I Have Returned Again

I will write my story because I should not have checked out that new editor. It is not what I imagined it would be for sure. It is stealing most of the page from what I see right now. You know how new things can do a number when you least expect it. Right now, I am trying to figure what the topic of the talk should be all about. If, you have read any of my blog posts I am capable of writing such mind blowing posts or is it my imagination creating these for me ?

Before, I get carried away with myself or my ego some might think that is possible. I have to admit that an old friend of mine Odhun Urzid from the planet Zilvilia had called the other day. After, careful consideration I decided to pull my crew together as soon as possible for a deep space visit. Odhun Urzid was one of those old fashioned Captains but his message sounded urgent and we were not doing anything except sitting here on our base.

Before, I go to far into this fictional creation the name of my main character is Thruks Denkae. Our base was actually situated in the Prime Dimension which covered the largest area in the Dyria 4Z Universe. I and my crew were not assigned to any space command at this point in time. We have been allowed to lounge around here on Yelara. A medium sized planet with a great base built with extreme care and lots of engineering guidance used up in this giant sized world covering for protection against attack. We came back here quite often after going out with The Prime Dimension Crews. This Yelara Base was actually designed after some from an ancient planet that was destroyed centuries ago on the planet Earth. I was always happy to see someone high up kept things easier for us to relate to our historic past.

I had some of my crew on board within a couple of hours of hailing them by direct calling their phones. My communication officer was here so sending Odhun Urzid a message through space was quick and painless. I had hoped anyway. Lieutenant Chagae was very conscientious about her duties and nothing was ever forgotten about. This was the best time to be a Captian of such a stunning and incredible star ship. My First and only ship was christened The PDL Inquisator. This one was special order by the Prime Dimension Leadership for me a few years ago. One of the finest flying ships ever produced and I still had the news clip on my wall in my quarters. Another hour and we would be under way ready yo cruise at warp speed 8 to reach the planet Zilvilia by early afternoon. Loading food, water and other equipment took up the area under the main deck of the ship.At last we were all on board and ready to fly away.

The commands were given to the crew on the deck and we slowly pulled out of the dock and easily got cleared just before turning east to face the planet Zilvilia. Setting the ship speed to warp 8 was done by my First Officer Ondans Threls. Our ship The PDL Inquisator eased her way through the star filled quadrant of this universe with out a hitch. Odhun Urzid was going to have breakfast ready once we finished docking on Zilvilia.

This next part of our journey will be carried in the post which will be created by the one writing it now, Sholphait Estrils ; The Prime Dimension Writer.

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