The Old Gopher Studio’s

The Old Gopher Studio’s were built on the grounds of the former Majestic Star Production’s lot. The city of Costa Dobosier was once the home to all the major movie studio’s. Which was who produced all the top shows for the theater chains across the planet of Ogrihines. After they shut down the productions of major movies and transferred to the planet Antarus 3. As it was cheaper to make and produce movies as the stars were also paid less in this environment. Antarus 3 had lousy air due to intense geysers shooting off acid’s all harmful to people. It was the winds that carried the acid around the planet. Most of the time the winds blew the opposite direction taking them up and into the higher and higher atmospheres. The word was the acid slipped through and out into space. No actual proof of this activity but everyone hoped it to be true and accurate.

However, the great city of Costa Dobosier was determined to keep things rolling along with new and up coming younger actors and actresses. The Old Gopher Studio’s still had most of the production equipment and some of the larger sound stages. Plus, a fair number of the staff stayed here in hopes of working once again on the grand old movie lots. Lets face it this was home to so many who decided to move to make cheaper movies on Antarus 3. Here there were no cheap movies being made it was an incredible heritage passed along from one generation to another. The head of production was an old producer who loved the originality of filming on the grand old lots. Zavis Mayzon enjoyed the feel of the old methods used and he was intent on using them going forward. Plus, The Old Gopher Studio’s was his baby to start with back when the real great film companies arrived here. Soon after he sold most of his shares to younger producers who wanted in. He was content they kept their word to him and his teams.

Zavis Mayzon, as head of The Old Gopher Studio’s bought the rights to a thriller with the top awards in sight for it. The screen play was incredibly written with such unbelievable characters ready to be signed into each part. They had access to the top crop of new actors and actresses only a call away to step into this movie. Zavis knew he had a box office smash on his hands. he called his favorite director who stayed behind to be with his studio’s. Kamron Flynn was the best director four years running at the Pyantworth Awards. The top award show on the planet for movies etc. Zavis and Kamron were the ones who chose the entire crew not under contract right now. And they picked the actors and actresses for minor roles. Once again they had so many to choose from in this years pool. No date had been chosen for the production to start but around a two or three months from now they figured. Working with new crews, actors, actresses and the rest of the new crew, who all had to be brought up to speed. And the desire of Zavis Mayzon to ensure that all the equipment was all ready to go with no break downs during filming of this movie.

Three months and a bit later filming began on the movie titled ” The Unexpected House Guest” starring Brandon Xavis, Heeter Chindler, Jaelyne Scarlex, Sanya Kirstenof, and Aubrina Catelea. It takes place on the forest road in Shoym Plua lands in the north end of the planet Phavohines. With the natural forested area the trees bend over making it eerie looking after the sun dips down. Zavis Mayzon was going to be one of the greatest producers to ever create a master piece of a movie. Filming was going to take roughly ten to twelve hours a day to get this movie out to the public on time for the award season. Their were lots of trailers for the actors and actresses to use for make up and wardrobe issues. And there were a few trailers left over for practicing lines with each other. All those involved threw their hearts in to make this movie on time and within budget.

Zavis Mayzon and the director Kamron Flynn were working in close quarters everyday which made the final product that much better. Re-shooting scenes took place right away there was no time for waiting till after. Doing this when the actors and actresses were fresh was important and ensured great quality. The days were long enough shooting up to twelve hours a day. The single yellow sun shone with enough brightness to have the entire crew feeling super each day. The natural energy from the rays of the sunshine definitely made the lots and sound stages a lot more fun. Three months came so fast and an extension of two more weeks was called by Zavis Mayzon and Kamron Flynn. The final scenes were really in depth so taking a slow approach would just provide the right feel to the end. The two weeks actually worked in their favor and the film was screened and the public got to see it on time.

The awards season had not got off on the right foot for unknown sources were saying. Those same unknown industry sources were saying this movie ” The Unknown House Guest” was going to be the spoiler and win perhaps all awards this season. Zavis and Kamron were stunned by this news of such success of their film. Time was always the true measure of how good a film actually was. If this hung in there maybe it would win all top the awards in the final new award show.

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A Brown Eyed Soul

Brown eyed people have great kind souls, they have beautiful personalities, they are very beautiful ladies, and they are kind. Brown eyed person’s are friendly, bright and happy people. They are the best friends you can ever have that truly care about others no matter what. I know this to be true as I am one of the brown eyed people.

Maybe, this is why I have been a happy go lucky person with my soul belonging to God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost. We worship God, Jesus Christ. And The Holy Ghost helps teach us lessons about different things. The Holy Ghost also helps us receive messages from God and Jesus Christ, His Son. Maybe, you should see things through brown eyes first. They see Brown Eyed Susan’s with incredible stunning flowers filled with spitting seeds. Or I might be wrong.

I hope no one notices I am writing this off the top of my head. I am trying my best to create a blog that just might grab your attention for the entire length when I am done.

The often mentioned trait of brown eyed people is intelligence with 34 % of those who replied agreed. Trustworthiness, kindness were two other things that were written about. They also say brown eyes are not likely to have age related eye problems. Brown eyed people have strong health features than others. Brown eyed people are very independent, self confident, and extremely determined. They have a sense of security and stability than others.Women are attracted to men with brown eyes and they were preferred over others. So, guys with brown eyes you should ensure your love card is full of exciting women who like you.

Brown eyes are found to be common all around the globe. Varies by geography for some reason. Most individuals in Asia and Africa have brown eyes. They also mentioned brown eyes are prevalent in the Middle East where dark brown eyes are more common. But in Europe the amount of brown eyes and the shade of brown eyes varies from one area to another area an dis significant. Plus, there are health benefits to having brown eyes. Eyes that have a high concentration of melanin create medium to dark brown eyes.

What if brown eyed people did not exist? The world would definitely be a boring place indeed. But, as long as we brown eyed people are here let’s have some excitement. Honestly, this is how we are ask others to find out.

I have searched the internet for more information on brown eyed people. This is all I can provide thus I am sorry. I need to find another title that will allow me to actually create a blog post.

Until then… safe and take care.

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My Past Blogging Nominations

I would love to take this opportunity to than all those of you who had nominated me for blogging Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020. I was honored and humbled by your choices to nominate me for all those types of Blogging Awards over the three year period. I am happy and contented with my blogging career now. Though I admit I miss the blogging nominations and the excitement and happiness they bring with them.

God bless you and may Allah bring happiness to everyone Christian and Muslim world wide.

I want to sign off on this by saying keep creating the blogs that are you and bring out the best in all blog creators. I am going to keep writing blogs with just as much care, attention and love as possible.

Smile and be content knowing the best is yet to come for all of us who blog on !!

In High Regards to my Fellow Bloggers

Good Night and tomorrow is another challenge.

Peace and Love.

James a. Best

Rising Monster

There is some where out in the eastern portion of the inner deep space region exists according to the best scouts a rising monster that is real. Once the Defiant Defense Super Forces return they will be briefed in all details of this disgusting rising monster. Their headquarters is here for the foreseeable future until the Admiral recalls the entire Team. They would be out cruising until about midnight so it was going to be later. Maybe, even in the morning allowing them to get some sleep after a fourteen hour shift.

First thing after a shower and some breakfast they all headed to the briefing center. The two scouts took to the podium after short introduction. Streviak spoke first detailing the exact location where this terrible infernal monster was. We were starting to return to base when something caught our eye sight. We had never seen anything like these alien beings before. The first one we managed to get a clear picture of it. Please look at the screen to see for yourselves what they look like. Now, if any of you have had any encounters with this type of alien, please speak up.

To Streviak’s surprise three hands shot straight up. The first was a Number Two from one of the ships docked here. The second hand was a engineer who had to fight to ensure their shields lasted. The other belonged to a Captain of one of the newest super weight battle cruisers. She was given the floor first due to her rank.

Captain Sherese Tadford gladly enlivened the audience with an incredible story. This took place during her second ten year tour deep inside the Adrilaprice Quadrant in the Trankgreeb Galaxy. They were sent to search for some deadly looking grey and not to tall beings but just as fear some looking as any alien. The second week there was something on their radar screens that could not be made out. Captain Tadford decided to send out one of the light weight shuttle cruisers for a closer look hopefully not bring noticed. These alien types were not kind looking at all she added. In fact they became quit fierce and attempted to attack the shuttle. After the we had them locked on with four of the largest missiles on board they backed down. However, they did not try to flee. In fact they figured they might stare us down making us leave. Their mistake was under estimating our desire to drive them away and ensure they never come back. This stand off lasted for about six hours as they decided to approach on our space. We let them get so close then we hit them with a particle beam which drove them back further from our space. In the end they initiated a fight that lasted for two shots from our large missiles that blew up their ship. Our logs provide us full protection orders to defend against being blown up. We clearly followed those orders to the letter. We figured they would never come back around these quadrants ever again. Just know being ready to fire the shot that ends in a tragedy for them is better for us. When I gave the order to destroy that ship and the crew and staff it was not easy until we had no choice. Just remember these aliens do not leave with out a fight. Thank you for listening to me. Everyone stood up and clapped in appreciation of her talk. Captain Tadford left the podium and returned to her seat. She acknowledged the crowd.

Streviak asked Commander Zav Tobs, Second in Command of the ship, Prometheus Opal Star, to come up and tell us his encounter with these aliens.

Commander Zav Tobs started with a short message about what was just told to all of them by Captain Tadford. Her message is one that mirrors our encounter with them. We were out in the ” The Dirkuridian Apex star Territory”. This is way out in the mid-eastern area and we were chasing the trail of some of the worst enemies from the planet Chegeihines. We were given this assignment just before we left our base. The star territory is so beautiful with so many stars you can never count them all. The are more planets that surprised us so we were like how do you find anyone around here. We were hailed by a friendly ship from the Anachist Star Forces. This was not going to be easy at all. Our attention was placed squarely on finding and locating to arrest four suspects. Just as we tried to land on the surface of this planet they shot at us intentionally. We fired back to protect our ship and crew etc. They at once hailed us. We answered with all our armaments aimed on them. The Admiral on board wanted to talk with us about not firing at each other. This was cool with all the officers. A cease fire was reached and they came on board our ship to sign it. This went off with out a hitch. In fact the Admiral was easy going or appeared to be. We took them over to the huge relax cafe. It was huge and the best coffee on this side of the galaxy.

We had a incredible discussion with them in regards to who we were searching for. We informed them that if these criminals were on board they must turn them over to us immediately. One thing lead to another when out of the blue their ship hailed us again. It was for the Admiral who took the private call. The criminals had been on board this entire time. We asked for them to be turned over. In just under five minutes those men were all turned over to our arrest and custody. I thanked the Admiral with an unexpected handshake and the band then played his favorite song. All this was worth the trouble of getting that arrest warrant for those men. We paid a small fee for the men and left later with them in secure custody in our cells. Each one was hand cuffed and clipped to the side of the ship’s ten inch thick wall. The four men slept standing up in a bed that was comfortable. We felt this was all a way to easy right. At about six o’clock in the am when we were hit with some sort of missile. We opened the front deck window and here it was the same crews who turned the men over to us. We fired back to protect ourselves and our ship. The fight apparently was for show due to the head of the enemy gang wanted his men back. Our shots shook their ship with waves of super fast air spinning them around. From this point on to our planet and we docked with the police landing site. We ensured to get al the forms signed in triplicate and that was desired by our police forces. Once the criminals were passed over in a friendly transition suddenly we took a deep breathe and exhaled with relief. Tey were informed they might get shelled on but do not worry as we were told it all for show. The gang whose men were arrested for what they committed a true enemy was born within

Commander Zav Tobs thanked all of for listening to his speech. There were those who stood and clapped at the end of his speech. The Commander returned to his seat.

Lieutenant Striviak called upon the Head Engineer from the ship named Zoedean Braylin. The Head Engineer was named Cagrner Elson. He got right into what took place with them. There encounter came out of the empty stars in front of them. They were cloaked and they removed their cloak and fired upon us with three short distance missiles. What do we do in this situation now? They were the ones who cloaked their ship and moved right in close and fired at us without damaging our ship. Of course our ship was made out of solid pairing of metals Titanium and Aluminum mix. The ship was light but very sturdy and built for space warefare. We had no problem escaping their firing missiles or other things at us. So, we eventually fired back and they took off and left. I think we hurt their ship in some way they could not protect themselves any more. They were never seen by us while we do our tours in deep space. The encounter was interesting for us as this was the first time we had to use force against any alien ship. Plus, we learned our ship could and did out maneuver an alien ship like we faced. Thank you all for listening to me and our story.

The crowd was still engrossed by all three stories told today by some individuals who actually faced alien warfare and survived it. But, to have three experienced space travelers each tell their stories is indeed a special treat. Now you have all the information at your finger tips for later use. Well, this meeting is over and you are all invited to stay and meet these three guests for today.

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Great Gruesome Beivilk Kaulm

If, there ever existed a frightening, diabolic, and formidable Demon then Beivilk Kaulm was a perfect fit. In fact he was often called the worst type of demonic creature to ever exist any where. The thing was he was part human as the story went it was his parents got taken and killed by the demons who inhabited this area. For some strange and eerie reason those who knew Beivilk Kaulm say he looked like his father. Beivilk went off like a rocket yelling he was not this supposed half human demon at all !! To prove people wrong he went and took a few more lives of innocent residents who had nothing to do with pissing him off.

The local people added the great before his name because it was a secret unanimous vote how disgusting he is period ! Everyone knew Beivilk would think it was a compliment on his approach towards others.

At some point in time a sort of deception would need to be seriously taken to rid this planet of Beivilk Kaulm one way or another. His creed were the only demons left around this area. And maybe a super powered cruiser would show up to assist in doing Beivilk away with. Then all his creed could be got rid of the same way. A lot of foreign companies doing tours of deep space drop by to check on the planets this far out. Bringing supplies which are usually needed by then. So, Beivilk Kaulm need to look down and check is drawers to be safe. lol

The planet that still had demonic beings is named Griburuty 3WG8. A special number was attached to the planet due to the level of demonic activity over the centuries. When planets are away so deep in space it is difficult to return to often unless an emergency beacon is set off. Then the closet crew will head straight for here to provide assistance of any kind required. Demonic activity and the demons must be eradicated as fast as possible. Over the last few centuries all the crews have done their fair share to rid this sickness off all known planets. Having a great working relationship with life forms on all planets is the goal of all companies out here. Leading to having a safe, comfortable and happy life for all.

This bottom picture is Beivilk Kaulm so take note of how scary and frightening he is to face in the dark of the night. Or even in the light of the day inside of your home for instance. He is not afraid to enter into any place after all he is sadistic and very skilled at doing it. Have a serious look at his sickle to see how that weapon would kill with one swell lop. These demons are half dead and pure sickness and fully twisted in all facets of their world. This also applies to the demon’s way of thinking in order to enforce fear through out this planet Griburuty 3WG8. The other pictures of demons are his group or at least part of their crowd. Bottom line is be very very careful any time of the day or night. Set of a security alarm to let us know and the closest ship will divert and arrive as fast as possible.

Now that we have done all that is possible we have to set off for the next planet over for a couple of days. We can be right back in about the time it takes to run as fast into the safest place you have. Just be observant of the surroundings as they change then call for us to come back. This is what our trips are for mostly this far out in deep space. Plus, our crews want to try out their new incredible demon killing beams and other weapons. They are ready and able to assist all of you know this. Until next time we come back. Or until you call us back there. Thanks for every thing you did for us while we visited.

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The Shadow in The Window

Grace thought she saw something that might have been a shadow in the window on the third floor from her fifth floor balcony in another building across the street. What ever it was something created in her mind a massive shadow actually had the responsibility of what just took place. The authorities had to be notified right away before the bad people who were responsible were about to jump on the trains to escape justice. All due to the shadow in the window that may be nothing except a hunch that had to pay off for some serious investors who ran the country. Yet, Grace was sitting tight waiting for the police to arrive for her call. As each second of the clock ticked off Grace grew more concerned about calling in with the information she knew. Still standing on her balcony the morning air was warm and silent with not even the siren of emergency vehicles steering towards her area of the city. Now, Grace regretted phoning that call in to police. Suddenly the sirens sounded so loudly she almost fell down. She sat down and did not get up until the sirens started up and sounded far away with signals bouncing off the tall buildings.

What Grace saw was as it turned out was a domestic homicide where the husband killed his estranged wife. The ex-husband had vanished by the time the cops rolled up. There was not a pretty crime scene for even old hand police officers. After the initial canvassing was done there was no trace or trail of the ex-husband of that poor woman. That shadow in the window was something that as Grace said it the police should have been called asap. When, living in an apartment building be very careful when spying on the people in the other buildings close to you. The higher you go up in the number of floors the crimes are more often as not many people have exposure to see into the top high rise apartments. By design high rise towers are built side by side and go straight up into the sky so to speak.

The Shadow in the Window just does not pop up to be seen by someone standing on a balcony on a lower floor. The real life do not have balconies on them. But, Grace had never gone around to inspect any high rise buildings in her neighborhood. When apartment buildings grow to over one thousand feet or more who is going to put out fires that high in the sky. Plus, looking into windows is the business life for a peekers or sex perverts. They want to find a night rush to put them to sleep.

Back on the streets there are so many different stores and lots of parks in this area. At street level everything looked much different. The crowds of shoppers were starting to get larger by the minute downtown. This was not unexpected in the spring and summer months. Streets were worn out in some places with repair work on other streets being carried out each spring.

All this was taking place on a unusual planet named Bankoaoury. This place was found and registered as a new planet in the solar system called Procyon Praus Star Belt. The main city here was a fabulous place full of stuff you would never dream of finding this far out in deep space. Nadena Srico was the brain child of the head of one of the main companies who cruise the solar systems and universes. They search for new life on planets never found before or for life on planets never before stepped upon. That particular company is called; Overlord Celestial Space Corps.; who do search for other life forms or life on the planets they see on their tours of the many star systems and universes. Their tours can last up to ten years then some usually re-up with their companies for life work terms.

This planet; Bankoaoury is a typical planet in shape only due to the minerals and other types of material used in space cruisers. The mining results would not be shared due too the shortage of fuel minerals any where close. Once, a forensic mining Team can go in we will know all the types of things on this planet. The results using this method could be done and reported to on board staff in four days or less. On approach to Bankoaoury they did a fast scan of the surface and found all kinds of minerals required for space travel. Thus, we needed to build a city here to be home to crews that would come to work setting up the new city of Trauling.

This city will be like the one Grace lives in except there will be just as many windows creating shadows. She still has fears that someone will be looking in her windows one day. The shadow in the window was there so who is to say another person will be hurt in the same manner. The long shadows are being cast as the sun sets in the west on her planet. Grace is actually thinking of moving to a taller building some where else for her personal safety. Maybe, she could go to the planet Bankoaoury where they are building a new city. Grace felt getting away from those bad memories is the right thing to do. Yes, she said to herself, ” I am leaving here as soon as possible”. Thus, she did move far away to that planet with the weird name. At least she will be safe as no one knows of her plan.

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Clue of the Crooked Turnip

At first glance this news item meant nothing to me said, Carbin Maikle. Then again what if for some bizarre reason a crooked turnip was actually responsible for the death of the kind and gentle Avae Adriannek. A retired accountant who in her old age lived alone in her gigantic two story brick house, on the edge of the town called Llanybydder. A midsize town which was of the most older places in this part of her planet named for one of the founders of Zannyke. Carbin Maikle figured since the names sounded so eerie and dreadful maybe there is great story behind all the nonsense so far. He decided to pursue the trail of the crooked turnip where ever it would lead him.

Carbin’s neighbor loved stories of such ild and scary perhaps that is why he threw his hat in with that forensic minded individual. At times, Acamen Starkred, seemed to be a reliable partner who could sniff out all the great clues that led to finishing off weird tales. Except, this exploration might not become a sensational ending simply due to never hearing of a crooked turnip being at fault for anything. Who knew definitely and exactly on this planet where about Avae Adriannek had been in her last few days? A cool yet open method of operendous methodous which causes a heart beat to jump a notch or two.

So the next day the tow friends boarded a transport over to the planet Zannyke. A short four hour flight on the latest passenger cruiser’s with at least four true flights since it came out of the manufacturing bay. No one ever enjoyed being on any maiden journey of new cruiser or other war types of flying machines in deep space. A simple cruiser built with al the newest do dads everyone really enjoyed playing with. Like a few machines that stored dried foods from all over the universe of the Hongatis Vicinity star system. Another stunning sounding name that is following the pair of seasoned investigators. The chief steward came around handing out some short stories and information on the cruiser there are on. They both took the short stories due to the fact it probably helped open their minds to uncanny events which may be laying in wait for the two. Knowing about twisted short stories assisted in systematically lining up a number of clues to follow upon landing on Zannyke. Acamen decided to get up for a short walk around the food machines in search of a nice cold drink of sorts. Carbin kept reading a short story thus pulling him into the modified cities life of luxury.

Carbin’s main character seemed very much a well traveled man from his mannerism’s and his fine look of the suits he wore. But, Carbin felt this might be one of the top clues in figuring out the bad guy in his short story pages. Mean while Acamen had returned from his short exercise work out before finding what he wanted. He looked at his friend and decided not to bore him with the details of his trip. No one ever want to bother Carbin when his focus of attention was aimed at the apex of the short story. The rest of the trip was very quiet all around the cabin full of passengers. Strange yet relaxing enough to catch a few winks of sleep Acamen figured this out. The four hour flight ended without fan fare or any excitement. The weary eyed travelers should ahve slept maybe. Acamen felt great after his short nap. Now that they were on the ground on Leigantu things should pick up right away Carbin was hoping. They had yet to pick up their luggage from the parasol slowly spinning in circles. It was another stumbling block holding the pair of objective thinkers and doers from getting anything done. Such waits in aerodromes was normal after landing in any city or places.

Carbin had paid for transportation for the seasoned semi detectives. A mid size hydrogen operated sedan. Once they were driving along the road way heading into the city of Whaelrdrake. Neither of Carbin or Acamen had ever been to this close planet before. It was all new and fresh to both of them just maybe things may turn out better and sooner facing new things all around the streets and the walk ways. Soon both of them started to go over the case which brought the pair here to start their investigation. Avae it seemed was here about a week before here death that alone caught the attention of any gumshoe in action. In fact the hotel Avae Adriannek stayed at was where these two were going to stay. Following closely in her shoes seemed the best plan before they boarded their flight here. There had to be a few more solid clues at the hotel hopefully someone might recall seeing her.

They arrived at the hotel and quickly checked into their rooms, separate rooms I must add at this point. Carbin and Acamen were planning on spending at least two days and nights at the hotel before heading back home. Two days later saw the odd looking detectives leaving empty handed of clues. No could ever recall seeing her around the hotel not even in the dining lounge. Now that was indeed strange. No breakfasts, no lunches and no dinners. Where did she go for all the times for eating? No air taxis had saw her as a passenger at any time. This frustrated the seasoned clue hoppers in the search for anyone who wanted to harm Avae. Every fact was a no fact but had to be written down for their home city and planet might reveal the missing clues. They had a better chance of finding the search for killers this way. Or there was no killers maybe she passed away from an allergy to food she had eaten while away.

Once back home they hit the cold trail hard as possible trying to shake something loose to lead them to those responsible for Avae Adriannek’s death. Plus, the local officials had turned up some mighty interesting facts in regards to Avae’s death. In fact they were certain that it was a recently released criminal whom was the killer. Carbin and Acamen furiously wrote all the info down as fast as possible the officers were handing things out rather quickly for the pair of gumshoes. The learned the con they were searching for was named Edard Jax. He was a two time loser facing possible murder charges if caught and identified as the single killer. They thanked their friends and headed out filled with hot clues to start digging for the suspect right away. There would be no slow dancing on this one for sure.

After about three hours they spotted their prey in a old gambling joint on the bad side of town. But it was the good side for Carbin and Acamen now as they made their way over and arrested Edard Jax. They called for the officers to come pick up the handcuffed number one suspect for the recent murder of Avae Adriannek. After the hand off to the local police the DNA and finger print evidence would be ready by early morning. They headed back to their homes for a good restful sleep with the top suspect in custody now.

It would be about seven in the morning when Carbin’s phone rang. It was Officer Victr Kain saying they had their man. He was extremely thankful to Carbin and Acamen for the arrest of Edard Jax. It was a joyful morning when he called Acamen and told him the great news they had just received. they had in fact arrested the right man that the local police had trouble even seeing him any where in the city. Now the looking was over and the trial date would be in about two months. Until then it was out of their hands which was fine with them. They might catch another case before the trial starts.

So they decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate the results of hard work and no play in arresting Edard Jax.

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A Beautiful Monday

Today started out normal enough so it seemed. But alas I am one day ahead of the calendar appointment. Oh, well it was a nice drive in the brilliant sunshine this morning. I pray the rest of my day is better than being ahead of time this morning. I was able to stay and received the treatment that I would have got tomorrow. I pushed myself hard today when doing the exercises. My therapist said you really are working hard today. I told him If I did not work it it was not going to work.

I wore myself out by the time I was done my physio this morning or yesterday morning now sorry. The time is carrying to fast through the day.

The day ended up full of awfully bad pains in my neck from traction applied to it. I did get some OTC medication that really truly helped reduce the pain level. I also after I went home, I went to sleep for close to two hours. I really felt better when I awoke.

This is how my Beautiful Monday turned in my favour. I have to be honest and say that God and His Son, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit provided the help to be better today. I love my God and His Son and the Holy Ghost with all my mind, might and strength. I am grateful and humbled by the love and goodness God is showing me each day. That is the power of prayer everyday.

A Sacrificial Menace

Why would anyone choose to sacrifice a menace? Should they be so terrible that there is no way to reason with the menace. Stop and think seriously, before one lets that decision to go ahead. In some minds isn’t there some good even inside a menace? No, menace’s are just that a menace. They are designed to get rid of after you can not take any more from the menace itself. How does one decide who to sacrifice as a menace? I mean is there a guide to assist in making those types of menace’s go away. Well to say the least I am not sure at all about following some guide created by some unknown character. Who may have been a menace at one time. Some difficult decisions are hard on one’s heart and soul as the menace may have been a trusted associate before they turned into a menace. Has your corporation or you as an individual suffered irreparable harm that getting rid of a sacrificial menace is the only route left to take.

Once all records have been checked and double checked than one should be able to make this decision final. So, then who is the sacrificial menace that must fall into a state of shame and distrust with you and all others who need to be aware of such an individual. Probably you have already decided who should be the one before calling them onto the red carpet. Deep inside of you exists such hurt, such disrespect, such a sick feeling that it is hard to carry out this order. You do know this person rather well for a long time period. What must be is what has to be done.

Lets examine what happened and why if possible that made anyone turn into a menace. Especially this certain employee or close associate who has had been to your home to celebrate Easter and Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. After treating this person with all due respect like family the pain is a disgusted fed up strife to you. But what took place may be tough to actually want to figure out because your feelings are all over the map. Bringing another person in to help you who is more objective, more open minded on this matter is exactly the right call. Get to work right now.

The first thing is checking all avenues of investigation at your disposal. Bringing in the forensic accounting team to dig far enough to build a strong case that can not be over thrown in court. Next bring in the security team to go over when this individual could have accessed the files required to do this terrible harm. Have Human Resources go through the personal file of this employee to see if there were any warning signs given off during any interviews. Plus, to ensure this person did not hide their qualifications under a smoke screen to get hired. Recheck all references again to ask more direct questions about honesty, loyalty, and respectability on the work site. Try to find out how long they actually knew her before providing a reference to move on with her life. Were any of her references friends with her for any length of time or maybe ex-lovers. Push as hard as possible telling them the police will be asking the same questions. We are looking at improving our over all office and the company safety once our internal probe is finished. Remind people this is serious business and we do not take such activities lightly. After an exhaustive internal investigation which we anticipate is going to take a long time we are going refer the matter to the local police.

A sacrificial menace is not easy to point out especially when there are hundreds of others standing surrounding that one bad apple. Tightening up hiring practices is just the tip of the ice berg to being protective of the entire organization. Security sweeps must be done on a regular basis every week at the least. Cameras must be mounted in the best locations to catch the views of all possible entries to the company’s internal operation. Plus mounting more cameras inside on key locations to again catch anyone being where they are not to be at any time. Visualizing any manner of keeping everything secure in a safe deposit box called your industrial manufacturing complex. Hiring a mobile security team to drive around spotting odd looking vehicles that should not be here at this time of the day or night. The Forensic Accounting Team must also be doing more on the spot checks to be sure nothing rotten is not going on. Let this Forensic Accounting Team just be that and that alone. Then if anyone else comes up with more security means and ways listen to them and write it all down for safe keeping.

This blog post is all fictional and never happened to anyone anywhere in any place or on any planet in any universe or galaxy in any ones mind or soul. It is all fake each word is pure BS trust me.

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Gentle Basin Hotel and Resort

There are more and more amazing, super, fantastic and stunning hotel’s and resort’s popping up around more of the universes being explored. Expatriates from other planets have secured financing in certain cases to set up these incredible get aways for their old friends and crew members. We all must recall the missions are usually ten years in length without returning home until the end of the tours. Having sites that allow for total relaxation and fun and great food is something they want more than anything. The Captains are very open to the idea of taking these breaks for a moral booster. The crew just have more respect for their captains when reaching out to book these places for all of them. Lets face facts being an officer on a space ship is a demanding job with only on board get aways using computer simulations. To actually be among real hotels and resorts with life plants, lake waters, rivers and majestic food platters set up for them. Who would not want to be among such a beautiful, fabulous, over whelming locations which are real? Moral booster or not, Captains please, book well in advance to ensure your time is booked and guaranteed.

The crew of the Super Heavy Battle Star Cruiser ” The HWSS Dragonstar” are due to dock at eighteen hundred hours for two weeks of rest and relaxation. This will be there first stop into their ten year mission tour of ” The Dirkuridian Apex Star Territory”. This territory does not get the kind of attention afforded other solar systems out this far past what is deep space. There has been no reason for the different commands to warrant visiting to often yet. One day as always planets are explored for possible habitation for people of other cultures from other planets who are suitable to transport here. Mapping each and every universe and galaxy is the top priority at the moment. This is slow and tedious work day and day out. So, having such a luxurious hotel and resort at hand is spectacular. Something the crew and officers will not forget for some time if ever.

The HWSS Dragonstar docked at exactly eighteen hundred hours. Half of the crew debarked for two weeks rest and relaxation at the Grand Basin Hotel and Resort. 8,000 hotel rooms, 3,500 beach cabins, and 2,800 board walk thatch roof cabins right over the edge of the sea itself. The planet ” Chidruezuno” had a very preterite atmosphere allowing for the sea of The Grand Basin to exist. Other areas of the planet were not so accommodating but still livable. The light baby blue waters of the Great Basin Sea shimmered in the sun shine as if to call each one to test it out. And they did as soon as they got unpacked and dressed into swim gear and bringing towels. The air was suddenly full of shouts and cheers from the happy crew members in the water. Beach Volley Ball game started with teams playing each other. Water polo seemed to be the game in the water at this moment. The light baby blue waters were very easy to play and move around in.

The Grand Basin Hotel and Resort Cooks were getting busy readying the supper for twenty-two hundred hours. Exotic foods from the local shopping streets. There were so many stores set up beside each other that picking from each one was very difficult for one great supper. For all three meals offered everyday then more staff had to go along to be sure to pick up everything that was required for the menu items. A sense of personal pride became involved for the staff members that shopped for the foods. They all wanted the best exotic foods available to which they ate and adored themselves. Their planet Chidruezuno had some of the best sea foods and other home grown foods any where in this area of the universe. Yes, their guests were to be applied with the top exotic foods no matter the costs. The Hotel and Resort head staff knew these crew members would spread the word faster than they could about this being the best place for rest and relaxation breaks. Word of mouth marketing seemed to be the easy sit back and wait for the booking calls to come in. And they would trust these explorers as they go around meeting other life forms etc.

The noise grew into a light din as more and more people took part in the games going on at the beach and in the water. Who would have believed that adults could sound so much like young kids playing out doors. lol After three and a half hours the Captains called out it was time to get cleaned up for supper parade now. Put on your best uniforms tonight as per the Orders of the Day. Suddenly the water and the beach was empty of all beings.

The eating area could only hold so many people so Supper Parade was broken into three; one every half hour. These new Orders of the Evening were posted on the doors entering into the eating areas. This way every member would stop and read them as ordered before they came ashore.

The two weeks went by so fast and they had the best pictures possible to show off to the on coming crew members for their two weeks. At least we know how they lived and spent their time playing games etc. I hope ypou agree that exploring past deep space is stunning to say the least.

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