Wolves of Insanity

Wolf’s of Insanity still wore down my head and heart. I knew more than most folks about black wolves since they were reintroduced to the valleys and the mountains around here. The more I searched for information about black wolves; since they are the most prevalent breeds here in this part of the country. I was unsure just what the local level of government was actually thinking about. I was aware of bio-diversity and how it is a boom for this location we live in. There seemed to be a lot of different views on this issue to share, once the next date for a full counsel meeting was to be announced. There were a number who wanted a peaceful energetic talk with an outcome we all desired. And that was actually required to achieve the top voting results in time. Plus, we wanted to get it over before our Christmas shopping was put on hold. People were always happier when shopping for gifts especially for the grandchildren. The smiles were larger and the smiles were always intended to be on the faces out in the stores. The next full council meeting was not until after Christmas Day, which would be Boxing Day, December 26 Th.

Paradise existed only during the incredible summer months. The day time hours lasted for close to eighteen hours. Hot sunshine with clear blue skies was so enjoyable, after the cold winter weather. Summer time lasted close to four months. No one was aware wolves still roamed the lands all year long. However, there had not been any wolf attacks in the summer months at least not one record of such things. Paradise was never lost in our neck of the woods. The existence of wild animals did not enter the minds of the residents around here. The only time was when any notices went up to be aware of wolves, bears and any other wild animals that lived here with us. This time was the first in many decades or longer as no such record was ever found in the town office.

At first glance I wondered what exactly do they mean wolves of insanity? Is it real black wolves that they mean? Or do they mean tough as cement foot soldiers who make lives rough collecting for protection money against crime each year. These are two different explanations for the Wolves of Insanity. Wild black wolves do not on the average create this level of trouble any where. Then later that week I happened onto a show about a certain type of wolves who were preying on certain animals. The type they talked about came from the deep dark forests so far up along the glacier on the Walken highway. The average person does not go up in that area unless they get drawn for moose, elk or deer. If any danger existed with the dark black wolves there was no difference just the same meanness existing inside of each wild creature of this type. And both lived high above the same highway.

Henry Criegkster was the newly elected sheriff of this huge county spread so far apart from west to east to south and to the north. That might be why the sheriff, our new one was staring into a long wild winter ahead, Maybe. Henry Criegkster was not the type to have worries about hard times for the towns and county lines for protection of people and animals. Was this retribution for defeating the favourite candidate in this year’s sheriff election ? The voters wanted someone who they could trust to protect them from wild animals and from other two legged animals. This might be a long cold winter up here in this north area. Each winter lately seemed to be part warm weather and ice cold for weeks on end with severe cold temperatures sliding across the area. Maybe, after this winter things will settle down to more normal weather. Yes, hope never really died it kept growing steadily in each resident. These folks were very hardy as they lived in this extreme winter weather.

Summer time was the most welcome time of the year. With bright clear blue skies and hot yellow sunshine beaming down from above. It lasted for four glorious months of extreme fun and games. The younger crowd always got such deep brown sun tans as they stood out in the crowds of locals and tourists. Parents would agree if they searched their memories of back in the days of their youths. Wanting to show off their dark brown tans and some times they held contests for the best darkest tan of the summer. The school year book always had pictures of the winners and runner ups for the darkest brown tan of the summers. Lots of young women flocked to see how manly the guys looked with their dark brown tans and muscles if they had some.

What has all this have to do with wolves of insanity? Like I started out saying what type of wolves were they referring to? Maybe I have gone out on an tangent today and the last four or five days.. I was just trying to figure out how many different types of wolves existed that were insane? Then today, it dawned on me I have no idea of what I have been writing until just now. Look around us and see what the wolves of insanity are up to and why ? I just hope no one actually thinks I am insane. I just hit that tangent instead of a road block in my mind. If anyone enjoys this rant instead of a rave I apologize.

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Death of The Blue Bulldog

A well off family moved into our very rich neighbourhood over the last few days. Some of the older residents wanted to set up a block party to welcome them and their family to our block area. At least for now not one person had heard anything about the Blue Bulldog and I liked them. This is going to be a match made in heaven for all concerned in our block and area as well. There were a number of dog lovers who loved living here. Our care free living area was a gated community. All so happy as we all knew each other for some time finally. It was like a huge crowd of friends surrounded by each other. What was the name of the family who had the Blue Bulldog? They were coming back tomorrow I would think after their son gets lots of rest first. A very wise decision under these circumstances. Everyone sat and looked directly at the residence where the only people who were not family just not genetically related stayed. Next question is who found out first? Not me was let out once or twice right away. Then absolutely quiet for five minutes. Slowly one family after another said they did not know them. This took another twenty minutes to pull the answers out of each and everyone of them. Lets get some gas and grab our lunch break everyone is welcome. It is a great ice breaker method. Choosing a place to grab lunch was turning into a serious contentious issue now. We could not ever definitely have this hold our food up again. To move things faster we voted in favour of having hamburgers with cheese slices, onions and spices on top of everything. Yes, yes a very great tasting hamburger. The Blue Bulldog was it still alive at this point. No one seemed to care if some dog was alive or not. So, the Blue Bulldog must belong to the persons sleeping in the next room. Yet, no one could recall when this animal was with us on this walk to ensure that justice is for everyone. Did This also include animals like our incredible Blue Bulldog ? Or did animal rights hinge on whether man receives full rights and protection under the law of the land? As it turned out animal rights fell under the preclevity of if all judges voting in favour of new laws regarding all dogs rights to live if they behave, do not hurt or injure any child or person or another dog. All laws discussing animal rights was put over to the following month for disputation. Everyone involved with the Blue Bulldog started making phone calls searching for this majestic dog. No one wanted this magnificent blue Bulldog to die a horrible death. Or any death for that matter. That blue bulldog had provided lots of fun and love for the children and the parents as well. Who exactly was responsible for the disappearance of the blue bulldog this time? Now that something is missing or not in the last place it was dropped off with a guarantee to come back to pick it up before the end of September of this year. It might have been before the court of appeal for ten days with a ruling the Blue Bulldog was to be returned to its rightful owners right away. Case dismissed. That beautiful Blue Bulldog was so happy to be with the right people it jumped up and down with joy most of that day into the evening. Those who owned him were just as happy with the safe return of their blue bulldog. Even those who were around them could not help but to take part in the incredible home coming party for the pleasant blue bulldog. That evening there were lots of children and no problems either. Things were back to normal once more. There was a big prayer service for Andy the beautiful Blue Bulldog while the whole crowd was still present. Once the prayer stopped a loud AMEN stood out!! Maybe, it was how drunk everyone got after such an incredible happy day into the dark of the night. In the morning their wonderful, beautiful Blue Bull dog was laying there dead. He would not move and he had no heart beat and no breathing taking place. Such a stunning shock laid on top of those there that morning. It was a great idea for one of the guys to call the veterinarian down the street. He ran over and almost stopped breathing once he looked at such a stunningly beautiful Blue Bulldog. He did check with his Stethoscope with no heart beat being heard. He did the only thing and said he would take Andy back to his office and find out what happened. A autopsy was going to be in the afternoon. Andy was left inside the cool office of the veterinarian’s office. That afternoon all who knew Andy the Blue Bulldog stood or sat outside the veterinarian’s office. Mean while outside the office people were planning Andy’s Funeral. They were not going to stop anyone from bringing flowers or other objects to his funeral. Because so many loving and caring souls knew him. Plus, the officers of the police station said they will supply cars with lights and siren for Andy The Blue Bulldog. They will lead the funeral parade. The sense of community had never been felt so strong ever before across the city. By the time the Veterinarians office came out with the autopsy results the crowd had swelled to a long line strewn around the block. Sounds of sobs and cries could be heard all the way down line and around the block once the news hit everyone who was there that afternoon. The day for Andy’s funeral came which was held in a newer all religions were welcome was filled from the front pews to the back pews and people stood in the aisles all around the walls of the church. The church was real quiet from the time the service started as everyone just seemed to be in state of shock for Andy, The Incredible Blue Bulldog. The service lasted for just over an hour so people slowly made their way out of the church. Finally, the Casket made of red Walnut was slid into the hearse with the driver signalling to start the engines so we could drive slowly to the Cemetery. It probably took about thirty minutes for everyone to gather at the grave side for the service for Andy. Once the Father was done saying his grave side mass people walked by and tossed roses into the grave on top of Andy’s casket.

The End of this Story

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Back To The Milky Way

After a long time roaming the outer regions of the solar system it was just that day to just head back to the Milky Way. They had not had much luck finding the so called deep space key lock which held mysteries beyond any world. It was not locked into their computer logs or any map within the ships storage room. Or in any computer map which is the normal practice before any ship is sent on a mission for research purposes. Who was going to be held accountable for this travesty that just occurred? The ship’s Captain Strenciens Nurgeots who had been out longer than any previous Captain on a mission this long. Captain Nurgeots was one of the most respected ship Captain’s to ever graduate from the University of Prorburgh. Which graduated more top officers than any other university in this area of the Milky Way. That does cover a lot in terms of this university that accepts applications from some five hundred planatory universes. They only take the top from each star university to ensure that our ships are commanded by the best.

The Banshee Attack Squadron of the Death Fleet had to be the best of all the rest of the squadrons available. That is why they were chosen to go out on such a dangerous mission to outer fringes of the star system. Fifteen years roaming the many galaxies all on that far away edge of this galaxy had to be rough on all crew members. Even if they took time off away from their ship on one of the many tranquil planets we associate with out there. Captain Strenciens Nurgeots would have been sure to allow more than one break if possible during this mission. The ship that all of them were in is the Super Battle Cruiser ” Banshee For Death” that held about four hundred main crew members and all other crews to maintain the ship during its entire mission. Nothing was being left to chance for such a dangerous and long mission. Plus, armaments stored on board to secure the safety of the entire ship. Enough small and medium and large munitions to have the security of the ship as its main objective. The Super Battle Cruiser was a rather large ship but the speeds it could reach were unbelievable. It could streak across the star system with ease with out even getting hot and bothered. Yet, when faced with more sleek enemy ships this cruiser could out manoeuvre all she faced. A seasoned Captain at the lead counted for safe way to return home in one piece.

Our ships of all classes had the same exemplary records when coming home to rest up. Even though our name was the ” The Banshee Attack Squadron of the Death Fleet” our total deaths we were responsible for was minimal at least. We prepared ourselves for taking prisoners not leaving death behind us. Overhead of us was an Admiral and a General to make us accountable for our actions in the filed and out of it. There was no love lost between us and those we defeated in the star systems. There was about three hundred prisoner of war camps stationed around the planets out there on the edge. The rest of our friendly partners kept soldiers to run these camps. It was an good arrangement for all of us and being happy at the same time is remarkable. Every ship that traversed that route stopped in to check with each planet for safety reasons. And we had to check on the prisoner of war camps to see if anything was required. Maybe we had some extra on board this trip. If not we could send for a rush fleet order by one of the fastest ships we have for special occasions like now.

Some of the worlds we landed on did not have any life forms on them. Which is weird considering that some of these planets had only been discovered in the last four or five trips out here. New worlds were being found more often since we slowed the speeds down with some of the faster ships of the fleet. Space objects might be a streak of blurs on high speeds when they have to get some place in a hurry. Lower speeds allowed for this needed scientific research to be carried out properly under the right conditions. Plus the scenery was just incredibly magical and stunning. Camera’s were steadily taking pictures during these trips which we could use in schools and universities back home. Inside the star filled Milky Way as it became closer and closer in our window screen in the front of the for deck. It was time to send some of the messages we kept to save energy out there on the edge of the galaxies. House cleaning items had to be done know before we got to close and they were burnt up the heat from the stars. Another day and a half we should be back home inside the soft looking Milky Way. Our planet was half a days journey after we reached this place in the Heaven’s. Our mission was long over so we had the right to go home and see our families for a few months maybe longer. So see you all next time. Take care and be nice to your neighbours who probably missed you almost as much as the family did.

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Halcyon Nebula

From old records this Halcyon Nebula was among one of many that existed since the time of the alien ancestors. This group of aliens were vicious when they required to be. Could this be a cause for the planets and any one living in this Halcyon Nebula to move away and vanish? Our mission out here was to go exploring and we may trip over new information of what actually took place. We are essentially the first outsiders to be allowed excess to this area. Sure, we are the Emissary’s explorers who were blown away by his speeches and talks over those first five months. Well, this did square us away with the head man who turned out was the Emissary. The door was opened to the entire excursions list he loved and enjoyed to take to solve old bad occurrences. Everything has been going by the system that was in place since we left our home planet; Griburuta 3WG8. Each one of us were very aware that some sort of change forced or accepted it was going to be implemented. The Higher Officers knew it was in the best situation keeping things here safe and secure. Too many of our ships had been targeted by some deep space fighter cruisers. This was part of our direction as well to find if possible what took place and who exactly was in that organization who attacked. Peace treaties must be struck early and they are also a desire of the Most High Royal Hierarchy. The next few days were to set aside to figure out all our plans for the next say six months at least. Underneath what is going to take place is one sequence of the true path to exaltation with our new friends here. We needed fuel soon before we are just a floating barge begging to be boarded and taken over. I agreed tomorrow we approach these residents of the Griburuta 3WG8. They must have a fuel dock close by to stay here in this area of the Halcyon Nebula for being here for so long. As it was so far out here in very deep space where it is unsettled mostly. Nothing went unnoticed by our monitors. We decided to have our reach enlarged as we keep orbiting this huge area below us. The next steps needed to have some sort of secret manner to them. Hiding documents especially these types was a prudent move. Our way for ranking officers usually went by training and education before coming aboard. But, a vote was held and we all agreed to keep the same system going until we have more time to put the correct one in or not. But promotions were important onboard here in deep space. After, we finalized our business tonight, I would return to my quarters to set up the next round of promotions in the next week. Absolutely no longer time could be wasted. My position as Captain as per the promotion I received before we left. I had been in charge ever since that day. There were officers who performed very incredible while carrying out their duties. Promotions for certain positions might be easier than first thought. Plus, I have had the opportunity to see everyone in daily action and in a few times in skirmishes which showed me the skills they all held as officers on board with me. Our crew had been out in deep space searching for new worlds with life on each one, hopefully. The original training in self defence and being just as deadly with weapons some at close range. There was one female officer who held the rank of Lieutenant. Her name was Ortensia Calphus. She was beyond having the skills we require. She is staying on board to help train new female recruits as they arrive. Lieutenant Ortensia Calphus had all the wants and needs of the top officers who we work with. Now she will be become a full Commander Ortensia Calphus. Our other top officers I had to promote were like ; Davidia Symaithis who should become the next Lieutenant in order of the promotions List. Hophiet Ghadal who will be a full Lieutenant now. After all his toughness in ensuring our ship came away virtually unscathed by enemy ships. The next promotion was going to one of the best junior officers on our ship. Unzeix Furathn was to be a full Lieutenant in our top officers of the safety of our ship. He was going to serve in the Security Department as second in charge. The last promotion was in fact going to someone who assisted in saving so many unsafe everyday people at our last stop. The next new Lieutenant Ulgaers Shommun is another real smart intelligent officer. He who showed his way worked that day so he is going to be in charge in the Intelligence Department on our ship. A call out to all classes of personnel to be prepared for a full dress rehearsal at 14:00 this afternoon. As the real full dress presentation is going to be the next afternoon on the Parade Grounds by the hangers for the ships. Do not be late or you will be assigned to the kitchen detail for one week. I must admit that it was a full dress rehearsal which blew my mind as they showed such class and greatness. I pray tomorrow afternoon that when it counts the personnel has to come fully ready. And leave a indelible mark on the public who are filling the seats you are performing in front of. We want all the guests to go home feeling incredible happiness and remember this occasion for life. All the promoted officers kept the same composure through out the entire parade. I do believe the first officers meeting is going to be some exciting and very interesting. Until then good afternoon to the people on board right now. See you all tomorrow afternoon.

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Tik Toks Music on Spotify

I have been blowing my ear drums listening to Tik Toks Greatest hits on Spotify. There have been lots of hits from when I think I was a teenager and beyond maybe. One song did bring back lots of memories almost made me feel like crying at one point. men do not cry so I did not cry lol Just joking. I know great songs when I hear them.

That song is by Tommy Roe and called ” Dizzy”. Yes, it is one song of millions I recall easily enough. This song brought out some memories that hurt my heart way back when the troglodytes roamed the earth. I know it is wrong but songs call out to us in many ways so understand the ways of yesterdays. This song certainly does bring many good old time memories and I do really enjoy this song. In fact Spotify played it back to back to crush what is left of my old heart. lol Running through sandy beaches every night but this is just dreams calling me to the tropics again.

Plus, there are lots of songs from the English Invasion during the sixty’s that broke records in the US and Canada. I remember hearing lots on a station back in those days called ” CJME” out of the Queen City of Saskatchewan which is the capital city named ” Regina”. I do not know why this feeling is coming over my brain tonight. I guess because I am easily upset to be sad at times. But, I just call it having a day of old memories from those days back when I knew nothing about love. I am still not sure what is love or what it means except it sure feels good at the time.

This is just a short note to explain to myself why I listen to old hits. Just because they make me homesick or those days when we had no responsibilities or anything. Just school work which interfered with being foolish back during the growing into teenage years. The best days are in deep inside my memory banks hidden away till the end of time. One in awhile they jump out on me and then i must hear them until my bed calls my name. Trust me I love my bed. It is high above the floor so please do not fall out. i am not responsible for any injuries. I have done this a few time but I can fall out of my bed during dream like states.

One hour and forty-five minutes and counting listening to these old hits on Tik Tok through Spotify Music APP. I use the free one and have tons of songs on it. I also have 21 days or so of music on another music program I call my music. I downloaded all of them mostly during the time of writing my first book ” A Walk in Time”. I even have every song written inside of binders. Just in case i can not recall the names when I get old. Now back to reality of this Sunday night. The winter is on hold and it is some warm once again. This winter is like old songs. Laying naked in the night on sandy beaches. My dream, my dream only okay !!!

Yes words from songs can make us become embarrassed so I apologize for any bad thoughts going through your minds. If the CIA can make a hit song according to a podcast on Spotify which I do not know the name sorry. The message was direct about that song with no name told right now unless we find and listen to that podcast. There are a few I hear and enjoy each story told. They do make me wish to have my books on audio books. That is another dream for now. I have to finish my trilogy of aliens appearing on earth so to speak maybe.

Charlie pride has a fantastic song called ” Kiss an Angel Good Good Morning”. I do enjoy his songs from being this old now. It is all about two people being in love. I have not been in love for just over 13 years now. My last girlfriend was murdered and the people who did that to her are still walking arund the streets free as birds in the air. Why was I not with her that night. I had to go back to my drug rehab living center west of the capital city. Her Mom and one Uncle and I paid for her head stone. The first time I went to see her there I was with her Mom and Dad and her son. I kneeled on the cold snow and burst out crying which was the first time I did that. I refused to accept her death until that morning. Her son hugged me and told it was okay to cry. Just a young boy but he knew what was right. I guess this song brought me back to that cold morning.

I just checked the amount of words I have written with this blog post and I am over 800 words. it is only 10:00 PM here in the cold western provinces of Canada. Sorry it not cold it is some arm right now and will be until next weekend. We can handle that and all weather Old Man Winter can throw at us from here till spring. Sooner than later love is going to get you. yeah, right !!!! This was supposed to be a short note to explain my feelings over certain songs that hit my heart in a sad way but happy at the same time. I am going to stop before I pour out all my real feelings to everyone who stops to read this blog post.

Good night and I hope you all enjoy the new week ahead with fun, love and excitement each day of the week. God bless you and he will answer nay prayers you have for him. That low voice you hear inside of you is the Holy Ghost answering your questions to God during prayer.

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Secret in The Large Black Box

To some maybe such a large black box represents a tragic end happening to someone. To a few others this large black box could be full of personal items or to someone else they are carrying drugs like heroin, cocaine, or meth. Maybe others think it is none of their business what is that large black box. No one else came forward to provide a idea about what might or might not be in their Large Black Box. Now, Joey and Betty had to get out of this train terminal with out being recognized by security or police officers. Yes, that Large Black Box had something inside of it for sure.

Joey and Betty finally managed to get that large black box out of the terminal and into a large vehicle. Both of them felt at ease for the first time since arriving in the city. The address where both of them were heading was a family size house in the suburbs. It was just a cookie cutter style of a home built like all the rest. Maybe this would allow Joey and Betty some peace and quiet which was in high demand. A promise was what drove them to pick up that large black box. One main reason they agreed to go this route was the house in the burbs. It was all theirs free as someone else was paying the freight for them. After realizing the large black box and both of them made it to the house safely a huge sigh of relief was released.

Joey and Betty were resting after such a nerve racking experience the last few days. Not that it was much different from most of their times in doing what they do. The large black box was a money making idea at first than once it began they wanted to have fun to out fox the authorities. None of their friends or associates felt sorry if they got caught but that never materialized. It was like a giant horse shoe was tied to that large black box from beginning to end of its journey. Joey and Betty never told anyone what exactly was inside that large black box that required such sneaky terms. This does not mean that beating the ones in charge of public safety meant it was easy to accomplish. Not at all !! Bottom line is that Joey and Betty never actually knew what was inside that large black box from the start. Why would two people take such a gamble without thinking about it clearly? Maybe, they had a special deal after this was all over with. One that would make them rich beyond belief for taking this chance with that large black box.

One day or one year or ten years or twenty years would go by and they are still stuck with that large black box. Still inside that same house that someone else is paying the full costs for them. They were on easy street for life if they sit there and protect the luggage from the train station.

Who were the people or person who is paying everything for them? Are they really that scary and mean if these two just disappeared and went into parts unknown? Would they ever be found by anyone this way? Being paranoid is not good but no one knows who they are. They are safe until who knows come looking for that large black box. Joey and Betty were very concerned about opening that box and looking inside for fear one day someone shows up looking for it. Would that person find they opened it at some point in time? Was it worth being killed over by actually looking inside that contraception? Of all the ones who were wrapped up in this affair Joey and Betty stepped up and did the right thing. Or so they thought at the time back then.

To all their neighbours they were just the perfect young couple who were very much in love. Neighbours noticed the signs of true love so they told Joey and Betty when the two went out in public. Joey and Betty blushed from time to time pretending to fulfill that outlook. Wilma and Bill lived next door to the two love birds and for some reason they shared secrets to keep the marriage alive over time. Yes, they graciously accepted these and smiled back in return. Then there were the couple from down the street who did not seem very friendly towards Joey and Betty. Plus, the residents on their street loved to be kind to each other and held block parties. Joey and Betty were afraid that during such an event maybe someone would go search their home. That was what they could not allow. They got new secure locks on their doors front and back. After the switch on the locks block parties were always tons of fun all night long. Dancing and drinking and being normal was more acceptable for this reason. They never got drunk just a few drinks and no more. Their neighbours never seemed to mind that they were not hard drinkers. But they noticed how they loved to have fun with all of them. Being accepted worked for Joey and Betty which was important for integration into the masses in the burbs. Every year on the anniversary of moving here they waited expecting someone to knock on their door. Yet, no one had ever came out to find them or drop over to visit like long lost friends or cousins. That large black box sat down in the basement all alone with no one to love it or care for properly to be honest. This might be the way the end of it comes off for the large black box. They were not even attached to it at all. What you do not love is hardly missed when it is gone back home. This si the last sentence for this story as Joey and Betty were now old and crippled from arthritis and dementia. That large black box is still down in the basement. Looks like they got rooked but someone else was still paying the full freight for them.

Inspiration of My Imagination

Just think how powerful my mind must be at this point in time after grabbing that one last stream of thoughts. Which enabled me to create such a stunning piece for the local talk radio station’s evening shot. Once the radio DJ and manager had their opportunity to read it they signed me right then to tonight’s evening show. The pay was pretty good for an hour long story being sent out through FM Radio Station here in at Prisall.

I know you all are wondering exactly what is going on with my piece for some talk radio show. I will make sure you all know what is going on after I do that show. Let me say that my name is Poppy Ghocoid from right here in fabulous Prisall. This had to be the number one out of the blue shot I was searching for all this time. I loved trying to create stories that just might hold people’s attention all the way through from the start to the end. I know if and only if the story is something they can sink their teeth into and sit back to enjoy each bit as I talk to them. As this is the inspiration of my imagination which never let me down at any time before. I was leaning on this knowledge to assist my mind to spin an influencing tell it all story that the public of Prisall would never forget. After all this city of Prisall has a population of some half a million residents from the last census that was done. I hoped for a great share of them for my audience tonight. I knew God helped me with the Holy Spirit, sending me lines to use for my story. I know that was why this hour long story was so easy, fun and exciting to create. Never had anything provided such a spark to my inspiration except through God and The Holy Ghost. I had talked with God and thanked him for the help with my hour long talk. I also pointed out the Holy Ghost was one wonderful assistant to have on my side. God told me he was the one who made the world, the oceans and what is in them. He also made the lands and continents plus everything on them animals, people, homes, towns , cities and more. God also made the Heavens and all that with them way up there in space. I thanked God for making space and exactly about deep space for travel. My hour long stories was going to have less tales about God and The Holy Ghost. God said he understood and they would sit and listen and when I required help they would send it out to me. Please listen for it. I knew how to listen to hear the Holy Ghost as I was well taught at home and at church. This all made me rethink my talk for tonight after God and The Holy Ghost gave me so much help. I knew God wanted me to be successful on the radio show along with the Holy Ghost.

You, Poppy Ghocoid was one very fortunate individual in life so far. He was one person who helped the less fortunate in his city of Prisall. He actually spent his entire life here in Prisall. He was a true blue citizen of a beautiful, stunning city of natural wonders. All the way through school he was always playing and singing in group or single singing calls. He was well known in school for his musical skill and singing. Poppy was proud of his achievements through his school years. The students were always in the gym if Poppy and his friends were playing the noon hour musical set. Poppy once said the last two years at Maple Hills Senior High School. He graduated from Maple Hills Senior High School with honours. He decided to go to university to study music. Which he enjoyed and loved his craft like this when he could study at University for more learning. Poppy Ghocoid once more graduated from University with Full Honours. Now, he knew finding a spot in an band was the only thing to do with his life. Everyone who had ever heard him play and sing solo they were just thrilled with what he could do when performing on stage.

But, tonight he would be known as Poppy Ghocoid the stunning and successful radio story teller. This shocking bit of success might change his hearts desire from music to writing fantastic stories. Both ways the public was able to hear him if he was doing a reading session. Poppy could not ignore how God and The Holy Ghost had came and helped him with his creation the hour long story. They had him improve the way it was written but it was his story alone. But when he was standing in front of the microphones he smiled and just relaxed like he was talking to his classmates at university. he probably was that night. Poppy went on to have a very very successful career as a musician in a number one band most of their twenty-five years of playing and travelling around the world. Through God and The Holy Ghost they showed him his other skill he had inside of him. His parents said writing songs was close enough so they were so very proud of their son, Poppy Ghococoid, The Big Star in Music with his band mates. He loved his band mates and they all felt equal and they were actually. This is where they retired for awhile who knows.

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Guardians of Perfections

Their was a fairly large settlement of a lost tribe out on a far away planet named Thelmosteabec. They had called their home, Phaedraoron, after some ancient hero who was the one who led them here. The one time we were there it seemed so dream like we were not sure what to say or do really. But our space ship was sitting down the walking path about eighteen hundred yards away sealed tight. This tribe seemed friendly enough towards us being strangers from a long long ways away. Their planet was situated almost on the other side of this galaxy which is the Leporis Galaxy. While speaking and learning their position here on Thelmosteabec startled us into thinking we should do something to aid these lonely people over here. The Captain decided to let their leader know where we from. Our home planet was in another galaxy just about five hundred light years travel from here. The Second Officer explained we belonged to the United Mercantile Attack Forces. Our ship was a warship full of highly explosive armaments plus, we left half our crew back on board there. Procedures had to be followed when ever we landed on a strange planet that was not known in our records any where. The leader of this community was a simple type of easy going person. He loved everyone from any where. The Captain was agreeable with him in this matter. We felt it our prudent duty to ask for exactly what foods, tea, coffee, fish, caribou, seals, walrus and a few other food types if they would like to sign for them before we can deliver them. Once again, we told them we are the galaxy police force and our other ships come here every month exactly. That was when they asked our entire land crew to stay for supper with them. After, a private conversation we decided to attend the smells were over overwhelming and tasty in deed. Besides this, our first visit from us has turned into a wonderful visit with lots of kindness and wanting to do business with us since their food supply was dwindling down. We are the wonders of the galaxy and this one only. We understood they had been and always would be the Guardians Of Perfection. That was some great name which suited these lost tribe members. How long they had been settled here was lost on them. No answer yet but one day if it had to be. There seemed to be a fairly large part of these people who were women. They said that men were getting killed off fighting those other raiders. So, we told them one of our duties as the is protecting them from any harm. There would be ship from our company coming by every month or sooner if need be. We heard they were the Guardians of Perfection out here on Telmosteabec. The more we waited for that supper the aromas were floating by our faces and it made us want to eat right then and there. We had manners with all of us accounted for. One important issue stuck out with us in regard to why their men were being killed. The women were actually so true blue beautiful and long slendor legs and bodies. I said I could see one reason why men were getting killed here. The women just kidded each other. Their leader agreed with our assumption about the men dying off faster than anyone else. The Captian asked if they were the Guardians of The Perfection here what exactly was wrong? The leader of the woman spoke out they protected Perfection and to look around and take a long look. Perfection belonged to the women who got the protection required. However, along this way something changed and women had less choice for marriage partners. I, being the Science officer suggested we could go around to each post and select the most handsome men with the greatest personalities. At this would allow for more protection for all men up here. The female speaker’s name is : Ipomea Ammara. Ipomea’s position is that four of the single women were going back with us to scout out the single men at all our out posts. They are going to be pleasantly surprised by how strong, not thin or fat just right, all muscles and brains and class. Our crew members silently smiled for them women. Plus, one more thing in our guys favour is they are all Officers on board our ship. Lower ranked officers but still officers with great futures ahead of them all.

Captain, Onceokle Kigear, kept the talk centred around the safety of this long lost settlement out here all alone. The quickest we could get a rescue ship here was about two light years. But, He said all things were going to be made to have one arrive in half the time. It was late already for us since were had got up so early and had a tough day here. All of us would meet back here at 8:00 AM for breakfast for all. That was the last words spoken that night. We returned to our ship and got into it quietly. We put the warning lights on motion detection if anyone came up or tried to force their way in here. A full crew of our officers were no match to lose at all against this settlement. That got to be a standing joke finally. Things got quiet fast and nothing moved until the suns came over the horizon. Big Beautiful Yellow sun with lots of heat burning already on exposed skin. We got ready and went down for breakfast and were right on time. Hoorah Hoorah !! lol went through the crowd. The women who made our delicious looking breakfast were themselves stunningly beautiful. They were in fact coming with us after breakfast and the dishes were washed and put away. Finally, after many long good byes we left walking down the wooden walkway to our ship. After another ten minutes we fired up our engines and headed slowly forward and into the sky and beyond. Ten minutes after there was no trace of the lost tribes Buildings. We were far for now. Plus safety was important for all of us to keep a watch out the rear windows just in case. We did this for another hour because we had some news that a ship was coming to blow us out of the air. We then turned on the after burners to push out this incredible problem and we went faster than another ship could possible go.

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Shepherd Vangaurd Fleet Force

The Shepherd Vanguard Fleet Force was one of the oldest Deep Space Fleets ever to be among the first ever Guardians launched to deep space. These were just ordinary men with solid impeccable character and lean solid muscle and brawn. Under all those muscles and brawn were some of the top officers in the Fleet. That is why all of those ships are still cruising around deep space. I has to only provide praise and honour when due. Admiral Nelkro Taesin had gone out on so many tours he had a chest full of medals now. With a youthful smile and gait he was a happy go lucky gentlemen and officer for the Fleet. This week his main objective was to rename our fleet with a newly honoured name drawn up by the top brass at headquarters. After fifty odd years of standing out among all other fleets from other star systems and universes it was time for this to come to fruition. The new name was going to be broadcast over the loud speaker system in the ships at eighteen hundred hours. But now Admiral Nelkro Taesin was going to talk privately with his crew members. If, anyone deserved to be told early about the new name it was these men and women. He then spoke in an even voice saying their new Fleet Name : Ravage Swat Attack Forces Fleet. They would be of first fleet going into hostile areas ahead of the entire line up of all cruisers. Their armaments were created to take out any war ships from other hostile nations or to free one of our planets under siege. This particular area of deep space was the last parts of claiming planets to bring into our fleets. We have the safest, best equipped ships and personnel. The challenge is the same once we leave our dock shield heading out into the stars and moons and suns and more. The old adage of take no prisoners was also replaced with taking prisoners for questioning. This worked back then and will do as good now. The investigators were just as incredible and pleasant with every prisoner. That was until the one point in the middle of interrogations that lies were obviously being spoke about freely. Pressure was going to have to be built up slowly and then hit them fast over and over before they could think straight any more. As always the truth spilled out when threatened with going to the shue for two weeks. Fear was so obvious in their eyes now. Agreeing with us and working with us was going to take place going forward. The interrogators studied a few notes passed down from military high command. We had them on our side and we were on their side also. A rare event at times but today it shown with gratitude and honesty among all ranks. Now, to finish off these enemy liars who laughed at us so it was time to switch the roles around. For the next three hours the interrogators worked endlessly with one question after another. Mixing these prisoners so screwed up that they gave in before they fell from exhaustion. The information we all were seeking was in fact retrieved in writing from each prisoner on bright white paper pads. Those confessions were read word by word until another day arrived. Then some of those top prisoners were lead to the shue maybe in a week or two they might be loosened up enough to be honest. Until then it was being held in contempt of court by the General Judgment by a Team of Six full Generals. Solitaire was not good on the spirits of men or women. At times it was required to help break down certain individuals. This was or might be the last thing before the prisoners spill their guts. We prayed it was not going to be long before they busted their brains and were willing to talk about all of what they with held from us earlier. Other planets used this barbaric treatment of prisoners to crush their spirits and souls in order to make them talk. No lights or sunlight until they agreed to speak to us openly and freely or go back to the shue. Our Admiral and his entire fleet were for the long haul. This made such an everlasting impression on all the crews across the Fleet in its entirety. That all crews stood half an inch higher with pride and sureness about the Admiral Nelkro Taesin. Another twelve hours passed with out nay break in this lock down situation. Another forty eight hours before they would be checked according to the International Space Rule Committee. All members had to agree to live by this by signing it as each galaxy, universe or star system. At the creation meeting for the first ever star federation Fleets were created and named with honour and happiness. That day was to stick out in infamy for all those present. Now, these two last meetings were just as much important to the order of the entire Fleet Command. To be this close and hear and see the action was nerve wrecking at times but incredible still. It would be like a loving to be a bug on a wall if this was going on inside a board room. Patience is what we are taught is right and important. Yes, being a proud and happy member of the Military attending these meetings it was engraved into our souls and brains. The last three hours to go before the last twelve hours was about to run out. The Admiral got a call saying the solitaire prisoners were on their way back here to talk freely and openly. About two hours later the end was in sight. The talks were coming to a close fairly quick. The last phase was the signing of the peace agreement with the entire core of Fleets who were present. Other ships on duty would receive copies of the said agreement sent to their ships. This is the end of our duty to report what took place and the final out come was announced and read out. We all thank you for being here and being part of such an important and historic agreement.

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Vanquisher Space Corps Fleet

A long time ago on the planet, Tadreon Onnurn, way back on the far edge of the Capella Carina Giant Universe. Some of the meanest and roughest Alien Forces tried to take this giant planet by strict force. The former Buster Force Fleet faced them in a long hard fought battle and lost and everyone on board perished. This time the Vanquisher Space Corps Fleet had more than enough ships that make up an entire Fleet. If, this time any attack took place a reversal of fortunes was a sure thing, memories run deep as most Commanding Officers are relatives of the lost Buster Force Fleet members. Once the entire massive fleet arrived above Tadreon Onnurn they would sit in military squadrons. One of the twenty Imperial Battle Ship of the Chanilla Cruiser Class would transport the top Admirals and their staff down to the surface. They had planned this trip so that all leaders of Tadreon Onnurn were poised and ready to hold meetings all day and into the evening if required. Nothing was going to be left out as this giant planet wanted to join our Feral States Federation of Planets. Being this far out they would provide a tight corner of protection against any force who came onto them. Plus, we would leave a number of different sizes of ships with them to start off with. More would come after once an agreement was reached in full and then signatories would have to sign their name and ranks. The Federation would agree to build a training centre with a full scale university attached to train space officers and crews for all ships left behind and all those coming out to fit in them. Negotiations started right away and went fairly easy all day so far. Our guests asked if we would agree to have a break for supper with their families and all staff present. This was granted with much happiness and rancour. We followed the leader to the quarters where the feast was to take place. The closer we got the smells made our mouths water badly. Their women had to be great cooks or chefs safe to say. A few hours later we all headed back to restart negotiations before it got to late tonight. Once, everyone was seated things began but slower than before as these sections of the agreement were longer and more in depth. No one was surprised that nothing went awry which is what professional individuals are capable. we had scheduled two days for all negotiations to be completed. Our two quartermasters had gone ahead to secure enough rooms for all those who might have need of one. The Feral States Federation of Planets were paying for all bills for this meeting. And that was well received from the Tadreon Onnurn Negotiators. Our top Admiral led this night meeting from start and unto the finish. He was a great public speaker after thirty-five years with the Federation. Everyone followed along and stopped him to ask the odd question of importance to the Tadreon Onnurn Negotiators. Most of this surrounded around our new relationship and the requirements involved in being an important part of this Federation. Nothing like this had ever been done in the last thirty years of operation. We just had a normal contract to protect them every time we cruised down this way. Radio contact was easy for them to reach out if an emergency was taking place. We never left anything unsolved for any reason. Not in The Feral States Federation of Planets. Our wanting to have them part of our Federation was number one important issue facing all on this side of the table. The agreement allowed for cross training if they want to ask for this from us. They would travel to our planet base of operations on Drarvis GNA9. We were located just past their universe into the next one called ” Theta Calesius”. We had two blue moons orbiting our planet. Both are the same medium size moons which are prominent in our universe. The nights here we understood area bit longer than what we were used to. It turned out just three more hours longer than what we had at home. Some trade offs but mostly all was equal to all sides and that made things fly by and soon the day was over. Tomorrow morning we all return at eight in the morning until noon and them from one till four in the afternoon. Transfers of ships and personnel were going to take some time to at four in the afternoon to complete forms and tools and people on both sides of this operation. The night seemed to fly by and the sun was just as bright orange as since we arrived. It was gigantic but stunningly bright. I never got used to all the different suns and moons orbiting other planets. I will I know before my turn of duty is over for me to retire. That was some time away as I enjoyed this negotiations and agreements signing to turn things over and receive back items. Just after we ate breakfast we returned to the same cool room to finish the final steps in our negotiations. Six more hours to talk and admire the gentlemen sitting across from us. Such stunning and knowledgeable men of real strong characters. Wheels in my mind were incredibly pleased with setting these wonderful people as members of ” The Feral States Federation of Planets”. This day went by quickly and we all agreed to keep going and have a big feast once all was done. Lots of time to relax and have fun and let them show more of their famous hospitality for us. What seemed like nothing the general meeting was over and all agreements were duly signed by all parties. Copies were handed to both top Negotiators for each side and they were told of the importance of locking them away in safe keeping where only one other person should know that place. Like the Second in Command of the Ships. The final shuffle of ships and personnel etc went fast and with no problems. Both Admirals were smiling and shook hands vigorously with happiness. The next meeting was scheduled to be on home soil for the Federation personnel. The Tadreon Unnurn were coming to our planet next year for normal operating meetings with maybe new orders from The Feral States Federation of Planets Headquarters but who knew yet. So the Admiral and his staff returned to their ships cruising high above them and their guests. Once the Admiral as back on board he ordered the flee to get moving slowly around the neighbourhood first. Nothing was going to be taken for granted. New members some times fell out once they got their hands on new equipment. However, we had the top hand to hand fighters on board with our new members on their planet. This plan always worked to solve any itchy fingers. Never had much problems with us still flying high above their planet with enough armoury to blew their planet away into dust. This was not part of any agreement with any new partners entering the Feral States Federation of Planets.

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