A Long Time Since

Winter has arrived in full force once again yesterday and has continued today. I do believe it is possible for a trip down memory lane. Who’s memory lane is coming along as I type each word. That person would have to be a far fetched individual from a far away galaxy maybe. Here goes with my newest weird creation to come out of my thought process.

Elal Zadra who comes from the last rock swinging around the the Milky Way named Nanope. This planet has an atmosphere made of oxygen which allowed them to breathe on other planets they explored close to them. Elal Zadra became a space explorer who grew to be very famous back home. He loved getting towed through the star systems in the stream of light power behind asteriods and meteors. Elal enjoyed the fame and notoriety associated with being a space explorer when his Star ship Xonzelea returned to Nanope. He had already been to some 18 different planets just in their star system since he joined the Interplanetary Service. Elal rose quickly through the ranks of pilots zooming around deep space. Nothing fazed him it was if he had no fear inside of him.

Maybe, some where out there existed a planet which would benefit his home planet Nanope ? One with lots of minerals like feldspars which was very common on many planets he had been to. He was more interested in finding metals such as magnesium and aluminum. Both of these were needed especially aluminum to build more space ships for the Interplanetary Service. This was going to be his directive from his High Command to go out in search of all these. Elal accepted the command of new super hyper speed space ship named Carvis One. The first great space ship to handle a crew of twenty-five. The Carvis One could stay in space indefinitely with all the new gadgets placed aboard her. Elal was to take off tomorrow morning as the reddish yellow sun rose over the curve of Nanope. Such a beautiful sight to fly into in search of new places with hope for everyone on Nanope.

Captain Elal Zadra and his crew members got a huge send off as thousands came out to watch this gracefully carved space ship named Carvis One slowly cruise around for all to see her true beauty. Then with a sudden push of the controls Carvis One just disappeared with hyper speed in full throttle. The new journey was one he would never forget.

Their ship had plenty of windows for everyone to look out into the starry field that surrounded them in deep space. It was absolutely spectacular to watch it as it spread completely as far as they could see. Yet, out there existed a certain planet with both of the minerals they were sent in search of or maybe more unknown creations. Their Captain and First Officer would consult with others to ascertain which of the possible planets should be the first to be searched. And they found one some two light years from Nanope. A huge lightly covered orb with an atmosphere similar to Nanope’s which bade good for the crew to go down to have a first look around. The name which was chosen for this planet was Xonzelea.

Elal and six others were to be the landing party that afternoon to step on Xonzelea. They were all beamed down to the surface while the Carvis One remained in orbit. Just as they thought the surface was not soft but had a solid feel which supported their combined weight. No one moved more than a few feet as Elal got the correct direction to head for where the scans showed the approximate area of the most likely spot to find aluminum which was number one on the list. The air was perfect to breathe in as they started walking forward into history for Nanope. Xonzelea was exactly what they were looking for. Mining crews would be safe and be at home here as they worked hauling aluminum to be shipped back home. Nothing seemed to be strange in the sense that nothing or no one seemed to be on this planet. Elal Zadra always kept his six sense running inside his chest.

That sixth sense was what saved them just as they approached an up cropping of small brownish hills. They seemed to be covered by some different sort of plants never seen before. That was not what worried Elal. Just than out of no where jumped out the most unreal alien creatures ever to be eyed. Now, what Elal thought was going to be the response from these green alien creatures. He was the Captain and was therefor responsible for everyone on the surface. Neither group moved any further towards each other.

Elal asked his First Officer Glit Sayflorg to see what language they might respond to. That was the exact moment the alien crew leader stepped up out of his group. Maybe, maybe things could be created to have a friendly out come which as part of the search protocol set up by the Interplanetary Service.

This will have to be continued……into the next few days…if possible…space accumen allows this maybe………….




15 thoughts on “A Long Time Since

    1. Wow !! That is a real compliment Richard !! Thank you very much. I am glad you made that reference. Wait till the next one comes out. This was just the first one to be created to grab readers atatention. It is working already !!

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    1. Hello Kitty Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. I will do up a post tomorrow and type it on here for you and everyone to see Kitty. I am happy and smiling a lot Kitty !!

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    1. Hello Alethea Just saw the message pop up. Thanks for asking about me and my health situation. I am feeling better so far since Saturday. I have ten more days of antibiotics left. Then I go back for a check up for my chest infection. I also have to start doing my physiotherapy exercises today for sure. It is Tuesday and seems like the best option for today. God bless you my friend. Take care Alethea !

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