That First Summer Was Awesome !!

To be honest no one is going to win such a trivial contest but I know how to set her off at least I hope that is true. One day we were out taking in the new and many sites along the dock at First and Goiania Street. I had to bring our talks inside where we have some control over the way this meeting starts off right, Plus, this new dock was like a promenade and many peoples hang out here during the many evenings. I was a staunch supporter of the many more people being out while Elite scarfs and hats brigade brought all those incredible colorful items. The pictures are where they should be, I agree because I paid for the entire presentation. Nothing should be done faster than required to be. Even then things are or should be built up to the point to provide covers for women and children when ever possible. This area has just been created to allow people to come and mix and learn all about each other if possible. We have food trucks who had asked for our permission to set up along the promenade. We gave them our total blessings to have fun and feed the crowds. We all knew they could make people to eat just as they were great talkers who knew the history of what this place was and why it needed a change. Another reason why our application was picked as the best choice for the entire area !!! We all have to work hard all the time until September when everything returns back to normal. Summer was in mid form and we had to capture audiences in all ways possible as entrepreneurs. By tomorrow morning people would spread to others about the fantastic food and all the great people which we will be rewarded trust us. Can you relate to life long dreams coming true in the heat of the summer. LOL Well, ours was by the looks of it thus far after one day and night. I was anxiously waiting for the newspapers to come out to find out their picks for everything these days ! Another must see daily in any business but ours required it in our Business Plan. This city had everything and every venue possible for special interest business groups if they were active enough to pull the city council or the mayor’s attention. There were indeed a lot to know about running our business in such an incredible city. Maybe, it was picked because we all lived here and owned homes in this area as well. I still think that we could do more to increase the awareness to draw more shoppers down to find our food truck. Business’s need to do a marketing Plan and put it into action before you open any new business. To make it a going concern and keep our business front and center in our lives this summer. All because we had our minds set on next year if at all possible. Both of us as partners have Business Education behind us as well. This puts us up one more notch in the Business Arena. Next year when we both put 100 % of our time and energy into our Food Truck. Then we are going to be back with a smile and a Hello and great food once more.

Our sandwiches were all home made from the bread to the meat and toppings. What more can we say except thank you to all of our customers this first year in The Food Truck Business.


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Throwback Thursday Today

I am listening to throwback Thursday Music to go along with my day’s work and toil. Yes, I actually was searching for some things that as an Author should never be this much of an airhead. I do blame it all on my health the last few years but last year was rough. Any way today was some hard on my mind making it think of where that a secret place where I hid stuff where no one else would ever find it. It is so awesome that not even me can locate that spot hahahahaha I am worn out but I have cleaned out the closet in my bedroom almost now. I have 90 % of it done today so I never wasted any time just went forward and looked through everything trust me everyone. I am not a quitter and never was even though I walked away at times when things were not going to work any more. the approach I took today was very direct and pulled things out one item at a time. I went through boxes and huge vanilla envelopes and other giant sized envelopes as well. Yes, I have to admit the top shelf is down by about 90 % of what was up on that shelf. I do not require items form way back in 2011 0r 2007. You understand right. I am not a hoarder either just hold onto items like tax reports etc. As you can see this is a very different blog for me to create and write before the all of you but I trust you all to be honest. I have other things I am going to share with all of you that I came across with my closet cleaning magician tricks and apparatuses. I may have just turned into a mean nasty senior citizen with a huge nasty grudge against all those who are among the ones who do not do what I just did today or ever do such trivial cleaning. I am an educated person who does not have a metal file container. I need one that should be about five feet high and about three feet wide. I want it to hold at least seven drawers to pull out and put files into them. I was thinking about this for the last one hundred years or so. Being wide awake after sleeping for awhile this afternoon I am doing this which I enjoy and love to create stories to be read by all of the world’s eyes. So, let me get going a little further into my afternoon and evening.

This next part was found in an issue of ” Godvine Magazine”. I hope you will like this one.

My wish for you is Jesus,

He is all you need today.

The Mighty God, Prince of Peace

The Light, The Truth, The Way.

He’s with you in times of good,

he’ll be with you when they are bad,

Laugh with you on Happy Days,

Beside you when you’re sad,

So look to him from your heart,

For choices you must make

He’ll guide you, and protect you,

In every step you take.


When , I read this earlier I admit it made me relax when i asked him to help me get through all this stuff. I have more time tomorrow to finish digging through the rest of the shelf and a half. Then I have to search a few other locations in my dining room in my amour is that sound right ? I am sorry my mind is running fast still. I am smiling even though I did lots and rearranged what needed to be done this way. I have almost two white kitchen garbage bags full. One is full the other is about 85% full. This is what setting things aside for a latter date it never arrives until you are put in this position. I know my Mom warned about putting off today that would not be done tomorrow. In other words I should stop being lazy and just do this and get it over with. She always added that I would feel better for doing it today. She was actually right in the end. I am proud of what my Mom taught me for doing good and being bad. I recall my rear end was some sore for days after getting a leather belt across bare butt cheeks. Plus, it was hard to walk fast to get to school or to play after school. I stopped trying once or twice. I did learn that valuable life lesson is better to do good and be rewarded in a good kind way than a sore butt for being bad. I feel my blog is centered around the “Throwback Thursday Approach “. I have the music connected for Throwback Thursday. sorry. I wish you all could hear my super stereo some day. I do love music and have a pretty good stereo hooked up to my stereo. It has two speakers on both sides with a center speaker attached. I also have Hi Definition Sound through my computer hard Drive. With a 5 Band Equalizer for each side. O I do rock and almost fly away with this turned up about 3 quarters of the volume or more turned it up they shout at her. lol I am the one who cranks if full blast. We do not have close neighbors here which is nice. My nearest neighbor is half a block away in the next county hahahaha Just joking. I just sit up on the top of the hill and look down on everyone. My place is at the top of a small hill which is nice because in heavy rains it all runs down hill away from this place. I really love it here in this village where it is very quiet if you can call hearing semis running in and out of our small village from the highway about a block and a half away. Plus we have another highway that also goes north on the west side of our village. It is so beautiful when things turn green each spring and when the trees go into bloom it is just spectacular !!

I feel that i have provided some wonderful peaceful thought to start or end your days everyone. I love you all and God bless you all !!


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About That Event

I, meaning, Blex’usso Kmautshs, is who I am, and I was supposedly behind what took place on one of the farthest planets from here about two years ago. They say I am to be held accountable and responsible for that incident on the planet; Wvthsaton XK 34. This is a planet that people have been talking over for two years already. If any mistakes took place do you not think due to incredible winds that all records of anything had to have disappeared since everyone returned two years ago. I , being, Blex’usso Kmautshs, had no role in what took place. I was just a private engineer who was asked to come out and have a look at what was being done and report back to the Company which was : The Woniey Rengvo Interplanetary Contractors. Who supplied all kind of equipment and standard equipment operators and a large number of computer experts. These men and women were to help dance around this space ship’s hot wires and all local rules. If not graft was going to be paid in a form of friendship for ever with these wonderful residents. Who lived on this fantastic planet with full green forests of some kind that out grows most crops here. That is also a good thing because green is the color of our money and you know why right ?

Wow !! This was going to one exciting trip half way around the most of deeper space systems. What a holiday this was going to be as soon as step off this stunning interplanetary Space Cruiser. This is we all are going to be paid those giant sums in salary that ordinary workers were always jealous of. But, I went to University twice to get work like this and no one is going to begrudge me and get away with that insult. Besides I also studied debating skills in two different years in University. I currently hold a B.A. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Minerals. This is why I choose to come with this company of freedom workers who are searching to save their work. No one who works in this industry on all those other planets are going to let themselves go down the drain for a company mistake. Least of all me, Blex’usso Kmautshs, I hold the least of all guilty attributes of anyone in this company. I was hired only about what did I say earlier…..mmmm maybe six months ago fresh out of the graduation program after I received my Degrees. I am alright now the fear has dilapidated and flew away into the stars.

I, Blex’usso Kmautshs, just feel safe to acknowledge that he is not being anything but reliable on this job. This being my first job out of University it is very incredible that it remains tangible in the sense I answer to them for some things but not all things. Especially, during this six month tour to get here passed those huge giant clouds of steam or a gaseous cloud. Lining up for the chance to recreate your breakfast in that food dispensary was a remarkable experience indeed. The slow trip here really assisted all of us to decompress from the uncertainty we all thought we faced. The drama was fake and did not exist at all. So, once that was taken care of everyone relaxed and looked forward to all the fun we could have free of charge any where on this giant super cruiser. As long as the young three women did not get lost on me. lol Just joking. It was late and it is so hot indoors tonight. Some thing inside of me told me to expect to see more of what the crew was all about. That small voice just might be correct after all. Being a easy free to go any where when called upon was my mistake at times. But, mostly it was a very rich and rewarding work in the most remarkable planets and places you could ever be in.

This is what drives me each and everyday no matter what. God is the most loving, caring and thoughtful person we all will ever know. I get lost in his creations with such ease of enjoyment. Thanks to everyone who loves life this way or even if you do not. God made us to love each other and be nice and sociable. He also wants us to explore the Heavens and meet all the new life forms he created way out in far far away places. Lets pursue this avenue of adventure as long as the weather holds us in the right place. I am all in for sure !!

So, this was the way the first six months went as they went further out into the stars and planets heading south by southwest. I know when other beings come across us they will be shocked initially. But we will be effective and positive when it counts. We can tell jokes about our past lifes. We can also sit and listen to other speakers as they relate tales about thier world and what is their first order of business once they arrive at the place on their map since Junior was a small toddler. This spot was incredible andI am tired finally from lack of sleep finally. Be safe and stay in control now matter what.

Please enjoy this blog post and remember you must be able to appreciate those travel buns or not able to make them this year.

One Time Just Once

I do think we all have had one of those times when our experiences almost went perfect instead of perfect. Just one time just one time perfect would be completely acceptable to me. Yet, I have always been able to accept less than I should in life at times truly respectable right. Not any more as I am too old to roll that round ring to come up bouncing down into the black spot. You know that game right ? One day just once maybe things will bounce my way before the end of this life time comes nearer. But, here I sit trying to write or create a story to keep your attention just long enough for you to read it. About the one thousand words or less that I intend to write tonight. I will not complain about the ways others try and make us follow them to make a living as they have for over a decade say as a copywriter. I think each time I write a story I am creating content as a copywriter. But these are just my lowly thoughts this late Monday night. Maybe, just once my words will raise the hackles on the back of your neck with the fear inside of this blog post. So, far it is very tame but I am just getting started for now so stay tuned once I get wound upped and get going. You may not keep up with what is actually going to scare the shirt of your back !! Who knows right ?

Do any of you recall a dark windy night when the howling of the winds as it wrapped itself around the eaves on the edge of the roof just screeched so loud and rowdy ? I have heard that wind so many times this summer and in the past spring time. I was starting to wonder if I needed a huge giant sized stick or a giant sized dog to run off the scariest ghouls that roamed the dark dreary nights with that loud screeching wind storms ! Yes, some heinous, astounding fearful being was running on that edge of the winds. Just about ready to grab us and pull our big toes and out the windows we went flying. Just once maybe I could be that fortunate and land on the moon after this toe toss into the heavens took place. Who would not want to awake on the surface of the moon looking back on earth ? What would you say about that eye opener of a morning ? I would kickback and hope the winds blows back towards earth later today or tonight. Once I saw those old wing backed wind chimes hanging up so high above the ancient farm stead. I was curious about who built them like that. When I remembered all about what took place after one of those let loose flying around crushing right through the side of house chopping off heads with ease. I know that last sentence was a run on one type of a sentence. Please for give me I left my English books behind me on the dresser. Just laziness ruling my mind tonight. Of course it is only me creating these thought patterns for everyone to read if possible. You do not have to agree with what I create because I am almost old and darn near not perfect yet. I try to be a scary writer at times like now. Who placed those ghosts and ghouls at this exact spot in my story ? I am not sure but they added something to these lines you read back there.

One Time Just Once. Yes, wouldn’t that be an awesome experience to have right tomorrow after we from a long dark scary, dream filled with evil, morbid, accursed beings in it. Why else do we have so much sweat covering my body and soaked through into my quilt ? I was not cold, maybe a little shaken, not real able to comprehend what took place. But, I knew something was evil behind my eyelids while I slept last night. As much as it seemed vivid so real like watching a movie. I know, I was scared a little shaky but not able to want to get out of bed yet. The sun was not quiet up yet so I needed to stay until the sun warmed up the earth and our house. Then I might want to get up once I could smell the pancakes and bacon frying wafting right up into my room and into my nose. That pulled me right up like some force was lifting me out of bed by me feet. I never shouted or screamed I went along with what was taking place. Until, I could feel my feet running down the cold stairs I was static with chills of happiness. Now, I wanted more than ever a cup of hot chocolate with small marshmallows in it. Yummy and tasty and so sweet after they melted. After such a weird frightening dream last night I deserved this treatment. Today was going to be safe as the sun would stay brightly shining all day. The temperature today was going to around the high 100 degrees again. It was summer filled with strange events but the hot sun was worth tanning in. Spending all afternoon smothering our bodies with sun tan lotion to have deep even tan all around. Just so the girls would be flattered with how much we cared enough about them to get those dark tans to be sexy. We were all well muscled teenagers who busted their bodies working on farms all summer. Plus, this gave us in an in with some of the young women or we were blind as bats believing that. Maybe dumb as bats. It was like that is all I knew now.

One more dark night ahead of us as all of us were heading to a bush party later after the sun went down. We would start up a bright burning fire that could be seen for miles and miles. Not one of us cared fun was the aim of the night.

But , have you ever thought maybe teenagers on other planets might not be doing these ritualistic activities as we all did in the summer. Maybe, they did not have summers as we al did. One day just once I would love to head out into the starry heavens above to explore to find what was out there. No one will ever care that this was my idea first and foremost earlier in time. Let them not share history that I made first. Those get there first types were always immature in most ways. Yet, they got the first flights to outer space. I would say people should follow exactly how they made it to the top to get flights to explore the heavens. This was going to be my pathway to the top from this day forward. One Time Just Once I want to be first in line to be the pilot of a the flying machine to the moon or mars or any planet out there. One time Just Once I want to succeed and have people want to take my pictures and put them on the front covers of the best top magazines around the world. Yes, Just once I would.

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Dreaming Because ?

I always wonder why our dreams are so vivid and scary and stunning and thoughtful. Or is it because we have endured so much that our subconscious put it all into a movie film. This has to be why our minds come screeching wide awake in the middle of the night. Why else ? To me there is probably many reasons we are not aware of why we dream in psychedelic colors so sharp and clear. Yet, we do at times recall parts of our dreams while others can tell all about their entire dream filled nights. Does this mean more of us are able to hold onto more of our bits and pieces of dreams than others ? I am not so sure, however something is at work here which we do not know of yet.

I recall said Mr. Russell Aerden, ” one dream that pretty well shocked me into a place I have not seen since. But the odours still keep me awake at night as there is nothing that smells so rotten as a dead alien from Eocury. This was the final fantasy thoughts I have had since that final night. ” One could tell from the pale look on his face he was being honest after all.

Everyone that was attending that back yard party went absolutely quiet for what seemed like a long time. Not one person dared to even envision what had them scared holding and hugging the blankets on those nights. After all we had been way out beyond the deep space lines where aliens who could not be described by any form or thoughts lived. These were ones that could do anything past all imaginations of any non-benign being with out any understanding. Not one care was given by aliens in this dark space buried deep so deep way back into unknown territory. We all knew how Mr Russell Aerden felt inside and out of his body tonight. Plus, all of us had seen most of what he went through on our deep space trips into the dark blackness behind known people with sense lived.

To be open and honest living on a moving rock in deep space was not all that bad. The open skies over head were either dark black at night which out here was very long. The days were just as long it seemed but no one realized as people were busy doing daily chores with their kids in Schools and Colleges and Universities. At some point we retreated to the coolness of the lake waters which were safe from chemicals burning anyone. For this fun activity we pulled it all together a week ahead to ensure all of us showed up. Safety in numbers was becoming more normal the last year or two already. Being wet and cool was so incredible especially with no little kids running around. We all loved our kids trust me. They made us proud and we smiled constantly watching their antics with one another. One constant weird thing was the two yellow moons circling around our planet LIeron 4PK2. The thing was they never changed color at any time or point in our year. We say that because we traveled around many different universes and galaxies with out seeing anything that resembled our situation.

I am beginning to think if anyone noticed the story being told is not about dreams any more ? I might say that was because dreams did cause all of us to scream in deep seated fear. So, maybe good stories about good topics is the road to go ? But, I still enjoy horror and suspense and aliens and ghosts. Maybe, all in one blog just maybe. I have to learn to commit to work on how to achieve all these writing techniques. I do not mind learning anything but creating scary stories yes, I do enjoy those.

Back to where I was before I took the afternoon off. I have to admit that trying to recall memories of the dream world is truly hard to pull off. But, some times dreams grab us by the throat and we do not ever forget those beat downs. No, we can and do usually recall what that horrible, disgusting dream was all about. Yes, heinous dreams or the activities in them do more damage than getting smacked up the side of our heads. That does not happen very often since we were young kids. I recall those times that actually hurt my head !! Bad dreams are not made up by our unconscious minds no not at all. They are a direct result of some thing we may have seen some where earlier that day. Or just maybe some strange and frightful repugnant being came searching for us in the dream scheme of things. I have to think we remember some dreams after we wake up; due to the subject matter of that particular dream machine movie being shown. Yep, I know as I have woke up remembering things from a dream that shocked and scared the heck out of me. Or just traumatized my soul enough for me to call out loud enough already !! But, who does control the dream world where those night vision scenes come from ? I do not know who but I wish whoever the worst luck to be caught up by good forces during a dream some time !

This is for the ROARING FLAMES WRITING CLUB BY RISHIKA JAIN & H.R. PHOENIX. I will send my link with this : http://www.DreamingBecause.JamesA.Best-Author.

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Pluto Airlines Flight #82536

Pluto Airlines has been conducting medical flights between Pluto and Earth since the time of their first trip through our galaxy. Now, I am not saying that these are needed or required medical procedures that are carried out on patients. Just imagine yourself being woken up in the middle of the night with a tall slender grey alien peering down on you. That would be some fearful in my mind. He or she is with a few other aliens of the same type all medical personnel wearing light grayish blue clothing. What are you going to do run away ? Before you can move they stick you with a needle with a syringe full of some fluid. I will say that you will not recall after you come back home after surgery of course. There have been reports that some individuals actually woke up and screamed due to the pain and fear which was so dreadfully intense. Once the Plutonian medical Staff realized they were awake they knocked them out with another secret shot free of charge. Yet, no one could have moved as the heavy straps they used were wrapped around the table to their legs and arms. I might shudder in disbelief but my first instinct would be to run and try and open a door and jump into space !! To get away from aliens who had no manners as they did not introduce themselves before cutting away. You all are thinking that this is to much to imagine but your turn could be next !

This one person with actual experience with Pluto Airlines Flights is Dariux Roulderdono. His trip was completely unexpected when he fell asleep that night. Dariux knew something seemed amiss when he was shaken by some one with long slender fingers but they were stronger than imagined. All of a sudden he was wide awake with no ability to talk or scream out loud. His fear had taken its effect on him and his body functions. This is a family show so I will leave that alone. Dariux would have stunning and incredible dreams after that might have been filmed in a movie setting. Lots of alien’s running around each one having medical training that showed as he went blacked out from total fear. When asked if heard any voices that he understood Dariux said not at all. This trip to Pluto and back took approximately seven hours in Dariux’s time. He had knew that meant x amount of medical procedures could have been carried out on him. And they had been just as he told when asked about his recollections. The reporter could see that deep seated fear in Dariux’s eyes and voice as it trembled when he spoke. Tears began to run down his cheeks from what was done to his human body by aliens from Pluto. The only thing he said that was good is his wife and kids staying with him after his return from that trip. Dariux could not have kept so sane with out his family’s support. Even still he told over and over again how he feared he would be shunned and left alone by his wife and kids. But, they stayed with him as that loving bond could not be broken by anything not even an alien kidnapping. Plus, Dariux had known he was not insane not with all the incisions all over his body. Dariux had had a blood transfusion or some transfusion after these procedures stopped. He could not have lived let alone not snapped yet or while he was gone. Dariux explained that is how he felt about that night he was just gone. Then he returned by those same aliens who took him. Dariux never recalled being put back into his bed and covered up. His wife seemed to be worried so badly she almost stopped talking to anyone outside of their family. Dariux and his wife were hoping their young kids would not be scared or scarred by what took place with their father.

Maybe, the title should have been one recollection of being taken and kidnapped one night by aliens from Pluto Airlines Flight #82536. This did happen to Dariux and his scars would last a life time inside of his soul. Dariux just wanted everyone to know that Aliens are alive and are here. they do fly in space ships that are circular in design as far as Dariux knew. As far as most pictures that were taken of them their grey or green flying discs could reach speeds of mach 10 or more. This was confirmed by air force pilots that could not keep up with their UFO’s. This was in the year 3493 which was emblazoned on the calendar Dariux had hanging on the front room wall. He would not allow the page to be changed at all ever again it stayed there as a constant reminder of what took place with him. Maybe, he was slowly coming to grips with what happened that night. Some others might say he was losing his mind having the calendar stay the same. Like no time has ever passed since he was taken by Pluto Airlines Flight Crew aboard Flight #82536. The reporter felt Dariux required this to show he was still on his planet way out passed the end of the galaxy. He felt having this is because he was scared of being taken again or one of his family being taken away. Dariux felt alive and tough as steel beaten into a hard piece of granite rock. Now he was saying good night and be safe and watch out for those silent Flying machines.

Thank you Dariux for retelling this story as much as you recalled. Take care.

This was all fictional as my soul came alive so I hope you all will enjoy this short story tonight.


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Once Around The Mulberry Bush

The control Team ; The Petal East Formations Developer, a junior partner in this huge conglomerate controlled by a set of deep space twins. The silent partners are the Aprico Micro System Holdings Incorporated. In our new business frame we need to change and shake up the natural order of the way things have been done for centuries. We signed a deal to incorporate certain deep space type business rules into our operating manifesto. This was going to get us past the regulators no matter where they exist in any government in any country or on any planet. Big time business is coming to your nearest universe through us and no one else for twenty years. A lot of the negotiations was done behind closed doors. Our top team and their top team. That is all we require to operate this company efficiently and effectively and smoothly directed to make a gigantic operating bonus each month to be decided what is to be done with it at a later date. Maybe, the next meeting of the executive council when ever the date is set. Except, we have lots of minor partners who have invested their life savings to take a stake in this super deep space firm. We were going to call a stake holders meeting a week before our first annual general meeting of: The Petal East Formations Developers. With our giant silent partners holding their seats in the gigantic auditorium that will hold approximately twenty thousand people from all known universes. That day was still being planned and will be until the morning of it arrives. We can not have any missteps at any point leading up to or during this top Executive Board meetings.

I do not know where or when to start explaining all of this extreme knowledge that is highly secret to most government bodies on our planet or any others. No one knows who is responsible for taking such highly top secrets with out being seen on any screening devices. There had to be about twenty or more sensitive devices set to catch anyone trying to remove top secrets. Once again we all know that nothing is safe period !! Better yet, the question should be who or what group was behind all this recent activity. No one person was capable of pulling this off all alone and walking away into thin air free and not appear on any cameras any where. No, this is strictly impossible for a theft of this size to not be noticed but it is apparently. Tomorrow is another day or two in this information age with the speed of computers to move things in a matter of a blinking eye. Things will and do disappear into nothingness that fast. But, unknown to most people our business is doing amazing since signing our latest customer company who also joins us as a partner with our company. Starting first thing in the morning we are going to rip everything apart to find that detection problem and repair it before our super incredible meetings take place. It is very possible that some other form of hacking might be taking place. Or it could be that alien companies are breaking into our security network. We will find them and repair the network so no one else can ever get access again.

Our claims in regards to the stunning amount of sales across the many galaxies and universes is true. Our strong corporate vision is what drives us to the level of success we have reached in such a short period of time. When we say, Our, it is because everyone banded together to create the Number One Corporation in deep space. Who operates with such caring employees through out the far deep space galaxies and universes. Our fleet of super cruisers to take what our customers require is why The Petal East Formations Developer made them available. We created these sleek mach 20 flying machines to get around faster and helping more planets which is part of our companies vision. For the next twenty years our fleet is going to grow exponentially in concert with the demand which we know is going to keep increasing. So, come back after our super executive board meetings are over to hear the results for yourself. Join us in the auditorium with twenty thousand others if you dare to desire to be awesome along with all of us at; The Petal East Formations Developer !

Going Through Rough Days

Yes, I, Drusqn Tperdac, was alright until one day someone came knocking on his door and when he answered assured there stood a very unique and weird individual. Drusqn, was not sure what he should do except just stand his ground. He was so shocked and amazed that not even able open his mouth to speak. He can honestly say strangeness is not helping him speak at all. Usually, Drusqn can talk all night and all day well sometimes anyway. But, this person drowned out his thoughts with some mind control method. What else could this be but a simple lost alien right ? He just stood his ground. I decided not to attempt to speak and scare this one in front of him. Drusqn Tperdac had heard from one of his professors not take the first visit seriously & not to think you can speak. They already know. He think so says Drusqn to himself. Yet, he had to discover who this individual was at least a name to begin with. A warm embrace would not take this problem away at it was a far out thought. They both stood their ground for near an hour maybe two hours like frozen statues. It was times like this Drusqn wanted to have his super powered stereo on. Now, that would blast that alien’s mouth open wide or his ears would go silent. And He enjoyed his music since childhood. Being an adult here on his planet of Zindes Lrwis most people loved music besides flying around the universe. In space they could listen to music inside their quarters. Lets open wide the stereo and aim it for her door. She has to come down and see her lover right ? Open your door please Dofriuxe, it will not open yet; but you stole my heart do recall that night ? My trail of days that are the start of rough days in life. They were not the last I could ever remember but I knew things could be turned around. If they found some small bottle of liquid that turned out to be a youth liqueur. This would take you back to to those days you enjoyed the most growing up. But even if I yearn those days of old would it be any help to stop my rough days ? I have enough scars said Drusqn Tperdac on my heart let alone my body from those days. Tonight DRusqn Tperdac had found some relief from his fears of new people dropping by. I was assured there stood a very unique and weird person. Even if it was a lost alien with out a road map of the area. He tried to have a good look outside but the alien was big enough to fill the door entirely on his own. Now, how was he going to know if there was a flying disc sitting in his front yard. It was a known fact no aliens ever traveled without a UFO of some sort. Drusqn Tperdac was almost getting tired of the confrontation when an idea struck his mind. He had decided to jump onto the alien and roll out on the ground where he might be able to have a decent talk with Drusqn Tperdac. Once he had the alien character tied up he realized he was larger than alien was. He quickly noticed the alien’s grey colored flying machine sitting on his front lawn which tactfully looked some stunning. By this time a small crowd was starting to crowd around to have a look what the neighbors were up to. Drusqn Tperdac was nervous around these unknown people broaching upon his home and huge front yard. They were a number of benches and chairs surrounding the small very well decorated back yard. But, some how this alien had to get back in his Cadillac type vehicle as it was grey right. It did not take much more to come up with a complete crew for his flying UFO. We had to take control over this machine and fly away all across the tops of the trees and mountain tops with such ease and super control. The crew that was chosen slowly entered this Grey UFO Disc each taking a turn picking what they were good at. Drusqn Tperdac held the key to actually flying or cruising at mach speed 6 once we entered the galaxy star systems. The six crew members were about to take off into the dark night so far in no time at all. Mere minutes and seconds could be just a fast mac speed 36 out in the middle of the galaxy where the room to do flips and rolls and spins with the real life lights around the middle rim shine in all colours and everyone could see some craft was coming fast and almost sliding into the snow banks to be safe.

Going Through Tough Days was the call of the wild we attached to this UFO to have fun and singing music and hearing the best singers were going to hang their hats tonight out in south Bedrock County. So, lets take it by storm and have super time and a great blast from the past while we are there singing and blaring our voices all night. These are tough days trust me as Drusqn Tperdac was going to stand tell the entire crowds of the thousands getting closer to a million fans who wanted more and more and loved the music and free dancing’s. Here is the end of this chapter of the The Rough Days Project. Please read and laugh out loud we have already !!

A Pipe Dream

Through out my life I have held many incredible dreams which were referred to as pipe dreams. I am not sure if that was the correct way to classify dreams. Seems to me that a lot of inventions came about this way. I was not sure of what to think having these dreams about things I was not even aware of yet. I felt that one day, I just be might responsible for creating a stupendous and incredible metal invention, which was going to benefit all of our people. So much for that pipe dream yet it returns to remind me to search it out. I felt I had all my life ahead to become what I was meant to be.

The latest pipe dream is about going to the farthest realms of the Srifco Dagster Circle Universe. This going to take place over the next year. We know to achieve this extraordinary mission everything had to be planned down to the smallest details. There are some three hundred scientists and two hundred astronomers on our team. All located at the top of Mount Agatheropic. The largest exploratory base in our universe to date. Plus, there must be hundreds of other types of technicians floating around.

Our home life since we started this pipe dream has suffered to some degree. We are very fortunate to have the support of our families. With out such incredible support and love at home, we knew it would be real difficult to complete all this. We do get a four day weekend at home every four weeks at the moment. Which lessens the tension on the home fronts. We do all we can with our wives and children all weekend. All of us are so very tired the end of these visits, that our sleep lasts a good twelve hours after returning to the base. Our families seem to sleep just as long. We also get to see them all on a computer hook up once a week for two hours. Once, our mission takes off seeing our families will be more difficult at first.

Flying through the stars, comets, asteroids and other space items will be an adventure of it’s own. One of the new Space Cruisers is the CS Alta Coupheia Developer. There is nothing built to last and haul what we require and maintains the fastest warp speeds available. In another few days the entire crew would be aboard to begin training flights around the inner planets. These new space cruisers should require, at least, three months of speeding through and around everything at warp speed 8 or more. Any errors found in a area no one expected it to occur. It could be checked out by a Computer Technician on board up on the main deck with everyone who needed to be there. The design of which included this greatly educated and trained individuals who needed to have secure desk top areas to perform their work properly and accurately. The colors on the main operating board had an effect to make operators more aware than before. The entire main deck area was also brighter than on any previous space cruisers. Plus, the windows on the main deck area were massive in size stretched from the center of the main deck to completely cover all the windows. This was never allowed on any other space cruisers up to this date. This did make our class mates feel privileged to have gone to learn to not only create but fly these machines. Ensuring if we could still be the main part of fixing new errors and mistakes and any machine breakdowns. Pride was built into each one of us since University or College Studies. Our careers were life time ones that is why we studied the subjects we picked. To be actually be able to sit aboard new space cruisers this was a pipe dream in actuality. When crew members are smiling all the time the top designers smiled in return. I for one knew the ability of everyone working on any stages are happy and looking forward to traveling in new space cruisers.

I have chosen to show the correlation between going to university or College results in landing high paying and rewarding benefits and even more so. I am wishing that I did not pick the exact sciences I wanted to study. There are so many different sciences out there to get a Diploma for four years of attending your studies. At this point any who want to study a Masters Degree in their area should go for it. I still need to finish a couple of degrees off soon enough as I know it is right to achieve each one. Plus, they are my main life goals to achieve.

The Spectacular Rollerton Hotel

The Rollerton Hotel is a grand old place where all the big names from singers to movie stars would come and stay. Some of them might stay for a week or two depending on how much they needed a rest. The Rollerton Hotel had hundred and twenty rooms all together including a Ballroom and a Banquet Room and a huge lounge. In it’s hay day some of the top singers would come and stay to sing since the hotel hired them of course. There was never any time the hotel was not full especially on weekends. The Rollerton Hotel was light up in the front of the hotel with lights and a marquee for the singer who was coming this week. Of, course the back of the grounds held a very large swimming pool and change rooms. There were lots of chairs and lounging chairs as well which stretched out to relax to lay down. The guests always appreciated the pool and how great it was to come here and not be bothered by anyone. The Hotel survived prohibition in those early years of creating the right atmosphere for their special guests that arrived. They expected and received what they paid for as the Rollerton Hotel had a wonderful privacy policy in place. At times back during prohibition that certain individuals arrived with out a reservation if you understand. Management had to scurry to get rooms that were satisfactory to these guest. No one wanted to be known for not being nice to all travelers. Which was always on the Hotel Brochures that were available in each room as well. The Front Desk had copies to save trouble and maintain a great respectful, atmosphere with great personnel working for the Rollerton Hotel. For the first Forty years of being in business the Rollerton Family owned their Hotel. They had lots different business interests. The Rollerton Hotel was being set up as the only local place in this region with all the amenities required and then some for their guests. Also during those first Forty years The Rollerton Hotel had never received any complaints from any guest of our Hotel. They all loved the incredible, beautiful, stunning, history with lots of excitement around the clock. All guests were asked to please make reservations for these types of private events. Our Hotel has incredible cooks and a Kitchen Boss who is by far as one of the best ever trained up to a Top Chef , with a 2nd cook, and a pastry chef. The interior has been redone over the last two months. The exterior has been redone this spring again. It was a rough winter and we are not quiet up to top shape right now. Still we have the best Hotel in this mountainous region which is what we use to our advantage. Yes, just like other high end hotels we have the right to charge what is fitting to our guests in this summer of strange things. There are more inventive and thoughtful ideas to grab the guests attention in a scary way and in good ways as well. Our staff was hired for the talent they hold inside that is inching to get out. So, be careful when you show up at our Front Desk at the Spectacular Rollerton Hotel. Our next forty years will be a combination of what worked in the past and what is required in our day and time. Just expect the unexpected with an open mind as the shock might be to much.

I apologize for not keeping up with my posts as i said. I have been sick still and it makes me very tired and I sleep a lot of days away. I am trying harder each day as I started this blog last week. Now, you know it has taken me a lot of time and energy. Stay with my blog and I will get better each day. Thank you all and have a wonderful last days of July 2020 !!