The Gilded Heaven’s

Delda Teiru, had worked for this film company, Megaart Proflux Film Production, for what seemed like a long time,but in relative terms it was only two years. They had chosen the planet, Geyecarro because of it’s stunning natural beauty. With bright green grasses, white sandy beaches and gigantic mountains called ” The Haverliers Corigstaridge Peaks. Shooting this film against such stunning peaks seemed like such an incredible dream like set to perform on. They were in the Vulongolia Telmles Steller Nursery Solar System. It was fantastic to see new stars being born and flung out into deep space through this solar system. How much more of a magnificent site could they hope for to shoot their film ? The entire film crew and cast were waiting for the final draft of the film to be approved by the companies management team. The film was to be paid in Ancestral Statep had to be cost efficient to recover the total expenses. Once the film was released to the throngs of expected screaming crowds back at home. Their home planet was of course Xestruna which was still part of the same solar system. Not one of the crew or cast wanted to leave this fabulous planet they were on even still they had been here a short time. The name of the film was still up in the air until it was approved as part of the complete film package. Resting among the exotic species of plants and trees while practising their lines sort of established a story book setting. A guarantee ensured no one would be cut due to an exact number of cast members being in place for weight purposes. Their four space cruisers only held so much extra pounds due to the extra fuel for the return trip to Xestruna. Having to bring along the complete set pieces brought the costs of fuel to be higher than normal both ways.

Finally, the movie was ready to be shot. The title ended up being ” The Gilded Heavens “. This name was the choice of the Megaart Proflux Film Productions before anything was loaded on any space ship. The costs were allowed to be a floating total of Ancestral Statep’s as nothing like this had ever been carried out on another planet. The choice of the location was an incredibly lucky pick fulfilling every desire and need for the film. The set up crews were eagerly at work placing back drops where they all belonged according to giant lay out charts. Thus, building a film set out in the solar system was indeed classy and extraordinary. With hopes that film goers would really appreciate the extra effort put into the reality of it all. Nothing else can compare with the natural forces, beliefs, problems and the figuring out how to create such a stunning, colourful movie ever developed. Most of the back drops are for sure real and in place for eternity. The characters were made to reach out to grab the eyes and ears of the movie goers. This alone has the script fully exposed to establish the subjects sticking out against such star producing effects behind the scenes. Our cameras caught all the birthing of new baby stars all the while filming ” The Gilded Heaven’s” in the foreground. Our Megaart Proflux Film Production will be forever remembered for this timeless shocking picture from the planet ” Geyecarro”.

” The Gilded Heavens” stars actress Adha Estad and actor Aemmuk Augzall in the roles of ” Serunkal ” Princess of the fabulous “Qrustead’s” and ” Selei IIxoks” the handsome Prince of the ” Zrovine”. A secret is being allowed to more ever and in addition to the main plot of this location oriented screen play right in front of us all. This aspiring production builds a bond between the two main characters possibly leading to marriage. This might assist them to potentially and ambitiously create a new kingdom to serve all their people evenly and fairly. This creation will be released to theatres early next year the date to be announced. Stay tuned for trailers from the prospective of the planet ” Geyecarro”.

I Suffered Two Bear Attacks

That is right. I did suffer two bear attacks one last Thursday evening and again Saturday night some time. I called the RCMP and told them what happened both times.

Thursday evening around eleven thirty or so I heard what I thought were the voices of two drunks outside in my yard. I started to get upset and yelled at them. I then decided to pick up my big flashlight and put my boots on. I went outside and yelled and no one answered so I kept shining the flashlight all over my yard. My yard is huge it is a half a block of land and lots of trees and one crabapple tree. I never did see anyone let alone hear anyone out there it was quiet as could be. I went back into my house and called the RCMP and talked to a constable and explained what took place. She listened to me for a couple of minutes before she answered. I was asked if I was sure it was two guys and replied yes I am sure it sounded like tow guys. She then told me that while I was talking she did a couple circles around this area and saw no people at all. I was sure it was two guys. She told it was a bear and not to go outside any more !! I did not go out any more that night. When I was out I found one bag of garbage down by the west side of some tress. It was just laying there nothing was wrong with the baf. I carried it back and lifted the garbage cart back up straight on its wheels. The other black bag of garbage was still in the cart. Weird but I was wrong I guess lol

Then Saturday night some time the bear struck again. When, I got up I went and opened the door and looked outside. I was shocked by what by what I saw. This time the cart was pushed or thrown into the front of my SUV. There was no damage to my SUV. Which was great actually. But my garbage was stretched out in a good straight line. Round piles of garbage over about 60 feet from the front of my SUV. I went to my shed and got the rake out and cleaned the mess up. I went back in the house and phoned the RCMP.

I told the lady who answered what took place and she patiently took it down along with my phone number and address to check that it was the same as the last time I called on Thursday night. She told after we talked that she was passing onto one of the officers who look after such things. Okay, so are they going to call back soon. She said she thought they would. I grabbed a fast shower and got dressed when the phone rang a few times. I picked up the hand set and said hello . They female voice on the other end asked if I was James Best. I said yes I am. She asked my address which I confirmed was correct. She made sure all the previous information was correct. Then she surprised me by asking if she could come over now. Right now ? She said if that was alright. I told her yes come over right now.

I went out side to check and make sure she was going to make the right directions to find my house. My house is hard to see as it is hidden blocked by one Steel Shed. And lots of trees which block the rest of the view of it until you get up a little higher up the hill. Sure enough she missed the turns. She went by and turned around by that time I was almost down the hill to the avenue. I was waving and yelling its me its me. She never saw me as she was phoning my house and was no getting any answer. I was a few feet from her truck before she saw me. She then asked if I wanted to get and ride back up to my place. I said sure thank you ! It was alright getting a ride back up the hill to my house. I told her I had cleaned up already as I had to be in another town for church services at ten thirty am. She was an incredible officer very polite and very easy to get along with. I think she liked and I am sure I liked her ! We had a good talk and I told her I hope to see her again one day. She replied maybe you will. I know I want to see her again.

Now, you all need to hear more about the bear which is surprising even more so. I was at my bank today and told her what took place. she chuckled and said their were three bears in town. One was at my place which is almost dead center in town, another up by the school checking out the northern part of our town. The Third Bear was down over by where she lives. I was shocked and we both had a laugh actually. One very exciting time took place from Thursday to Saturday night. It was weird really to me. I have never seen bears in our town before. I have only lived here for almost 12 years now. I guess I am still learning about northern life lol the hard way and I am retired now. hahaha Life can be exciting and make us laugh about such harsh troubles that might have been.

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Then Everything Was Gone

Attention Everyone : I have gone through this blog to make improvements in it. I hope you will find it less offensive and more edible to your eyes and minds.

One second the story we were creating was right in front of us and then BOOM !! , it was gone completely. All of it just up and disappeared from reality. Providing those hackers were actually scared of just the inside cover story of it. Sorting things out and proving who did what, is a lousy road to take this morning. I say and if we all agree then we skip the original story and find a new by-line to go with. One thing I warn about & I am serious about is recouping the costs of for the damages they inflicted on us.What did they expect from hitting us at the worst moment. They should have known we were the number one periodical by our name alone ” The Lonely Ghautiude Chronical “. Though , we can never swear,nor prove that for those bad things, and we can and do just run into burning buildings to save damsels in distress. There is one person who can deliver us to freedom from this chaotic situation we are facing right now. Just let me know if you so desire that I follow this avenue to contact him. You and I are the only ones who are really aware of what is about to take place on the east side of our solar system. I did have the chance to run away from all this but Fighting is in my blood and built into my family from the very beginning. However, I was over ruled by some one with smarter brains and saw things different out comes. Trust, I will say does not/nor was it borne from those times. But, it can be traded for lives in severe situations as this transmits into one of those. Lets go and run as fast as possible to see if we can tip this over to one side and have her afford a winner and a loser. Bored minds are active with no real desire to slow down right now. Respect was lost along with trust and loyalty that were earned over time. No one does such devious well planned endeavours unless war is on the menu. We here on Belrieter are among the original residents of this solar system as part of the Sigma Eridanj Galaxy.

My final decision tonight is to go to sleep. Two things may happen. The second they will release the loyal foot soldiers to assist them in the final images before the end with red blood running down from the top floor. They do know I have the last of the gentleman in disguises with complete control over them all, all 55,000 soldiers, and a few tanks and a few evil birds, will bring us to their attention. Just before they realize we are serious and will let this thing loose upon the residents of Wilhelm City. You take the head that reigns and sow your murderous seeds by noon today. Lets at least pray and get some sleep before the slaughter begins in the very early morning hours. The last thought Khekix Uvval had was just before falling into a quiet slumbering sleep was” Who is this fool and what is he trying to carry out ?”

The top picture is some of our super cruisers patrolling over the ancient ruins of our city “Awaoyling”. We still hold this place with all the respect they deserve. The bottom picture is one of our cities with a incredible looking super fighter cruisers hovering over it. They are stationary over another huge city of ours named ” Vertbroieuk “. We are prepared for war at any given notice except no one has dared to come at us as a fighting force. Our people will be ready at a moments notice once the sirens go off at dawn. The crews will report in minutes to fire up their ships and fly out to take care of these fools with ease. This does show that signify that peace is preferred but we will fight back if attacked. But, this fight will be heard loud and clear across the solar system and beyond maybe. As you may notice our ships are huge designed with shields to with hold any known armaments for hours if necessary. As for now everything is quiet and the air is clean. And clear shots allowing for long distance radar, to fetch outlines of anything within about, half the solar system away.

We have more pictures of deep space cruisers lined up in the hangars waiting for such moments to fire up the super charged turbines and kick it into warp speed. Our men and women are caring and thoughtful individuals, ready to save their families and our planet from harm or hostile take overs. So, who ever this fool does not realize he is biting off the head of the top crews any where in our solar system. Just call us the protectorate. By morning maybe, these insane people will change their minds and depart for safer parts of the solar system.
See for yourself is that being peaceful is better than sticking around here waiting to be killed ? I am going to say yes it is !! These are from the depths of our galaxy where life is safe and people want to have a good life. We have made a few trips out there to set up trading missions with a number of planets we came across. Maybe if these were our friends a party would be set up to welcome them to our world. But, alas we wait to see what morning will bring about for us and our people. Come back and check out our world we will be here trust me on that. All this over the simple title of a newspaper periodical that has belonged to us since time began.

One day the people of the planets in our solar system in “The Sigma Eridanj Galaxy” will be better people if no unpredictable fighting breaks out. I am sure that two periodical newspapers can survive in such vastness of this incredible deep outer space. We are determined to prove this to the rude ruling forces from Phatotera. Which is from another galaxy that we have never entered in the history of our solar system. Our world prays that peace will still reign in the morning. That would be an amazing Head Line on the front page of the ” Lonely Ghautide Chrobical” in the morning issue.

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The Tuesday Report – ZSUW News

A incredible collision occurred on the Planet, Nenkeron between two low flying super cruisers on practice flights by new Officer Cadet Students. Both cruisers had full crews on board at the time of the incident. The number of fatalities is unknown at this time. The number of serious patients is also unknown. No other news on all those who were beamed aboard a local hospital flight is available. We will be staying on top of this urgent news item and will provide emergency news breaks on all stations. As soon as any news comes out from the hospital staff. This is Quinato Asperata ZSUW News signing off.

From: Quinato Asperata : ZSUW News

Local hospitals are now saying that there was a number of fatalities and no names are being released at this time. Notifications to family members must take precedent under these circumstances. Senior Hospital Staff refused any further comment until tomorrow at the earliest. Stay tuned until tomorrow to find out if any crew members are local or not. We should be thinking of all the crew members families who have lost someone in this tragic accident. Plus, there are others who are going to be in the hospital for who knows how long right now. I have never seen any accident scene that looks this bad so we are sending our love and support to all those who lost a family member today. There maybe a long investigation into what caused this accident between two super cruisers at low altitude. These are usual manoeuvres for the crews who man the super cruisers everyday where ever they are out in the deep space of our Galaxy. Or in this case a local exercise which occurs frequently around our skies. No one who I talked with would tell me anything in regards to how long ago the last accident like this took place ? We need to realize that the base has lots to do after this accident took place this morning.

The Overseer Vanguard Deep Space Division base is named Aberdyfi Edolens Gargon Base. This is where the super cruisers are from and the crews train for all known expectations they could face while out in the deep space of the galaxy. They fly out to different locations across the Aegialeus Galaxy. Apparently in the next few days there will be about fifty to sixty super cruisers will be heading out in search of new worlds. Most of the known galaxy has not been searched let alone mapped for future trips out into deep space from here. The Overseer Vanguard Deep Space Division is made up of personnel from across the known members of the planets that make up the Aegialeus Galaxy. Their base is basically the Headquarters for them which is why most personnel and buildings etc are located here. Astrakhan City Councils have always been open to having such a gigantic conglomerate being based here.

This is Quinato Asperato ZSUW News with more news updates ;

In other news this morning ,we heard that our city, Astrakhan was going to be hosting an International Space Symposium. The date is still being worked out but it is expected soon. This should bring lots of delegates and their families to our beautiful city to visit, take in the sights and sounds of Astrakhan and what we have to offer. City officials are hoping for an influx of visitors during this International Space Symposium considering the interest in what all exists out there in our galaxy. There should also be, many opportunities to talk to some delegates at sites, that are expected to be set up to help quell the rush for information pertaining to this convention. Our city, Astrakhan has many huge malls for people to shop and eat while sight seeing during the two week International Space Symposium. The dates are still unknown but are being negotiated as I am reporting this news to you all out there.

Plus, more news that just came into our news desk, is that those who were killed during the accident, their bodies are being released to the families as soon as they arrive here. The local hospitals are still providing care for an undetermined number of crew members at this time. The numbers of each group will be released later today according to hospital officials.

The weather today looks like it will be another bright sunny day with both of our huge yellow suns hanging high over head right now. The high is expected to be around thirty-five degrees and could reach a maximum of forty-five degrees. The beaches and swimming pools will be packed for sure once again folks. Maybe, head out early and make sure to grab a spot to enjoy the day light hours as at this time days are super long and hot.

This is : Quinato Esperato ZSUW News signing off for now. Have a wonderful day !

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Falling, Gently Falling Down

Yes, I have this horrid fear of falling down and falling down every where I went last night. I can not explain the feeling of deja vu as the result came to life before my eyes. My eyes seemed like sand bags desiring to close and go to sleep suddenly with out any warning. This is partly due to having such a tremendous day with so many activities to accomplish before I would close my eyes and sleep all night. Try a I might I was unable to create this blog that I am doing exactly that right now. Believe me when I come out carrying a huge soft pillow in case I fall asleep and crash out on the floor beside my computer. I swear I heard the head waters of the falls dropping down over he lip of it and the roaring of the water dropping downward is so loud and almost musical already. The final strokes of sound hit as the water smacks into the pot under the waterfall itself. I can still hear all the water rambling to get here swishing around the curves of rocks in the banks making a song even sound better. How can I be having this dream of deja vu when we are not having such a incredible switch in the time warp. Then again, I was laying on the floor after dropping over the railing pretending to be a waterfall. I admit I have never had such a remarkable life like imitation of life before. Why now I ask myself ? Do we have a safety switch which stops us before we want to but you step in and that is a crushing sound that I do hear now. I do not like this game of playing waterfall so much now. I will quit as of now too. Bye until next time I awake and want to write and create a finished blog taht makes sense to everyone not just my sad inside eyes.

The Sword of Six

This supposedly started some twenty centuries ago according to the local legends that were always being talked about. It comes down to no one being absolutely sure who started this but was it at that exact time when the Sword of The Six were most powerful. The Sword of The Six were unscrupulous and very dangerous and held the reigns to control completely tight. There was not one person or one business that ever escaped their grasp which made them nothing but richer as the weeks flew by. Arguments would flare up trying to decide just who was the ring leader of The Sword of The Six. Yet, no one would ever agree on the proper names of the members of this notorious group who controlled millions of lives. Plus, they had all the weapons of destruction to be used against the population when required to squeeze them tighter. Unfortunately, the local animals were of the tamed variety not the mean, nasty wild creatures that roamed the areas outside the towns. Some of the gossip went to The Sword of The Six having control over the wild creatures but most felt that was impossible for anyone to achieve such power over wild animals. That might be true to some degree as people did disappear when trying to escape through the forests or across the hot desert sands to the eastern boundaries. The cities of Krugate, Vrofcester, and Inding composed most of the population. The Sword of The Six held many of the companies hostage until they agreed to split the total profits more in the favour of The Sword of The Six. Control and victory drove this repugnant, harrowing and obscene crime bosses to want more and more. There was nothing that was good enough for them to call it quits. No, sucking the cities and companies dry is the proper term they used according to the local chatter. The Sword of The Six knew enough to bring with them accountants they trusted one hundred per cent. That way no profits were ever lost due to miscounts. These accountants were paid very well for this effort they put forward all the time in their working days.

These ones called The Sword of The Six were well known to historians over the last twenty centuries. When ever any attempt was made to corroborate what actually took place back in those days it failed. Because historians argued over trivial matters. Some thought the historians may have been relatives of this asinine, pernicious Sword of The Six. Others felt that some government officials were purposely ruining any investigation into the correct history of those times. Still others came up with the fact those who were in positions to prevent such happenings refused to budge off their chairs. If, The Sword of The Six were this cut throat here what were they like on other planets. This galaxy had probably a couple of hundred thousand or more planets as far as the eyes could see. How The Sword of The Six moved around was a complete mystery as far as anyone knew or could recall from their family or relatives who passed information along down the family tree so to speak. They must have had some of fastest cruisers made back in those days. They had the money to pay or just order some plant to provide them with what they wanted or else harm just befall that business or businesses. They were some most, weird, decrepit individuals to say the least according to the grape line. Talk started to open up about the possible planets they might have struck out against. There was the following planets ; Thelmastea , Gautis, Truonus, Efryria , Druzomia, Locivis, Leron JV, Phatotera and Croxaliv to name a few for now. They were in the Omicron Sagittarius Galaxy which was gigantic in size. They could have excess to such Super powered Imperial Spacecruisers that would hold a fair load of cargo in its bays under the main body of the ships. There cargo was light and easy to pack into the crevasses of each compartment below. Some of the currencies of the time were : Golden Gnaxcho , Mefla, Yxdo, Srywnar , Bloodbound Tenge, Forest Riyal and Ancestral Statep. These would of course fill easily into all the spots required for extra stuffing.

So, we have surely started to make out the proper intenary and the stuff they would with out a doubt take with them on their journeys. The Sword of The Six are not to be fooled with by any means not with the amount of weapons of different varieties that just simply kill people period. They take over cities slowly maybe than pounce before anyone realizes it. Or when they do they are completely bound up in their schemes along with The Sword of The Six. We will keep digging into the past history of these unscrupulous, fiendish attackers who come from out of no where it seems at times or with out any warning for sure. Word of mouth aroused this digging into such barbaric creatures from twenty centuries ago. Why would such demented, formidable intruders just pop down and land with no trace of any transport machinery. They had it hid maybe they had a secret base under the sand dunes to the eastern side of the country. More time is definitely required to piece this all together. So, until next time our investigative crew arrives to say they have more information for the masses please listen to them.

Bye for now it is getting late into the early morning hours for these people already.

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A Insulated Flying Jacket

This support helped create the best interior flying jackets ever produced by Willow Arts Defense League. Part of the stupendous Search and Rescue Division under neath the guidance and direction of the Prodigy Deep Space Fleet Commander Nerinco Tricorno. Commander Tricorno has a strong history of flying some of the most important missions ever handed down. He has always succeeded with no lose of life in any of ships ever ! But, this ultra secret mission into the never before visited Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. We would first seek out a planet by the name of Xounope this surrounded around by six small moons with no names yet. If, on this mission there is some extra time please name this six moons here in orbit. Commander Tricorno has asked for certain type of ships on this deep space voyage. Like several probably a dozen or more of the STS Destiny Deep Space Intruders and about six or eight STS Ravager 5S Space Cruisers. Right now we were all based upon the planet Bonoe 4DPY which is used to build and create new and interesting attack force cruisers.

This gigantic Galaxy Wide review to attack it with search and rescue capabilities. There is still the beautiful city of Crouxppol which is located half way up the side of Buxmouth Highlands. This is situated here for the stunning look outs into the stars that are bright in the night skies. There is nothing similar any where they believe in our galaxy for now. The structure was built in such a manner that from every room the views were extraordinary. The rooms were so large and stunningly furnished with rare items found on other planets during previous fleet voyages. The beds are so large and well laid out according to size and covers required. Everyone was going to fully enjoy their stay here in the Peaceful Pastures Hotel. They had another four days stay here to find the best flying jackets ever made. Which means the producers would require vetting for safety and security. Let’s be realistic that what ever the final well chosen pick the winning design could be over ruled but many worries. The sign at the top of our story refers to the way the last producer of our flying jackets was stunning to say the least. This one had to be just a tad more stunning with out much flare just one that would keep people warm and safe while they were wearing one of them. The crews were the most important ingredient in the success of this voyage into the great unknown areas of the Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. Plus total secrecy was sworn by everyone to the success of this mission is ultra important. Once the members of this mission all retired to bed and they laid down they might fall asleep like nothing. The Hotel was peaceful indeed and surprisingly had some of the greatest cooks could be found on any planet seemed to be working here. This granted even more quality and serenity to Peaceful Pastures Hotel. There were some fields but no cattle or anything else were roaming and searching for food. At one time the fields were home to large herds of cattle, horses and some herds of Stetopus, Taveers Ponites and even Wudybara’s. The morning sounds as they became awake were bone chilling and the senses were just humming along. Each individual herds made different noises which were unique to this area. The stories and the history of this place long before it was settled was placed in each room for the visitors. This voyage was vital to the success of finding the best quality materials for the flying jackets, for all the crews being put together as we speak sort of anyways.

This picture gives us a peek into what the voyage was going to be focusing on as they race through the areas never searched before in there own Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. With a lack of information in regards to what they might run into was indeed one bad thing. Not having any contacts in that part of the Galaxy was even worse for safety and security. In other words this drove home the message that one was to wear your flying jacket at all times outside of your rooms. This also allowed others to distinguish who was who among the participants which were selected with some reservations but they all earned to be here on this voyage. Let’s be happy for them all as they head out into uncharted territory. Learning would start the second they start heading out on this long long journey until they return. yet, the top Commanders must have known the out come and the chances of success. The last words that were read that morning they were leaving were : Ladies and Gentlemen; This mission out into the darkest parts of our Glaxay to find the best fabric for officers flying jackets. We all prayed for your success this year. We are also announcing this trip is going to be a possible Ten Year trip before we come back with all the things we need. We will be successful said the top flight commander Clovac Tilia. As this world is relying on us to bring back enough material to last for many long light years. Our secret small spying things never sent anything back so it is alright. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahhhahahahhahah. It is that time to end this talk with all of you standing here waiting for your sons and daughters head out to see and help the entire. But, come over around 11:00 AM and I had to speak it out loud sorry. That bit of information wanted yes is alright so lets get going. Say your last good byes and crews lets head out to board our new ship. One by one they silently walked the gangways to their ships to get readied to store their gear and stuff. This will return in about ten years to complete this deep space journey and the return.

So, this brings to an end this blog for now. I hope you all will like this one or not lol. I hope if you find anything you like to point out to me I will reply. After Ifix something right ? lol

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Such Grabbing Attention

Does everyone agree we all have had those times when it seems like someone played a prank movie from the past only in slow motion to thwart our eyes and attentions ?. To grab our brains and eyes to make us feel that we should call in some experts better than us ? I know I have seen this movie more than once through out my life time. I am not old and not young either. That age which allows us to draw on our knowledge we have gained over all these years. I was hoping this to be right. I will see if I can find the beginning of this particular movie if possible. It is in living colour with all the Grand Majesty and Mystic Wonders of our world. I am almost positive, that we have all seen something so vividly, beyond our ordinary comprehension already, as it opened another window into what actually exists. Yes ;this is absolutely another type of creative wisdom being shown before our eyes. We slowly take this in so that we are never bored or wanting for more in anyway, shape or form. We are going through what is to be resolved, to be leaving us completely bewildered, by what is on the giant screen called life or is it ? Nothing is like what is coming so immediately to us as we look with our eyes and minds and our souls. This movie is some wild and still tame at the same time. It depends on how we accept this incredible experience that lays right in front of us. This is all because we joined the crew of the SBK Eternally Optimistic which may lead us to assume this journey is meant to be after all. But still showing up unexpectedly did not worry the top brass here. Did we order it before we got beamed aboard this ship just to keep things in some type of order ? No, I think that giant screen is so intent on what just happened at that time. After or in addition to, anything that bespectacled the skies lite up with the stars and the suns shooting by as we openly cruise the Theta Librae Galaxy. Further more, this stunning, sustaining flight has our attention locked and loaded. Promising to be more than wilfully blameless and seeing that special incident that occurred just a second ago or was it. That thing with a long, tail, winding its way through our world of planets, stars, moons, and suns with such spectacular fashion lighting its tail with red and orange colours. These are exploding before our eyes that have never seen such a wonder so up close and personal. This scene is made to order so stupendous in the guise of what appears in the light. The role of this matter that perceptiveness is neither here nor there, during this long cruising expedition. The sights are to be taken in and enjoyed due to the fact you may never encounter them ever again. Our ship the SBK Eternally Optimistic is working with the Grizzly Technologies Space Research Organization. I guess this means accordingly we are part of this organization. Are they the ones who put this movie on ? I did find out that nothing of this nature would ever be carried out by the GTSRO Executives. That was the last discussion into who put or started this movie before hand. Check and confirm and then verify the secure guarantee and set the seal on any and all agreements made at this point. Maybe, it can be used as evidence if required in any suit that may show up. But, this long cruising star filled expedition would never be forgotten. Any crew member who saw, and lived through all the surprises, and wrinkles, like comets with long tails that were on fire, streaking through the Heavens. Or some other stunning space art seen in the star lite darkness outside our deep space cruiser ship called The SBK Eternally Optimistic. Thus, nothing was going to go against the actual movie parts that were never cast by studios so please, enjoy them. This it the last grasp of what took place way out among the Theta Librae Galaxy. We had many budding stars as officers on the deck who were all the while keeping everything under control and not just when the potential for danger was noticed and urgently required. How eager was the entire crew in regards to swearing all this had been seen on their long cruise around the galaxy. Ambitious individuals had to be ready to step forward and capture at least their part they all played. At that time everyone must have been near exhaustion, after too many twenty four hour shifts coming back to home base. The entire matter that was discovered was simply disregarded even with all its filmed evidence as they cruised through the Theta Librae Galaxy. So, all the memories of course could be locked away to be brought out any old time. Especially, during every suspenseful, space ship Team reunions. This of course allowed all hell break lose and as everyone stayed out of trouble. No one who was aboard would ever understand why those who controlled the space journeys ignored the discoveries, some of which had never been seen before. Maybe, that is what blew their operating minds, even with all the automatic recording devices placed regularly on the ship : showing the same things as the individuals had shot.

This seemed to be running on empty at the end, but the movie in the lowest part ever produced at that point. Blame them instead they all hollered. What they hollered was not clear either. Why make things simple enough to take action to relief this situation we all face.

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Is This Supposed To Happen

You know some times when it rains nothing falls out of the sky yet it is supposed to be wet rain coming down. All that is felt is aches and pains due to not being able to trust the guy next door let alone someone you could trust before this day occurred. Makes sense right at least it does to me said Krek Strokoiks. He recalled,that life just might turn on you with no warnings involved. Krek moved to this place because of it everyone raved about the natural beauty and the warmth of the people. The twin yellow suns kept the planet nice and hot so the rest made no sense to Krek at all. The planet Chebonoe was the best place in the entire galaxy at least it was prior to what took place. How and what turned things so badly against me Krek kept saying over and over. Lousy people were not to be residing on Chebonoe at any time well maybe I am going over board Krek decided. But, something did take place and sent the waves of karma against him. Even in deep space strange things did occur from time to time. Krek was going to hire someone to help him figure things out. Who could he trust being a new comer to being kicked around and around in circles for no reason that he could think of right now. The Twin Yellow Suns were they not meant to protect everyone from any form of attacks. Krek felt so lonely and blue as his feelings were crushed by all this weight of fear coming down upon his soul. An enemy he can not see is very dangerous indeed let alone kind in any manner. Maybe, those mean stone masons from the next neighbourhood might come work for him he thought silently. Yes, they had the ability to crush all stones into dust if need be. I would pity anyone who dared to cross me again with these stone masons on my payroll. Were they going to be able to see the silent invisible types who seemed to have done all this damage to me and my reputation ? Once my rep was gone there was basically nothing left of me, Krek had determined already. Krek Strokoiks had been involved in mining Brulium ore for about two thousand years. Brulium ore was incredibly valuable as a fuel source for all the deep space cruisers and other flying ships. Krek ,had many contracts with every planet that produced their own flying equipment.They required these to research the entire galaxy and universes beyond this one even though it might take many centuries to carry this out. And now his life was dumping on him in buckets of unseen rain fall. He felt so cold inside Krek automatically created a long nonsensical story line to find out why this crap was taking place right now. Krek almost said he would trade all of his Brulium then he regained his senses before saying it out loud. He did own many other mines across this galaxy already in all types of ores and minerals. He was not hurting for money or homes or offices etc. But. now someone was out to get rid of him and his future he worked so hard to have in this time and on many worlds. Time was running out on him and he felt helpless and completely sick to his stomach as his nerves were burning up inside of him. They were wrecking his vehicles and his homes one by one. Back in those bad days before this part of the galaxy was brought under control by the Vortex Security Swat Services; They eventually merged with the Mercury Mysticorps Military Weapons Forces. Those joint companies were unstoppable when they were called upon or decided to run out enemies from far far away and were sent flying back there with the giant guns of the clean up forces who run this galaxy now. There had to be a way to hire them to bring their cleaning corps to aide me in my simple requirement to dump thieves and despicable people who attack when I was not home ever. I was ,Krek was saying not a very nice easy going individual when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe, I should come out of retirement and show these goofball sick twisted thief’s what fear as was all about. Krek felt, it would be perfect to hire guns to create the perception of death being imminent for them all. The stone masons were seriously one group not to play games with. The two security groups that cleaned up this galaxy well they were twenty times worse and enjoyed working. Krek Strokoiks, decided there and there to go hire them and leave his problems with them. Yes, then Krek could kick back and relax in order to get his mining and ore businesses going large. He knew this was the only way to keep his thoughts centred and on business creations. Life was far more important that worrying about things he knew nothing about truthfully. He was after all one of the largest mining and ore operations owners and managers in any of the ten galaxies in this location of deep space. Work was speeding along and going great with no break downs. This made Krek think about his worries that he dropped off to his new associates were going ? In a few weeks from now he had it in writing that they would not be around any longer. Not in this Universe for sure. Krek and his crews had a super time for so long after that was what seemed to be over. When, one day the associates turned up to have a talk with Krek about things. Krek met with them and came out smiling ear to ear and not another word was ever mentioned about those bad peoples.

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The Most Important Guest Tag #1

I would like to Thank Mrs. Holliman @GOD’SLOVE for tagging me into this Tag. I am grateful and humbled that you have thought of me. Her blog is filled with the Love that God has for each of us. Her blog is inspirational and heart warming. I pray that you all will come check out her blog and give her a follow if the urge strikes you.

The Most Important Guest Tag

” Behold, I’m standing at the door knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come into you and feast with you, and you will feast with me “. Revelation 3:20

Here Are The Rules :

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to their post.
  2. Link the original post ( The Most Important Guest Tag) and give credit to the creator of this Tag ( Purple Rose)- The Reluctant preacher’s daughter From Purple Rose : ” I heard someone talking one day about how people would believe if Jesus showed up at their front door. I thought that would be a good idea for a tag. Good for self-reflection and fun. “
  3. Answer the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose.
  4. Tag as many people as you like.
  5. Use the Original Tag Image as the Featured Image on your post.

Here Are The Questions :

  1. Jesus has shown up at your front door, how long will it take you to answer the door ?I would immediately go and answer the door. We will know when Jesus Christ is coming.
  2. Is there anything you would want to put away or hide before you let Jesus in ? No, I have nothing to hide from Jesus Christ besides he already knows what we were doing.
  3. If, Jesus loooks for your Bible, where will he find it ? He will find it on my coffee table along with a Triplicate copy of The Book Of Mormon.
  4. If Jesus asks you to play the last song you listened to, what will it be ? That depends on what music I am playing when Jesus Christ asks me.
  5. If, Jesus asks you to put on the last TV show, movie or YouTube Video you watched, what will it be ? The last show I watched was ” The Property Brothers Buying & Seling.”
  6. It’s dinner time, what restaurant are you taking Jesus to ? I am going to take Jesus to my kitchen and cook him a healthy supper.
  7. Do oyu invite anyone to join you for dinner or do you want to have a dinner alone with Jesus ? This depends on if Jesus is open to having others come over.
  8. Jesus has never eaten at the restaurant you are at, what do you recommend He order for dinner ? He does not have to order as I am cooking Jesus a good healthy meal at home.
  9. As you are eating, you look to the entrance and you see the one person who’s hurt you the most. What do you do ? I will go forgive them as Jesus has forgiven me.
  10. Before Jesus leaves, do you ask to tkae a picture of Him on your cellphone ? No, that would be disrespectful. I would just ask him to keep loving me and watching over me and thank him for everything that I have had in my life.

I Am Tagging The Following People If They Choose To Participate :

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