Climate Change

Today in case you missed hearing about it was a day when young teens and even the younger ones skipped school to express their fears about climate change. They are the ones we should listen to when it comes to the future of our planet. They have science on their side plus the involvement of school kids from around the world. I was impressed by the way the message from one 16 year old who came to the USA by ship was able to successfully grab the worlds press and the general public. I do know the young lady is a very worldly and knowledgeable about climate change and has great leadership skills. Lets back our younger generation up and make our leaders do something to help reduce climate change before it is to late and our Earth dies !!

I have followed with great interest the debate about climate change here where I live. That is because the worlds third largest oil deposit is located in Alberta, Canada. I live about 292 Kilometers south of that deposit of oil. I once lived in the city called Fort McMurray. I made a living driving taxi and hauled lots of workers out to the mines and plants. I know that the polar ice caps are melting faster than ever before so lets do something before the world has no ice caps and the water covers most of the planet we call home. I want my children and their children to have a planet to live on with the ability to have work and a place to call home.

What do you all think ? Are you willing to take a stand for climate change to be reduced and beaten if possible ? The worlds youth took a giant step today with the support of their teachers and schools allowing them to skip school to take part in this demonstration. That does make me proud to be an earthling !! Call me what you want but I have been called lots of names in my life. I also took a stand in politics and the labor movement here in western Canada. I know what it takes to stand up and be counted like the young kids of the world just did today !

I wrote this to show my support for wanting the earth to live and also we can do something to reduce emissions from oil plants, cars, buses etc. I have watched shows about climate change since I was young and in school on TV. We should have taken a stronger stance for our Blue Planes called Earth way back in the day. Now is the time before the fatal results of climate change force us all to die due to no oxygen and no food to eat and no drinkable water. And we should give a huge giant hand of support to the worlds youth for what they did for humanity today !!


Maybe Seeing Things

I know a friend of mine named Eorc Cresrb who lives in the Carigstar Highlands here on the planet Prema 12. Last night we were talking late into the night over whether we actually believed in shape shifters. Shape shifters are creatures who can assume any type of animal or human shape at will. Eorc told me about a week ago he actually thought something changed from a long eared Tetramander into what appeared to be a Rucamel. These are two complete opposites in our animal world. You probably do not know or even aware of life here on Prema 12 to begin with. Let me start a little back from here.

We have one of the largest planets in our solar system as far as anyone has found out. We have explorers who travel to other planets finding out what drives live on them in all facets if possible. Our space crews love being back home on Prema 12 with all its assets to enjoy with their families and friends. Prema 12 has some of the most beautiful scenic mountains and forests regions any where. Our seas are second to none in this area of the universe we call the Riclops Sirene Star System. Indeed it is serene at times complete with the huge clusters of stars, comets and other space stuff zinging by. There is nothing like watching the stars on a wonderful night when suddenly shape shifters start kicking into high gear all around us. Nothing seems impossible with these creatures of the magical world we live on.

Prema 12 has an incredible amount of space travellers coming to visit and search out our planet. This is one way of making money by showing other space races what Prema 12 has to offer. Beyond what they are already aware of. The cities here are very large complete with so many space hotels and other tourist attractions. Nothing else compares any where else that I have heard of. My name , the narrator is Kelas Vadiro, just wanted you to know I am real sort of.

That night I was referring to with my good friend Eorc Cresrb is one for our history between us. Those two creatures that were shape shifted are very stunning in the wilds of Prema 12. The long eared Tetramander has these long oblong shaped ears made for hearing any movement in about one hundred gitrones distance. The Rucamel is another single incredible animal to take in to enjoy at first. This Rucamel is more like a long body shaped creatures that moves with ease around and through the forests of the Carigstar Highlands. Neither of these animals makes much noise as they forage for food. So, you can understand how strange it is to have them shape shifted in front of our eyes on a clear night. Eorc and myself felt a little bit weird sitting here on the crest of hill watching what nature had for us that night. This was not the first time either of us had seen things change shape around us at certain times. But, what we saw is still a mystery due to those things usually are hidden deep inside the forests on clear nights. As far as we knew anyways.

The rest is up to you to accept and understand if the shape shifters actually screwed with those animals or with our thoughts. You decide and that is alright with Eorc and myself.

Here They Come Again

Here it is early in the middle of the night and I see the bright green beacons flashing off my bedroom walls. They are signalling me that they are coming once again. It has been awhile since these far away green aliens have dropped in for a visit with me. Must have been around the middle of the year in 2012 if I am not mistaken. They used to just enter into my house and shoot their green orbs of lights off the walls and bounce them off the floors like playing basketball. But where they come from they only play with captured enemy aliens from other star systems. They are very stringent about who is allowed to stray into their galaxy as they are very protective trust me. I know from experience that one does not have any option of playing with these fierce green aliens called Wouddysk from the star system Delta Ripona. They travel only at certain times and during certain years in order to protect the entrance way into their galaxy. When they know it is absolutely safe then they head out in packs like wolves here on earth. They send out the most fierce fighters on these excursions to explore the same locations unless there is a new direction to be executed. This morning I am their familiar attraction to play with. I am easy going and do not offer any resistance to them coming to see me again.

Resistance is futile against this green Wouddysk expeditionary force from the Delta Ripona Star System. They have flown approximately ten light years just to reach the turning point into that dark matter tunnel to get here. the UFO or flying machines are super super fast with nothing here on earth that could ever even think about catching up to them. That is why they love to play tag and come and catch me if you can with our air forces here one earth. We have not caught any of these warriors so we are fortunate in that fact alone. They must go at least warp 20 to speed around the deep space universes just to get here in the time period set out before leaving their star system. I recall asking them the last time where was their home planet and what was it called ? I was told of the name of their star system but their home base planet. Even I am not trusted enough yet to share this sensitive information with. I welcomed these hardened space flyers into my home after they wake me up. What choice do I have really ? Like I say they are fiercest armies of aliens ever to enter into our atmosphere and have never taken one prisoner. I would say earth is and should be grateful for this treatment.

I do not know how long these friends of mine from the Delta Star System are planning on sticking around tonight. It is already getting to the point of the sun is starting to break over the horizon you can see the slim rim of light peaking over. What a brilliant sight to see at this hour of the morning. They as I have said bounce their big green balls of green lights off my walls and floors in my house with no damage being done. The team leaders name is Pryik Bixxirk who does all the talking for the most part. The rest of them run around bouncing the green balls of light around laughing and shouting as they go. I do mind at all it is like having my own team of basket ball players working out. Like every seven years or so they drop in just like a loved part of my family. I am happy they feel this way about me. Trust me on this. Pryik has been telling me all of this even though I do not speak their language. It is like Pryik can speak to me with out me having any trouble understanding him. This is important in the way we communicate with each other translators are not required. I was fascinated the first time we met when we could exchange greetings and talk with each other in this method. I do feel very lucky that I am considered a true friend of theirs. Not many people can say they have aliens drop in for visits during the night hours every seven years or so with Pryik Brixxirk and his people.

This is all Bryik wants me to tell you all right now. He says next time they come I will be able to tell more about them. they seem to want to share their history with us. Which is one stupendous step forward with these fierce fighters from the Delta Ripona Star System. We say our good byes and they are gone in seconds their ships disappear so fast into the morning atmosphere. No one would believe except this story is proof someone was here with me. I do not know how or why I was chosen but I am grateful for this chance to be friends.

This story is fictional and does not actually depict any alien races from any where in space. The copyright belongs to me James A. Best. trust me you do not want to cross this line of legality.

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone; I want to Thank Mr.Holliman A Happy Life, for Nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Mr.Holliman A Happy Life is a great blogger, writer and friend. I encourage you all to follow his blog. I know you will be intrigued and interested in the type of posts he shares. Please come check out his blog !

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules :

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  1. What is your favorite book ? Why ? My favorite book is ” The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale.” If you want to change your way of thinking and improve your life then this book is for you.
  2. Do you have any pets ? No, Sorry I do not.
  3. How long have you been blogging ? I started blogging the end of February 2017.
  4. What are your favorite 2 quotes about Faith ? A. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. B. Faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains.
  5. Have you ever made your own herbal tea ? No, sorry I have not. But, I do drink lots of herbal teas.
  6. What is your favorite disaster movie ? If any ? My favorite disaster movie is ” Armageddon”.
  7. Do you think the government is going in the right direction ? Depends where a person lives.
  8. What is your favorite health food that you cook or buy ? I believe eggs are full of protein which we need to burn off fat cells. I have three eggs each morning.
  9. What is your favorite fruit ? I love apples and they are healthy for us.
  10. Have you ever been hiking in the snow ? Yes, I have
  11. Do you like taking walks ? Yes, walks are good for us and fresh air is just as important for our health.

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I look forward to reading and learning more about you all that reply to my 11 questions !

Thank you all for participating if possible. Thank to you all for reading this it means a lot me.

Those Night Time Visits

James A. Best- Author

Are those night visits by aliens returning once again ? I was awoken by some telepathic message warning me to be ready. I had these few lines already committed to memory before falling back to sleep again. To be honest I am not sure if these are those lines or not. My memory does not have playback this morning. All I can recall is that some alien force is heading back here once again. I will have to be on guard against not writing down the next communication I receive.

Those lights were light green to bright green filling my house from end to end. Will they shine once more upon their return for me ? I am sort of excited in that they felt that kindred spirit with me. Interstellar friendships formed through words I created ending up with their visits. With Pluto Airlines picking me up for medical…

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My Number of Followers

I am happy to let you know the total number of Followers on my Blog. I know it says I have 532 Followers but the actual Number of Followers is 540 !! I am very happy for these peers who Follow me and read my blogs. This is because some are only e-mail Followers but count as Word counts them for me each day as they do for you all on here.

It is great to have so many of our peers following us and read and enjoy our blogs. I am no different than anyone else. Thank you everyone and I hope if you do not find any of my blogs good or interesting than let me know. I love writing to have others enjoy reading what I am saying in my blogs.

I am glad and happy for each and everyone of my Followers !! Thank you all and there is now way to go except up and up with more Followers even if this takes time.

Today Is No Different

At least in my train of thought today is the same as any other day with a sunrise and a sunset. However, way back when our parents and grandparents were maybe not even thought of and might have been thought of. Things were a lot different and weird and strange on this third moon called Ahtakla 3. They way the ancestors spoke of such occurrences when this Ahtakla 3 rose high in the night sky over our planet Formeno Totemaki. This stunning, far reaching star filled universe was named after an old old explorer who disappeared into the other galaxies that melted into our universe the Calphus Tendal. Today I should say this as due to having a sun showing itself all the while the Ahtakla 3 chose to spread its magnificence right across the entire face of our star filled arena. The Ahtakla 3 was so bright it out shone all other objects as the sun struck its pose of love for us.

Ahtakla 3 was supposed to be home to the most stunning race of aliens to ever try to approach the other two moons floating around Formeno Totemaki. Not that any of our ancestors actually captured these aliens. They however named them the Cemmalmo. Believe it or not this name stuck. Maybe, it had to with the fact from Formeno Totemaki with the aid of a long distance telescope they were able to see that Cemmalmo’s had two legs, two arms and no hair on their heads. They were a little shorter than we were but they had to be more intelligent than our race of beings. They obviously traveled through space while we had only taken minor steps in that direction. The Cemmalmo had never tried to land on our planet strange as that may seem. We are not known for fighting or over protecting our planet and our three moons yet. Maybe we should perhaps study this option in detail now. Our leaders just might ignore this wish as nothing had ever took place to suggest we had to do this.

Our trains ran around Formeno Totemaki constantly with a full load of customers more than willing to be able to see their planet up close and from a enclosed cage so to speak. Today was a spectacular time to ride the trains even though they were high speed monorail trains. These silver machines were capable of reaching speeds of three hundred Riclops in short order. Each second car had a small scope for viewing what was taking place anywhere on one of the three moons or the planet surface where they were crossing it at that point. Today was no different than any other day as I stated right ? Yet, having the Ahtakla 3 so enlarged spread right across the entire facial area of our galaxy was why ridership was higher than normal. These strange occurrences brought out the crowds in droves as Formeno Totemakians made the most of it. At least they would be able to explain to any and all future generations as to what exactly took place this day. Unless of course that never thought of situation actually took place. But, this was a peaceful arena of their universe the Calphus Tendal.

Now, I know you are probably wondering if these Formeno Totemakians were really educated like many other alien societies seemed to be. The answer is yes; they had an excellent system of schools and universities beyond reproach just as full of stunning professors as any other location in deep space. So, beware of these Formeno Totemakians who will surprise you with knowledge beyond any anticipations you might have set. Seeing is not believing at least not in this case with this alien race from the Calphus Tendal Universe. Until next time as the Formeno Totemakians say ” May the stars find you a way home in all situations “.

Learning From Others

James A. Best- Author

Today, I admit I learned something new from a new follower and fellow Author on Twitter. Her blog is  When you can please check her blog out !!

Jackie helped me to clean up my blog by explaining how certain things worked on here. I am new when blogging as i set this up two days ago. All help is very welcome and accepted.

I have had lots of mentors and teachers who taught me lots in many areas of my life. I had a really good Mother who was at one time a school teacher back when they had one room school houses. She taught grades 1-12 in those days. Mom always helped with our homework when we asked her.

At one time I was active in the labour movement in a province in Canada called British Columbia. It is the western most province in our country. I…

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Music Feeds Us

From when I first started my blog

James A. Best- Author

Today, I thought I would talk about my second love and the enjoyable sounds of good music ! Music is food for our souls, minds and hearts which is really important as every mood we have there is a song to aid us through. I love music of many different genres going back decades to my childhood listening to songs my older siblings and friends played. Those 78’s and 45’s playing on a record player many younger generations are just finding out about the amazing sounds of vinyl recordings !!

I listen to music on the radio usually tuned into a FM station where here we can only get one station. The music is really interesting they play old music and great songs from today’s artists. The old time rock and roll does bring back many memories from when we were young to me anyways ! You can see real…

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Alien of The Light

James A. Best- Author

Trouble might not be the best way to describe the way life causes certain things to suddenly keep popping out against us well me. Thassud Xilvoir is from Geulades. He had discovered earth a number of years ago. Geulades is actually a real planet way out in the Prime Dimension. He is the Chief Officer of the ship PDR Sgad Curieux. This was his third trip to earth in ten of his years which are equal to thirty of our years. Thassud had a super fast way to get back and forth by using the black holes which bisected the deep space equilibrium at certain spots. This trip he was here for a long time he said to the authorities. Apparently they accepted his reason and this does show we met this space traveler that weekend.

Actually I, my name is Tildi Lipka, was walking along the ocean wall getting…

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