Spring Forward With Hope

Every year Bu Maverse and her sister Warione Diaspell who lived in Chotbus on the planet Inua waited eagerly for spring to bounce wide awake full of hope and anticipation of the orange sun to push the clouds away. Inua was a fantastic planet full of wonder and tremendous colour as the natural flowers bloomed under the heat of the orange sunshine. This being their year to choose what to be when they grew up for life. That is why this spring was the sign to go enlist at the local sky college to study some the best careers available in this part of the far flung galaxy they were part of. Both wanted to serve with the Continental Exploration Space Force who were the ones to go out into the universes searching for life and badly needed fuels for their ships. Bu and Warione had made up their minds that being a ship mate on the SC The Commissioner was the objective of their studies. Being together on this life long journey would mean so much to them. Yet, both knew that choice might be not be unless they graduated at the top of their four year course studying at The Banshee Space Academy. Being officers in the Continental Exploration Space Force was the ideal end goal.

Today was going to be such a dream come true for the twin sisters whose parents were proud of the choice they made. No one in their family had ever gone to the Banshee Space Academy before. Seeing their daughters in the bright orange and green uniforms of the Continental Exploration Space Force was going to be a extremely proud moment in four years time. The only thing Bu Maverse and Warione Diaspell had to do was go register at the College and start their future on the proper way to success. Both ate a good breakfast with their parents : Meyer Maverse and Pana Diaspell. The daughters were hyper to say the least they almost danced trying to sit still at the table. Who could blame them for their anxiety today ? Soon that life long dream would take hold of them permanently after they signed their admission papers to become Junior Officers in the Continental Exploration Space Force. Both young women looked forward to the travel around deep space seeing things neither had even imagined before. Other than that taking charge of a section of the ship was the first important step after graduating from the Banshee Space Academy.

But today had not been carried out for the twin sisters yet. After breakfast they had a shower and dried off slowly thinking about what lay ahead for each of them. There was not doubt about achieving their over objectives and the final goal to roll up on. Bu Maverse and Warione Diaspell were just two typical local girls who knew greatness awaiting them. There were going to enlist and show the male dominated officer training at the Banshee Space Academy they meant business from day one. The top leaders of the Space Academy already knew they had two exceptional candidates arriving this morning. This actually only happened two or three times every few years. The two brightest young ladies are going to be an incredible addition to the future of the Continental Exploration Space Force. Once they arrived on the Banshee Space Academy their lives took a different turn but one they looked forward to. Being pushed and being good is what their home life was like so the training officers would have it easier with those two. Which might actually mean the course would go faster each year and the four year program was going to the best ever class graduating that year.

It was yet to be known if Bu Maverse and Warione Diaspell were going to be full officers in the Continental Exploration Space Force yet their Commission’s were not yet dried in the Commandants Office. This was the most in depth, most challenging and most rewarding four years of his Position here at the Banshee Space Academy so far. Other years Commandments had larger courses due to specialties they were desiring to graduate. Which were direct commands from the Continental Exploration Space Force. Some positions were more sought after at times due to the changes of requirements in the Space Force. The only real time requirement for this course is to graduate more women officers as they had shown more stamina in holding down tough situations. Besides having high ranking women officers always proofed to be a great recruitment tool when needed. The Banshee Space Academy was tough enough with a balance between general sciences, star system studies, study of the orange that their planet, Inua received heat and warmth from. They had to study the use of extreme force under pressure similar to actual events that they will face in carrying out their duties as officers. Math courses were usually one of the best as the candidates seemed to enjoy doing number crunches and were fabulous with its use. Commander Lenard Brangrance was the exceptional type to rule over the academy. One more year before he faced another review of his performance at the Academy. Being held at the top of all officer levels he performed magnificently each year. He saw no change at the number of top graduating officers in the foreseeable future. But this was a year away.

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Each One Stumps Me

Like, when you are trying to understand something simple and easy yet nothing comes to my thought processes. I feel lost amid the centers of reality. Other days I have feelings like my head is spinning in circles and than I start feeling sick to my stomach. I head straight to my bedroom and down I go. Before more then ten seconds pass I am out like a light being turned off. My body has gone through hell ever since my first heart attack October 23, 1996. As of today looking back I have had seven heart attacks, I have had blood clots in my lungs five separate times and had Barrett’s Esophagus which is cancer. I have also had my appendix removed and two intestinal operations. The most amazing fact is I am on my fourth Pacemaker since Feb. 2, 1998. I had four operations to replace what was supposed to replace one wire from my pacemaker to my heart. It took four operations in total last year to replace not one but two wires from my pacemaker to my heart. I also got a new pacemaker as well. during the operation on June 5 th 2018 I ended up getting a very severe infection around the wires and the pacemaker and through my chest. I spent 38 days in three hospitals and was on IV Antibiotics to kill that infection from July 2 2018 until August 23 2018. I also was taking Pain 101 which is an introductory course into the psychology of living with chronic pain. I took ten weeks of Pain 101 and after I healed up from those three operations last summer I went back and took all ten weeks of Pain 101. We just finished twelve weeks of Pain 401. Which is a little more deeper into living with chronic pain. Next week we start a brand new course called Pain 501 which has never been held any where before. In fact they just finished putting it together during the early weeks of Pain 401. I am looking forward to this the best Chronic Pain Course. It is great as we all learn from each other as talk things over to understand what works for each other. Nothing could ever be better than peer support in a group setting with great instructors who specialize in Pain Control.

I have been through way to much for one life time yet I know God has me here for a reason. Yes, I am happy and yet weary because we all know chronic pain can not be healed. We learned this in Pain 101. I find with God and Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost it is easier to ask them for help each day or just thank them for the help they have provided me. The power of prayer is stunning.

Just over five weeks ago I fell and injured my left knee to my ankle. It got so bad that I called my church leaders and got a Priesthood Healing Blessing. Did it ever work to help things heal. Later that afternoon and evening I could feel such a marvellous change for the better. The next morning when I woke up to get ready for my pain course I knew something had taken place over night. My left knee felt so wonderful again. I was almost bouncing out of bed and around my bedroom. I am still using some osteoarthritis cream which helps with the inflammation and swelling from my knee to my ankle for my left lower leg. I am smiling and hope nothing stops my smiles from being contagious from now to eternity.

Now, you know most of my life really and truly.

Time Eternal on Karton

No one could have any realization of what Karton is or where it is unless they search the universes across the stars amid the meteors and comets etc. But, Mary Kwas was spell bound every time she glanced at the vastness of deep space through the super lenses of the telescope at her college. Mary knew of no other place she wanted to live than here in the middle of far deep space spinning around on the resplendent beauty of Karton. From the gigantic highlands with such categorical stupendous ragged granite mountains not found no where else. Karton was one of a handful of planets with cool sparkling water of thousands of lakes just waiting to be explored by the adventurous ones. The cities Mary had been able to visit as she kept her grades on the Council of Carrons who would choose the next entry level of Officers of History. Mary Kwas had desired her whole life to be one of these individuals that carved Karton’s place in this almost black deep space mobile race for historic effect. It was if she was called by some unseen being or force propelling her forward through each step of becoming a female officer which alone would indeed be a huge break through. Thus, because she came from the other side of Karton where success was not sought after or earned through the learning process of schooling and college education. She had defied her parents who wanted her to live the simple work a day living going back centuries. No, Mary Kwas was a driven woman with nothing but dreams and the courage to chase them. Soon, she was going to show her family and the people of the Bralmaleast that anything could be done once you set the unseen force in motion. Just, maybe by achieving her success her brothers and sisters might go for that gold ring of success in life.

Mary Kwas sat continuing to search the galaxy in front of her while her thoughts ran around almost colliding with each other in her head. She knew in the few short weeks ahead life was going to reward her with being an Officer of History for Karton and the Council of Carrons. The first time she put on that uniform the adrenaline soared through her body making her realize how close that dream was. The smiles got broader across her face each morning through all the years of studying for this moment that laid just ahead. No other female had made it this far in this college to be an officer of history for their planet Karton. This alone also drove her forward to show those other young females nothing was impossible with lots of strong effort. Success had been budding with such promising ambition and desire in Mary Kwas since the morning she first entered into this dream within herself. It was at that moment nothing would ever prevent Mary from reaching that gold ring hanging waiting for her warm bold hands of control to grab hold. Now, a few more exams of which she seemed primed to finish ahead of her peers there was no doubt. The instructors also felt that for the first time a daughter of Karton would be an Officer of History. This was an accomplishment beyond any past experience over many years of having students study hard with all effort possible. Yes, graduation day was going to be filled with so much personal pride and institutional gratitude in doing what no others could or would have carried out. Except, those others did not have a Mary Kwas as a student either.

As the months went by Mary Kwas’s marks actually improved with each exam at the end of each sequence. Yet, she seemed to study just as much as her fellow students. What ever was inside of that young head strong lady was marketable for her and her alone. Being at the top of her class all the way through this four year final educational experience was historic in itself. Mary would have complete control of any explorer ship the Council of Carrons operated or would. This is because a brand new Class 4 The Cockleshell Research Star which could stay out for years before having to return to Karton. Besides the Council had a number of planets attached through agreements to provide supplies for their ships going through that area of deep space. In return The Council of Carrons gave protection from any enemy attacks if such ones might occur. All the members of The Council of Carrons felt Captain Mary Kwas was the answer to any situations the craft came across. Mary Kwas still had a few more exams before graduating and being called as an Officer of History with the rank of Captain.

A Wild Walk in The Moonlight

Yes, it was the first time that such an unusual evening took place in at least a decade. The entire scope of the night sky from the horizon up to the star studded heavens was covered in some sort of misguided colour arrangement. It had not taken place for ten years and that was when a string of murders started to flood the city of Morfort. Were the residents all twenty-five thousand of them going to face the same twisted murderous events once again ? The entire police force was put on alert with orders not to stop checking their areas of responsibility until further notice from the Chief of Police; Curry Basseri. Chief of Detectives Spenser Blake had his full department working around the clock due to the unsure event that was maybe unfolding in front of them all. Like they said the last time was ten years ago and no one wanted a repeat of horror again. Morfort was on lock down no one allowed in or out until everything turned out to be alright.

What ever was going to take place did undue all the colour regime showing across the night sky. Fear like this was unleashed with such force last time so even the Mayor Markos Maya was under lock and key in his suite of offices at city hall in downtown Morfort. His staff was partially with him and the rest went home earlier before this started up. The Mayor was not the object of the murderer last time but maybe who ever was behind this night could come calling at any time. A squad of the top officers of the force was ordered to stand guard at city hall until the end play occurred. Then every street within the city of Morfort were going to have two officers in cars circling each block all night and day till something provided the answers required to end this situation. Special teams searched through their criminal data base for clues of who was restarting what might be more morbid horrible deaths of citizens and police personnel.

With out warning the emergency centre received the first call of officers needed as there was a death on the west side on Greystone Place. The local two car patrol was sent to the address with lights and siren on and to go as fast as possible. The police had to show force now that a dead body has shown up. More cars and other vehicles with detectives were on the way for back up. No one dared to utter one single word of being worried or concerned beyond any normal call to a homicide. They had to show no fear to prove to who ever it was being caught was the end game for anyone involved. One huge difference from last time is the training was unique with all new officers who joined up. They all had learned to use computers that were inside their patrol cars. Plus, they all were efficient in all weapons like full automatics that were used to kill only. Each officer was fully trained in how to not only disarm a criminal but how to do it with such hurt to their enemy that fighting back would be useless. This time was going to be where the police finished this earlier than before.

While police headquarters was waiting for a name for the victim other names were still being researched in the data base. Nothing was being left out not like last time ten years earlier. Just as fast the information was being sent back from the crime scene already. What was thought to be one causality turned into a family of five. That house was being searched thoroughly by the entire team that was on scene. Maybe just because revenge was sweet a fingerprint might be located giving them the upper hand in this investigation. About thirty minutes later a print turned up and it was pinned to a known felon by the name of Cosmos Callahan. Now the time for a fast arrest was required than the entire city could once again relax in peace. However, that would not be the case tonight for the protectors of the city of Morfort. Indeed, it was going to take time which the Mayor did not want right at this point. He knew the police chief and his officers were going to handle this with full due diligence.

Over the next two weeks the murder rate increased daily even though they knew who was behind this unnerving hateful spree. The city was still basically closed off to everyone except food and supply truck drivers. Residents needed to survive the city council, Mayor and chief of police all agreed on this. The only requirement was that each vehicle was to searched fully before allowing them entry to Morfort. They had asked and received helicopters to assist in air searches twenty-four hours a day. Just maybe today Cosmos Callahan would be apprehended and end this twice a life time event. He would be in jail for life this time which was what the D.A. wanted to go for in court. The fugitive was proving to be slippery more so than anyone expected.

For some reason early the next morning just as the criminal Cosmos Callahan was leaving his latest crime scene; officers arrived with out sirens and lights on. He was completely unaware until he was tackled after leaving out the back door of the residence. He was hand cuffed before he could even start to run away. Now, just his court case was to be held before he would be locked up for life. Those two officers who were determined to catch Callahan that night were awarded medals for that smart way of catching this murderous heinous individual. All of Morfort was thankful to them for going beyond the call of duty as well.

What Is Next

I have asked myself this question ever since I hurt my left knee way back on September 20, 1980 in a sawmill accident. Then falling and hurting it again last month. It sucks that it keeps swelling up especially around the knee joint like I use arthritis cream to help ease it off.

This afternoon I suddenly got extremely tired out and needed to lay down. I was doing that when I blacked out. I woke up a two hours later. What a shock right. But about half an hour later I was sound asleep once again. Something not right today I hate to say this but the medication had to be off some what.

Then, I realize I am way behind writing short stories for my blog posts. Maybe my mind needed the restful vacation of late. lol I know sick and twisted thought process but oh well. I am going to write a short story or try to create something worth reading if I was a reader. Let me go back into time and find an appealing situation from my youth. I am watching ” The Taking of Pelham 123 “. A great action movie if there ever was one to watch this is it everyone. I have watched lots of superb movies over the years. Plus, I have watched lots of great television series that were just as great as any movie in my estimates. I am just a normal person who writes books and a blog on here. I am slowly opening up since I began my blog in Feb 27 2017. Maybe it is not a household name yet but I have lots of years to achieve that goal. Also, I admit to desiring to have a huge following on here on WordPress.com Dreams are what fire each one of us up when we start a blog to reach out to the world. I can see the lights of understanding opening up now. If, I was so sleepy earlier why am I so wide a wake at this time of the night.

I am a wide awake at this time of night because when I wrote my first book I wrote all night long. From evening to morning. Yes my thought process worked so easy during those hours of the darkness as it was winter time still. Yes, I truly believe that I was pushed along by The Holy Ghost who is a messenger from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I truly know the God’s Head believes in my writing and how it is rewarding for me to express my thoughts. Creating books as and still remains the best feeling once we start working on one. I know it helped me to push my buttons which in return fired up my creativity inside of me. I love my blog posts just as much as my books. Just the only difference is the level of seriousness and the length of my books. Each day was a sweet attack on my central nervousness system as it worked to keep me functioning properly enough to write for hours on end. The end results were better than I had expected after all the work was done prior to publication of each one. Ever since it has been my responsibility to market them on all social media sites and all other sites willing to take a chance of me and my books. I am still not an International Best Selling Author but through these blog pages I truly have the strong Faith that I can achieve this level. As I keep them in front of all the readers who stop into check my short stories on various topics each day when fresh work is available.

Today, was the start of a new adventure in life so speak. My church : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints started our 189 th Annual General Conference from Salt Lake City Utah. It is such a stunning looking Temple our Church ancestors built over 40 years I believe. They have since built a Conference Centre which holds lots of our members. The Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square is backed up by the huge organ that was built many decades ago in time. It sounds stunning combined with the voices of Choir playing live on my stereo with High Definition Sound and other sound initiatives attached as well. I have two 6×9 speakers on each side of the stereo driving this and I also have a Centre Speaker which balances the sound just right. I have a 5 Band Equalizer on the stereo itself which breaks the sound even further and the Equalizer has a Balance in between to ensure the sound screams out for our hearing senses !!

This I totally understand is not what I actually create when I sit here but I guess you all need to know what took place to keep me shut away from writing. Now you all know that truth. I am glad if you all come back and read my blog posts which make me create things for you readers and followers of my blog. I admit it makes me feel very happy when I return to create words of wonders for you all.

I do Not Know Yet Why

As I sit here wondering what to create for others to read with ease and interesting story line. The title says it all about being sure about not knowing yet. I am at fault for not writing something each day as when I started out on Feb. 27, 2017. I do not know why yet I did create something each day with complete ease. I used to have stories circling around in my mind at all hours of the day. Alas, I fell into those times of sickness and health problems. Still I came back from each adventure in the system of being in hospitals with more vigor inside of me yet I do not know yet why. About this post being something of a mine field of nothing I do not know yet why. I have to find my way to the end of this creation before the hour is over as that is my objective. Here goes what I can do for your enjoyment.

I should tell you all about ghosts that are stalking me till today trust me. I have had to many weird and strange events taking place not to be unseen beings floating around. One day I was in my kitchen cooking something to eat when all of a sudden there was a frightening unnerving loud crashing sound. I looked around the corner into the dining room and I saw the wall clock laying on the floor. Or what was left of it was broken and cracked with pieces just laying there close by it. I knew than that perhaps it was a wayward ghost who came into try and take over my realm and kingdom. I do not know yet why this occurred but I still have not replaced that wall clock. I catch myself looking up to the blank space on that wall looking for the time. “lol ” Old age maybe forgetting that the clock was thrown onto the floor by a ghost. All I can recall is that loud noise and seeing it laying there hurt and busted and cracked with pieces surrounding it. Yes, truly I do believe in ghosts because I have seen some throughout my life time here on earth.

About three days later I was in the front room when I stepped on something and it seemed to make a noise. I looked down and saw something of the same color as my wall clock from the dining room. It was in fact a piece which I could not find after it being smashed by the disgusting unseen ghost. I demanded to know if there was any more pieces floating around that the ghost had hidden for me to find unexpectedly. As I do not know yet why or I would be in complete charge of my residence where I am living. It does sound like a farfetched story but it is true every word of this.

There has to be a way to find out more about the title of this post right ? ” I Do Not Know Yet Why “. Is it within myself to know all things? Even though I am certain of the cause of my simple wall clock that always told the correct time being rudely and insanely thrown down upon the hard tiled floor with such force for no reason. Yes, a repugnant obscene intruder had in fact attacked me with out any warning not even a shot across the bow so to speak. I must be better prepared for these diabolically minded lost souls who are out searching for avenues to intimidate those still here. As I am getting close to the end of this post I am thinking of what actually can happen. Out there in the wilds of society are day dreams that are taking place for real. Just look around well maybe you have to be locked inside your residence first. Look it is the white forms of the undead getting ready to rush with full force.

I am not certain if that hour I talked about when I started on this journey trying to find a story for you all to read with enjoyment is up or over. Not that it matters because my word count says to keep going as there might be more to share. You might know the answer of the title I chose for this blog post. Then again I am not even sure if there is an answer to be honest.

I have some questions that might remain until another day when the weather becomes rainy meaning spring has come to melt the snow piles away. ” I Do Not Know Yet Why” but I chuckle to myself because we used to watch the rain pour down so fast and hard so much we could not see anything. The windows took a pounding as the rain turned to hail stones the size of small round fastballs. See why my mind wanders around so much especially on Saturdays while listening to loud loud music.

I just hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I have writing it looking to create something for your enjoyment. You can leave a comment down below if you want. I am enjoying this old rock and roll music from back in those old times when life was all in front of us. ” I Do Not Know Why Yet ” but I love to write !

This Actually Happened

I was at home here on earth in my home country Canada and in my province called Alberta. It was not meant to be or was it ? I was asked once to come back home and tell something from here. First of all writing about a real story that took place using my body is scary because it was really scary and unfortunate. I am not sad but maybe I should stand up and say yes sadness has gripped my life lately. My body has way too much pain for one person trust me. I have no answer as to what took place to cause such damage to my left knee and lower leg. I think my lower right arm is among the parts that are damaged by what happened. Taking inventory is difficult when some people do not believe me.

Here goes my true story everyone. I was enjoying a warm sunny afternoon outside. I decided to top off the fluids under the hood of my vehicle. The last fluid was the windshield washer fluid. The jug was empty after so I returned to the door way to my house. With out warning I went flying through the air coming down extremely hard on my left knee and my lower leg. That was last Wednesday afternoon. I went until Friday to go see my doctor but I already had an appointment for something else. After seeing the bruising and the open wound and the internal bleeding in the joint he sent me for x-rays. It has turned out nothing was broken or cracked. But my lower leg is so incredibly sore and still swelled and awful bruised all around my knee and down the left side of my leg and also down the front of my leg.

Today is Monday the following week.today is day 5 since I fell on it or was thrown into the air. It felt weird when it occurred for some reason. I am not drinker or drug user, I stopped cigarettes in June 2010. What ever the sensation was it felt just like I stated. Who knew right ??? This is the story about a real life event here on earth. I have left my alien associates at home for now.

Alien of The Light

Trouble might not be the best way to describe the way life causes certain things to suddenly keep popping out against us well me. Thassud Xilvoir is from Geulades. He had discovered earth a number of years ago. Geulades is actually a real planet way out in the Prime Dimension. He is the Chief Officer of the ship PDR Sgad Curieux. This was his third trip to earth in ten of his years which are equal to thirty of our years. Thassud had a super fast way to get back and forth by using the black holes which bisected the deep space equilibrium at certain spots. This trip he was here for a long time he said to the authorities. Apparently they accepted his reason and this does show we met this space traveler that weekend.

Actually I, my name is Tildi Lipka, was walking along the ocean wall getting hit with the mist every time a wave crashed against the wall which formed a secure system not allowing the ocean to come rushing in when it wanted. The mist felt to cool after being in the sunshine all day long. It was just the thing I had in my mind when I got that call from Thassud Xilvoir. Even stranger he remembered that we had actually met during one of my zany trips around the universes that were laid out for me and others like Thassud. That time was full of fun learning the ropes of tripping through deep space on its terms. Thassud was one of the first sub space travelers as I said I met. Just at the right spot when I needed some help with a couple of hard asses from further out in the Van Gilt dimension. Than as it turned out they only decided actually or thought causing a disturbance was absurd. This dispute was avoided and neither Thassud and I ever forgot about it ever. Sort of glued us together for awhile that time. In fact we became life long friends over this incident in deep space.

I am sorry for the long delay in getting back to create more of this story for you all. Life can be just that way really. If it was not for the simple warped minds of some space travelers we might actually be bored. This depends on where we are in deep space and for how long we were out running around from planet to planet. I loved tripping the real light fantastic in deep space flitting similar to a humming bird. Except, this might actually be the case. We never thought about it all really was we cruised the sights and sounds of the galaxy. Yet, some funny stories are usually the best memories to have from traveling. After all having fun was the main reason we all cruised the majestic set up of planets all in one row in our galactic life line. This had to have been Heaven sent the way everything just dropped into place for these incredible nations to enjoy.

One time we had been at this place and I met a young guy my age on a planet called Grara 7 G. Sounds weird but it was a special time while things slowly became something that still makes me smile and laugh out loud really. His name was Vuxiel Kimber and he lived on this planet. He was actually so cool and was so appealing to her, he smelled just right, he worked and had his own place. So, Tildi and Vuxiel had a serious relationship for a few years. They really loved each other and went to many bars and danced the nights away. They met tons of other young partiers every night while they were out creating adventures for a life time. One day Tildi decided enough was just enough for her. She needed to be moving along this life time of memories. Tildi was more or less a wild roamer of planets who had those fun instincts with some natural tendencies. She was and still is one of the most wonderful explorers all who met her ever desired to run into her once again.

Vuxiel Kimber turned out to be one of the best well known resident of Grara 7 G. You would probably think that people like this just might travel some where else but not really. He was one resident that found his spot to live and create a future to be enjoyed. He was usually one of the best partiers in this neighbourhood here. One time a few years later Vuxiel left and like he dropped off the edge of no where that really was there. But alas, he just was never seen ever again. Lots of friends and acquaintances from other parts of this galaxy were shocked he had left with no forwarding address. But they starting leaving messages about what they were doing and where they were going. In hopes of reaching Vuxiel Kimber by this far fetched method. Years would go by and some one would actually reappear looking for Vuxiel. This actually lead to an incredible party for the night for everyone that was interested in having a super fun time that they would recall a hundred years later.

I have never asked out right before this type of question. I would love to hear what type of short story you want to read about. Please drop me a line and I will create one for you. Thanks for keeping reading my blog posts everyone.

Copyright belongs to James A. Best

Who Ever You Are

There is someone or someones who are trying to scare me into sending money by threatening A BULLSHIT ATTACK ON MY BEHAVIOR !! I have already notified the RCMP which is the Federal Police Force here in Canada will close ties to INTERPOL !! Watch out becaus ethey are coming after you or all of you’s scammers or would be scammers !! My e-mail is available on here and on the back of my second book for good reason’s. What I am saying here is true I got the threatening e-mail this morning. I am not worried because I have not done anything wrong.