A Long Time Since

Hello everyone This blog was liked by 54 bloggers when I originally posted this on November 5, 2018. I hope that twice as many will like this blog. The story alone will tug at your insides of your heart.

James A. Best- Author

Winter has arrived in full force once again yesterday and has continued today. I do believe it is possible for a trip down memory lane. Who’s memory lane is coming along as I type each word. That person would have to be a far fetched individual from a far away galaxy maybe. Here goes with my newest weird creation to come out of my thought process.

Elal Zadra who comes from the last rock swinging around the the Milky Way named Nanope. This planet has an atmosphere made of oxygen which allowed them to breathe on other planets they explored close to them. Elal Zadra became a space explorer who grew to be very famous back home. He loved getting towed through the star systems in the stream of light power behind asteriods and meteors. Elal enjoyed the fame and notoriety associated with being a space explorer when his Star…

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