An Expose On Alien Attack Forces #3

Number 3 Expose on Aliens. Posted August 21, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

The entire population on earth seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the government information office released the statement about Mars was ready. The radar shield was fully operational on the dusty surface of the red planet. This radar system is the most advanced system ever created for use any where. The radar was able to penetrate into the deep blackness of space like nothing ever could. They could beam any emergency news in a minute back to earth screens. Thus, the World Government would be able to disperse their defenders to alert status across the world. Thousands of armed forces personnel could be at their stations in mere minutes.

Except, why was this generation so concerned about alien attacks coming ? No other past generation was this worried. This was because others had tried to just find out all the information they could about alien UFO’s. Once a…

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An Expose on Alien Attack Forces #2

My Second Blog on this In Depth look at Aliens. Posted August 19, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

The world governing body felt once the station on Mars was fully functioning Earth would be safe. At least the ground forces back here could have plenty of time to get ready for the coming battle. Maybe, this decision might back fire on them. Even though alien crafts had been sighted many times across the world each day no harm came from them. The leadership had an ominous feeling about future events unfolding before all continental weapons were in place and fully armed. Yet, there was no case known since time began of some alien forces attacking earth.

Earthlings seemed to have untold contact with foreign alien beings with no real consequences. Except, for maybe the disappearance of a few civilizations through out North and South America. These inhabitants had built huge cities high up on the mountains. Only, to have vanished with no trace. In fact the way things…

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An Expose on Alien Attack Forces

Another Alien Deep In Depth Blog. Posted on August 16, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

One day sometime in the future which could be later today or not. Why have they been coming to earth since people populated the entire planet ? I have taken in lots of information over my life time in regards to aliens. Being an avid believer in many extraterrestrial life forms is understandable. Really, our ancestors inscribed pictures of men in flying machines inside caves, on rocks showing the actual shapes. One day aliens may attack.

To start with my name is Howard Thompson and a scientist with a desire to search and find alien attack forces before they hit us. Anyone who has seen UFO’s and actual aliens know we could very well be in danger. Yet, reports from other sources say aliens have always come in peace. Time is in our corner for now.

I have seen UFO’s however they never showed any animosity towards us at that…

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Halloween Fears Come Again

Even though I created this for Halloween I feel it is just as appropriate for tonight from here. Originally posted October 31, 2017. I feel unsure if scary beings are coming for my soul tonight or not. Lets find out everyone !!

James A. Best- Author

Here it is October 31, 2017 which translates into Halloween. The time when ghostly apparitions and other scary beings come to life tonight. All the costumed children and teenagers coming around for treats is always a welcome site for everyone. The annual celebration of All Saints Eve brings out the most incredible sites walking around the neighborhoods across the world. Each house should have pumpkins carved into jack o lanterns in the windows or front porches. Orange monsters with candles lit inside to create eerie scary faces to install fear in the costumed figures coming forward. More and more heinous monster like objects pop up out of no where or they stand on guard on front lawns or walkways.

Except here where I live the snow has been coming down for a while now and the cold wind is carrying a dicey bite with it. Tonight would be excellent for…

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Where Do They Come From

A freakish story of aliens who just zoom around. Does anyone know where they come from ? They have no color brochures attracting visitors to their worlds right ? This was originally posted September 7, 2017. Maybe I wrote some what differently back then

James A. Best- Author

Have you ever wondered where those dark, scary alien like figures in our dreams come from ? Do we create them out of our daily fears ? Maybe, our imaginations are just more active once it is released to roam in our rem sleeps. I know from experience they can make us crawl out of our skins. Would it be possible they are substitutes for our life experiences ? If, so then we could be in serious trouble. Those abominable creatures will keep entering the deepest ranges of our dream world.

As an author maybe what I see and take in during my nightly power sleeps are future characters. Which would be an astronomical stroke of great luck for any writer. Whether they are going to be part of a blog one day maybe. Some days these monsters leap out of my subconscious like frogs in a pond. With one…

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Our Words Our Way

We share our words each day or as often as we want or feel the need to with each other. I have tried to be here each day in one way or another. I have always felt that writing each day was the most important thing about being a blogger. How else are to gather readers and followers other wise ? Seems pretty straight forward right of course it does. I am going to write a new blog and hope everyone enjoys reading it. Have a great day everyone !!

Way back in time there was a far far away universe that was ruled by some mean and nasty people. These people thought that they were the right ones to rule over their many planets and the people on each one. How ever they did not count a rebellion coming forth at any point in time. The Siges were those who were controlled by the huffy puffy rulers named the Ceghades. The Ceghades ran the entire star system and never allowed outsiders to reach any top positions out of fear and being bullies. Power seemed to have corrupted their minds and hearts. So, the Siges were slaves as they were the lowest class of beings in this universe. One day you might think that this nasty life style would be over thrown and you would be correct. But when was the question that had to be answered and soon.

This far far away universe was called Calphus Tendandolly with the Ceghade Headquarters on the planet Esiea. Esiea was the largest planet out this far that they knew of and they searched the star filled skies for new planets to take over. How ever the Siges were the largest group here on Esiea compared to the Ceghades. If a fair and free election were held the Siges would win hands down. Except the Ceghades had a strict clamp like control over the Siges to keep them in line. There was no shortage of food or water or anything on any planets the Ceghades had captured and controlled. Why would the Siges want freedom ? They saw day in and day out the freedoms that other people who were from other universes had. They decided secretly that is what they all desired and wanted. A secret underground system was installed from one planet to all the others. This was going to allow the Siges to quietly gain the knowledge required to push the Ceghades out of office so to speak forever. The Siges kept things as normal as possible so the bosses would not catch on to their movement. Who had the best informed masses ? The Siges of course across the Calphus Tendandolly Universe.

The Siges slowly made inroads with other free people from other universes learning all they could about self government. Since they never had any governing experience this was necessary. The Siges wanted a fair deal for all, including education for their children, health care the same as the Ceghades had for their peoples and fair wages for the work they perform each day. They wanted the right to vote for in free and fair election across the entire Calphus Tendandolly Universe. This was going to be a start in the direction that the Siges desired and wanted. They wanted the right to attend the Calphus Galactic Defense League. They wanted and desired to be officers on the star ships that roamed all the universe and other universes out there. Now. these words had been circulating for the last awhile among all the Siges across the Calphus Tendandolly Universe. The date to present the Ceghades with these freedom demands was slowly arriving. All the adults knew these demands off by heart and were not going to stop until they were rightly installed as the true birth right leaders of the Calphus Tendandolly Universe and all that it contained and owned and operated under.

In the early stages things moved ever so quietly and continued to do so very quietly right up to today. Now !! Things were one location ready to be produced and presented as their hearts had wanted and so very long desired to be free and equal partners in this Confederation but now they were the major block controlling everything from this day forward. You might say there was a blood less coupe over the fake leaders today.

The Siges had became the new Birth Right Leaders and Owners of everything Calphus Tendandolly from top to bottom. On the bottom were new the low class the Ceghades. This was never going to change unless they wanted to be killed off. This would not take as a bloodless coupe took place.

The right wing had just suffered a gigantic defeat which they well never recover again. But our worlds will succeed with gusto using plain ordinary residents to succeed. The Siges were calling a Face to Face Meeting with the Ceghades. The Main Part was for the Sige Team to present to the Ceghades their 88 page Document for freedom and free votes and health care for all etc. Now things needed to and were required to change as the Siges had the larger force of fighters than the Ceghades had left all together. Giving up and pass the torch with out violence; if not the Siges would be forced to wipe off the planets any trace of the Ceghades permanently for ever. Lots to digest for one side the other side was waiting for their reply.

The rest of this out right push for the Birth Right Freedom and Control of Calphus Tendandolly was not easy for one side but the other side it was just hand over the power and control of our universe. No one needs to be hurt as long as we all act as adults. The time was here for the two sides to meet. It lasted long enough for both sides to pass the hands of power over to the Siges. The loud shouts and screams of happiness and joy carried across the miles of this area tonight. The Siges won hands down and things were going to change now you can bet on that. Everyone was equal and normal now.

Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of time in the Calphus Tendandolly Univesre. The sun was going to rise and then the offices would open to complete the transitions in government. Yes, finally after generations of turmoil freedom was knew like a best candy first thing in the morning.

I will check back among these incredible people here in Calphus Tendandolly Universe to ensure they are going to achieve their goals and objectives for the next generation coming up.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Originally Posted April 7 , 2017. Here is a great spring time dream story about wanting flowers not cold weather. See who wins this one

James A. Best- Author

This is another short sentence I have stored in my brain cells since I was in school many decades ago. I had trouble wrapping my head around this then and still do today. Where I grew up April usually brought more snow and cold than rain showers. I had often wondered if May was upset because her flowers were never on time ? I went outside for a few minutes to feel the crisp cool morning air almost knowing May was going to be sad once again this year.

In some regions flowers are out in full bloom enriching the air with the smells of delight as the bees go from one flower to another. Here I am sad to say the bees are still inside hiding from this in-climate weather of the northern areas here. Flowers right now are in seed packets or maybe greenhouses stored away till Mother…

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The Beginning

This is from back on February 28, 2017. The date is important to keep order in my re-blogging my older blog posts. Let me know if you enjoy this true story of about me and things

James A. Best- Author

Good morning everyone.

This is my first post on my blog and I am proud of doing this finally. I am author with two books published. I am going to tell you about my books briefly and hope you will enjoy them both. Both of my books are fictional nothing is real at all as everything has come from deep in my mind, my soul and my heart.

My first book is called  “A Walk in Time” which is about Ben Crowley a young teenager who grows up in the ghettos of large cities. From the time he was young he was out on the streets. Going from one situation to another. learning life the hard way he spent his days and nights trying to build a name for himself. Going from one young lady to another getting and gaining the attention of the opposite sex.

Ben learns to fight…

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I Am Lost Maybe

here is a blog that a number of followers and readers liked. It was Posted back on November 5, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

Once a long time ago when we used to play games in the fine sands of time we lost something. We are still trying to locate that long ago place where we felt at home. Right, now my heart is sad for lost memories I created when I first joined the Star Fleet Academy here on Nokirilia at the University of The Unuea Galaxy. This was such a grand spectacle of a location with the Purple Moons Rising in the early evening sky. Maybe, this is what attracted us all to come here and study for four years. Or it was to get rid of those tough times back home when trying was not enough at times. Yet, we all made it here at the Star Fleet University of The Unuea Galaxy. Now, it was the allowed who got ahead through working and studying hard to become the top officers…

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No Pranks Today From me

My April Fools 2017 Blog. I know it is way early but you might enjoy this one. It was Posted April 1 ,2017.

James A. Best- Author

Saturday April 1, 2017 is a normal day for me today. I like to sit back and read all about what transpires in the world of delusions for April Fools Day !! For me doing what is absurd stopped when I was a teenager back in school. Maybe, I blame the fact as an adult I worked a lots of Saturdays which fell on April Fools Day. The work place is not where jokes should be played unless you are employed in a comedy shop.

Life allows us lots of time each day to have fun and prank each other in real time. Cramping a years worth of fun into one day becomes to much to handle. Or we have run out of good ones to pull on  this special Fools day ? Still we see lots of people being truly pranked each day. Young jokes at times we would…

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