Is This Supposed To Happen

You know some times when it rains nothing falls out of the sky yet it is supposed to be wet rain coming down. All that is felt is aches and pains due to not being able to trust the guy next door let alone someone you could trust before this day occurred. Makes sense right at least it does to me said Krek Strokoiks. He recalled,that life just might turn on you with no warnings involved. Krek moved to this place because of it everyone raved about the natural beauty and the warmth of the people. The twin yellow suns kept the planet nice and hot so the rest made no sense to Krek at all. The planet Chebonoe was the best place in the entire galaxy at least it was prior to what took place. How and what turned things so badly against me Krek kept saying over and over. Lousy people were not to be residing on Chebonoe at any time well maybe I am going over board Krek decided. But, something did take place and sent the waves of karma against him. Even in deep space strange things did occur from time to time. Krek was going to hire someone to help him figure things out. Who could he trust being a new comer to being kicked around and around in circles for no reason that he could think of right now. The Twin Yellow Suns were they not meant to protect everyone from any form of attacks. Krek felt so lonely and blue as his feelings were crushed by all this weight of fear coming down upon his soul. An enemy he can not see is very dangerous indeed let alone kind in any manner. Maybe, those mean stone masons from the next neighbourhood might come work for him he thought silently. Yes, they had the ability to crush all stones into dust if need be. I would pity anyone who dared to cross me again with these stone masons on my payroll. Were they going to be able to see the silent invisible types who seemed to have done all this damage to me and my reputation ? Once my rep was gone there was basically nothing left of me, Krek had determined already. Krek Strokoiks had been involved in mining Brulium ore for about two thousand years. Brulium ore was incredibly valuable as a fuel source for all the deep space cruisers and other flying ships. Krek ,had many contracts with every planet that produced their own flying equipment.They required these to research the entire galaxy and universes beyond this one even though it might take many centuries to carry this out. And now his life was dumping on him in buckets of unseen rain fall. He felt so cold inside Krek automatically created a long nonsensical story line to find out why this crap was taking place right now. Krek almost said he would trade all of his Brulium then he regained his senses before saying it out loud. He did own many other mines across this galaxy already in all types of ores and minerals. He was not hurting for money or homes or offices etc. But. now someone was out to get rid of him and his future he worked so hard to have in this time and on many worlds. Time was running out on him and he felt helpless and completely sick to his stomach as his nerves were burning up inside of him. They were wrecking his vehicles and his homes one by one. Back in those bad days before this part of the galaxy was brought under control by the Vortex Security Swat Services; They eventually merged with the Mercury Mysticorps Military Weapons Forces. Those joint companies were unstoppable when they were called upon or decided to run out enemies from far far away and were sent flying back there with the giant guns of the clean up forces who run this galaxy now. There had to be a way to hire them to bring their cleaning corps to aide me in my simple requirement to dump thieves and despicable people who attack when I was not home ever. I was ,Krek was saying not a very nice easy going individual when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe, I should come out of retirement and show these goofball sick twisted thief’s what fear as was all about. Krek felt, it would be perfect to hire guns to create the perception of death being imminent for them all. The stone masons were seriously one group not to play games with. The two security groups that cleaned up this galaxy well they were twenty times worse and enjoyed working. Krek Strokoiks, decided there and there to go hire them and leave his problems with them. Yes, then Krek could kick back and relax in order to get his mining and ore businesses going large. He knew this was the only way to keep his thoughts centred and on business creations. Life was far more important that worrying about things he knew nothing about truthfully. He was after all one of the largest mining and ore operations owners and managers in any of the ten galaxies in this location of deep space. Work was speeding along and going great with no break downs. This made Krek think about his worries that he dropped off to his new associates were going ? In a few weeks from now he had it in writing that they would not be around any longer. Not in this Universe for sure. Krek and his crews had a super time for so long after that was what seemed to be over. When, one day the associates turned up to have a talk with Krek about things. Krek met with them and came out smiling ear to ear and not another word was ever mentioned about those bad peoples.

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The Most Important Guest Tag #1

I would like to Thank Mrs. Holliman @GOD’SLOVE for tagging me into this Tag. I am grateful and humbled that you have thought of me. Her blog is filled with the Love that God has for each of us. Her blog is inspirational and heart warming. I pray that you all will come check out her blog and give her a follow if the urge strikes you.

The Most Important Guest Tag

” Behold, I’m standing at the door knocking. If your heart is open to hear my voice and you open the door within, I will come into you and feast with you, and you will feast with me “. Revelation 3:20

Here Are The Rules :

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include a link to their post.
  2. Link the original post ( The Most Important Guest Tag) and give credit to the creator of this Tag ( Purple Rose)- The Reluctant preacher’s daughter From Purple Rose : ” I heard someone talking one day about how people would believe if Jesus showed up at their front door. I thought that would be a good idea for a tag. Good for self-reflection and fun. “
  3. Answer the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose.
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Here Are The Questions :

  1. Jesus has shown up at your front door, how long will it take you to answer the door ?I would immediately go and answer the door. We will know when Jesus Christ is coming.
  2. Is there anything you would want to put away or hide before you let Jesus in ? No, I have nothing to hide from Jesus Christ besides he already knows what we were doing.
  3. If, Jesus loooks for your Bible, where will he find it ? He will find it on my coffee table along with a Triplicate copy of The Book Of Mormon.
  4. If Jesus asks you to play the last song you listened to, what will it be ? That depends on what music I am playing when Jesus Christ asks me.
  5. If, Jesus asks you to put on the last TV show, movie or YouTube Video you watched, what will it be ? The last show I watched was ” The Property Brothers Buying & Seling.”
  6. It’s dinner time, what restaurant are you taking Jesus to ? I am going to take Jesus to my kitchen and cook him a healthy supper.
  7. Do oyu invite anyone to join you for dinner or do you want to have a dinner alone with Jesus ? This depends on if Jesus is open to having others come over.
  8. Jesus has never eaten at the restaurant you are at, what do you recommend He order for dinner ? He does not have to order as I am cooking Jesus a good healthy meal at home.
  9. As you are eating, you look to the entrance and you see the one person who’s hurt you the most. What do you do ? I will go forgive them as Jesus has forgiven me.
  10. Before Jesus leaves, do you ask to tkae a picture of Him on your cellphone ? No, that would be disrespectful. I would just ask him to keep loving me and watching over me and thank him for everything that I have had in my life.

I Am Tagging The Following People If They Choose To Participate :

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Not Tonight, I Have A Headache

That is true I do have a headache but I need to write a blog or people might think I fell asleep early or something. The truth is very open and transparent right now. Lets, say that there was no movement for another six to eight weeks. What would we have to do ? First things first. Last night I went to bed and was asleep right away almost. Finding out the truth in any matter is difficult to say the least. In this case one person who will step forward will get the refund money. Story first that then, has to be checked out to ensure he is not planning to rip this place off twice in one month. The conman is demanding more money and transportation to a safe airport then continue after but he is not sure to go yet. What is going to be the end play for this conman ?

Even though this is happening here on our planet with no previous record of such things taking place. What should anyone do to try and apprehend this conman from some other planet from another galaxy he says ? He is from another planet for sure his looks are a dead give away as our people do not have those piercing black eyes situated far back in the eye slots. His face is some what distorted compared to other people that have arrived here from deep space on the other side of no where. It has to be no where as we have never been that far away yet in our research trips around even our galaxy. One might think after one month that a thief would leave for greener pastures correct but not this guy.

We live on a planet that is warm and has features that are respected and desired by other planets. I guess our planet which is named ” Igraenides Nairia DG 27″ has to be the envy of the galaxy. How ever, if this never was allowed to be leaked out we could save our planet and our way of life etc. Bring the top people into this hot issue as they have the types to defuse anything and it usually goes away period like it never took place. Is there anyone in charge of asking the President for his delicate opinion about what was taking place. This does not proceed until we can get the confirmation from the President unless he has knowledge on us then everything reverts back to us controlling the total area like always. We sit tight for a short time period for now.

From this point forward we are to be called this name etc : Alphaware Deep Space ReSearch. All the rules are important from day one. This research excavation is incredibly important to us as a company. This may lead us to the top level of deeper research very soon in this area. The future is incomprehensible but the numbers are to be very high in few time periods from now. Which means we will possibly be extremely well off enough to buy newer equipment as we will be requiring to keep moving forward. The dream of our Company is to be more than single owners of this venture. We have the team to pull this off and the brains and top equipment to make this come true. In all the history of our company we have never pushed any company to sell or else its over for your company. We advise that you take the time available to to make a proposal to sell your company in real terms. We already are aware of the total worth of your company. Our auditors have indicated that your company under our umbrella would flourish in the first year and more than that in the future years. But only under our umbrella of companies. Negotiations are going well really. They know we could make them sell but we are simply asking to have them deliver the company to us here. Have they been invited to see how things will exactly be one year from today ? Please maybe do you think asking them to a Breakfast Meeting with our entire Board would Sway them at all anyone ? Another point to think about so make sure you have all your top thoughts good or bad. Bad does come in handy at that last turn of the corner. We need this conglomerate in space to succeed where no others have gone.Wouldn’t be a grand view of being first to do all more than ever before everyone ? Another point to think about. Lets split up now and we will reconvene in a weeks time.

That week flew by extra fast. So , today we have to go over all the proposals we studied or were to study all of them. What is the direction we take us in and them to get what is the best possible out come for us. The new name of our company should reflect our past and our future. I think it should stand out with great colors by a great well known artist. This approach in corporate take overs is very mild or timid to use another word. I see that both companies are going to be seen as the ones who literally turned our planet into a universal household names.

The time has finally arrived that we invite the entire Boards Of Director’s to a meeting to finalize the sale of their company to us. We are willing to buy them all breakfast as this notice is short time notice. Lets wait for their answer. Till then let’s check each page of our take over bid. Just relax and slowly make your way through them all. You are all the best people in your fields of study that is why I hired you for the positions you are in today. With out you all I would not exist either. After we are done today we should go out for a celebrity dinner to celebrate. As we know the ball is in their court so to speak. They should return in about an hour of our time. Let’s show ourselves we are the reason our company is so well off and the position it is on the top lists of companies around the world.

After we waited for just over an hour the Team from their company returned to talk more about our acquisition of their company. As, it turned out the meeting was over in about twenty minutes. And we got to buy their company. That was something that made me feel good inside for a long time. I know we all earned our raises and bonus checks. God bless everyone involved on both sides today. Amen.

Here Goes The Thoughts

I am just sitting here thinking of what to follow the title with besides just words all in a row. Have you ever had one of those moments when things go off the rails without any warning at all ? This could be one of those times just maybe, maybe not. I will know when the last words are created for sure. Besides what is a good story worth these days ? Lots of readers may know and newspaper owners know that one as well. Reporters are another group who knows exactly what the cost involved is to newspapers. Television news reporters are another group who should be aware of the costs in their industry. Just some thoughts to get things going on this blog. I do not get paid to write my blog posts just write them because I love making up stories for people to read and enjoy them. Why else spend time creating characters and pitfalls and plots and sub-plots etc. ? I would think most writers hit bumps in the road while thinking things up and not watching where they are going. That could cause a pile up some where in the hard drive right ? It is Thursday night here and my mind is slowly getting into gear. I just started playing music on Spotify which is a great app to have trust me for sure on that. Music some how feeds my thoughts with ways to make weird things up as i type away on my key pad. I took typing in school we had no choice back in those days on the prairies. I could do alright when I let my mind run free with the brakes never grabbing and stopping me to suddenly unexpected. I did alright at life sort of anyways it landed me here on this creative which was a awesome way to learn to be a good writer. Or a better writer than I was. It is getting cool in my house as the night air temperature drops off further every minute and fall is not here yet. This winter is going to be cold again as usual with the mercury hitting minus 30 or more with out the windchill being added in. I might be wrong, but after living here all my life I know it is going to be cold and colder by next year; before spring comes sliding in to save us in the great white north. I am not allowed to put the words I was going to use back there a sentence or two ago. I changed and I have to answer to God and Jesus Christ for words I say or use in blogs or my books. I am careful not to do things like that any more. Not that my stories ever have X-Rated words or thoughts in them right or wrong. I am not sure but I keep things nice and clean to have everyone appreciate them even more. I try and keep myself on the straight and narrow as the saying goes from my memory. Maybe, things are unfolding naturally as the night goes along. I have a sore finger and when I use it the pain sucks but I do digress to much into my soul or mind. I am determined to keep going until I have filled this page up with enough words to complete my blog for tonight. My eyes are getting tired slowly but surely. I can not fail in my attempt to have this done before I fall asleep at the keyboard. I can always crank my music up full blast because I have no close neighbours here and the birds have not knocked at my door to ask me to keep it lower. Neither have the coyotes or foxes or skunks come calling on me about the same distraction to their sleeping patterns. Those animals may not sleep at night come to think of it. At this time of year they have to put on more body fat to get ready for the annual hibernation period coming up. The bears have to rush around to eat all the berries that are left hanging in the trees or raid the garbage pit at the local dump. This time of year which is part of the hunting season certain animals hide away after hearing rifle shots whizzing by their ears or bouncing off the trees around them. So, you do see how hard it is keep focused on creating something that resembles a good story line without mixing up story lines. Or a bad joke right sorry. My thought process is alright it is that darn finger that is sore that gets to hit the keys when I get excited and write to fast again. Getting old is not easy either but I am still young at heart. It all has to count for something sooner or later. But, then again no one says it has. Maybe, I should put on some hard rock and roll to get my thought pattern moving and shaking again. I found some great old rock from the olden days when I was truly young. I think I have found the ending for this blog post. I have to say good night before I fall head down on this key board. Thanks for hanging around with me to finish this off. Much appreciated to you all.

The World Has Heroes

I feel it is time to tell the world exactly who her heroes are since this Novel Corona-19 Virus struck out at her residents back in March of this year. My Heart and Soul have been scorched by this deadly but not everyone gets the virus and passes away. Those individuals have over come Corona Virus and survived. Yet, The Novel Corona Virus has taken millions of people world wide so far. I pray like everyone around the world that a cure can and will be found. We do owe this to the current generation at least that much. My Heroes are not just the ones that are Our First Responders like Ambulance Workers, Our Front Line Workers like Doctors and Nurses, Our Heroes that bring food they made to those Front Line Workers Who Can Not Do That for Themselves, Our Heroes and the Heroes that wash the Hospital Beds, hallways etc each and everyday. These all put their lives on the line to protect our beloved Elderly Grandparents, Our Aunts and Uncles and Fathers and Brothers and Sisters and Nieces and Nephews and Our Cousins. Our Heroes lose their lives to Corona 19 Virus. There many others who have set organizations to deliver food twenty-four-hours a day.

There are many others who constantly have done work to help the less fortunate in many non-traditional front line workers. These are the ones who set up Foundations to help provide that thousands of givers can do what is dearly required daily. There are those who are able and willing to assist by being among the World’s Top 50 Influencers. These 50 include one particular Individual who set up a Foundation to help less fortunate children. His family is also part of the Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation. His name is ” Adigun Temitayo “. This incredible dear friend of mine is such a kind, warm, caring, and loving person. I mention Adigun Temitayo because he has such huge loving heart. We met on Twitter as he helped Introduce The Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation. Over those years many others have joined together doing lots of different activities to assist the less fortunate across the world. This Corona 19 Virus is no forcing these World’s Top 50 Influencers which includes many others who are just as determined to help the less fortunate. I just wanted to spread some names so the world can know these World’s Top 50 Influencers.

I can not name any more of the Heroes around the world but we each know more of them. They will keep doing these wonderful methods of assisting during such phenominal Pandemics. God Bless You All and He Will Watch Over Them. Amen

Supreme Defence Forces

These extreme supreme defence forces were all based out of the planet Xebbyria. The most top secret teams maintained their home base here. As no one ever knew anything was even here. When anyone passed by it looked like an old dusty crater filled world with no hope for it. As you all see from your walk through that everything is here and all underground. The air filters through a double secure filter system. Noiseless and that is desired by us for sure. We have all secure connections to hook up with all agencies and have them here in mere hours. Living underground is actually pretty cool that is true trust me. Who am I ? My name is Vatead Zenkain and I am a Flying Officer with the Supreme Defence Forces. There are other people here from other planets in our Galaxy. Which makes our name unique and effective being the ones to take control of any forceful situation any where. Our group is made up of members who are part of the top officers from all planets. In this group are those who take command of us all. There has to be officers who are trained in all facets of interplanetary war in case things change drastically. Which is why the supreme Defence Forces was organized due to an unexpected armed assault by some foreign invaders a few light years ago. We have used this time to gather around with all the other planets which orbit the twin yellow suns. It is not strange being so thorough and strict when facing the unknown aspects of war with other life forms in this universe. This planet Xebbyria is the perfect place to be it looks like it was through a terrific war at some time in the distant past.

Now, the underground life suits us fine as everything we require is here with us. Nothing can give us away to any approaching alien aircraft or those passing us by. We are aliens to other places but this is all we are sure of besides training for war. The people here are always in great spirits and laughing and joking when ever they can. I do believe this is why they were hand picked to serve here in this giant underground cavern. I know that I am of this same nature which is why I volunteered to come here to help defend our planetary system. A lot of things could be done when not working. Like playing games, and getting groceries at the store which carried a very large assortment of foods. We had separate quarters to live in unless we had families staying with us here. Then of course larger quarters were available for families. Families only came once or twice a year to visit because it was safe and unpenetrable by other forces. Plus, this always increased moral among the residents operating here on this base.

There were more planets surrounding our planet that looked the same on the surface but there were no people living on them. Which makes us hiding underground on Xebbyria the perfect location by default. Still we never ventured past the edge of the curtain so to speak which is the place where darkness starts to come at us. The lights we use here have to be hidden in complete darkness just past our entrance way. I enjoyed my work assignment as a radar screen watcher looking for enemies who decide to check out our planet. In that case we would have to sit tight before making any decision to shoot them to explode into small fragments similar to space dust. We also are looking for more planets to move to should a terrible incident takes place. I really truly enjoy this assignment more so than the other one. Now, you know how it is why we have become an underground society on Xebbyria. The best part of being here is the heat from the twin yellow suns which are allowed to soak into our underground home. The best heat available that does not give our location away.

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The Red Rusty Terrain

People talk can talk about Mars with red dirt but I knew someone who lived about one- hundred and thirty light years from Mars. He said nothing has anything on the red rust Terrain of his neighbouring planet. At different times of their years the winds would soar across the surface at over the speed of light. Kicking up a cloud of red rusty dirt that spun in circles for hours and hours after the winds died down. He was a real honest person who served with the Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue most of his life. That was during one of his five year missions when he noticed that red rusty dirt blowing around on the planet Peccaegantu. Weird name but some shock with those winds roaring across the surface at light speed or faster most of the time. As described by a real live space traveller by the name of; Grabta Lainsu. Grabta served with : The Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. His story mirrored his buddies about the winds blowing the red clouds of dust soaring across the top of the planets surface at over the speed of light. They both had such vivid recollections of that time as they rounded the planet ; Peccaegantu. Names like those stuck better in our memories than everyday routine names.

Grabta Lainsu was originally from another galaxy far far away as well. In another totally different universes within another galaxy. He was a smart student who honed his skills to suit them to The Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. All his courses were geared to fit like a glove right into their system. He graduated with honours with a Major in computer science with a Minor in Search and Rescue Management. Needless to say he left home shortly after leaving High School. He was going to train part time on board and six months back in their University over there. He had to learn more about the Newest deep space cruisers from top to bottom as an officer of the deck. Plus, they required of their recruits to be open to such challenges in their work environment. Grabta did all this to learn everything to be able to go on five year missions researching new worlds where maybe no on else had been there. This is part of what drew up into taking those University courses he took. Travelling was something that pulled at his heart strings so again he had the vocation to allow this to take place. By the time he was going to retire he saw most of deep space surrounding his galaxy and his universe. So, lets take a walk back in time for Grabta to recall some of the highlights of his life so far.

Grabta after all served with the Banshee Fluxsyytems Intergalactic Search and Rescue. Their main work was to assist in rescuing anyone in deep space if their cruisers broke down or medical problems, etc. All together Grabta says they probably rescued several thousands of people from some dangerous situations over the years. He, being Grabta, signed probably five or six of those five year mission contracts. some of the times they were so far away they allowed him to sign up while on duty and extending his five year missions. Grabta, never knew from one rescue to another if it was just to try and steal their ship. That was never going to be allowed to take place ever. All in all Grabta told us that did actually happen once and it was stopped very quickly. No one was injured or hurt and people were arrested over that one. Which seemed to cement in on other worlds that they were in fact just a search and rescue super cruiser out in deep space. And they were also part of the Fleet of super cruisers that were docking with other planets if it was possible. They were part of the much larger Fleet of Super Cruisers. All part of the Umbrella organization called ; Temauth INtergalactic Intelligence Services Mission to sign up new worlds for protection from enemies if they have any. Plus, there were other points of mutual concern to be discussed and worked out in a much larger setting on their planet. With their leaders was the only way for this to go ahead as planned before they left their homes for five year mission.

Now, that this giant sized mission is there it will be awhile before we find out the desired results were achieved or not. This planet’s name is the : Igraenides Nairia DG27. They are in the unknown and uncharted area of the universe they are in.

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The Whosever Tag # 1

Hello to my Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ. I am here with a wonderful tag called ” The WHosever Tag ” that my good friend Mrs. Holliman https:// for Tagging me in. Mrs. Holliman is very kindd, thoughtful, and inspiring person. Her Blog is amazing and filled up with the Love of God has for all of us. I pray you will on mmy reccomendation to go and give her blog a follow.

” For God so Loved the world that he gave is only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have ever lasting life. John 3;16

” Ask, and it shall be given you ; seek and ye shall find ; and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7;7

Okay I like this colour when it grabs our attention and take notice.

Here Are The Rules :

1.This Tag is for any followers of Jesus Christ who want to do it. If, you love Jesus and are a “Whosever: you are Tagged.

2.Link the original post ( The Whosever Tag ) and give credit of this Tag( Purple Rose)

3.Anser the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose.

4. Share the Link to at least one Christian blog post or blogger. You love ( you may share as many blog posts or bloggers as you like).

5.Use the original Tag Image as the FEATURED IMage on your post.

Here Are The Questions :

  1. How old were you when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? I was about 8 years old when I became a follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. How many times have you been Baptized ? I have only been Baptized once. I was Baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  3. What Bible story or verse puzzles you the most ? None come to mind
  4. What is something you would like to know about Heaven ? How glorious and loving and caring it must be to exist in Heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
  5. Who is the first person you know on earth that you will look for or you hope will be waiting for you at The Pearly Gates ?My Mom, My Brothers Jack and Joe.
  6. Why do you think the streets in Heaven are made of gold ? I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ would never pave the streets with gold.
  7. What is the one Burning Question you can not wait to ask Jesus Christ ? Just being there in front of him means all my questions are answered.
  8. Other than Jesus, what person from the Bible are you most interested to meet ? I want to meet them all and listen to their stories and messages for us.
  9. What are the 3 things you won’t miss about being on earth ? I agree with the viloence, the racism and the total destruction of earth.
  10. What is the best spiritual advice you have ever received ? To keep my Faith in God as he has helped bring me through too many close calls in my life.

” But Jesus Beheld them and said Unto them, with men this is impossible but with God it is Possible !! Matthew 19 :26 KJV

The People That I Tag :

  1. Mr. Holliman A HAppy Life
  2. Rishika Jain The Ethereal Unicorn
  3. AVA A. V. E M.
  4. Smile Mercury Twin
  5. Adithya Sasikala The Rendezvous Club
  6. ashok Musings of a Wanderer
  7. Glee Sparkle Glee Sparkle

Have fun with this and relax and God knows your answers before you write them down.

The Giant Arc of Lights

Just try to imagine yourself waking up and seeing tremendous blasts of varied colours coming at you on the planet Sucranus. Which is situated out in the Serpens Centauri Galaxy. This mornings spectacle was not expected at all. So, Aekkuelhaver Foliutha to say he was shocked and surprised was an under statement. He dressed as fast as possible and took off into the front yard of his home. He grabbed a chair and plunked it down to take in this spectacular light show !!

These are just some of the majestic light show that swept over Sucranus early this morning. Aekkuelhaver Foliutha had the incredible seat looking directly at it while comfortably sitting in his chair built for the outdoors. He was stunned, surprised and out right shocked at what he was enjoying. Nothing had ever taken place like this event before. Everyone on the planet was going to have a different memory of this gorgeous light show playing before them all this morning. Just, a miracle that had to be many light years in the making Aekkuelhaver thought. How else could such a beautiful, fabulous light show erupt in this manner ?

The way that everyone seemed to get the message at the same time was stupefying to say the least. What ever it was that created our morning live massive light show it had to be just because of a higher power. Since, our people are known for being peaceful and friendly throughout this galaxy maybe this brought about our miracle massive coloured light show !! We always accepted everyone from any and all galaxies across our universe as friends. This must have paid off for our benefactor to play such a stunning massive coloured light show on the gigantic natural screen in front of us. None of this would ever be forgotten in our era and all those to come in the future. So, lets all relax and take in this colossal live event this morning.

I only imagine the talks which are going to take place here on our planet Sucranus before they are told to our visitors. For now please enjoy and have fun at the same time.

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Sitting on The Edge

From where Qherqikex Bertagonikle was sitting with his pet Mammoth Spectres; he cloud look across the stunning valley of the Forbidden Mountain Range. The name arose from some space explorer who arrived millions of years ago. Qherqikex Bertagonikle felt the name fit this area perfectly. Why it was called The Forbidden Mountain Range did not ring true to his eyes or heart and soul ? Yet, the natural beauty of the colour’s resonated with so much power that spoke of having no on ever ruin this special location. He came and sat here most evenings after his home work was all done. It was just a short walk from his family’s home. His pet Mammoth spectre was named Jester. The ability to see so far across the incredible distance to the other side of the valley seemed stunning to him. He could also see lots of nearby big and small star constellations. The deep space universe they all lived in is the Alpha Prime Calphus Haven Universe. This is just right of the Gragger Planet which is close to the Comet Centaurus as it makes it’s long trip through this area. The turn can be easily seen long before you arrive at it. Jester loved the short walk as long as Qherqikex took him along on his nightly jaunt to view the valley of many colours. Qherqikex Bertagonikle was learning these star constellations as part of science class for his degree in space research studies. Yes, he enjoyed learning as far back as his mind went. The local University which is The Alphecca Mountain University of Inter-Galactic Studies which had an enrolment of some 2,500 students every semester. The city had a wonderful friendly name as well, City of Borysthenis.

City of Borydthenis was very attractive especially when the spring sunshine allowed natural greenery and flowers to burst open with majestic colours beyond belief. That is one reason students came here to study at the University. On top of that there were twin green moons orbiting this gorgeous and superb planet called Sippe Pongilles P04. The twin moons stuck out in the star filled skies which is what draws visitors to this area of the planet. The top views are from the heights of the Forbidden Mountain Range. For some reason which is due to the majestic colours which spread across the gigantic valley below.

This is a quick shot of one site where the most stars are situated to surround the other planets. Which is why visitors flock to our city and this wonderful area. There are no finer sites to shoot pictures o Sippe Pongilles P04 any where. Except high above and to the right of our home planet which Qherqikex Bertagonikle. Let me find one more gorgeous site full of stars and constelations for you all.

This gives us the view from one of our deep space SSW Janissary 27 which is a new type of deep space flying machine. This when it goes out will be its maiden voyage and filled with newly graduated Flying Officers, Engineers and medical staff and cooking staff as well as laundry personnel. I will bring up one of the photo’s of SSW Janissary 27.

As you can clearly see our deep space cruisers are remarkable to say the least. This is what also brings visitors to our fine city the international space machine creation department and with the final designs to go on their maiden voyages from here. Now, one can say that Qherqikex Bartagonikle loves being here for his education and for the stunning views he has just a short walk away from his parents home. He is honoured and humbled by being able to study to go out into deep space one day soon.

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