I do Not Know Yet Why

As I sit here wondering what to create for others to read with ease and interesting story line. The title says it all about being sure about not knowing yet. I am at fault for not writing something each day as when I started out on Feb. 27, 2017. I do not know why yet I did create something each day with complete ease. I used to have stories circling around in my mind at all hours of the day. Alas, I fell into those times of sickness and health problems. Still I came back from each adventure in the system of being in hospitals with more vigor inside of me yet I do not know yet why. About this post being something of a mine field of nothing I do not know yet why. I have to find my way to the end of this creation before the hour is over as that is my objective. Here goes what I can do for your enjoyment.

I should tell you all about ghosts that are stalking me till today trust me. I have had to many weird and strange events taking place not to be unseen beings floating around. One day I was in my kitchen cooking something to eat when all of a sudden there was a frightening unnerving loud crashing sound. I looked around the corner into the dining room and I saw the wall clock laying on the floor. Or what was left of it was broken and cracked with pieces just laying there close by it. I knew than that perhaps it was a wayward ghost who came into try and take over my realm and kingdom. I do not know yet why this occurred but I still have not replaced that wall clock. I catch myself looking up to the blank space on that wall looking for the time. “lol ” Old age maybe forgetting that the clock was thrown onto the floor by a ghost. All I can recall is that loud noise and seeing it laying there hurt and busted and cracked with pieces surrounding it. Yes, truly I do believe in ghosts because I have seen some throughout my life time here on earth.

About three days later I was in the front room when I stepped on something and it seemed to make a noise. I looked down and saw something of the same color as my wall clock from the dining room. It was in fact a piece which I could not find after it being smashed by the disgusting unseen ghost. I demanded to know if there was any more pieces floating around that the ghost had hidden for me to find unexpectedly. As I do not know yet why or I would be in complete charge of my residence where I am living. It does sound like a farfetched story but it is true every word of this.

There has to be a way to find out more about the title of this post right ? ” I Do Not Know Yet Why “. Is it within myself to know all things? Even though I am certain of the cause of my simple wall clock that always told the correct time being rudely and insanely thrown down upon the hard tiled floor with such force for no reason. Yes, a repugnant obscene intruder had in fact attacked me with out any warning not even a shot across the bow so to speak. I must be better prepared for these diabolically minded lost souls who are out searching for avenues to intimidate those still here. As I am getting close to the end of this post I am thinking of what actually can happen. Out there in the wilds of society are day dreams that are taking place for real. Just look around well maybe you have to be locked inside your residence first. Look it is the white forms of the undead getting ready to rush with full force.

I am not certain if that hour I talked about when I started on this journey trying to find a story for you all to read with enjoyment is up or over. Not that it matters because my word count says to keep going as there might be more to share. You might know the answer of the title I chose for this blog post. Then again I am not even sure if there is an answer to be honest.

I have some questions that might remain until another day when the weather becomes rainy meaning spring has come to melt the snow piles away. ” I Do Not Know Yet Why” but I chuckle to myself because we used to watch the rain pour down so fast and hard so much we could not see anything. The windows took a pounding as the rain turned to hail stones the size of small round fastballs. See why my mind wanders around so much especially on Saturdays while listening to loud loud music.

I just hope you enjoy this blog post as much as I have writing it looking to create something for your enjoyment. You can leave a comment down below if you want. I am enjoying this old rock and roll music from back in those old times when life was all in front of us. ” I Do Not Know Why Yet ” but I love to write !

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