Inspiring Times

Just nonsense writing that might amuse some and make others laugh out loud maybe maybe not but oh well. Read on and enjoy !

James A. Best- Author

We all have those times which build fires inside each of us to get moving forward fast. They make us feel so inspired completely happy full of ability to create magic in everything we create. Hanging onto those moments while we decide what to do in the best way possible. As a writer and a blogger I strike while the irons are extremely hot. This way nothing can get away from my thoughts while building prison cells using words to hold them. My fingers tend to jump faster than my thoughts can push out the words down through my arm muscles and nerves. My heart smiles as the stories take shape on the pages. I truly hope everyone who reads my blogs and books will appreciate how many exact expressions of fear, doubt and anxiety it took to finish off each one.

Trying to compile a story about how I…

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What Is Alive Inside

Wise words I think they are so. Originally Posted May 3, 2017. Enjoy at a safe speed if driving wildly inside of your body and soul.

James A. Best- Author

Today, I am not sure how to explain what is alive inside. There are many things running around inside of me with out being on leashes. The ones that want to take over are all crowding around my heart. Especially, since my heart is not really alive since it is battery operated and has been for over a third of my life. Does this mean my soul is ice cold and without any cares ? My inner being seems to be like what remains after a huge sledge hammer crushes glass into tiny shards. Where did I put those leashes to secure the wild parts of me to keep my true feelings locked up safe ? No, I know I parked those secure cords some where in a safe place. The one location where things get swallowed up never to be seen again. My fragmented pieces are free to roam…

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Time of Change

Another lost and alone against those Alien Forces. Originally Posted September 16, 2017. Does he get free ?

James A. Best- Author

As we all look around us the sense that things are no longer the same. Summer is almost over. What else is about to change do you think ? For one our attitudes and appearances take on another look and approach. The weather is making us dress warmer especially early in the mornings. What about the wonders that captured our imaginations ? Could they be taking a darker tone as the fall swoops down upon us ? Should we all be more careful in the setting sun just before it gets fully dark ? Those real decrepit monstrous creatures might pop out from the shadows. Just be certain of what of where you go.

Remember those empty houses along the streets where you live. Could the dank looking houses be home to ghastly devilish beings ? One strange sideways glance and watch how things change. You might be sacred senseless…

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From The Bottom Of My Heart

A real true heart felt story. I get this way at times. Originally Posted July 31, 2017. Built to help us understand true friendships.

James A. Best- Author

We hear words of this nature each and every time we listen to any song of all genres. I know song writers create such unbelievable scenes with their mastery. They make us open our mind and hearts with such ease. Once they add music to the lyrics we are all smiling with such happiness. How are they able to spin such thoughts into colorful words of ecstasy which curl our feelings ? From the bottom of my heart I appreciate the natural talent they all have. Music was not my cup of tea as the saying goes. I have loved and enjoyed music since I was very young. I learned to enjoy music of most genres over my life time. Like most everyone else across the world I have my favorite songs loaded into programs. Having these incredible musical wonders at ready excess when I need to get warmed up…

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Maybe, Once Upon a Time

Yes, what an adventure late at night alone on my deck. Originally Posted June 8 2017.

James A. Best- Author

One time many many years ago I lived high on a mountain some where in the western world. Remember this is all fiction and could not have happened. This is why maybe, once upon a time. We could make up a real life like story about something we all dream of at least once maybe twice. I know from my vantage point high on that mountain I was able to see for a long distance. What I saw that late evening still shakes me inside. I will let you all in on it.

I was outside sitting on my very comfortable deck chair watching the sun set into the western horizon slipping behind the next mountain. Something caught my eyes in such a way I was shocked. I had heard of such things taking place in other areas according to news reports over the years. Now, to actually see bright…

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My Dreams Scare Me

Scary and fearful at the same time yet interesting enough to hold your attention until the end comes. Originally posted September 8, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

This blog is a fictional one about a very unhappy Gary Wunkle who suffers from the worst fears ever. His dreams haunt him more each night. It is like something is after him but what ? He did not know why either. He always awoke shaking in unbelievable fear and shock. Maybe, his house was responsible for this harrowing experience night after night. He bought this house after it being empty for a period of time. Gary wanted this one because it was his dream house. A two story log house on huge lot surrounded by trees. There were some old flower beds that bloomed with multi colored flowers in the past. He also liked the big vegetable garden in behind the house. There was good size deck on the back of the house with a fantastic view looking over his huge back yard. Gary’s Uncle had built the front…

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The Air Is Thick With UFO’s

A good blog filled with excitement. Originally Posted August 14, 2017

James A. Best- Author

I awoke at around three in the morning. I thought I saw some different lights flashing and bouncing off my bedroom windows. I sat up and just stared at the sight of red, green blue and yellow lights cascading across the air outside. I had to get outside and see what was actually taking place. I felt a weird sensation slowly crawling inside my chest. I looked at the windows. Those lights seemd to be spinning in circles. I was wondering if someone I knew had put this together. I chuckled lightly at this thought. I was ready to go outside now.

I was unsure just before I opened the front door of my house. What if something like a UFO was creating these light patterns ? Alien sightings had been on the increase this year. The deep south was flush with daily reports of flying objects. I inhaled deeply…

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My Guardian Angel

Hope you all might understand where these thoughts came from and why ? Originally Posted April 27 2017.

James A. Best- Author

Today, I am going to take a slow pace through how I know my Guardian Angel exists along side me. I truly believe someone has been sitting on my life’s shelve to protect me from ultimate death and destruction. That unnerving feeling that can not be shaken loose knowing something from another sphere is present. A weird comfortable touch upon my soul from my Guardian Angel is all it takes to relax me. I am being honest in such a way to bring this heavenly creation out for all to see. I have yet to see who my watcher is in human form.

I know from all the near death experiences I have gone through in day to day life not the ones from being in a hospital bed. I could always sense things from an early age this tingling sensation crawling along my nervous system at certain times. I…

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Today is Wednesday

My thoughts to you all. Let me know what your opinions are. This was originally posted April 12, 2017.

James A. Best- Author

We all know today is another day to get things right at least things we did not get right yesterday. I will aim for putting more smiles and laughter into everyone I meet today. I saw a saying wave at a stranger and have them thinking all day who was that masked man ? hahaha the mask was my try at humor sick I know.

We should all think about what is new and exciting about today for ourselves and the world around us ? Can we improve things or not ?

I know one thing I always try to improve which is writing daily blogs to attract readers with subjects that will leave them desiring more of my words. To have people come back each day anticipating something to awaken their senses and help them think a lot all day. As an author my words have to be able…

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Spinning in Circles Helps Us

Originally posted April 20 2017 while we were spinning in circles around the sun with out really caring or worrying. Enjoy this story as it spins almost out of control !

James A. Best- Author

This sounds like some kind of metaphysical torment except it is the complete opposite. Since time began our planet spins and orbits the largest, hottest star closest to us called the Sun. Now, look at where we are today and how far civilization has come since life was created back then. Our planet was morphed into a extraordinary,  stunning blue, life producing planet with no match to be found yet.

Once again let us look around to explore how far our smartest humans have brought us along on this ancient rock spinning in circles ! Today’s travel bloggers show us how awesome each corner of the world is filled with white sandy beaches. They show how wonderfully the  lite patio restaurants look under a moon light sky. Yes, now that we found heaven on earth we need to find more wonders to prove going in circles has benefited societies. Maybe…

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