The Weekend is here !!

from my past posts on my Blog. I hope you all might read this and enjoy the story behind it.

James A. Best- Author

When, I was working we all looked forward to the weekend. Once I started shift work our weekends were just more days to work it seemed. Our days off unofficially became our weekends. Time to be wild and crazy as a young single person was a theme we carried with us where ever we went. Back then it was bars and disco’s !! Yes, I said disco’s !! lol There was one just down the way from where we lived and the crowds were good on the actual weekends nights. The music was amazing and the women and guys loved to dance the evenings away. Now, I am older and disco’s are a thing of memories in my illustrious past stored away maybe to never be exposed to sunlight again.

Some of our weekends were spent exploring the city of Vancouver with all the great bars across the wide expanse…

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6 thoughts on “The Weekend is here !!

    1. I do think weekends especially Sunday are for the Lord’s Sabbath. We should do all we can to hold and keep the Sabbath Holy.

      I was once a worker and needed to support my myself. I paid rent bough groceries clothes and work clothes and work boots etc.

      I can relate to all people those who take the Sabbath off to keep it Holy as it is meant to be.

      I can relate to those who are due to work contracts or responsibilities have no choice they must work to provide for themselves of their families .

      Richard I hope I answered from my point of view as an active Church member who has read the Bible and The Book of Mormon. Both are Testimonials to Jesus Christ. In our age and time it is harder and harder to get weekends off to please Our Heavenly Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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  1. it is a helpful reflection – thank you James. This – in particular – “I can relate to those who are due to work contracts or responsibilities have no choice they must work to provide for themselves of their families” draws my attention. In a changing world does Sabbath need to be bound to a day? Not an easy question and even harder to answer, but I have an inkling it may need to be addressed if the “Good News” is going to be heard by those seeking in a secular context

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  2. Just last night I was thinking I haven’t gone dancing in a long time. So long I can’t remember the last time…I miss it though. I remember when I would go every weekend….Maybe if my husband loved to dance I would go more often.🤷‍♀️

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