morning. Be glad you have those seat belts strapped tightly to your body. The fire power on board was enough to take down the largest earthly ship.

Just adjust that mind inside your head before it exploded from such deep rooted fear. The gears might come tearing themselves apart if you are not careful. Maybe, no one had explained how life works in majestic weird ways. Today, was one of those weird days full of surprises from dawn till who knew when exactly. Pull down those shoe tops and grab your toes before something came crashing along the top of your head. That might just be your brain running faster scared than you can ever run to catch up. You are probably extremely happy your seat belt is bolted to the floor of your house right now. Not only that but the chair is also fastened to the beam under the floor boards. You will never be able to run to grab your mind before it flies away never to be found again. At least your chair and the seat belts are insured against damage. You were always a great thinker at times. How did you and the insurance agent count on this outer space attack actually taken place today at such a huge pay out advantage to you ?

Are your eyes still attached to the muscles inside your eye sockets ? If , not than you might have another major default on your insurance rates. Just saying something with a drawing power of this gigantic explanatory explorer could just break the the largest insurance claims ever lodged in one simple days worth of work. Not that I know squat about insurance but I know lots about the agents that can be manipulated right to the end of the bed room they have booked for such stunning and incredible cases like this one. The larger most ridiculous thing is who will ever believe what is going on now ? This is where the involved claimants can and usually grab the insurance agent of their liking and take them back into a magical Malagasy Queasy stem flowered into blooms with love from that agent or agents chosen to get themselves slowly swinging back and forth until at some point in time in the early morning both of them will come crashing into each other and releasing their anger and spasm creating a lustful brand new fast fucking flying machine operated by their off spring with those great toys he was born with after science took over his mind. Not LSD. Not Acid. Not Meth. Not any drug ever again would be found here ever ever again. Except no one not any one could be alive once the explanatory explorer blows us this decrepit planet correct says the Judge in Charge. The bottom line is bend over and grab your cheeks and pull your self up and kiss your ass good bye. I would if I were here. But alas, I was never here just mental observant as I am saw it all. Bye for goodness sake.

Merry Christmas Everyone !!

I would like to thank all of you for making 2018 a year I will never forget !! All the great friends I have made have put smiles on my heart and face. Plus, I want to Thank all those who nominated for the various Blogger Awards. Even if I do not win a Blogger Award I am still happy that so many of you were kind enough to Nominate my blog.

Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart and Soul !!

Just Waiting For Time

Here I sat just waiting for time to crawl along bringing me to the the day when music would be playing automatically from loud speakers across the country. You know playing all the great oldies with fabulous lyrics and tunes to dance all night to. The place is not the same unless you have a way to download music to play on your computer or phone or smart TV.

Yet, I wake up shaking my head wondering what I just had streaming inside my brain waves. But. at least the night went fast for the umpteenth time this week. Now, I decided to lay here enjoying the warmth of the covers over my body. Yet, I knew getting up was easy but I was feeling good not moving at all. One of those moments that come along every once in awhile. My only wish was that my bathroom was so far away down the hallway. Oh, well lets get this day rolling along now.

You all need to know that I am a ghost who is sort of staying here for the long term. I was always told that ghosts are not real but I can refute that age old theory now. As someone who does not sleep it is always fun to let others know what it was actually like to sleep with our eyes closed all night long. Yes , those were the times of old where life seemed like it was never going to end. But, going from being a kid to a teen to an adult was faster than I anticipated. I always felt I wanted to relive my life over if possible. Now, being a ghost was not even close to that. I was never going to age which I guess is a plus when you do not exist in the normal wacky world. I missed my normal body and life not that being ghostly is bad or anything. Being among the lost who are roaming freely is turning out to the best gig ever.

The first day was actually sort of spooky if you can relate to something totally unreal. Going back to that time and space still effects me the same way. It is like watching a television show all evening than shutting it off and going to bed. Putting pajamas on and going to bed. You would know more about this than I do being a silent white spirit swirling along through the air. When I was learning to be a ghost and not doing what humans do was tough. Like I could go through doors and windows with such ease that is was turning out to be fun for that day. After how many hours I was just laughing with all the others. We went lots of places and never tripped over anyone or bumped into anyone on the streets as we walked along among the crowds. I thought for sure someone was going to scream ghosts and run wildly around. But, alas life being a ghost was alright trust me for now. You really have no choice but to trust a dead person who is a real live ghost as he talks through words weird but alright.

You recall the dream I started out with in this story I am reciting to you all right ? About music being played all over through loud speakers. It does not exist any where that I have been flying or walking around it. One of you real live people who actually believe in ghosts can create places for the future you’s who join our ranks. I love music which turns my crank which I learned form a hippy dude when I was a teenager. I have yet to find anyone I know inside this extinct peoples club we are creating here. What title would you create for us ? The Rebounders was shot down by the board of governors. They did not appreciate the constant reminder of being a ghostly figure. After all most has been freely cruising the city streets for years longer than I have been here. I have only a week as a real ghost like putting in apprenticeship into learning what to do and what not to do.

Have you ever been stuck with a speech that only required a few more key words to bring it to life lol Being a ghost we laugh lots it scares real people almost to death hahaha Such blast just maybe you will get to come and experience the reality of being a ghost. By than we might have the actual apprenticeship finished and ready. Til that takes place we are going to invest in hiring a comedian to work with us now on our next adventure. Until that point this ghost has to leave to serve in another location to shake it up a bit lol

Noises in The Darkness

Have you ever awoken in the darkest moments of the night thinking you have heard what sounded like noises echoing down the hallways of your home ? Just as you had reached the pinnacle of a sweet unrealistic dream than “hello are you there” !!  Why is that person speaking so loud in my dream world ? Then you awake startled with fear and comprehensions from a deep sleep. You try to shake the cobwebs off in a vain attempt to bring some sense to these words that are still pounding your ear drums. Suddenly more and more words are screaming attacking your ears and your soul but why ? All you had done was have as usual a good sound sleep in the comfort of your bed in the warmth of your home. You are not sure if what you hear is actually voices or the sounds from your furnace pushing out those warm gushes of air.

You know it is so dark and warm all you desire is to crawl under the blankets and go back to sleep. However, those voices are getting worse and more demanding screeching along the walls and floors you just washed and polished yesterday. Laying quietly as a church mouse not moving slowly breathing in and out focusing on the now. You go through a check list in your mind ensuring your self you locked the doors and set the alarms. Or did you forget ? No, you are positive about really setting the alarms on both doors because one alarm is never enough. Even though the salesman at the store tried unsuccessfully to sell you only one that day before you moved into this new house. You are not known as being afraid of the unknown but than again. Kirg Rudance was in fact a former world renowned explorer who had been climbing through valleys thick with trees that hacking was the only way to get any where. He was after all a war veteran who felt exhilarated in the middle of lost spaces on other planets. Why is tonight occurring and in this fashion ?

Kirg was older but wiser after returning home this last time. Is it probable that some sort of evil being managed to squirrel away among his belongings before they left that awful place. He decided that what ever it was had not chased after him to arrive with him. It had to be something that these almost hurricane force winds had disturbed as they blew heavier each hour over night. Kirg lived alone here in this new sub division of this metropolis along the edge of the western coast. He chose this place because of the suburb location and natural beauty it afforded his view all around his home. Yet tonight some dark strange weird voices were out to chase his thoughts wild with fear and doubts of sanity. Kirg was certain those voices were completely out of this natural world he lived by.

Those voices screamed louder to ensure he was in fact awake. ” Hello, why are you not coming out to play with us ?” These words screeched even louder than ever this morning. Yet, Kirg stayed under his blankets not even trying to crawl out silently as only he could. Something told him that between the hurricane force winds and other benign voices he heard he was safe for now. Unless the bed moved or the blankets went flying across his room. He was used to facing reality but this was not reality. Maybe, his mind tripped past the warning point of no return the last trip out.

“Kirg, Kirg can you hear us ? Please come here into the darkness where we are. It is our turn to deliver justice upon you. This is real no matter what you think mister hunter. We are going to come for after you until the end. You know the end right Kirg ?”

At that exact second Kirg felt those voices once before not long ago. It was while his platoon was snaking their way through a dark stinky valley way out on a piece of space rock. The same size as other exo-planets they had traipsed across over the years. But, why this morning ? What and how could they have followed them all the way back here across all those other universes to his home ? He knew the way back had covered all traces of them being any where in deep space. Drills had been run and practiced all day at certain times and places. Any strange cargo even slight variations to carry voices should have shown up during the searches. Yet, that something was here able to mimic many voices once again. Kirg was ready to slip out of his bed in order to attack with force if required. As he slowly slipped the covers away from his body he felt it. That hard cold steel like grip was enveloping his arms. Or he thought so. The end had caught up with him at last.

Residents From Other Planets

I have a strong life time belief that our solar system and the the many others in the just the Milky Way are full of other living residents. I have seen real live UFO Flying Saucers in the sky and have had them hover over top of us one time back home.  Plus, how many of you have ever read true stories about aliens landing their flying ships here on earth. I honestly admit to seeing many of these such crafts zipping around the atmosphere high above buildings in major cities. Please, Let me introduce myself ; my name is Vulxiel Estrils. Since I am here among you all in this huge caverned roomy area I was hoping we could start one well intentioned talk with a big open scope about aliens and where we all come from. Maybe. some of here are from Earth born and raised. Which is stunning actually. As my name shows I am not from earth. I am from the bright red planet you call Mars. I believe this is correct ? If not shout out a correction.

Any way to start with Mars is a dusty red almost perfectly round planet created by a Heavenly Being with powers beyond our scope and ability. Now, we have seen things that bring us here to  discuss with our solar system neighbors. If there are any things or concerns you want to raise come up here and take the microphone. The crowd seemed to be very intrigued and glued to what Vulxiel Estrils. I admit he was one fabulous talker which must be why he is from Mars. Brilliant minds had come from other deep space solar systems in the past. Tonight was going to be such an interesting and stunning conversation going around. At least for the next few hours Vulxiel hoped for. There was now some ten different microphones being used across the areas of the room as it filled with more and more. The hundreds of accumulated voices were just a quiet din actually. The smiles could be seen from the main stage where the group form Mars stood. Thussud Laepha was going to be the next speaker according to the list. Yes, everyone should gather around and sit tight for the night with such talented and with such abilities to come out of each one on stage.

Thussud Laepha was from a colder planet further out in the deep space planets yet she had some incredible suprising details about what has been  reported taking place way out in her area of deep cold space.  She started off mentioning that more high speed flying saucers were being produced on a planet about two light years from her home planet. Which was Urilia in the Alpha Caeli Galaxy. The old slow saucers should be sent in to be replaced with anew generation of saucers. She was telling the ones in control all about the savings in fuel costs and the full wired integration of computers placed in all areas of each flying saucers. Which meant the huge giant sized Mother ships would be a bit more pricey but well worth the expenses. This meet after all was not planned it just came together at the right time. The crowd seemed enthralled with Thussuds speech and how well she was presenting it to everyone tonight. Being a well traveled and well educated pilot of the flying saucer component of his planet’s defense he loved what he saw and heard.

The evening was starting to wind down a little later than anticipated which was more than the impromptu speakers expected. If they expected anything really. The weather fully cooperated tonight this did stun the guests from the other deep space planets. This planet had a love beat playing through from the core outward to the people on the surface of it. The Council that Operated this Earth would have to send their order in soon. They were always one of the first to want brand new technological equipped flying saucers and the huge giant Mother Ships to go with them all. At this late hour each of the guests and those who lived on Earth went home to bad. Tomorrow was going to be a Red Letter Day across the universe way out into deep space.

Thank you all for those who might read this post about aliens and them doing things. I tried my best trust me. See you all soon !!