Suddenly I Knew Part II

The last time, I wrote the First Part, which was a long time ago. She has told me about it and I wanted to redo it. We have to wait till you are ready for such a wall project she told me. I will drop over after. Today, I am ready for such a wall project. To enamour my senses in motion to create another, incredible tale from the Files of the SSE Infincon. The computer has a wonderful memory even sincere in her mannerism’s. RE: Johnation Behrens, Chief Anthropological Records Department.

We are now cruising through the Rippled Star System Galaxy within the Pluciarath Universe. This galaxy is stunning enough to bind our attention all day long out here. The stars assume to being rippled by the effect from the power of the speed of light as we go by at warp twelve. It is a magnificent sight to behold, as everyone seems to hold their breath, as there are no noises being heard on the control deck. The screen is splashed with stunning waving stars, due to the radar penetrating in front and to the sides. Nothing had prepared us for seeing such alluring, breathtaking sights. Captain Zundrieks Xilvoir gaze is held captivating, dazzling his receptors in his brain. We all are caught up in the inspiring, mesmerizing field of rippled stars as we zoom by them all. As of yet no orders to change course or to slowdown. Nothing stuns our eyes and souls like never before seen rippled stars. There have been other fascinating sights except, they do not come any where near, in proximity to this ravenous, sensational, spell binding scene in front of us. The total time to cruise through the Rippled Star System is approximately a slisk or seven days in earth time.

After, what seemed to be hours the Captain calls for order aboard the deck. Still the consciousness of reality seemed to set upon us. Everyone answers his or her name as it is called out. Duties are returned to normal like nothing occurred to sway them away. We are ready to keep records of what we see and do each shift. Our daily logs are what will enable future trips to be taken this far out into deep space. Being the initial ones to break the barrier from known space through this wall into never before travelled space. When , we left on this voyage the view was we might not find any new and unexplored world out there as there were none. We have proved them wrong or right as I had a sneaky persistence that was to edge us forward with ease and authority. After just one year and a bit we have found a few with life forms never before seen. It took awhile to learn to communicate with each planet’s residents. In all cases we fortunately learned many different dialects through out each planet. Which of course made us feel like conquering hero’s but in reality we never had any problems. We were always made to be at home with each tribe. Now that is why I joined the SSE Infincon Crew. To explore new and friendly worlds to asses how they expound to being in contact with our species. I must state all the kids and women and men were quite requisite in appearance and stature. Thus, this was so appealing to my studies that had a number of out comes this far out past the known deep space. Yet, thus this new deep space exclusive travel plan seemed hypnotic with tantalizing surprising and little known else. A meeting was arranged to decide where we go from here. And for what search patterns do we tie to each individual contact with extraterrestrials. How do we correlate and write out such steps to definitely follow with no exceptions ? The Team made sure we came back here tomorrow morning after breakfast. To in fact solidify all the methods we could use or would dare to use unless attacked first. Than, deadly force only would be taken. The Admiral’s group of senior officers spoke directly to each of us. Do any of our present officers recall such a directive given to each of them at that point.

Maybe, except that last questions made our officers decide to rest to their quarters for awhile. The rest of us stayed behind to make some sense of this thing that happened just then. One junior officer said he felt we had not broken any order given to us since we have been travelling for just over a year. Plus, there was enough senior officers on board should any trouble arise. Four of the senior officers were up for Admiral once we returned to base. This was common knowledge aboard the SSE Infincon. There was not a strong enough power on Caldenal, I felt which could have kept these senior officers who needed this trip to stay. Part of me was also bordering on the absurd, maybe we all were brought together to save as many lives as possible. This was the first trip out side the known deep space quadrants. Thus, all of this truly had to be the reason, their last trip and our first exploratory trip into and past into unkown deep space. After a vigorous back and forth we came to am unfailing explanation as to exactly what existed for our long true best performance. Our unfailing love and gladness of following these senior officers into a fire fight with out warning, just a desire to stay alive with our senior officers by our sides.

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Other Worlds Are Frightening

Yes, I know there are those who disagree with my point of view on this matter. As a Former Ambassador of the Jupiter Intelligence & Security Forces, I have seen my share of new worlds that are this way. Because no one had ever been to some of these remote outer planets in our universe. And maybe, at times they were attacked for no apparent reason just that they existed when no one else knew of them. This does foster terrible first impressions when stuff like this does occur. I worked on many expeditions to cool off situations, that exploded into full out war, in the remote outer quarters of the forbidden zone. I was just a raw, rookie Ambassador Malzertoni Ka’alg Kigeary from the planet; Abella 591. As some of you might recognize my planet it being the one where the First Convention of All Known Planets was held. That was my first meeting so little I was aware when the names for Ambassador’s came up and my name was there upon that list. Needless to say I started out on my travels with the chosen name of our “All Known Planets” in command this was which they adopted to change the name to: Judgment & Security & Peace Deep Space Command.

From this day forward, across many universes, this Name would become well known with the residents of all planets we know of. Judgment & Security & Peace Deep Space Command was now our formal operating organization. The first operational duty was going to input the crew names and ships all of us would end up on before shipping out. I was waiting for the name of the ship I was to command. This gave us a chance to introduce ourselves to each other as this is Protocol so please follow this to the letter. Setting up crews and ships might take a full 24 hours with every operational Tech being kept busy till then. Until everything was ready and checked many times over we should go into the city of Zrovine.There was great food and service there. I felt relaxed as I was told to take the night off and report back by first light. I had lots to get drunk for and sober up as well before I start my Command. So, I would drink slowly and only get feeling good before hitting the racks for a restful nights sleep.

We finally arrive at the Steakhouse and Tavern in Zrovine. We paid the bill and piled out onto the street in front of the place. The odour of the food wafted out into in the air outside making my mouth water and I think all of the rest did too. Getting into this majestic restaurant was very easy. Virtually no long wait at all. We stood for about five minutes and the shown to our table. Which was a little longer than required but it fit all of that were there that night. We ordered drinks to let our tongues loose and felt like talking. The talk was light humoured in many ways. The food was being cooked and prepared for ten people I was surprised that many tagged along tonight. But, that was great in lots and lots of gamely ways. The mass of us sat and talked about things that seemed funny to all of us hahahahahahahaha…….Some of the waiters and waitresses gave us strange looks or they wanted to join in our party. Our waitress Khadija Casnenar dropped over to warn us our food was going to start coming from the kitchen any minute. We said okay then. Thank you Khadija Casnenar. she laughed and turned back to the kitchen. We drank up so the other waitress would be able to take away all the empties from our tables.

The food came as the steam was rising off the trays loaded down with food types. We sat still as Kadija and her fellow waitresses set up our plates in front of each of us. Each order as exactly what each of us ordered. The food smelled so good this was just like a meal at home after being gone for ten years or so. Once, they left us alone, we dug into this incredibly cooked food. We had all night to eat so we took our time and found things too talk about. Things like this always builds camaraderie according to military officials who are in our company. Which is why the military usually has success creating this among the different units. This is one important method required to keep the squads and platoons as one tight group.

Malzertoni Ka’ab Kigeary had a few loose ends to clear up before bed. Meant he was leaving early to see his family. They sat there and let the military leaders explain there part in all this for now. The drinks tasted good but they could not have more than four of any kind of alcohol. They were entitled to food and water. That was great for these troops to drink water more so than alcohol at a certain point. For tonight I was given a command from General Hobons Luxor Yachieds. The party was to end at midnight so all could make it back in time to finish stuff for tomorrow morning. It was only about sois ren to Midnight. Space languages have to learned to be enjoyed and to make foreigners feel at home. My chance to learn a certain language is high as I want to do this.

The time just arrived for the drinks to stop being poured and the men to drink up. If not these men will radio for more cars to haul everyone away to jail. Need I remind you it is cold in those beds. No one had trouble sleeping according to the roll of film shot the previous night. Anyways, the guys and ladies got into the vehicles so we could go to the base and sleep. The call for Revelry came early to some. The crew members who came along plus a few others had been in the lounge area having fun. I thought he would ask me to buy his house in the rocky valley.”Everything in it’s own time.” My MOTTO !! This story ends for now so good night from some place where they fed us run away’s from some where. One or two did some mountain climbing before turning themselves in to serve a sentence or not. Sure enough after about six hours in the courtroom some one asked for a break in this matter. Maybe fifteen to twenty break and the Judge said Yes be aback in twenty minutes. Court was called to order and all were accounted for. Judge George Gertiangear stood up and refreshed his charge to the courtroom. In case anyone was talking with others in the fresh air outside. This trial was done like a dead bug swashed on the windshield of a vehilce. Good night and see you here in the morning. Bye from here to everyone. lol

Blade of Wyverns

Vaex’en Gher’uks had heard the shout of the Wyverns as they attacked the innocent of the cummunity listed as Iricabury. The blades of the Wyverns were sharp so with one fell swoop the victim was gone. They kept this retribution go on and on all day in the sun forcing all families as they were slaughtered. Most of the settlement of Iricabury were elderly and young so targets are easy to spot which made my stomach turn told Vaex’en Gher’uks. I could not take any more and hoped my back up were going to come roaring inward to turn things in our favor. Since the Blade of Wyverns was going done to defeat once and for all. Not one town, village, wanted to see the likes of these bad ones ever again. The battle for the people was loud and noisy which was due to the armaments all being made of steel. The protection equipment over top of their bodies shielded them from harm as it to was made out of steel and iron.

The Wyverns were scattered among the many lands surrounding the small village of Iricabury. Vaex’en Gher’uks was feeling hot under this sheet of steel but knew it was warranted. Vaex’en made his name as being the protector of his neighbours no matter where he lived. In actuality he was quite the polite and kind gentleman. Having a wife and family provided his will to be a worker of the land. Aye, if you done it right all things were working in our favour. This part of the planet, Xenders, contained the most rich soil to raise food for the families and for the cattle who usually roamed the fields. You could see some of great colourful trees natural to this land. Such as the Feyire, which was medium height with nice wide limbs and a strong trunk. The other limbs carried the leaves of such golden brightness to be seen with gladness every morning fluttering in the early morning breezes. The next tree to look up is the Otenfonna. Another huge trunk tree with a high height to it. the other limbs were some strong to allow kids to climb all over them. The limbs had dark green leaves waving to the village people in the morning breezes. There were a third tree which grew so well in these parts. Iricabury’s ancestry was from the northern Qherqik Bertagon region. they required a stronger and steadier breed of tree to with stand the cooler weather for a few months each year. This tree that was chosen is named Jopranium. A beautiful, stunning tree reaching outward and upward to the sky. The trunk was solid as any found in this country. The tree seemed to have some of the most colourful leaves ranging from dark green, lime green, dark blue, yellow, red and orange and -light blue. Needless to say this tree was going to be seen for miles and them some on a bright day in the year. some would end saying the Jopranium was flashing its colours with abandon. Iricabury was indeed the best and cleanest little village in these here hills.

Iricabury was what seemed endlessly bothered by thieves trying to rob them for one thing after another. The residents were very glad that Vaex’en and his family and fellow farmers chose to stay here. They brought with them new farming techniques which were sorely required by all the other farmers. They also taught the practice of always helping each other during times of difficulty and in times of bumper crops. Iricabury was becoming the best kept secret up in these here hills. Except someone let it out so that turned a quiet sweet village into one that keeps getting attacked. Things are going to change trust me Vaex’en told them over and over until they started to trust him more and more. There was no reason that Vaex’en Gher’uks should not be trusted by everyone. He had proven all his beliefs and practices in regard to farming 100 %. So, when the Blade of Wyverns came calling they were scared due to the local hero Vaex’en Gher’uks was gone. Maybe, these nasty, frightening thief’s came running their horses through the village knocking everything over they could. Most of the residents were saying over and over in their heads come back Vaex’en !!

What only seemed like a few minutes from afar they heard horses being ridden at a fast pace heading toward Iricabury. Sure enough Vaex’en and his men came ridng into the village center for a solid, dangerous, sounding effect on the Wyverns. Their blades were useless against forces who were better trained and out fitted with better weapons. This is where the story started but we know the battle was as rough as any one ever had seen before.

The battle came to an end and the Wyverns still alive were arrested and taken to the local Sheriff in the town of Klatgan. This was about eight miles straight into the Sheriff’s Office. He would be impressed with the people who were going to take up residence in his jail. And Sheriff Uccax Amhoiris. The residents got a reward which was quit substantial and was split even by the Sheriff and by Vaex’en. Even the trouble they experienced everyone was happy to get something unexpected that would help repair the damage done to their village.

Yes, I must say they certainly went and bought the exact materials required to replace the beauty with a proven all year strength and colours in better trees and just as much colours with the leaves. Once again passing through visitors or staying over night it seemed they all loved the peacefulness and the beauty of Iricabury. Now, that they all stood toe to toe with the Wyverns no one was ever going to bully them. I will let you all go as the story has now come to a conclusion.

Good night and have a wonderful week full of peace and happiness

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Immortal : The Cain Intruder

This is about what actually or just maybe only took place or never took place. Whatever, The Immortal : The Cain Intruder is dangerous to all those involved. Being the ones involved in transforming this into one of another Super Cruiser Type. Everyone should sit back and read the specs on what it takes to commit to a do over into another powerful Super Cruiser. Each one is topped off with two big attack missiles on each side and two multi-firing machine guns stuck on the sides. Plus other armaments inside each super cruiser. That is why they are named Super Cruisers. We have them no one else does. The last period when we had to create a few extra super cruisers was many light years gone away in the past. The Cain Intruder was known for killing the enemies well actually blowing them to pieces. Usually with nothing left but an empty spot which is now our spot in space.

We all were aware this argument had to be shelved before it becomes demoralizing. The attitude in our ships were to be positive and to show respect to all grades of officers. Since our prime space mission is changing into more of meeting new worlds and the residents living on them. Being on our best behaviour is going to be just as important in building new relationships across the galaxy. We would be required to map out each new planet in each new solar systems. The Galaxies would be assigned names until we are told to stand down on this approach. Galaxies were going to be harder to map out unless our computers are up to doing this with lenses powerful enough to reach out that far. We can come in closer to ensure all parts of the solar system which is The Depopia Cloud Node are confirmed on all maps. The Galaxy is going to be called UDJ43D. A fairly huge galaxy with unknown number of planets, etc. again this is for mapping to secure everything out there and we mean everything. Now, one last issue to bring to all of your attention. The Universe we are going to be entering out there is named : The Prenate Klovincial GQK 32A Universe. These orders are to take effect immediately so please post to all officers on duty through out the ship. Thank you everyone for your assistance in this extremely important part of our mission today. You can all go home or stay on board it is up to everyone.

I counted about 15 planets in this picture of where we are headed in the next few days. So, relax, get lots of rest and see you all soon. Yes, you can guess I do love pictures of space and deep space galaxies and universes.

We are going to see a view universes like this one way out the deeper we get into far away space. Yes, some stunning beautiful sights to look forward to for every crew member to view. Form your own visions of what may exist where we are headed to. But, do not fail to search openly for an angry alien people who may attack us. None of us have ever been out here and unfortunate no one else in Command has either. So, we are really flying by the seats of these uniforms. As comfortable as they seem I would rather keep mine on. Lets have more fun yet still be the best we can be on duty everyone.

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The Ruins of the Exiled

This resulted from them not following the Leader of Shurgh City who was in total control of the population. Nothing went on that Aihear Ahrie was not aware of in his realm here in Shurgh City. He had warned the people of the consequences of not obeying him but some of them actually rebelled against his rule. One day he told himself things were going to change but that was just a story. Yet, he had such a cruel streak that wanted to jump every time he became inflamed over his citizens. How dare they misbehave after I told them about being here for them. He had done no wrong that could be proved in any court and no one was ever going to speak against him. His secret place to send those he hated and wanted exiled was a long ways from here.

Thus, not one person trusted this Aihear Ahrie ever again due to his cruel and mean spirit that he had inside of him. Nothing he could do was ever going to gain their following and be part of his world. He trampled over the people to prove he was the all powerful of the land and no one less was going to talk back to him or disobey him. He, would one day face utter annihilation once the forces of good came after him. But Aihear was not even thinking about such evil beings called good peoples, who were going to over throw him and take his lands from him. Aihear would one day pay totally for his corrupt ways that he lived. Those who lived under his hard life and ways of having to work for nothing, after Aihear took his share of everything. The people were left with just enough to start next year all over again. Year after year for a hundred years Aihear Ahrie kept these people underneath his feet like anchors holding a ship in place. Aihear wanted what he wanted and he got everything he desired night and day. Good times for the Aihear but not for the ones who provided him with everything day and night for years and more years. Aihear was soon coming to a point of no return when his head would be cut from his body for the hurt and pains he suffered onto the people who lived and worked the lands. As Aihear had never worked a day in his life just like any bully who had the power over the less fortunate he took and took until someday.

Up until then he kept sending those who were against him to the land of the ruins of the exiled. Those that went that way had nothing to survive on so they were even more upset and pained to harm Aihear Ahrie. The Ruins of The Exiled was a land full of ruins that stood black, bleak, and barren against the sun and the moons of each night. They who were there knew they would rather die than continue living under a corrupt bully. Who loved to show off his power as the leader who took only for himself. His people were poor and broke. Yet, their spirit was as strong as steel underneath their chests where the heart beat harder and harder. This kept them going day in and day out. Those exiled ones had it even harder than their family and friends left behind. The Ruins of The Exiled held some kind of power; if gathered with enough anger and hatred; could become a force to be reckoned with. Just take those who were sent to the desolate, bare, black and broken down buildings of some people who once were powerful and happy. It was time to turn this tide around they all agreed. They began searching for any type of weapons and shields to protect themselves before going back to over throw Aihear Ahrie. There had to be something beneath this land of ruins besides broken done stones. The search went on for what seemed an utterly, long time until they came across a hidden stash of weapons and everything else they would require. They would begin cleaning these up and making them shine brightly. Just, when they held onto those weapons of freedom to be used for the rescue of their family and friends. It took so long that these exiled people rested for a number of days after. Once they started feeling antsy; they started to walk back to where that land was theirs and their families and friends were all waiting for them. Even though not one of their families or friends thought any of them would return to free them all.

But, no one recalled how tough these men and women were, who were exiled to the land of the ruins. In a few more days this small army was going to march right into the heart of the city, where Aihear Ahrie existed in his sick ways. Their small army was going to keep growing all along the roads to return home. More and more each day people that fed them and gave them water to survive the long walk yet ahead. They also gained more strength as people continued to join their army of the exiled, who had such hatred for this corrupt bully, who lived like a king over their families and friends. Aihear Ahrie was almost close enough they could smell the winds of such force beginning to change in their favour. Another’s day walk and then a good nights rest, before they delivered his retribution for exiling and killing all those others because they disagreed with him. Now he is going to suffer the death of a hundred swords as they go through his over grown body. Tomorrow the exiled were going to come knocking with full force on top of his army first, then him secondly. It was going to be a swift and bloody fight but they knew what exiled meant and what the people left behind were going through day in and day out.

It was going to be one incredible fight before they won back what was theirs. The Ruins of The Exiled was going to no more ever again. They first had to win back all that was lost against the bully in charge. Within a few hours of fighting with swords and knives and the fight was over. Most of the bully’s army gave up without a fight. They were all killed because of the deaths they committed while supporting Aihear Ahrie. Then on to the city center to kill this fat, over bearing, bully once and for all. Then, his reign of terror was going to be over. Sure enough it was ended an hour later as he laid in bed with some lady. The lady was spared but not that mean,nasty, disgusting, bully Aihear Ahrie. He is now in some spirit world where the tables are turned against him. Thus, making him pay for what he had carried out against all of those innocent beings through out all the years before.

The people did survive and they grew into many different families across their lands living in peace all their lives.

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The Shadows in The Abyss

There existed just on the out skirts of the city not long ago a monster sized abyss which drew tons of tourists every year. Yet, they all knew how dangerous such a creation might be. This did not stop them from wanting more than just sitting on the edge of the rim looking into such a crevasse. Plus, there were all kinds of stories floating around about shadows being created and seen inside of it. What was making such shadows bounce of the sides of the walls of the gorge? Where they just created by some others in the group of guided tours. No, the shadows were bigger than anyone else who was still alive. That is right shadows came about from the walking of the evil souls who lived down there. After all shadows never made any loud noise or any type of noises heard by the human ears. But, who said a dead lost soul was behind these dark, spine chilling shadows deep inside the abyss. You, see stories are some times told by people who wanted to be noticed as perhaps a expert on such matters. The only masters were the walkers who kept up the pattern of shadows bouncing off the walls. The mystery is what or who could be behind such dreadful eerie outlines in the shadows themselves. Did these shadows give away, who was down in the abyss, by the size and shape of those glimmering things on the side walls ? Have you ever been up close and personal with an abyss partner ? No, I am not worried about it. Okay, sit down and look at a couple of pictures of the abyss outside of the city. The bottom one is real deep down as the colours are shining brightly enabling the shadows to scurry along the walls flickering in different shapes.

I decided to post these so everyone is able to see the natural wonders of the abyss yet the dangerous parts are showing themselves. Because not all of us are willing to go see the unwanted sights down inside that deep abyss. Lots of us are always wondering what or who is creating those shadows down in that deep forbidden hole in the ground. Was it a fiendish plot, to draw the masses closer to the edge of the rim , in hopes it would crumble under the weight of the crowds. That is why the fence is made of heavy steel to prevent anyone trying to push to get closer to that deadly edge. But the shadows can still be seen from behind the full protection of the fence. At times people just freeze still as each shadow causes fear to leap out at them. That is usually when they slip backward to allow anyone brave enough to take their place.

Having a tourist attraction to draw outsiders to come visit to any community is one thing. But what seems like a bottomless hole showing such stunning and incredible shadows was not the first to come to mind. The abyss is after all a natural formation in the earth. What lurks below is yet another guess all together in one’s mind ? The cities businesses seemed content on making money off this pernicious shadow filled abyss that drew thousands of tourists each year. Since, no one had been hurt physically nothing was done to close the site down. Being known as the city, with the abyss filled with flickering shadows, that change shape as they scurry along the walls down below, was actually good. The restaurant staff were being fed all kinds of stories from those brave souls who drove here to see the creeping shadows. A lot of them were very polite thanking everyone each time a story was related to them. Yet, inside of the workers souls, they also feared that maybe a shadow figure followed their guests, to hear the tales being spread about. After that the food was hot and served to the friendly guests who ate it up with a few cups of coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Then the cash registers rang and the tips piled up for the waitresses. The abyss was responsible for such behaviour with out even knowing.

Just to be safe the name of the city is being with held at their request. All, you need to do is drive around the country highways until you find the abyss signs. Follow them if you dare to into a frightening hole with shows all day long. The shadows dance and flutter changing their shapes at will. Do not worry nothing has ever came out of the deep abyss that they know of !! Just remember the food is excellent and the restaurant staff is friendly as can be. They also listen kindheartedly to each story as it is told like they have never heard any before. Visitors make the city proud by showing the best side of everything. An abyss draws majestic crowds who lap up everything plus the food as fast as possible. Have a great time driving while finding our abyss with the formidable shadows inside on the edge of our city.

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Today The Outer Limits Are Smiling

I am Dedicating My Blog Today to my Friend Mieke. She was polite enough to read what I had written up to one point. She said she liked it and it was good. Thank you my good friend Mieke !! Have a super Thursday night !! Virtual smiles and you have a great kind heart Mieke !! God bless you ! Yes, I told Mieke she could find her name in my blog. I hope being at the top of my blog will make her smile broadly for awhile. Until I see her again.

We were just coming through the Green Dwarf Star System when the helmsman alerted that something was amiss. There seemed to be hardly any pull of gravity usually associated with this system. I called my Number One to find out along with our science officer exactly  what was disrupting the gravitational pull. As, this was indeed strange. It could have been hit with a sub-particle ray of some unknown  disruptive power. This might be the problem but I will await the results of my two top officers. This problem with the gravitational pull might have a direct hit on some of the science equipment and our vital engine throttles. Our engine thruster’s require the extra push to go through any gravitational fields. This might have us stuck here until we know what are dealing with. This will have the forwarded to the Inter-space Authorities. Other ships need to be aware of what they could be facing this far out. The Green Dwarf Star System has never been known for these types of activities. In fact the outer limits have always been noted as the top gateway to all places without troubles. So, today we have to investigate this situation which is urgent if we are to finish our travels through what they call ” The Year of The Kronek”. Just, curiosity swirls around my mind as I sit and wait. Let us hope My First Officer, Celtis Azolata and my Science Officer, Chanilla Eucomis find what it is we require to straighten this mess out. The Outer limits have always been a safe place for interplanetary travel. How ever, over the last number of days strange, weird and difficult situations keep arising. We could easily blame all this on the name of the year but I for one know better. No easy answer is ever found with out a thorough and in depth dig through every log entered over the past few days. Going back to the start some times will allow us an entry way into what or who is behind all this trouble.

The Green Dwarf Star System is ten light years from our home base on the planet; Thocarro. Our base is located close to the city of Urgdiff. We were fortunate enough to be on board of one the top new deep space cruisers : The Reliant Huntress. I was even more fortunate to be named the Captain; My name is Captain Xuullu Ghadaldain. This was my first trip out as Captain, so maybe this might be a test from some foe we have never faced yet. I have been an officer on four other ships since I graduated from the Alpha Hemithea War Academy. I was told moving around would be good as an officer to learn all I could from the top Captains in our fleet ” The Infintenal Banshee Star Fleet “. All that time spent learning and doing what I was trained for. I loved the travel to other worlds and meeting new types of life forms and the way the lived etc. We did more meet and greet meetings than any other which is part of our orders. Learning about the individual star systems and the planets was the one important requirement for our journey. That is because we needed to refuel our ship from time to time so knowing which planet had the raw fuel types was an urgent matter. If, they had already refined into into a liquid fuel rod system that was exactly our requirement. These planets were carefully logged into our ships main computer system. But under titles that were disguised so only those who needed the names could find them. We were very careful with this information as it might fall into the wrong hands. Planets could be held captive by some evil alien beings so to keep the fuel for their ships only. A tight rope on who could enter particular files on our ships system was instituted before we left dry dock. I am in charge and the one who is responsible for this expensive ship and it’s crew. I do not take things lightly but no one would actually see me upset unless something drastic happened. Going to the war academy was well worth the time and effort as well as fun meeting with other beings from all over the known universes. I some times sit in my cabin and read to relax until things are found to solve our problem like today for instance. Time is a virtue and patience is also a virtue which is required under all circumstances. I think my officers will return soon with the required answer to our problem.

These are exactly like the one we are on right at this moment. They are beautiful looking space cruisers which inside you would be surprised to what we have on board. Everything to make our crew feel at home. We are also a fighting machine with a well trained and ready crew.

Well, I am going to lay down and grab some sleep while I wait. I know once they return we will not get sleep for a couple of Crolarq’s. Talk with all of you again soon. My pillow is calling my name.

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Flying Into Another Place

Here is one more that I had high hopes for except it got only 7 likes. I am just wanting to let you have another read of this Blog. It was from April 7, 2020. I love you all regardless of how many likes my blogs receive. I am also a huge fan of nice things lol

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One of consistent first dreams was about running with a top notch intergalactic Space Agency of the time. Besides I loved space after I was born. My step uncle had some incredible stories that help to warp my mind like that. I had decided to follow in his shoes by joining the SPF. I am glad I did that actually. The SPF had lots of angles to their operational projects from what we saw and heard.

There is nothing like cruising around the galaxies at hyper speed or even faster at times. We might be going that fast and yet we never feel it. Once we have the opportunity to gaze out of the many windows than it hits us how stupendous everything looks ! All those magnificent stars just seem to line up as a welcoming committee, greeting us as our ship lines up with a space dock. Dreams…

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Out in The Pritoitius Galaxy

I hope you all will reread this post and maybe see the good things inside of this that drew your attention to begin with In April 28, 2020.

James A. Best- Author

Our Galaxy is in a far flung star system in the Kriaptron Universe. We have some of the most incredible stars. For instance their is a pair of stars that flash blue and green all the time. They are not the regular star designs we were taught in university. There are others that defy all logic and reasoning in the manner they shine and twinkle. Colors tend to range from the blue and green twin stars to purple, yellow, red and tinges of torquise against the vast black background.

I recall the very first time we could go cruise closer in a star cruiser ship. These ships are gigantic long and slender and faster than most cruise ships in this part of the major universes. Our trip that time lasted for four weeks as we learned what to look for in the dark recesses of the shadows of planets and…

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Hope You Have a Fun Saturday

I say this because it seemed to me that lots of serous things were on the line this week over all. Like, The American Presidential Election Voting Week. President- Elect Biden and Vice – Presidential Candidate were both elected to their Positions. So the people were happy as I followed or tried to followed at times the total outcome of the number of College Votes they both held from time to time.

Then today we learned that President- Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. These two incredible leaders have the best interest of the USA at heart. I even heard the speeches they both gave victory speeches in front of hundreds of supporters. The Fire Works looked awesome and sounded good to my ears.

Congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. I am from Canada.