Out in The Pritoitius Galaxy #2

As written in the last installment I might create a Part #2 or more. Here is my attempt to fulfill my word to all of you who stop by to read and relax. Please, take all the time you want in cruising around my blogs. Creating this edition is going to take some time since cruising around the far flung Kriaptron Universe is going to take up all of my time until the end of this blog.

The Intergalactic Research Defense League is a very unique blend of protecting and locating by digging deep into this area of the far flung Kriaptron Universe. Being the only organized Intergalatic Research Defense League is this supposed to stop us from carrying out sworn duties. No, the exact opposite is to take place out here as only enemy crafts cruise this far out along the edges of the far flung Kriaptron Universe. Our star cruisers are armed with more than enough fire power to capture any and all bad guys we cruise into and around to. This is something like the man date as set up by the Founding Fathers of the Intergalactic Research Defense League. They all felt someone had to be slinking around the dark edges of where trouble usually sat. After the first five years it became perfectly clear there was no doubt that evil space pirates were actually ripping everyone off and ripping off everything that was not nailed down. One of the larger problems was the lack of effective jail ships this far out. This was another great idea put forth by the Founding Fathers which was, to create at the Top University, the ability to build all the different types of space cruisers , supply ships, and Jail Ships that were going to be required. Nothing was left out when things got serious back then. Why else is there all the much required Electrical Engineering Dept’s ? All the Mechanical Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Power Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Scientific Engineering Dept’s required ? All the Planatory Engineering Dept’s required ? Like, I was saying nothing was left out in the beginning of creating the dream the Founding Fathers had for the Intergalactic Research Defense League. Our home planet of ” Gromia QCEU ” has the grounds to hold all these Univeristy Departments and with ease. Now, you know the whys and the hows of where we are today. The Founding Fathers left behind a complete set of blue prints for any other Departments we might in our day and age want to have just to have them.

I wanted you all to take in what some of the strange planets can look like especially when more than one planet is in each picture. Being quiet and careful and using silence like ear plugs we have to more than sneak up on these incomprehensible killer pirates. They are designed to kill first than ask any questions only if they have to. No we are not going to allow them to survive to ask questions ever. Before, you want to ask , yes, the Founding Fathers actually laid down the rules of attacking a known enemy or unknown ones. We are using their rules in all concerns and matters. So, now lets go and get the ones who are stealing from our friends and neighbors way out here in the far flung Kriaptron Universe. At least we have some ideas of where to lay in wait and come out shooting at those wicked, disgusted and dirty underhanded alien pirates.

One last word before we set up our attack patterns. Absolutely no eating or drinking from this point forward. We must succeed in this direct attack. I have complete faith in all of you. Please God Speed we meet back here after the raid. As supper will be waiting for each one of us. You will not want to miss out this some scrumptious, tasty, yummy, mouth watering dish being prepared at this moment.

Lets go !!

Time To Get A Grip

All my life I have looked at ways to expand my world into a number of different areas to make a living supporting my travels, my education, my homes and my vehicles etc. But I thought it was time to sit here and have an incredible conversation about music with all of you out there.

One of the best songs from “The New Riders of The Purple Sage” is ” Lonesome L.A. Cowboy”. This song brings back so many memories from my youth. If nothing else we all had good taste in music. This song if you listen to it will wrap you in a cloud from the past with the incredible lyrics and guitar trips and drums in the background. I am currently listening to this song now. I fell for this while doing what young people carried on with back in them there days and times. Through the entire career of The New Riders of The Purple Sage the songs and hits just kept on coming out. Then there was old “Panama Red” who came into town and steals young women and hides away safely. Another great song that tells a story that we all get enthralled by.

Then we found another group called ” The Confederate Railroad”. Another southern rock band that always had us spinning circles. One of the best dancing songs they wrote and performed was “Daddy Was Never The Cadillac Kind.” I have found so many wonderful dancing songs that stick in my brain. Here is one of my favorite songs by this band ” Bill’s Laundromat Bar and Grill.” Yes, they had all the angles covered when it came to southern rock. ” Daddy Never Was a Cadillac kind”. You should get the old 78 RPM record or the new CD’s and play it loud and roaring around in your fast cars !! She likes Elvis and she likes Andy both strong southern men and a real good song called ” Elvis and Andy “.

The Beatles ” Back in U.S.S.R” is a kind of rock song which is easy on the ears. They had some early hits like ” I Want To Hold Your hand ” & ” Love Me Do ” & Then ” Hey Jude ” & ” let It Be ” & ” Revolution ” & many more great hits through their trip around the record charts !!

I am trying to get a grip after being sick for so long but I am still not feeling well and sleep lots so just know ” I Love Music ” !! With out music life would be empty and not much fun at all !!

Furrows on Strokuter

For those of you who do not know or are not aware of the Alpha Lieneus Universe which has approximately fourteen planets complete with one to six moons per planet. One planet in particular has been found to have what look like furrows in the middle of it. We have used the best deep space telescopes searching for the cause or creators of these furrows. This planet is called Strokuter named after a top scientific mind from the Aprico Universal Research Universities. Andalg Tiedjan Strokuter was the best scientific mind to have ever been produced in this realm of all the universes. Andalg discovered many principles that still govern his planet and all those surrounding this realm. For instance, he found that in order to locate other living beings a certain scientific equation must be used called the, ” Warp Speed Continuim To Find Existing Life Forms”. He had stated this required to bounce sound of other planets which had a different echo when other life forms existed. All the while maintaining warp speed at a continuous threshold of no less than warp speed six. Andalg Strokuter had found many other alien life forms using this method. The mass of people would soak up a certain amount of sound waves used. Plus, as he is known for many other scientific claims which proved themselves out.

As you can see there are many different and odd size planets that Strokuter’s scientific principles applied to so far. The last picture clearly shows a picture with two alien beings looking up and out into deep space. How different is their planet from the one they are gazing at in front of themselves ? I admit that Strokuter’s principle worked perfectly once we have a clear look at all three of these pictures right . Would it faze you to know that alien life forms were found all three of these planets from very different areas of their universe ? It did me as I was not sure of where any of these pictures were shot. Needless, to say the residents of the planet Strokuter were very proud of their founding Father. Not only has he become famous past their own planet and galaxy but into the entire known universes. Which meant students from other Colleges and Universities were learning the same things about Strokuter as life forms on other planets were absorbing.

I can see how and why many Graduate Students were seeking a Top Honors with a PHD in Space Sciences. I have to say proudly they have every reason to chase after Strokuter’s passion as he did. Maybe, they just might push the envelope into deep space travel to develop new planets and trade with new life forms on the same planets. I know for a fact that our life forms are the top in our universes for now. That is until more planets, more galaxies and more universes are discovered way way out there. Time is why they are ahead of all other living alien beings that have been found. Some life form had to be number one in space and education and travel etc. Yet, one day there could be another incredible alien race heading for us from the opposite ends of the universes. Lets pray they are friendly and wanting to create as trading partners and live in peace.

Until, the next chapter is created and shared with the outside universes have a great safe travel around your galaxy and universe. We are coming in peace looking for trading partners and wonderful neighbors.

Then, Things Fell Apart

There was nothing to indicate that anything weird or strange was on the verge of taking place. Except there existed a certain air of trepidation coming. It was rippling slowly across the main air ways above the city looking for that one place to sweep in. That spot was picked long before these UFO’s ever left their home planets. As the dark silver flying machines had been arriving since just after this planet came into being. Nothing could or would pick out any UFO’s cruising high over head. Alien scientists had learned all about making their flying machines become invisible when required to. That air of trepidation was actually going to be dumped as the unseen silent saucers were about to slide down and out of sight. There secret spot to land had been hidden for centuries already. Nothing had been able to disturb their location under the ground below the city. Soon the residents of this city were going to be breathing in a concoction of space gases from a number of deep space planets. The deep sleep being enjoyed by everyone was going to be expanded by another day. This massive time out would not be realized ever as the alien crews knew this for a fact. The green aliens had the power and control where ever they went in any universe in deep space. At least no one from any planet had been harmed by the slender green men who arrived inside their dark silver saucer like flying machines. Plus, at no time did ever uncover the missing 24 hours disappeared to. Thus, it was going to be the same here a secure connection.

A long time ago one time when the crew were still just kids they got into small kid trouble. To be honest they were not in any dog house just neighbors who were upset. Being a rich Dad, I paid for the broken window. I will admit surprising to me was not one of them ever did anything unlawful since that day. That is why The Command counts on them in certain circumstances. When, the entire population woke up it just seemed like a normal nights sleep. Which was all good across the city that month. Still, all the same the top Commanders wanted everything searched as they thought that something was amiss. To be honest, nothing was out of kilter, if they got around to checking that all is alright. A big sigh of relief went through all the managers across the city. For the first time we never missed her each morning. God has his methods so lets be calm and relax and lean on God for understanding. I saw her earlier and knew she should come back on duty.

Today, was another day when no one knew she was going to to show up for work but hopes were high that she just might do that. I really do not think everyone or anyone knew exactly who she was except late for work nor showing up for work either. There was not any messages showing her name it was all about no one knowing where she was at this time. Plus, some people started to ignore the messages because maybe there was not anyone missing or the police would have been called in to find her.

One time a few days later one person wondered if those little green men in those grey saucer like flying machines had anything to do with any disappearance. If, so then that would be the first time in recorded history since flying saucers had been seen in their skies. Yes, as the years went by finally no one recalled or told any more stories about any young person being missing. There were just too many occurrences of dishes flying around high in the skies all over the world. Or could there be a secret passage that these flying saucers were using ? Yes, maybe as there has been proof that flying saucers with spaceman inside had been seen in all or most of the historical sights around the planet. But, most of the population of earth did not believe in flying saucers. What can anyone say except stay tuned and find out in the future if flying saucers are in fact real or not.

The Time Is Coming

Yes, I do think the time will arrive when our planet will be useless for any one so we have to go colonize The Moon and then onto Mars. Why not rebuild our societies on another piece of space rock ? Would we be trustful of each other enough to reach that high to save our races and the people inside each one. I think we have no choice but to except this fact about our Blue Planet before it turns black and dies. That we have another piece of history of our races called societies is that doing us any good ? How many prayers shared around the Earth is it going to take to stop this craziness saying that you can take this country and that country will say try it ? Then another stupid no good war killing more innocent people to impress who ??? Who gets their jollies on killing women and children and old people where they live ? This has been going since shortly after we learned how to kill with a piece of wood. Then bow and arrows came about. Then other countries were slowly found and colonized or partly colonized depending on the size of the residents still living there after wars end. We have had WWI and WWII and many other wars scattered across our beautiful blue planet that has enough water in some places. We also have to learn to share with our neighbors without thoughts of taking them over by killing enough of them and that power is yours.

Here are two pictures one with some delightful thoughts about God and what he has provided for us already. We know God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost are with us each day as go about our actions whether that be working or looking for work. The world has plenty of natural wonders to keep us happy for another ten or twenty million years or more. So, lets sit down and learn to find out about each other. Recall constantly the top picture and then the bottom picture. See in our minds what we have that God made for everyone here on Earth. I for one human being on this world as we spin and spin around the sun. Why not just relax and think about keeping our architecture standing like when it was originally built ? That way we can use that money for building ways to ensure all our water can be sent to all countries here on Mother Earth. We do not have a license to destroy what God built for us when he created our stunning Blue Planet back then before he created each one of us. So lets do the good things that we need to carry out and show our fellow Sisters and Brothers around the Earth we love them !!

I can see a face with eyes a nose like image and a mouth with a frown. Why do we want to keep killing off our planet ? I say lets give and provide God’s Love for everyone we see and meet and already know. Lets spread God’s Word around the globe and see all the amazing changes that will take place. If you read the Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon, and The Quran we all should be full of God’s love for us. Lets ensure all peoples have excess to these incredible Religious Books.

This is my rant. I just had to get this out and off my chest due to being a True Follower Of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost. I know reading provides great feelings of goodness. You can find any answer you are looking for by simply picking up The Quran or The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon. Have a very pleasurable day or night like it is here.

God Bless Everyone Across our Blue Planet !!

Outstanding Blogger Award #1

I was nominated by a wonderful person who cares enough to blog about Bullying and lessons we can learn from it. cheriewhite@Chateau Cherie I am Humbled and honored by you nominating me for this Outstanding Blogger Award. Plus, I am very grateful for my fellow bloggers on Please come check out cheriewhite’s blog @Chateau Cherie. You will not be disappointed in fact you will be empowered to follow her to see what she stands for and stands against.

Rules :

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  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that pings back the creator’s original post will be entered into win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award !

This Award was Created By Colton Beckwith.

cheriewhite’s Questions :

  1. What kind of vacation do you prefer ? Alaska or Hawiian ? I will be honest and say Hawiian. It always looks so green and lush and inviting.
  2. Have you ever flown in a plane ? Yes, I have flown in a number of different airplanes. This includes Gliders.
  3. Seafood or Cruisine ? Cruisine
  4. Self-prepare or take out ? Take out on special occasions that I make up.
  5. Would you prefer a cat or a dog ? A dog
  6. How many times per week do you read ? 7 days a week
  7. Favorite 80’s TV Series ? That is very hard to pick one : Magnum PI: Cheers : Alf and many more

My Questions for my Nominees :

  1. What would you prefer ? The Cook Islands or New Zealand ?
  2. Have you ever been to Disneyland ?
  3. What is your favorite way of watching movies on DVD or in theaters ?
  4. Home Barbecue or Food Truck ?
  5. What would you prefer an African Safari or Travel the Inside Passage to Alaska ?
  6. How many books do you read in a year ?
  7. Favorite 90’s TV Series ?

My Nominees Are :

Mrs. Holliman God’s Love

Lydia Potter In His Service & Loving It

Khyati Gautam Bookish Fame

Rishika Jain The Ethereal Unicorn

Kally MiddleMe

Penfila Help Break The Silence

Riya Gupta World of Thoughts

Dee Dee’s Platter

Tangie T. Woods Tangie T. Woods

I hope you all feel these because you should as you are all real good Bloggers !!

Ten of My Favorite Feelings Tag

Tangie T. Woods, Thank you for considering me to be part of this fun Tag. I am a kind, thoughtful, grateful and blessed and a God loving person. I do enjoy laughing and having fun which are all gifts from God. In Philippians 4:13 it says ” I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”. As long as we seek Christ out he will allow us to be all these things and more. We must follow his word and his commandments in order to get back to Heaven to live with him. This Tag is another way to make every possible way to connect with fellow bloggers.
These are also very important to me. I have a book called ” The Power of Positive Thinking”. It is full of good ways to live the right way with God in our lives.

The most favorite feeling is being loved by Heavenly Father, by my daughters, my siblings, my granddaughter, by other church members across the world.

Another favorite feeling is knowing that God,Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost walk with me each day. They keep me pursuing the path that was laid out for me before I was born.

Another favorite feeling is the respect I show towards others and have them return that respect. I concentrate on doing a good deed everyday.

Another favorite feeling is knowing that each day I can become more like Jesus Christ. By being thoughtful, considerate, and loving towards my fellow men and women.

  5. https://God’
  8. https://kriti’


I want to give a huge Thank You to Mrs. Holliman @God’s Love for Nominating me for this award. I am really grateful for this Award and this is my First One and can’t wait to do it now. If you haven’t checked her blog, you should. Mrs. Holliman is one of the most encouraging people I know. If, you have not followed her blog, please do if you are inclined.

” The Kennedy Award of Excellence is a registered award of excellence for the blogs through it’s writing, presentation, and objectives. It fosters human values ; promoting intellectual, emotional, and moral growth of peers.”

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Here You Can Answer The Same Questions I Did :

  1. When did you start blogging ? I started blogging February 27, 2017.
  2. What is your blogging objective ? My Blogging Objective is to showcase my love of writing for others to see what is important to me. And gain some insights into the area of life on other planets.
  3. What motivated you to start blogging ? My motivation came from my desire to have the readers enjoy short stories on many different subjects.
  4. Do you see blogging as a long-term goal ? Yes, I intend to keep blogging for the rest of my life.
  5. Is there a specific topic you enjoy ? There is one area that I enjoy writing about. Which is about life on other planets and the interaction between Alien Races.

My Nominees For The Kennedy Award of Excellence :

  1. Penfila @Help Break The Silence
  2. cheriewhite @Chateau Cherie
  3. Tisha @Brainy essays
  4. Sheree @ View from the Back
  5. Ava Tripathy, A_V_E_M @Ava Tripathy
  6. Kriti’s Blog @Kriti’s Blog
  7. Katherine @Katherine’s Blog

Here Are The Questions :

  1. When did you start blogging ?
  2. What is your blogging objective ?
  3. What motivated you to start blogging ?
  4. Do you see blogging as a long-term goal ?
  5. Is there a specific topic you enjoy ?

I am looking forward to reading all your blog posts !

Friday’s The Best Yes It Is

Today is Friday and it is the best day because God gave me a great big wish and answered prayers that Covid-19 would pass me by. Thus, this was exactly what happened today I was told my Covid-19 Test was a Negative Result. Except, I am left with an infected chest, a throat infection and a sinus infection. Antibiotics are going to take it away over the next 20 days. This is a true Blessing and I accept this with open arms and a humble and contrite heart. I love God and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost with all my might, mind and strength.

Friday has been good so far and this is the end of my blog for tonight. God bless you all and have a safe day or night everyone.

Sunshine Blogger Award # 10

Good evening everyone !! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Rishika @ The Ethereal Unicorn. She has one amazing blog with good story lines and good creative writing skills. Please, drop on over to her blog and follow her if you are inclined. No one will be disappointed !!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award is given by Bloggers to Bloggers who inspire positiveness and creativity in the Blogging Community.

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Questions From The Ethereal Unicorn :

  1. Do you think your name is cute ? No, I do not think so.
  2. If you had a chance to chose your name, which name would you chose and Why ? I am happy and content with the name my parents gave me.
  3. Do you have any hobbies other than writing ? Reading, watching movies and watching TV Shows and studying scriptures.
  4. Be it books or movies which character’s life would you choose to live and why ? I would love to be Stephen Covenant, The Unbeliever. His character ends up with leprosy and his marriage dissolves and she divorces him and takes their child with her. Thus, he loses any contact with his son. He eventually goes into deep coma like sleeps for long times due to his leprosy. He goes down to middle earth and the people accept him as the Hero who is to help save them from their enemies. He does end up being called White Gold Wielder as he still wears his wedding ring. There are a total of 6 Books in 2 Series by Stephen R. Donaldson. He is an incredible fantasy writer.
  5. If, you have a job now, are you happy with it ? If, given a chance, which one would you switch to ? I am not working right now.
  6. Do you like to cook ? Yes, I do love to cook.
  7. Which is your zodiac sign ? I do not believe in astrology.
  8. Do you believe in predictions made for your zodiac sign ? I do not believe in astrology.
  9. Are you, so far, proud and satisfied with the progress of your blog ? Yes and very much more than that for sure !!
  10. What’s the most useless piece of knowledge you know ? Santa Clause has a sleigh pulled by Reindeer.
  11. What is your favorite work from your blog ? My Love Affair With Music.

My Nominees Are :

  1. River Dixon The Stories In Between
  2. susiesopinions susiesopinions
  3. Nabeela Jameel BrainStorms
  4. Kally MiddleMe
  5. drjurisharma @drjurisharma
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  8. A. Rinum @Shadowsofrinum
  9. Mrs. Holliman @God’s Love
  10. Shantanu Baruah @Ckonfab
  11. Dragon Warrior @Den of Dreams

My Questions For my Nominees :

  1. What would your best day look like ? Explain ?
  2. What is your favorite place to grab a good meal ?
  3. What would you prefer a strawberry Soft Ice Cream Cone or a Frozen Vanilla Yogurt ?
  4. What is your favorite genre of music to listen to ?
  5. Have you ever watched the horror movies about ” The Saw ” ?
  6. What genre of books is your best for your eyes to consume ?
  7. What dream place would you really enjoy visiting ?
  8. Do you believe in life on other planets ?
  9. Have you ever seen a UFO ?
  10. What is your dream type of work for life ?
  11. Have you ever thought of moving to another country to live ?

Thanks to all my nominees for posting their blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award !