What is Actually Taking Place

I know everyone likes my titles for my blogs as they may have you thinking one thing and I turn it into another thing. I am serious though given what is going on with one leader in the western world. How can one person be out to destroy all that the western world has put in place since the end of the WWll. Have you figured out who I am talking about yet ? I will let you ponder this for awhile as I create another perspective in my blog for today. One more clue he is waging economic sanctions against other countries to show he is all powerful and in control of the world. Kids usually play lots of games but a supposed adult doing that with real economies affecting billions of people. A very sad chapter in our world and its life expectancy as it drops away. Time will tell whether this person is this incompetent or stupidity runs in his back ground or not.

Lets, look back into time way back in time maybe just in case I can not find a story inside my brain for Friday afternoon. Ah, I found something to create a few great interesting paragraphs for you all to read. Ghosts are real entities that exist to confound us with stunning alertness of activities when at least unexpected. Yes, one ghost is following me as I walk around my castle like estate that I, Jarvis Skich, lives in. Not a real castle but a huge giant size house built long before I was born here in Chia in a country called Northern Tui Coriagu. We knew that ghosts had infected this grand old house as soon as we could talk and understand the reality of our lands. This ghost has been attached to me since I was very young according to my grandmother, Countess Becca Mimi Prekha, who had an imagination that was as wild as the north winds that howled through the mountain passes here. She told us many times about each ghost that haunted our household. Apparently, there had been a lot of deaths that took place over the past centuries in this old castle like structure we called home. Our ancestors were not the nicest people on the planet she had told us all. Maybe, it was because we were just young and had impressionable minds. Had to be why she created these ghosts with such vivid details of what they were capable of doing to us.

The city of Chia was in the highlands in the mountainous area of my country Northern Tui Coriagu. The mountains would be more that hospitable at times and then roar with such force bringing storms never seen or felt before. Grandmother Prekha had not seen anything like this last storm that struck that day. Chia was a very old city with a rich history going back centuries. The mountain pass where it was built protected it for the most part from being discovered by enemies over the centuries. The plateau was so huge it stretched for hundreds of miles in one direction. We used to roam for hours everyday playing games as we grew up more or less left to our own devices. Grandpa Prekha had gone off in search of some great treasure and never returned breaking the code of life in our family history. Our code said if one goes off in search of treasure he or she must return unto the families they left behind. Thus, it seemed for a century or more no one had up and left to search for any kinds of treasures. We had it turned out many treasures of different kinds under our feet. Grandma Prekha had told us this is how some evil people’s were allowed into our country thus creating the ghosts that roamed at will attaching themselves to our young boys and girls. Who knew but no one dared to question Grandma Prekha ever. When she was riled up being punished by her was a fate worse than anything experienced before in our lives. Our soft young bottoms hurt for days after she spanked us with that old wooden spoon made from old grooten tree wood. The hardest tree wood ever found in our entire country through the history books in the local government buildings.

Getting back to Grandma Prekha’s stories about these evil people turned ghosts after being put to death. From the earliest days we could not go any where out in the fields to play with out all of us going together. Grandma Prekha told us this scared the ghosts away because for some twisted reason kids held them in fear so much they had to find us alone or they would not attack us. We paid very strict attention to the rules as we grew up. Yet, those ghosts did manage to attack a few young kids when they were left alone. No one had ever recovered enough after such a fierce haunting to explain what exactly took place. It was all gibberish sludge of talking which meant no one understood them at all ever again. These ones were held in one big building in Chia for their own safety with guards around the clock. Ghosts were taken serious since they left behind samples of their work and those kids never aged or grew up. Fear could do lots of damage to ones psyche when young like we were. Our parents never left us alone in this huge old castle like house. At night when we went to bed guards were placed in our rooms in plain sight to prevent ghosts from coming after once we closed our eyes. Preventing ghosts attacks was something taken very serious by effect of law passed by governments over the last centuries.

By now you are wondering what exactly had taken place to create such drastic laws being drafted and passed by governments in the Northern Tui Coriagu. Living up high in mountain passes had toughened us through each generation but ghosts could do more harm than anything. Can you imagine silent ghosts stalking young kids sneaking up on them and taking their minds and leaving a dead soul behind encased in a empty body. Parents who had their young kids stolen like this often went mad and died unexpectedly. Dead bodies often turned up at the foot of the cliffs just out side of Chia. Ghosts had taken a huge toll on our society over the centuries. A double deadly effect causing such abnormal fear in recent decades in our young kids letting them know the entire consequences of what Ghosts were capable of.

Now take a good look at what is actually going on today and you will see what happened to these kids is happening to adults even now in Chia. And in other countries spread across the planet we live on.


Better Late Maybe

The last time Bekzorg Verbane was at home everything seemed to fall into place with such ease. Except, this time Bekzorg had been gone for some ten years zooming around the planet he grew up on which was Osiris 7. The planet he has called home for most of his life is Azeroth 2. He never knew that cruising the universe searching for his home planet would take such a toll on his soul. Bekzorg found people, places and things he had only scant memories of since his childhood days. Since he had returned to Azeroth 2 which was just yesterday nothing seemed to be on the level inside of his body. How could his eternal clock and soul maintain equilibrium like this ? Bekzorg was still living in two places actually here on Azeroth 2 and Osiris 7 simultaneously. Nothing Bekzorg had learned since graduating from the space academy prepared him for this situation. What was he to do ? Time was not going his way or in his favor today. He wished he was back on board the STS Pursuit searching the known universe for stars and planets they had never seen before. Alas, Bekzorg Verbane was going to have to figure things out on the fly which was not familiar territory for him.

The entire city of Vertbog would be expecting all their famous space heroes to be at the huge gala being thrown in their honour. The entire crew of the STS Pursuit were to receive the Space Explorer Award. Each member was going to have a medal to wear on their uniform with pride for service given to the people of Azeroth 2. Bekzorg Verbane was the one officer who headed the last mission to the far far away west corner of the universe. Before they went on their way nothing was known about what existed out that way. It was no wonder everyone was so excited about seeing the views of the planets and stars that fascinated their heroes for such a long period of time. The Guardian Space Alliance was going to open the Graduation Hall which could hold at least forty thousand people. The entire population of the city of Vertbog was coming out with out any doubt as it had been almost sixty years since the last time such a Gala was held.

Still, Bekzorg Verbane was in a deep fog unless something snapped him out of it he might miss out on this incredible night of festivities for him and his crew members. Part of him was back on Osiris 7 with his old friends especially one lady who had been his special friend growing up. His parents always talked about his crush who’s name is Acellyce Dustgem. He was not surprised by her natural beauty which had increased since the last time they saw each other. It was more than a months journey to reach the edge of the galaxy where she lived and where his one time home was. The STS Pursuit had reached the outer western edge of the known universe on this recent adventure. Bekzorg knew that The Double Ihemar Universe had to be completely explored in his life time. Yet, he should have been happier knowing he found Acellyce Dustgem but he was to far from her tonight. She should have been part of this he kept thinking over and over. Bekzorg had to resolve this big internal fight or go crazy with his feelings of love and longing for Acellyce Dustgem. He was one of the top officers who others expected to be ready to face the home town crowd. In other words no one wanted to see a love sick officer fall on his face in public after such a tremendous expedition.

The Gala turned out to be the best thing ever to happen in Vertbog in their history. The residents were extremely happy to see their heroes lined up on the stage in front of them. The noise must have reverberated around the entire metro city core of Vertbog. The food as so scrumpious that everyone had seconds from the residents to the officers and crew of the STS Pursuit. After all this was what the Gala was for. Awards were handed out by the top Commanders of the Guardian Space Alliance. Yes, Bekzorg Verbane received one of the highest Commendations handed out. He was the Chief Exploration Officer for the STS Pursuit on this mission. He did achieve more than was expected for his tenure out in the western corner of the Double Ihemar Universe. The presentation of all the Medals and Commendations lasted for over two hours. No one went feeling bored they were all more than completely satisfied with their heroes. The City of Vertbog was going to be remembered for centuries over this expedition.

Bekzorg Verbane woke up the next day feeling the unexpected hang over from just being sociable last night. his head pounded like never before in his life. But, he was aware the residents of Vertbog went home pleasantly surprised and happy with the details of their findings. He wondered how many of his friends had the same hang over as he did. Nothing stopped them all getting their fill of happiness, food and drinks since the Guardian Space Alliance; who looked after the Double Ihemar Universe; paid for it all. The things they brought back paid for the night and hundreds more just like this in the future now. Space explorers would never be forgotten around this city ever again.

Liebster Award

It is my pleasure to Thank Dragonwarrior07987 for Nominating me for the Liebster Award.

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11 Facts About Myself :

  1. I am an Ordained Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  2. I have a strong faith in God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost.
  3. I love writing about all that comes to me and ET’s are my favorite.
  4. I enjoy meeting new people in person, on social media sites and on my blog.
  5. I have always hated plain porridge.
  6. I love the Canadian Football League where we use the Three Down System.
  7. I also enjoy watching good movies which my DVD & VHS Collection attest to.
  8. I love reading books of most genres and types in my small library shows this.
  9. I would love to e a world traveler another dream of mine.
  10. I am chasing my ultimate dream of being a best selling author. I have two books out so far.
  11. I died on October 23, 1996 from a massive heart attack and I was on the other side of the veil. I met a Heavenly Being who asked me a question and I answered him. He then told me I could go back. This is true as I have spoken in my church about this often as asked. This will be part of a book when I write it.

11 Questions Asked :

1.How can you describe creativity ? Creativity is the ability to lay out a story in such a fashion that readers never get bored.

2. What brings you most smiles ? Enjoying good times with family & friends and fellow bloggers.

3. What is your favorite type of blog post ? I do not have one favorite type of blog post even though they all are worth reading and creating.

4. If you could get into any fictional place, where would it be ? I think being in Hobbit Town with Bilbo Baggins.

5. Favorite fictional character ? Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.

6. The story you always wanted to write ? I will say my story about being bale to die and come back and all that I have faced since that moment.

7. Something you wish people knew about you ? Just that I am a bormal medically disabled individual who loves to laugh, talk and play like everyone else.

8. Do you keep notebooks ? Or Journal or diary ? No sorry but I should have.

9. Favorite holiday destination ? I used to love traveling to see the west coast of Canada with the rocky mountains and the ocean.

10. The type of creativity you prefer ? Origami > Arts ? Writing ? I love writing my books and my blogs. I love art work like paintings.

11. Do you watch cricket ? If yes, favorite player ? Sorry, I do not watch cricket.

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Taking The Train

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to take the train some where all by yourself ?

In this world where we have supper fast high flying trains way above the cities below it is something to experience. Yes, here on the planet Rhadale things are done at high speed due to our home planet being the largest in our galaxy. It takes trains even at these top speeds they require four days to circle Rhadale. In our time our day is like four days of any other planet in the Graveltine Galaxy. I know of no other place this gigantic in any location in all known universes that have been found and explored to date. Getting back to actually soaring high above the cities is special every trip I take. The first time my parents Bekzorg and Rava Clandine , took me on the train to go see some relatives I was hooked. Can you imagine a six year old boy seeing such sights as he looked down from way above ? This was just stunning to be part of back than. You might understand my fascination with trains now.

As I grew up I wondered if other places had these trains circling the cities. I knew one day I was going to take that trip over our planet. No one knew what my plans were not even my parents. I was being secretive for a reason. For now school and studying was the most important thing in my life. I kept watching those trains when ever I could. They shot through the tracks like a bullet being fired out of a gun or it seemed so. My imagination kept creating situations that might occur as the trains kept running all day and all year long. I was told to rein in my imagination and keep it on my school work for now. I did exactly that each day I studied more and more as I knew a good education just might get me into the train industry.

I still rode the trains on weekends trying to figure out if I could run one some time in the future. Or should I work towards getting an engineering degree to make these trains I loved so much. That is why I was determined to get the highest marks possible in all subjects. Engineers should be aware of all things was my thought pattern. I was still some young yet so what did I know. What I did not know I was going to learn.

The time came for me to apply to go to university and my parents had some great ones in mind for me. Some offered great grants which I did not have to pay back but I just wanted the best engineering degree possible on our planet of Rhadale. Being a hard worker in studying was normal and mt marks proved that out. I was the one that had to convince my parents to pick the top university they could get me into. Me and trains had gotten me this far.

Four long years later and I graduated at the top of my class at the University of Rhadale in the city of Ariophia. Ariophia was six hours from my place in the city where I grew up which was Iyhunbus. The last four years went by so fast and the last three months were the busiest of all. I also was interviewed by six companies plus the Star Fleet High Command. I was not aware of being an officer on such flying ships going all over through our galaxy and our universe as well. Now, they had my attention for sure. I thought trains were what my life was going to be all about yet I was serious about choosing the Star Fleet High Command Training Center. I did not have to move to study there which was the best part of my decision. My parents were on side of me joining the High Command Training Center. That nailed it for me and I applied the next day in person at their Training Center.

Now, when I am finished this next stage of my education I was going to fly all over the known skies and further into the unknown deep space places. See what can be done when we allow our minds to run free and chase our dreams. I will let you all know when I graduate from the Star Fleet High Command Training Center in four years time. Wish me luck but I know my study habits would get me through to be one of the best future Officers they would ever have.

Lost Saturday

Hello my name is Knox Voiddust and this is my story. I knew once I woke up that something was weird and felt different about this morning. Usually here at the Star League Defense Academy life never changed day in and day out. We studied hard and were taught just as tough on all subjects as we were the next level of command officers across the Delta Vixiona Universe. Our academy was located in the city of Caliden in the country of Sydji Maniti. Learning here was spread over four years in class and on some of the newest space ships ever produced to search the universe and beyond. That is where our class would come on board after graduation. None of us were going to fail as all of us were hand picked from all the top students coming out of schools across the universe. One day the academy hoped to be home for more students from outside our universe. For now The Star Defense League Academy had a history known across all the planets through out the universe. Anyone who wanted to serve on board any of the starship’s being built studied here a the top defense academy. We maintained a sense of pride which was deserving to be an officer for the Star League Defense Forces scattered around the universe. And beyond the known universe which was a dream away for now as the leaders were definite about.

Today was weird and different and I was determined to find out why and what caused this transformation around me. There was no noise as there should have been at this time of the morning. No you know what I am talking about. My dorm usually shook with foot steps up and down the aisles in the hallways. Just, maybe I should open the door slowly to see if I can catch a glimpse of anything or anybody. I could sense something in the air that hung up waiting for me. We were warned about special operations taking place with out any notice. Immediately my mind kicked into high gear and I took steps to arm myself before going to search for what was going on. I grabbed my back pack throwing it on quickly looking for anything else I might require. Yes, that sense of foreboding had not lessened since I woke up. I saw my belt which contained more arms for protection so it went on around my waist. I knew having all this on me was the only way to navigate in the world outside my dorm room. The time was now so I moved ably determined not to be taken by surprise.

I managed to open my door very slowly not wanting an unexpected attacker lunging into it. All the lights were operating correctly in the hallway aisle. Which did not mean much actually in the big scheme of things. Only locating someone I knew to find out why I sensed such a strong feeling of weirdness and difference. Could, I be the only one awake so far, not really no. I made my way down the hallway easily before I recognized someone from my class ahead of me. How should I make first contact with him ? He was armed just as much as I had put on as well. Brindan Stillvigor was the one ahead of me. Names as you know are not first in your mind while in such a state of fugue. I picked up my pace to get closer to Brindan but not making any sound as I approached. Any of the dorm room doors could just open unexpectedly exposing dangerous beings. Again, the training kicked harder as we both walked noiselessly searching for anything and everything. I knew if I touched Brindan he would flip around and shoot me with his phaser. But, I had to make contact so I talked in a low whisper hoping Brindan might recognize my voice. Our luck was he did so we stepped into the lounge ahead covering each other in all ways possible.

We both knew something was up so ensuring that our fellow classmates were safe was first on our list. You might think everyone should have been doing the exact things Brindan and I were checking on. Another day at the academy with life on the edge of falling in toward Brindan and myself. As long as we followed our training maybe we walked out alive at the end of what weird and different activities were being carried out. So far Brindan felt something as well so we kept moving forward slowly toward an adjacent hallway aisle to the left. But where could the rest of the odd four hundred who were with us be ? I told Brindan about feeling like an unexpected mission was taking place and he agreed it was possible. Brindan was higher in rank so I followed his commands. The most important thing was sticking together as we kept searching for those foriegn evil intruders who caused this situation we faced this morning.

After about an hour we had actually searched our entire dorm building and no one else was around. That was weird and different at any time but now it was telling us to be very much aware. Brindan and I made a joint decision to move outside to carry on searching the base which was all around us. As we approached the dorm doors leading outside that feeling of fear was on the edge inside Brindan and myself now. Something had occurred causing this weird and difference this morning. We decided to go for it and opened the door letting the sunshine in. We were shocked as the rest of our classmates were outside but not moving or talking. What was going on ? Well, it happened as soon as we moved into the light of the sun we were apprehended by our superiors. We lost this Saturday maybe next time things would end up differently. Just maybe a lost Saturday was never going to take place again. Just maybe.


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Another Rainy Summer Day

I used to wonder what life would be like where it does not rain and take away my fun in the sun. Many, many times as young boy I would pick up a book and read about the world at large. Yes, I was a book nerd at a young age especially when it rained and I was kept in doors. I did not want to go out and look like a drowned rat in the middle of no where. I know that no one wanted a soaked human being showing up on their door steps and possibly interrupting some private business. I know you all had to have these types of days in the summer or maybe not. To begin with my name is Terrell Gernend with Sentenel Space Corps from my planet Dreunope. We are situated out in the far western banks of the Alpha Caeli star system. All of us had learned at one point during our learning process that our planet was just a small speck among many bigger specks in this universe.

My love of reading through those rainy days built my love for learning once I entered the school system on our stunningly beautiful planet Dreunope. Yes, it is such an incredible site to see each time we return after a voyage to some far off star system which is what we do. Yet reaching this position took the best part of my life learning all kinds of stuff that at times was boring but I soaked it up like osmosis. Learning was easy for me and that set me apart from other kids my age but that was alright since I had already put in place my life goals. I know you might think setting life goals at a very young age was stupid and it ruined my growing up period. But, to be honest it never interfered with my dream as I floated it in front of my cerebral cortex in my brain daily. I had read keeping your goal front and center helped in achieving it. So, here I am a midships officer on a giant star ship named the STS Euphoria ll. Most of my fellow school chums were still trying to figure out life in middle age which was sad but they were doing good for what they expected from life on its terms well maybe not really.

Chasing your dreams from a time when you are young is the only way to get any where and make life interesting and exciting and incredibly stunning more than how I expected it all to turn out to be. Being on board the STS Euphoria ll was all that and more in a hand basket. Going and traveling through out the universes landing on such exotic worlds and meeting even more unbelievable foreign beings turned me on mentally. Yet, I always knew that there was more to come in our time cruising through these stars and planets. Watching comets and meteors racing with each other well it did seem this way from our windows on the star system. They often lite up the darkness around where our ship was finding its way to other planets. Yes, life was never boring being a midships officer. In fact it held more than its share of surprises most of them often unexpected. Trying to put this all into one short personal log report was always difficult for me. But, I had learned how to cut corners when making reports when I went to the Dreunope Planatory Star Academy. After four years of studying like never before in my life provided me with the necessary skills, attitudes and approaches in operating the star ship equipment. Searching for other planets that had not been explored by any previous explorations in that particular area of the start system.

One day I am going to find a special planet that will be just like our home planet Dreunope. With people who show all the traits of being like us they taught us this might be possible while cruising the stars. This was my objective while setting my goals each day to obtain what the Captains Daily Orders laid out for the course we were to take today and everyday. Nothing was standing out but nothing did until we landed on some planet which was not noted to be in this area. Which made us think did it just pop out of some other planet that was passing by ? I know some times being gone for long periods of times and being stuck in a tin can makes us sort of loopy but maybe not. Finding a strange weird planet that was never reported to be existing in any spot along the star finagling linear system of searching. We ended up spending an exorbitant amount of days and possibly weeks sitting in place figuring out what and why this planet existed here and from what star date. The people who lived on this planet we called Hydra Centauri were actually much like most other beings we came across. They were friendly and just starting to find their way around their small nine planet star system. They were not aggressive so we knew they would not be coming to attack any other planets out here. In the end the results were finally recorded and sent forward to the Planetary Department of Directory Services whose responsibility it was to keep track of all planets with life on them or not. I wondered if this information really shocked these very well educated individuals or not as they seldom ventured out of that place.

Now, it was onward to cruise this quadrant of the far eastern banks of the Alpha Caeli Star System. I am going to set down my recording of my personal log book for now. I imagine next time I will have even more exciting findings to talk about inside the covers of my personal log book. Lets just say that many have been on such star ships but some of have not had such incredible adventures as we on this ship have been through. Just maybe I will be able to excite my children with such regal stories of stars and planets. Who knows right who knows…

Too Many Storms

Yes today was raining when it started and then stopped and started once again. Why is it because it is Friday and the long weekend here in Canada. Celebrating Canada Day across our great country with all the world among us which makes us a truly wonderful place to live. All except the rain, thunder and lightening striking at any hour this summer and late spring. We need this moisture each day as it was an awful dry spring which has led to a lot of forest fires in my province called Alberta. I only hope that the forest fires that were burning will be put out when ever the rain storms stop. Which makes me wonder what it must be like on some of the other planets in our universe ?

Have you ever thought about the rain storms on Neptune or Jupiter ? Maybe it pours down nitrogen or some other sick form of gas that kills human beings should we ever get the opportunity to land there. Colonizing Mars is going to be one fabulous experience don’t you think ? Not that I will be one of those who can afford to pay to go up and get all red from the dusty red soil on Mars. Still it would be amazing to see a dust storm spin up like a tornado or a hurricane on some distant planet like Mars. Maybe, it is just me and my magnificent creativity exploring what is hidden deep inside my mind’s eye. But, I am being serious about too many storms so far in spring and very early summer here in Canada.

Today has been another day with pain being stirred about. still I wonder what say Mercury is like from the hot sun’s rays beaming onto the surface liquid lakes of brimstone and fire ? One day I know my incredible ability to spread the word about other things Mercury has in store for us will not only excite you but make you scream with laughter and tears running down your face and for so long. But that word is not coming to my thoughts. It is like creating or being creative or not. But maybe the pain circulating through my senses has burnt some words out of my memory core. But Friday sucks with pain and all this rain.

Lets get back to stirring the pot full of storms through out our planet called earth today as it is needy or it would not be raining again.

Mercury has always been extremely hot due to its location almost next door to the sun. But still it has no atmosphere so the heat escapes fast at night it can get down to minus 300 F. Friggin cold and earth is warm in the winter compared to Mercury at night. It is the smallest planet we know of in our universe. But it is made up of lots and lots of iron so be careful of falling or tripping on the surface. But it storms maybe it does but gases may not exists but who knows as we have not found out yet or have we and that secret is being hidden away some where. Did you know that Mercury has no moons or rings. Kinda cool maybe.

Yet on earth the storms keep occurring due to all the moisture that drops down in the storms than is evaporated and drops down again in those bad storms raining water on our heads. I think our big blue planet should be green from all the rain storms this year. But one day lets run around on Mars in one the dust storms to clean up ourselves. Who knows what it will be exactly like on a Friday afternoon during rains storms on Mars ?

Maybe, Just Because Today

I know one or two of you all must have had a few days like today or am I imagining it all. It started out all so normally than slowly the rain picked up speed and the sky darkened even more than before I looked out. Monday mornings full of hope turn to despair so fast. A nice hot shower just woke up my senses that much which was alright until I opened the door and saw the heavy rain drops falling all around into the huge puddles already laying about. I had hoped for a warm sunny day to go out to do some errands but alas it was not to be after all. There is a saying if you wait for the rain to stop nothing ever gets done. I agree with this because I lived on the west coast and it rained a lot most of the winters. But today it is the second or third day of summer I do believe. What is going on with Mother Nature ? She is going over board with her torment and disgusting attitude crying and letting the tears drop over all the area here. Does she not realize that floods can be caused by such performances ? Maybe, just because today it is Monday and her heart burst open with sadness but that does not cut any ice. In fact rain destroys ice pretty fast especially on open air skating rinks. Mother Nature had better rein in her sadness before it is to late for some of us maybe just because today sucks.

My head hurts again today and the headache pills are so slowly doing what they were designed for. Nothing else will be able to assist me with getting rid of headaches. Or is it just because maybe today is pulling down the clouds closer to the surface of the earth. If you know what I am trying to communicate in this post.

I used to enjoy the casual rain storm if it just came and went but then again what do I know today maybe because it is has been raining for too long already or has it ? My headache is slowly clearing and the deep dark clouds of indecision are not so much crushing my brain into dismantling itself. With much luck I will be able to create a story line for the crowds to read once I am done with it. Music is some times a cure for any ailment or I am misinformed again ? I know for every mood there is a song that can pull us out of those times. I happen to know lots of songs that can cure those situations good and prompt as well. Let us proceed down this path towards reality on the edge of the darkness where at times stars light up the skies with the occasional red hot trail behind comets screaming by. Maybe, just because today seems like a good morning at first glance. That hot shower spraying all over my body while I soaped it with a lather from a wash cloth before I stopped and just got wet and clean at the same time. What happened to those moments before I went and looked out side by opening the door ? Did some alien maybe stun me with a ray gun perhaps ? Just because maybe today anything could have taken place really.

It was not long before I woke up and saw what had actually taken place during the time I was sleeping. How and why who knew and who was asking about it all ? Oh, yes, it was my brain reflecting on what took place I think. Being lost in space and time has this adverse effect on my mind. I had to try and recall where I left that space craft so I could return home to Rhadalen 5. My home planet was a giant dark green mass which was the largest of three hundred planets in the Alpha Caelian Star System. This was about two hundred light years from any where except our sun which was a red sun shining brightly at times. We actually got heat enough to have a normal summer and winter with parts of other things thrown in for good fun it seemed. With all the asteroids and meteors flying by who knew for sure if it was day or night here. They all had such long incredible tails trailing along behind them which fascinated us all.

Now where was I in this story before I actually woke up on Rhadalen 5 with out having to admit I was sane before any one. Have you ever had one of those days maybe just because today turned out to be your co-pilots birthday ? Here it is time to have a back yard fire but I read something some where that said those things were dangerous. Oh, well the red sun is out and would look good behind a wall of blue smoke surrounding it.

Brain Drain From Raindrops

I was sitting here wondering what to create from my brain today for what might interest everyone. There is an old song called Raindrops keep falling on My Head which is an amazing song. If you have ever had one of these days than you can see what I am getting at. The rain is just pouring down today so my creative juices are bogged down among the cold and wetness I see outside and feel inside. You know what I mean yet ? I do. Here goes my attempt at writing a blog post to not only amuse you but intrigue you as well.

Back in times when the Pluto Airlines had just started up operations across the universe there were some doubters who thought they could stop this service from operating period. They were mean horrendously macabre types from the deep streets of the business district in Lockinge City on the planet Pethillon. This business was involved in transportation of different minerals to aid some of the worst offenders causing destruction of habitats through out the galaxy.

The Inter-Galactic Trading Company would lose a number of routes if Pluto Airlines were allowed to grow and open deep space to transporting people. The Company was adapt at stopping anyone from taking their spoils away from them. Not one application to open deep space had ever gone through due to the power and strength which they coveted dearly. Pluto Airlines was going to be a very tough opponent to square off against. How could The Inter-Galactic Trading Company make asinine snide attacks against Pluto Airlines who mostly transported people to hospitals across the universe ? Yet, freedom of the darkness of deep space was worth fighting to hold on to especially if anyone found out what they were actually doing. A secret that was kept through all the previous challenges they had faced in that Space Court even if the lawyers were costly. Their advantage in profits which led to their expansion all those years ago. Billions of Supreme Srywnar had been accumulated that made al of them richer than any other beings in this universe. That was the one thing that created ways and means of defeating all the ones who applied before and lost. The Inter-Galactic Trading Company existed for making profits with all kinds of minerals that were badly required by certain planets.

I never promised that evil not would exist but The Inter-Galactic Trading Company was just that evil to the core. Being the first out of the gate in creating a reliable and respectable company was not easy but they succeeded where many had failed. They knew all about taking steps beyond what others would never think of or dare to try. The owners of the Company were well educated in business and trading skills which shown through anything being said or used against them. Even if some of their business came from transporting the wrong minerals that could harm all planets out here in deep space. Making Billions in Supreme Syrwnar was the absolute objective as laid out in the goals their founder, Nikola Crisp. Now the universe was going to see the ultimate power crunch coming as Pluto Airlines was just a futile start up company that was right to be put out of business. How wrong the Inter-Galactic Trading Company was in their thinking and approach to this situation. They would be the one everyone should watch indeed !

The entire media of Pluto and all other planets had migrated to Osiris the planet of the Space Courts for galactic affairs. It was not going to take long according to the owners of the Inter-Galactic Trading Company before they could get back to doing what they did best. How ever these supreme judges could not be bought not on this level of justice. The court room was filled with from one side to the other due to the importance of this case. It was being asked to decide if one company could retain the right to own the vastness of deep space to transport minerals of al kinds. It would be different if the court knew some of the other types of cargo they carried from planet to planet. Now no one knew how far the long winded lawyers could go to keep the judges bored and disinterested. This case was going to prove all those unbelievers in true justice wrong.

Oh, yes a Part Two is required to finish this blog post off my followers and friends. See you soon all after the rain drops stop falling on my head. lol