The Planet of Croneliv Trippe

About ten light years before this planet was named or was first found by a crew of a Deep Space Super Cruiser. They had been on assignment for ten years now and plunk finally a new planet that is large enough to support life. After being out in the edges of many distance galaxies and a few universes this had to be a huge deal for this crew at this time. We were ordered to keep orbiting until that time as the orders came out. A short period of time to introduce each other and that might be all of time left before the call came through. Finally, the orders came through; go down on the surface and search lightly for life or other beings. The Captain, Dovars Chaustai, graduated on the top of his class. As such he had a choice of ship and choose what and where he had to see out there in deep space with a ten year commitment. He also got to pick his own crew all top grads along with him. That is why he is on a Deep Space Super Cruiser one of the fastest and best ships ever produced. Not much room for storage of things or people. If need be a much larger cruiser could arrive in a number of light periods.

The crew were put down on the surface of this planet for lack of a name it was decided to put the title of; Dungeolia. Located in the low eastern sky in the The Sot Ankara Spiral System. Captain Chaustai said we should pick this land as belonging to our company : Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations. A name for the land had come down from HQ. This new planet is felt by the General from the all military personnel and Penadon Flight Directives Board. The chosen name is from now on to be called ; Stroedor Ubrines. The last detail the Control Headquarters sent out was to search diligently and leave no rock upturned. This was to mean all personnel to take perfect notes and make them readable and correct. As all notes would be copied and sent to HQ upon returning to the next base of Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations. Some of the graduating officers serving on Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations had just plain bad hand writing styles. They were all worn out after many long days or longer periods with hard dealings out there. Reports had to be done to keep track of what first event started things to the last item that stopped all things at that point in time. Up and down and through the order of officers writing training periods took place very so often. Technology should be on board to keep oral records from all the staff on board ships on service in the field. Admiral Thenkier Scroks was one tough old officer who had been one of the best to come over to Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations. His expertise and knowledge could not have come at a better time for the Organization. Especially with a new planet that might have life living on it. Sooner or later with seeing other flying machines life had to exist out there like now.

Admiral Thenkiers Scroks was on board to meet with the Captain Dovars Chaustia and a select few others over the urgent new event taking place. The list included ; two Commanders, two more captains and one more Admiral. The list was classified for safety reasons direct from the Headquarters on the mainland. A non-military company, with special ties to most top technical space explorers with armaments and needs for more. As they were the first line of defence for their planet : Lanvers Ionus. As it was home to Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations. Plus, the gigantic sized factory used for building high technology flight super cruisers for deep space. Any incredible improvements always set the schedule back some. It was worth it due to new scanning equipment, new medical equipment for highly developed equipment that is classified and more other military armaments and new guns to use if required. Plus, new small space cars for emergency use in many areas of interest to the Flight crew looking out into space. The Captain had control of his ship as one of the fastest and sleekest and carried armaments which were high tech imagination type. Behind in the line up going with them are twelve more super cruisers carrying the same crew size and the rest was classified. Most of the new items on board are on a need to know basis. Each ship had major improvements in cloaking design and operational wise it was faster and tougher. The engines were remastered into a fourth class fighter class the top of all new ones from here. Better than any other planet had to offer for protection against enemies that were trying to take over their home planets. This mission was a two to four year seek and show to all planets friendly to us and our way of life.If, the governments wanted to order new cruisers than bringing new ones along was a great idea. The universes and galaxies will know who is protecting them with greater equipment and tools and other things. Now, everyone was more than pleasantly surprised by the show of new super cruisers etc on board.

SO, if the rest of the way around these far away planets with alien beings alive than the Admiral was going to be extremely contented. First hand seeing and enjoying the talking among all of officers and staff from headquarters. There was no doubt lingering any more about who loved to see the Shade Supreme Defence Forces Operations arrive in their radar screens. This exploring to show off new super cruisers etc is paying off in a big way. And it was one of the most friendly rendezvous with any planet to date. Lots of dances and huge meals with everyone and then some. No one stopped smiling until our cruisers got back home.

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The Crown Monarch Hotel

The Crown Monarch Hotel has been around since the late nineteen fifties when it was forced out of business due to bad business connections. Gangland Gangs were shut down and most all leaders and crews were arrested and jailed for mostly life sentences. After that unfortunate bit of business the hotel closed for renovations through out the entire hotel. A consortium managed to buy this elegant piece of property which was up for bidding and the highest price ever fetched for any property was this one. This took all of five years plus nine month cost over run on the east side rooms. Apparently, the rooms involved were some of the best in the hotel and rented at a much higher rental day and night or weekly rates. The exterior looked like nothing had ever took place on its premises. The owners loved this hotel and looked after it with baby gloves and lots of love and attention. Oh, no something good is about to take place just watch for it in a few days. There was talk of a grand opening ball which should be the natural roll out of such a grand hotel being the only one in this side of the mountains. This tantalizing mountain area is called ” Thana Whiyvania” the authentic and previous genuine most royal length of land any where. Yes, the Royal family lost the deed to this due to business practices traced back to the Prince who also went to prison for life. Once the reputation managed to be turned around then people would come from miles around. That desire to dance and eat some of the most designed food on this side of the mountain until the rail line was built. The new owners were aware of the new rail line before they bid it on. They helped drive the price higher than any local business man had money to pay in full after the bidding stopped. No one else had blue prints drawn up to increase the number of businesses here very fast.That new rail line would enable them to transport all the building materials required for a long time. A vision was drawn up which included creating a small community with homes, schools, stores and more hotels with the shrills of youngsters walking with their parents. These Founding Fathers knew exactly how to succeed at business. Also, facts were business men and women were going to arrive over the next few weeks to have a great look over our fabulous location and natural beauty. The name of the consortium who bought this area is going to be shown to the entire world. This majestic event was taking place at the first Grand Dinner after the reopening of this area including ” The Crown Monarch Hotel”. The top jewel in an essential, ethically built, and jaw-dropping surprise for town people and all invited guests. Yes, one spectacular mesmerizing opening was being planned and kept under wraps. A remarkable and sensational pinnacle would stun everyone that night. Money did not seem to be a concern with these builders, architects, planners, surveyors or any of the rest of the crews involved.

At the present time no name was or had been chosen as of yet. Here is a short list of names for our newly crowned town; Thorndenn, Riverwind, Ravenwallow, Swanmouth, Amberforest, Mutebourne and PoshBuilder. I hope one of these names will be chosen once we submit our list to the town council right away. The word was tomorrow as the date for picking a new name that fit in with our new look to the outside world.

All the while this was going on in deep space in the eastern side of the Big Dipper. Our planet had life forms since way back in time as no one could recall when. We cruised around in small oval shaped flying machines. Our world was similar to many others from our limited ability to fly missions to find other life bearing planets. Just, there had to be life out there in this gigantic, majestic universe in front of our eyes. The time has finally arrived for a great nights sleep before the hammers, saws and other power equipment took over the town with no name. This was not going to be long before signs coming and going through our town will bear the name of our town. In, fact in the morning council was to chose a name out of all the ones submitted to them. By end of business was when the great announcement was coming loud and clear. There was going to be a huge crowd waiting outside the newspaper office for the best name for our new town. Plus, just maybe we can start building our space business up once more. Just maybe, life will be complete with steady work for everyone here. Until, we have an answer time had to be wasted some how. Reading stories on our hand held phones or larger ones with bigger screen. I usually listened to music while reading it helped me to reach that pinnacle of peace and happiness inside the book in my hands. The very large crowd seemed to be reading, talking, playing a game or just relaxing in the warm sunshine today. The Staff of the newspaper was kind enough to park their vehicles behind the building out of sight.

In the middle of the afternoon someone brought out loudspeakers and a mike to speak through. The long awaited announcement was coming down very soon. Most of the crowd was still sitting on the ground for now. Suddenly, the front office doors opened and the owner, Mr. Kruveth Bhaesaith brought the crowd to its feet. He patiently waited for five minutes for everyone to raise to their feet. He said Good Afternoon all residents and visitors. Today, we had a tough decision in choosing an appropriate name for our town. There were thousands of names sent in for us to read and think about each one. After a long day and half an afternoon we finally choose a name that we fill fits our town and with pride and honour I declare the name of our town as Amber Forest. The crowd roared their approval of the name with a standing ovation to council for a job well done. New Town signs were being prepared in the pint shop and will be put before sunset tonight. Another great roar of approval from the crowd that was still very large as no one has left yet. Slowly, people started to go home and come back at midnight to see our town name painted on signs. That was one night no one would ever forget in their life time. Good night from the residents of “Amber Forest”.

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The Land of Shaygro Obrax

If, you ever have the chance to travel here to the land of Shaygro Obrax, please do. Anyone who dares to take an opportunity to expand their boundaries learns so much of other people and maybe finds love. In far away places lurks the one who just might be looking for us so be brave and smile when you arrive. The residents here are so friendly and enjoy meeting new people from other places. So, where is this land of Shaygro Obrax located? It is a little to the left of Orion’s Belt and a quick right to pass by Saturn’s rings. This set you a long star filled journey way out in the universe well past the last strands of the Milky Way is left behind. Sit back and relax, and listen to some fine tunes you tucked away just for this moment in time. Plus, I have my fine tunes playing in both ears watching the stars, comets, planets and moons sitting perfectly in space. I am trying to get my words to match how I feel right now. I can see some far away burning tail from a comet creasing the star filled darkness now red hot in some spots. Tunes are taking me back inside to my heart feeling like a young man on his first travel excursion to another place. Just the other side of the mountains leading the way to a great old ocean filled with freighter traffic. A huge port built to hold all types of ships from any planet. The ocean turns out to be a star based docking shield to keep ships safe from enemies and space rocks. With great big clear windows able to see for a fair distance in space once everyone is on board the Super built station to hold up to over five thousand people and their ships fit comfortably on board on all decks. Astonishing is a word that describes exactly what just took place in front of each one of us. Things were conclusive to earn the respect and love of our ship mates. Looking down and out from our cabin windows on the sixth floor the view is so stunning, so beautiful and alluring all at the same time. What did they have so exclusive almost hidden away; it was a super telescope to view the worlds and stars and moons and more out there while people sat here waiting. I felt this was designed for young kids to have fun finding their home planet if possible. At least they laughed and had good time. This was a incredible lesson for adults to follow instead of fighting and arguing all the time. As the night was falling down people worked to find the right passage back to their cabin on each deck across the ship. Not one rude or nasty comment was heard as they went to bed that night. Laughter and happiness invaded the ship so late in the evening. The small tikes could be heard chuckling back and forth among themselves.

This way station is only part way to The Land of Shaygro Obrax. Most worlds had people who would die happy to be on such a cruise almost around the whole entire universe of Apus Amphiaraus. The backside of such brilliant star filled places was an even more gorgeous sights to lock our eyes into. Most of us on board had never been here and our happiness meter was going crazy ! Places such as this made me wonder why it was not on the guide books of far away places. I was completely full of joy as our kids got to have a blast sight seeing alone. Another day or so before this trip was going to finish for most everyone except the crew members. The last night on board always entitled passengers to a great fresh supper with music playing through this tasty meal and cold soft drinks for all.

I allow my mind to slowly go back to when this trip began. It said something about finding love here. I sure hope anyone with such grand ideas chase them down and marry the most beautiful women here in the land of Shaygro Obrax. Trust what we say this place has stunningly beautiful women single ones and never married before. I am hoping to meet all these dream chasers down the rideway some time in the future. smiles will tell us if it all worked our way. For some reason inside of me I was sure enough to call it a sure thing. I have never felt this way any where in deep space before. It is almost time to catch some zz’s before morning call is blown for us. There was a skeleton crew monitoring ship traffic in and out of the shipping dock field till morning. This slow movement often was used to help people sleep especially wee ones who loved the warmth of home. Most crew members had families back home so maybe it was sentimental at times. It hit my heart at times trust me.

The one telling the most of the entire voyage is a crew member named Sycamoris Zahoids. He held a Degree in Special Operations and as the one who was called upon to tell stories he did and most were super incredible. His voice was important in his work for the Judgment Space Navy Division. Their were a few minor players involved with all the fun and hysterics going on. Until next time let us know when you want to explore some more.

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Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel

The last majestic hotel I found while searching for certain goods and crafts was in this quaint state looking hotel. This was the first opportunity to see this magnificent structure up close. Yes, the Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel was the one fantastic, super, created, Hotel for the sole purpose of the guest being comfortable first and foremost. The name given was the exact one that fit tightly around what management wanted it to. The natural beauty of the area showed the true colours of the trees and other green plants showered in bright sunlight all day and well into the evening. The specially designed swimming pool was light up with great Orbs of blue and yellow lights providing incredible stunning sights. The pool was in an eastern shape similar to Pacific Dorsal Shark. Deep on one end for good swimmers and low on the other end for kids as it was tied off to prevent any adult from getting past the last three quarter pipe. Yes, indeed the most gratitude came from the delicious food cooked by the wonderful chefs they searched the world for. Nothing was too good for their exotic guests from around the giant blue planet. The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel came complete with its own water landing strip for planes coming down on the water. Some passengers were fortunate to see some of the most stunning dolphins, huge sunrays, and other typical exotic fish from this location. In each room was over sized fans running to spin the fans in the ceiling high above the beds. We also found out that guests usually stay for two weeks or longer once they see and learn to truly appreciate staying with the Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel.

The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel was certainly the most desired location for holidays for the crews of the Carnage Space Corps. These individuals flew some of the fastest STS Oblivion Class of Fighter Ships any where in The Burbidge Supercluster System. You might expect some weird things from these fighter pilots and crews but they enjoyed being staying with our Hotel. Often their families would join them to complete that true family vacation that made everything worth while. Even though they were all far from their home planets, we spared nothing in our desire to please them in all ways required of us. This planet, Yealia, was in fact one of the most majestic and stunning of all places to be. The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel had the ability to recreate from any planet scenes that were most sought after by any family. Places that the greatest, captivating, family holidays held within all certified memory banks stored in our comprehensive catalogue. Our meticulous and revolutionary computer division took every Literary Licence possible in drawing up breath taking, dazzling, authentic scenes. Ones that were captivating, to more than make each guest family fully appreciate each unforgettable shimmer of breath they enjoy taking. From landing on the water to approach our beautiful green laced walkway leading up to The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel. No one ever forgot walking up this incredible, splendid green state, surrounded by trees most common to their home planet. We take on all aspects down to the meagre dustless walks, within our faultless, meticulous, and revolutionary, computer programs since we hire just the top computer creationists available.

The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel stretched back deep into the glorious shorelines along the South Pacific Ocean. Or stretched out along the dark blue Atlantic Oceans of the planet earth for most all of our present guest families. Two of the crews presently sequestered with us had been fortunate to visit that planet and never forgot what stood out in each ones memories. So, we earnestly recreated each location so meticulously that no one was not surprised with each outing. You could say our reputation stretched all across each universe over hundreds of light years in distance from our present location. Our head office staff accredited the entire guest experience to our alluring, genuine, dazzling Guest Experience Card. This small item allowed our Hotel Guest Families to explain how and why they truly astonished, inspired and blown away. What was the best experience which captivated the entire family? Would you come back again? What would you want next time you booked an experience with The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel. Head Office had a staff of over two hundred reading and transposing each event into our office program. Another Team would later go through before sending it out to The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel computer creationists on site there.

Awe-inspiring adventures is our exclusive Bona fide drawing to our guest families to The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel. Everything was genuine, essential, breathtaking, and full of desires of the heart. Magical was one way a guest family felt their visit came alive. One word only “magical”. Other Family Guests told of how mesmerizing every memory came pleasing for them. One other spoke of how transformational thier visit was for them. Other words spoken were like how accurate each event was, how alluring every memory came alive and how exactly Heartwarming The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel experience meant to their family. They could go on and on but why don’t you all drop a request to stay with us some time. We would make your stay essential to what you want. Be captivated by surroundings straight our of incredible individuals with computer redoings of your family memories. Nothing can not be redone stunning, dazzling and colossal for each increment filled with comprehensive, definitive exclusive content from your life. We will see you all soon at The Ebony Exalted Orb Hotel.

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The White Cows In The White Snow

Way back in time there was a weird saying that if a blizzard struck in the winter no one could ever see a white cow. As it turned out Mr. Maccabees had not one white cow but two white cows. The only difference was one had blue eyes and the other had purple eyes. They did not show any feelings to being related while out in the pastures as the summer progressed into early fall. Early in the spring after being put out to pasture with their calves and all the mothers and the bawling calves. This usually stopped when they found their mothers though. Shortly after being out in the pastures someone noticed the two white heifers suddenly had different coloured tails. One had a purple tail and the other had a blue tail. The one with the purple eyes had a purple tail. The one with the blue eyes had a blue tail. Genetics was taking control of their out come for sure. Maybe, those old stories in regard to alien beings cruising around in their circular UFO’s was actually true. Could they have impregnated both of those white cows mothers in order to have her give birth to two white calves the same year? Who stuck the needle in to make them exactly the same or they seemed to be. I knew the answers had to be found in the barns on this farm. The sounds and the different tongues spoken on the slopes gave this some concern. Taking wounds and death way to easy for the new ones who are alien beings. Just four legged cows and calves were raised here on this farm since a long time ago. There were or had to be exceptions to the rules from time to time to create new types of critters and not tell a soul outside of their group. As the head honcho here, Digit, do say we leave for greener pastures for feeding our herd of critters. Let’s give this all the concentration we were to require. Hey, have you seen my darling Clementine any where? I have seen her but no so much over the last few breeding seasons. Maybe, we could level things off for us here and I do not call her Mom or Sis or Long hair need a haircut yet? You know when the dirt is making more dust the time has arrived to leave while we have food, cattle and a family. Let’s hit the trail going through Mongrite that always brought out the best in others with it’s cool weather for the most part. We are a bigger bunch than previously have been in a super long time; so sit down and visit with us all.

It was just after this communal visit with our new friends that a incredible snow blizzard struck this area with such formidable force. Nothing could be seen within normal eye sight range. This meant we could not go out side due to this extreme snow storm and such forceful strong winds making this a white out. Never in history had such a stunning snow storm struck with out any warning signs. It hit with it’s full intensity in the early morning hours according to the ranch records. These records were kept in a particular fashion ensuring nothing was ever left out each day. They go on to state it would be three entire days before this relentless storm blew over us. It was going to be another day before any search was going to take place in this location. Mr. Maccabees was quite uncertain if his heard of cows, heifers, steers and one Brown Bull were going to be alright. He knew his two white cows were going to be definitely hard to find. He loved those two white cows with the different eye colours and different tail colours. Mr. Maccabees felt sick due to not buying a number of cow bells for instances just like this one. This tough lesson was sure to stick with him for the rest of his life.

So for another day and one night this group stayed in the comfort of this huge building. The beds were extremely soft and comfortable since the last time this family and friends had such gracious home comforts. No one made any noise, just good conversation keeping things light and easy going. Tomorrow morning might make today look exactly like hectic and short of a stampede. The talk and conversation kept going for a few more hours before the small kids were put to bed. Not long after all adults seemed to mingle and leave together for the night. The host stoked the fire pits before himself going to bed. With this extra strong wind it might be a good idea to check the fires every few hours. Mr. Maccabees said he would unless he had help from others during the night. This was worked out in short order. Now, everything was very quiet. The fires never went out in fact they kept burning with the right intensity to keep this long house warm.

In the morning, the storm had blown itself out and was gone. The early morning sun was just over the horizon looking bright orange. Today was going to be in their favour after all. A good breakfast was cooked by the ladies from tall families. They seemed to enjoy doing this basic chore today. The little kids were actually being behaved so the elders were happy. They often told stories to the kids each morning before and during breakfast. The adults were quiet if that was going on. Family time was the fabulous, sweet moments that kept lives happy and contented for what lay ahead. After breakfast the Fathers and other men went to saddle their horses and gear up for the rough day ahead. This particular rough bit rounding up the cattle that probably ran into the next state by now. Some may have saddle sores after today’s riding. These tough cattle men were used to doing hard work similar to this. Today, was in fact a real great day for all the cattle were rounded up with ease. They were all within twenty miles from the ranch long house. Cold and hungry cattle usually came home easy. This was no different today. Being out in this cold weather for over fourteen hours the women and the kids could see the worn out faces and no smiles. The youngsters went to bed with out any trouble tonight. The long house was real quiet for a long time well after supper was eaten among all the fathers, mothers, other cow pokes and all family members. Just maybe, no one was leaving in the morning after today’s hassles. Besides, they had to check all the brands to ensure they owned each and every head of cattle they brought back yesterday.

As you who read this blog post it is all fiction and untrue from start to finish to these words explaining this. These words are real and true as required to explain the blog post and its fictional contents.

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Invited By The Gargon

Here goes my hopes and dreams creating this blog post to reach as many followers and readers as possible. I am aware that billions of people use this site each month. Some come here to find great writers who they can relate to. Some relate another way by commenting on the blog posts and building a relationship with the creator and writer of the blog. I for one love the world of 100 %. Right this morning I need sleep before I carry on into the waking hours. Good night and I hope you all saw that giant bright full moon in the western sky. Who ever took my favourite cookies from my cupboard I love strawberry cookies. So, you owe my alien border two packs of them so far. Why take his private collection of strawberry cookies. You could at least replace them for him. it is not like aliens can go find work any where. But, I bet you have money each day so please be the most honourable human being possible and replace his strawberry cookies by morning. If, not we will release your home address to all aliens in our exact area of this beach town. Bob, the Alien has a super massive following of people just in this location. Please come early and have on the best clothes you own. The Alien beings as fraternity of Brothers they are solid steel connected to each other. Please, you do not want to find out why and how aliens can rip your head off and play soccer with it at full speed. Please, bring back two huge bags of crisp Strawberry Cookies. He may use them to sharpen his teeth just in case he decides to rescind his call on the death penalty for your offence. Aliens as I said take stealing of their favourite cookies as being too harsh….Our Alien, Bob, has a great, kind soul coming from an ancient society of aliens on his planet Zippe 556. This is in the eastern area of the Spear point Galaxy which is in the far flung Kagriodu PD-64 Universe. The easiest terms of distance well there is no easy way to fix the distance from there to here. When, Bob receives the required repairs to his UFO he will be returning home. Or he says he will be unless his orders change.

Who was invited by the Gargon? Has anyone ever checked the guest list if there was one made up for this entire event. Should I concentrate on the Gargon at this point in our relationship with Bob..our Alien Guest. Bob has not done anything wrong according to our way of life or our way of thinking. The Gargon lived way above us and others in the high Keulmeoxoe Summit Peaks. He left us alone for the most part until he invited us this year to attend this event on his behalf. Who he all asked to come out to have an evening with him, The Gargon, is beyond us. Not many had ever laid eyes on the Gargon. He was fearful looking with huge eyes and wings plus he had large toes that curled into sharp pointed things on both of his feet. When he opened his grossly enlarged mouth, his bright grey teeth stood out with a deathly, powerful shine, attached to them. This frightening appearance caused people to nearly freak out. Imagine the most gigantic Gargon you have ever seen on ancient buildings and this one is created insanely jealous of being used. Not on person had ever seen this one Gargon before. The same typical approach related with him as well. He had never seen these people ever before. They both were of the old adage that one was tougher than the other. No one was particularly aware a fight had to become imminent. Does any one regularly actually check out computers to ensure they work according to the print outs that come with each machine when brand new. The afternoon sun was high above which meant it was time to start a dance with cold drinks and what ever else was required. If no one likes this then too bad in this neighbourhood. Many years before the old Harley Panheads were loud and cracked when a gear was changed cruising the roads telling us to be fast or get away from us here. That was a call to war and we ran them into the ground and took their wives to cook for us and to clean for us. Fair trade not yet because they stole our entertainment player from us earlier. I have one but They are not going to steal this one like earlier. I feel confident that no one messes with us because they will never forget the power which hit them hard all that week. needless to say we got our entertainment player back in one piece.

You see what can happen or even take place once a Gorgon starts to call the shots in any and all neighbourhoods. Gorgon’s had power back in their element but this was way out of their element by a million years or maybe five hundred millions years ago. They were some peaceful when they rode away with their choppers cracking all down the highway. No one even cried even one tear when they left town. Summer usually was a great time to do what we desired and usually did that. hahahahaha

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The Lights in Empty Ships

There were news stories coming in from major ports in regards to lights being on aboard some well known empty ships. Some of these lights were real bright shining colours and others just shone like a swarm of elusive fireflies. What could it be keeping these lights on board, when all of have been decommissioned from ocean going service in the past twenty or more years. Most of the electrical wires had already been cannibalized for use on other ships or melted down for new copper wires. There did not exist any electrical current possible to draw on to light all these ships around the world’s ports. Some how though it was being done already. Other former sailors on these ships knew it was the ghosts of the men responsible for lighting the ships positioning lights. These men had been lost during battles long before back in the last great war. If these men had been harnessed to work in a different way maybe all bad guys might be wiped out from around the world ports. What exactly were the lights on those ships supposed to signify? They were not Morse code or any other known code for that matter. Ghosts aboard these ships were making it hard to understand if they were in fact in charge of this menacing behaviour. Or maybe it was some form of algae causing the lights at night to glow. Colourful algae is an alluring, breathtaking, amazing event occurring under the darkness of cloudless skies at night. Yes, there had to be a noteworthy mutual, captivating, cause in all this wonderment. Old metal ships are derelict items sitting tied up to older docks from ages ago. Other sea going vessels never acquired the same mess of algae after being docked. The ocean water was heavy laden with salt which did wear on the ships fighting disastrous storms on the oceans and seas on our planet. Even going casually on their way created waves to push the salt against the hulls and sides of each ship. Was this all correct or as it hit one sailor hard who thought an alien force was trying to mesmerize the pilots of old ships. Creating dead ships with no future seemed odd to most individuals on the water tight ships. Besides loneliness created or caused mental problems depends how you looked at this phenomenon. The ships Captain’s knew most of everything before exposing the crews to the exact truth facing them. With these algae creations not one Weatherman was providing anything to feed this crisis out on the oceans and seas. To bad not any inventions were made in this field of ocean studies. I once over heard that inventions were not easy to get through at times. The costs involved in getting ocean cleaning equipment, first to invent it and then secondly, all the required studies to get it through is a hard battle of war.And to have it accepted before consumers are allowed to buy them and use them is ridiculous. That is now the third step by having new equipment in stock in my yard. Do have a powerful tugboat to pull away some of the old ships that will not showing their lights night and day. But we were asked for how many years about new tug boats coming our way .Where are the big suited men who got what they wanted from us ship builders when they left town. I guess next year when they want us to show the new line up of ship building machines and other equipment. Next year if we all stick together it will be different. The government needs to address this phenomenon as it falls under their jurisprudence. I think that is the correct word to use. Why the old ships show up at the dark of night with lights leading brightly to see what is in front of them. These brave men and women had paid the price for sailing the oceans and seas on the world. Would it be possible that the souls of the dearly departed are the ones who are responsible for the lights on old ships docked around the world? Just maybe they want to assist us in clearing this menace from the old ships who are part of history. My thoughts are with those who are directly involved in this twisted situation taking place. Our weather is cold so maybe the old ones will stay some where warm until spring arrives. That would be the pertinent thing to carry out. Except, I know until new orders arrive no one leaves his or her post. No matter what Old Man Winter is fighting with his wife, Old Missy Icy Heart. Always having public affection for each other is some cute at their age. But, no one else is getting warm that way. Making it freezing cold makes no friends. However, this was the way things stood with them both. The old ships docked around the globe were still being haunted with bright lights all night. What took place during the last war should be swept under the carpet. We do not have any right to keep fighting in any fashion any more. I pray everyone has a super weekend while chasing those light lighters. It was too dark tonight to see anything so far. Just thinking out loud what if we played loud rock and roll music to drive those ghosts away from the dock areas? They knew that one day some scientist or a engineer would invent the things they desperately needed. Never give up hope because it will happen some where on our big blue earth. It could be passed down from the Milky Way to our hands here on earth.

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The Prey in The Air

There was no real explanation for what existed high overhead in the air. The beast of prey was some form of an ice age pterodactyl. It was more than huge and less than a giant monster with wings capable of picking up human beings and deposing of them. This sounds like a weird movie from some foreign producer and director with leanings towards things that kill. Especially since this was not a movie it was for all pretenses real life. Right here on the cold western plains in South Dakota. Now, lets try to explain maybe this creature came out of the ground due to a larger than life sink hole opened up in the middle of wheresoever. At one time back in the last two hundred and fifty million years ice covered the entire planet before the dinosaurs roamed the fresh green earth. I know some people have seen what is a pterodactyl on stands in museums in large cities across the nations on earth. But, how can something that has been extinct for millions of years just suddenly appear in the bright blue sky? Oil workers were unsure of being the next meal or morsel for this giant bird of prey. They kept their families locked behind closed doors at home instead of them being outside in danger of being swept away in those gross ugly claws on that pterodactyl bird of prey. Armed guards were being brought in by the companies for safety of everyone on site and in the town close by all drilling rigs. Nothing short of armed missiles were capable of taking down this pterodactyl cruising the skies for food. Already there had been three men grabbed and just swooped away to where ever this pterodactyl nested. Maybe, groups of armed crews should be roaming the country side to shoot and kill that flying animal of prey. The worst thing summer had just started so people and families had to have fresh air with windows and screen doors open wide. The heat during the South Dakota summers could be unbearable at times. Especially with a pterodactyl wanting to have fresh meat to eat everyday. Did there exist more than one of these pterodactyl’s out there? There had been only one flying high in the skies over the oil camp town. There was no way that one other was in the skies at the same time. It was impossible to hide anything so giant sized in a clear blue sky. There was a rumour that the owner of the the rigs was asking the air force to put some planes in the sky to shoot these creatures down and out for good! Who knew if this was just a rumour or true fact based idea of the head honcho. It was like going back into time through a drilling project while looking for oil underground. Like some form of gas turned their world upside down and inside out in seconds. Did some seismic force decide to release the pterodactyl’s loose from a deep seated grave? Maybe there existed a open air cavern for them to live in all this time. Danger is all this meant for the workers and families until someone got rid of the giant size pterodactyl’s from this area. When shift change took place workers waited in a secure area until the relief shift arrived. Then they all made it single file out into the compound and onto a bus to take them home safely, if possible. For some unknown reason, the pterodactyl’s were not aware of the bus being a metal can that needed a can opener to eat the food trapped inside. Which as the mine boss told every crew that until those dumb big birds figured things out the air force would shoot them down. Why not have these up to date skeletal remains in one of the famous museums across the country? Stories would certainly fly around for the next few decades about how the pterodactyl’s chased the tin bus on wheels with out catching it. But the birds did not have any can openers to reach inside to feed. Starvation may take some time which came from the head office of the mine. The local newspapers were to scared to send news crews out to the site. Who could blame them for the right reason out there? This situation could go one of two ways. Until one out come would stop these giant white fifty foot wing spread pterodactyl’s from striking again. I wonder if anyone prayed for a serious storm clouds with extreme wind warnings to hit right now for the next week at least. Blow those seventy million year old foggies down onto a deserted island in the south pacific ocean areas. Or blow them north into the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears which was more of a fair play situation. So, my choice for the final scene is the being blown north to the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears. That is my excuse for the ending of this blog post tonight.

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Abrealand; The Connector Group

Abrealand, is in such a non-typical position to not only control passage to many other unique and significance countries but to negotiate access to such human rights tribunals as needed to eco-groups and in some cases NGO’s. Not one non-elected or elected governments are allowed access to enter let alone take pictures by alien shutter bug or by all small self operated UFO’s as both are blocked and barred entry. Abrealand has this all locked down until the year 4632. By, then all wishes of countries subject to the now enforced “Abrealand; The Connector Group” will be tightly detailed and under lock and key in only one giant super safe in Abrealand itself. These land rights, water rights and air rights are a key to ensure that this part of the world is saved from groups intent in damaging all areas not under lock and key in such land locked areas. Legal rights seemed impervious at first yet, they quickly became real necessary to ensure requirements that are locked into writing by the World Court System in Abrealand. As one can see land has a value way out of bounds according to the records filed with the Abrealand Land Court Records. The water rights are not near what they should be set at and those same water rights will be negotiated upward over the next years before 4632 arrives. Air rights are also not protected to the proper level required to sustain life on this planet ” Sotfiner Wimong” in The galaxy of “The Major Avtos Vortex” in the universe, “Jiaketuary NP-64”.

One read over through these important issues makes the fight for the land, water and air quality that much more demanding and negotiable. Plus, the drink ability, plantibilty and breathability are the main reason for setting up the Abrealand; The Connector Group. All this turned into a fresh, new legal home for the new Abrealand Land Court Records. The new Abrealand; Connector Group Court House will be open next year well before the dates for filing legal briefs and the setting of strategies to appear in front of the Chief Magistrates start. That jockeying will kick start years of legal wrangling in the new court house. The, very first time anyone, will have that type of voice mandate to protect their indomitable rights to clean land for growing food stuff’s, fresh water to drink when needed to.and fresh air to breathe all the time.

All this in the legal arena had been put into motion when the first people’s started to ask pertinent questions. The general public became slowly educated which scared the ruling party. This evidently meant a shake up from the bottom up to the top echelon. Plus, I hope that many other alien people jump at the opportunity when you come over as well. This was so envisioned and designed to ensure all alien residents out in the far flung planets had access to top legal help. This was due to some outrageous alien sicko trying to grab all the planets in the outer portions in the farthest distances from assistance. It seemed a natural progression to where things now sit with new courts to handle truly unique cases to everyday legal battles. For the first time in history all alien rights were to be protected for eternity in this incredible legal realm being built and put into action. This will mean all the decent Confederations in space will feel at home here to assist in aiding alien rights on their home planets and beyond. The ultimate objective is to warn the wild and rude alien’s to be real quiet and use manners while stopping any where out here. So, for now things are going to be ratified to protect the land, water and air on and in between planets soon. It was known the very first cases would attract large crowds of the powerful and the meek and innocent ones.

One day the signs for lawyers in need of clients would pop up in offices in the new buildings being erected. This planet, Sotfiner Wimong, just happened to be central to most of the surrounding planets. The decision as to which planet was to become home for the new court house was not an easy one for those involved. The residents of all planets had an equal and alienable right to have the court house built on their planets. It was the high commissioner’s who made the final curtain call for Sotfiner Wimong to be showered with all these wonderful artifacts. Plus there were all sorts of papers written by some of the important and some high handed lawyers to read and discuss before that final decision was passed. The well educated high commissioners were provided with transport to all the effected planets to meet with those in agreement or those opposed. Getting the feel for the real individuals affected by the land, water, and air discussions was pertinent to their call, for where the new court house was to be created. Now, that is the final part before the high commissioners depart to where they live. But, they would be back when the new court house opens the legal-lease on the people and businesses. Of, course they would be sworn in to hear cases in all chambers through out the majestic building where the law is at home for all.

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Please read and enjoy my words for which they are meant to be for. Thank you all !

The Remnant’s Dusty Mirror

Over in an ancient foreign city; ” Quan Ma Imang”, in the land of ” Drui Preau” once owned by the Biedgar Areden Grakeas Family. Apparently, there existed by some strange rumour a box which was to contain the true ownership papers of “Drui Preau”. The last heir of this huge land mass was to be ” Strucix Grakeas” himself. It was long talked about how he died in some weird accident in some other country. Strucix was usually running to assist in saving some store or school or what ever. He was a good man with a greater love for mankind than any member of his family. Strucix had some vague idea of a special mirror sitting all covered with dust up in the attic of his families house. He grew up there and had never seen this crazy storied mirror that was all talked about. Now, he was to return home immediately for an emergency meeting of his home property. The countries government was actively trying to change the laws around inherited items. Which had a huge value upon the taxes payable for each year of possession of such items. This was going to raise the ire of the rich who could afford top lawyers. But, tax laws were not the straight purview of the government in power. Not one item could be brought to the business of the Government, with out a plebiscite being run first. So, this was about to blow up in its face so to speak. Never before, had any taxation problem not be brought to the attention of the owners, of each piece of property they wanted to tax. This indeed was to be some what of huge fight over taxation rights and how it is carried out. The government was going to have their toes held to the fire for breaching the law of the land. Somehow, there must be a way for the rich to be forced to pay their fair tax burden instead of having it forced upon the ordinary citizens time and again. One interesting point the government was right to raise according to the citizens of this land of ” Drui Preau”.

The remnants dusty mirror belonging to the said Strucix Grakaes was the starting of the tax row that was bringing him back. This important meeting over his belongings in his family’s house stirred a fire inside of him. How dare this government try to strip the rich of their ancestral rights of not paying tax on inherited items passed down from one generation to another. Strucix knew of the old tale in regards to this dusty old mirror holding a power to escape into another place. Would this also take the remnants dusty mirror with him should he attempt to use an unknown power? He felt in his heart he was in the right to take what belonged to him and rush it through his old dusty mirror. But, he would need to find the the old ownership papers with everything else attached to them. Yet, this government knew of his way of helping the less fortunate over all lands as much as he could. So, why attack his tax rights on his old family estate. He was amidst to find out when he returned home. All he had done was set out to carry out the wishes of his Family. Here instead he should have paid more attention to what was occurring behind his back. The people here never told him what the present government was stirring up in these matters. Especially, the tax laws on old family holdings. Strucix Grakeas was inbound and worried sick over the unknown and not to clearly new tax laws that were going to try and crush his income by paying such outrageous taxes.

A tax war was looming before he touched down at the airport at Quan Ma Imang, the ancient city in the land of Drui Preau. He had to ensure his tax lawyer met him at the airport to inform him of what exactly was hitting him in his bank account. Secondly, he must get to his old family estate home right after this visit. That remnant dusty old mirror held the most important key to his future. His mother told him to stay up to date with that. During his travels he forget the dire warning from her. Now, he must find those papers and figure out how to escape from here with that mirror before any new taxes hit directly on it. Strucix was lost considering the last time he was here his mother sat before him explaining this very predicament they faced. She told him where to find the many pages of things to find and to clear them out. That remnants dusty mirror held within it a secret way of sending objects to certain locations with easy code words. To places no one need worry about them as all are safe as possible forever and forever. Now, this mind blowing situation might tear Strucix apart inside. As strong a man as he built himself into with lots of abilities to lead or mislead people depending on what they wanted from him. Now at this point, Strucix had exactly eleven days to find the papers and depart with all art. Along with the remnants dusty mirror with it’s hidden secrets in his pocket. Sleep was important or Strucix might miss the exact spot that was calling to him. Food was secondary until supper was very much required. Some days Strucix sat trying to recall the same words his mother told him in her urgent soft mannerism. Tears were never going to cut it for him. He never held tears as being effective effort to gain what one wanted. No, strong men had the special inner toughness to pull anything off especially when it was so needed. Strucix had a few successes with using a medium to get through into his subconsciousness. Today, he was on the search on the dark web to find a medium that was extremely effective to assist him. After, many hours Strucix did in fact find the one he really wanted to be there to assist his luckless effort so far. So, they agreed to meet at his flat and get things found that very evening. After a few short hours what Strucix required was in his hands. He payed off the medium and gave her a big tip for her extra efforts. After, about another two hours went by and all one might have heard was a soft laugh. Two days later when the city went to call on one Strucix Grakeas he was gone along with all his stuff that was to be taxed. They sent police to start w search of all residents for clues on his disappearance. No one heard or saw anything, in fact they mostly remarked it would have taken a large crew and huge trucks to haul it all away. So, where Strucix Grakeas had finally did something that his dear old mother desires of him with ease to say the least. Now a happy and contented man out there among the prosperous people who he loved and admired. Those feelings were reciprocated back to him. His music most likely is making some juke joint bounce with hit music over and over again.

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