The Empty Planet’s Road

I always thought that each planet whether it as full or empty followed a particular orbit around a sun in a solar system. Then One time when we were out doing routine searches for life on other planets we came across an empty planet with a road or path or orbit all of it’s own. Seriously, I tell you it was just dogging it around zinging back and forth continuously from one side of the orbit trail to the other side of it. Then it zigged when it should have zagged but how do you talk with a planet that is empty ? If, there was one chance that life existed on that planet we were sure the pilot would ensure the natural orbit was going to be followed but not this one. It was empty from our point of view from looking at it from our huge window on the bridge of our super Cruiser Space Ship. We were not from here but as visitors who do we report such rogue planets to ? One reason we go to other solar systems is to learn about them. This one definitely had some screws loose some where. Maybe, we should figure out if it would be wise to attempt a landing on such a out of control planet. Well, the only way to fix something when it is broken is to fix it right ? I was always trained to be that way. I was not sure how many of my ship mates were going to vote in favour on trying to land on a Planet that zigged and zagged back and forth across it’s natural orbit. Let’s not be heroes but something needed to be done trust me. At least we do a good deed and maybe get rewarded with a fresh hot meal and a cool iced drink. Lets take a slow cruise around this world that is spaced out and see where we could possibly land safely. It is a nice soft surfaced planet by the looks of it all. There are two or three possible landing sites. We need to go down lower and investigate it clearly before our ship tests the firmness of this world. To land on a soft crusted planet we could sink faster than a wild planet hitting against this one. What to use to test the hardness or softness of this planet. A simple small burst of energy might disclose what we want to know. We need to calculate the exact amount of an energy burst required. Too much and we could blow the planet to pieces. I would ask that the best scientific minds should be asked to work this out. We do not have any room to make the slightest mistake. Please send this request out right away. The sooner we can have them sequestered the better. Than our situation will for sure be in that exact spot we must have to secure it. No one knew of such a disruption that this turned into. For sure no one wants to be responsible for any needless deaths over this mess. I have finally seen the wisdom of the head officers have seen so far. So , lets grab everyone and sit down and with no yelling or swearing you all are welcome inside.

Except, for these few things :

1. What is the best plan to put in to achieve ultimate success. Which houses do we pull part of the teams from or from every house we take four or five to get this done up right.

2.Always being on just one team has never stopped us from being there for anyone who required help. We are all family regardless of what Teams had to put crew members into this.

3. This had to be the top Tier of this operation. In quick and attack the fires and then jump out for the next team to pick up where we all left off on. Repeat and repeat until things are completely under control.

4. We all sit around the largest table or tables we can line up with chairs for everyone willing to sit here and bman & woman enough to say what we all need to speak on. Nothing held back from this Team Inquiry. This sit down was the last before the findings are tossed up to the High Commanders who often relied on us to push the best ideas harder than softer ones but at times a twinning of these two can be the most important tag we could ever make.

5. We are going to be required to make the best presentation of our lives if we want to be taken seriously. We all can do what we need to while sleep walking if need be. What we come up with tonight will be followed by the entire department and other departments in other cities with out fail. They are counting on us, the up and comers, to create such a incredible protection force to be implanted in place for the next ten years at least. It had better be just the best possible plan ever sent up stairs. If, we use grace, kindness and love of protecting the people than we have half the battle won already.

I am going to bed and pray over night that someone sends the entire plan sheets up stairs for the Brass to Read and implement 100 % or parts there of it. Have a stunning last few minutes and see you all tomorrow. Good night everyone !!

Today is Monday

What does Monday mean to each one of you ? If, you are a shift worker it means something else to you. You work Monday to Friday than today is Day One of your Week. If, you are retired it means another beautiful day to enjoy what Heavenly Father has brought to his morning show. The sun slowly rolls over the horizon peaking at you not sure if he even wants to wake up. The sun is ancient compared to all of us and never gives any signs of retiring on us yet. The Moon is still up in the morning sky or the evening sky depending where we are living on earth. Some where on earth it is Tuesday morning already on the other side of the International Date Line. They got the jump on us over here lol Oh, well never fear have faith in God and all things are possible. He will never leave us or forsake us and he never has. He provides us with the best life possible. At times life can be harrowing but he does this to make sure we keep our trust in Him. We all keep learning at different paces in life. I am still trying to learn new things each day. I wish I had the button on what time the sun came up and what time it went down during the winters and springs. One could have fun playing with that button. Your neighbour being a pest wake him up a little earlier than the rest of the block hahaha Life would be some funny lol How about the big Blue Moon on Halloween night eh ! It was not the colour blue it was just the second moon of the month for October. Here I was getting ready to blast off and slice a huge piece of blue cheese off the moon’s face. Oh, we can dream right ? yes, we can lol This is what Monday’s are for starting new dreams before we get out of bed. Hey, sleep in a extra few minutes that is what the snooze button is for. Do not get carried away or you will miss your train and end up getting to work at the end of the Monday work day. Oh, yeah !! lol I wish I could wake up feeling refreshed like this each and every morning. I was awake most of the night it worked for me that way. I got a head start on you all ! lol That is because I am a senior citizen with a lousy clock radio that does not keep the right time. I try and reset the time zone and then wake up in another time zone alright lol This wears me out especially on Monday mornings. Be sure and get up on the right side of the bed with a big smile for the day ahead. If, you are like me you do not know the right side of the bed from the left side of the bed lol I just thought all of this up before 9:00 AM on a Monday morning whew !! Pays to wake on time but I have yet to collect a pay check for waking up. lol Where do they give out those Monday Morning pay checks anyways ? Does anyone know or is a secret location until we become retired then it does not matter any more. lol The biggest thing for me is they should have a program on how to retire with ease and not to roll out of bed and fall on the floor. lol My medical bills would be less for sure and then the costs of prescription medication is another thing. So, please do not get me going on about that cost. It costs so much have to buy cheap microwave popcorn now lol So, much for Orville’s Popcorn now. It was good while it all lasted until I hit that magic age of 65. What is so magic about it would someone please tell me ??? I have the same amount of stumbles and mistakes on my computer but those are still easy to fix. At least I can see them with my own eyes as the red lines underneath the mistakes stick out. Once I can not see them I will have to buy more red pens to underline them all with lol Monday’s are fun before 9:00 AM. Remember that and you will always be smiling with out having gas trust me on that one. The weather so far in November is spectacular so warm and beautiful. Here I though November was a big tough month of the year. Boy, was I ever mistaken about that right ? I know do not say anything or it will be back to really test us and our winter gear. I will not say to much any more it is getting closer to that witching hour of 9:00 AM on Monday Morning. Here goes today lets read this and laugh and get ready to achieve a great day ahead on a Monday for once or twice now. I always forget to keep the count. Oh, well bye for now everyone !! Enjoy your Monday !!

I want to Be Loved By Halloween

I do not like spiders and snakes and that ain’t what it takes to love me. Great song but I love it and her one more time. That hit song was written and sung by Jim Stafford I hope I am 100 % if not just let me know and I will remove this. I love music for all different occasions in our lives. From going to school and learning what da real school romance was going to be all about. Do, we run wild and spin beautiful ladies encircles or do we just slowly walk by them and have them choose which ones they want from this deep selection process this year. That way we could have the first picked until the last one chosen. This is going to be the best thing ever happened at our school. Free Love might have started back in the days of the Long Haired Hippies so we are just allowing free love to reopen again this year in our school. Think of all the Red Tulips that were going to be noticed all over town in the next few days.

Enjoy At Your Own Risk

Way back in the day there was always that one person who loved to create fun projects according to him. To everybody else they had it figured out he was crazy and fun to be with. Women at times found him to be extra funny and fell in love with that guy. But, back then we all had a blast at times. I can recall lots about the great times at the Ridgeville Sportsdom on my home planet of ” Sunfall Waracalla Alpha. ” Even the name held certain conatations connected to such a special place. The Ridgeville Sportsdom was originally built to hold school Gyadnenas Games. In the life that arose once it opened the teams were from across the Solar System. As you can imagine there was lots of inter-plantary rivalry going on before, during, and after each game. Every Team was fully recognized by the Sports Federation Of the Solar System. This was the big time out here in The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. Sports is what kept the solar system alive and competitive among all ten planets and thirty moons that orbited these planets.

Here are the names of all Ten Planets in The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System : 1. Cevecarro , 2. Zoth Y29, 3. Gnomie 1D , 4. Ayetov Lulive, 5. Thera 0A0Q, 6. Betreihines, 7. Vamizo Treintos 252 , 8. Old Telebus VII , 9. Keuric Zingehia , 10. Vulurdan 3

The Teams travelled by Team Air Bus Systems which in fact were hydrogen powered cruise Deep Space Ships. They could hold the entire Teams, the equipments and all the Team Gear aboard them. The Team Air Bus Systems Space Ships were exquisitely luxurious. The seats allowed each player and passenger to slowly sink into the soft seats and fall asleep for the entire trip. Soft feather filled cushions with a soft underbelly of foam rubber. One could not have asked for such luxury ever. The Sponsors of each Team went all out to show they cared enough to do what it took to win the much sought after Inesa Zhunard Championship. The very, unique, thing with each Teams Air Bus Systems Space Ships, is the fact they were painted in each Team’s colours; with the names written in huge letters across the length of each of the ships. As each team was eliminated the players would have no problem finding their way home aboard these brightly coloured Space Ships.

These Inesa Zhunard Chamionships were held during the cooler Tliard of each Qleuhn. For the First Time Ever The Championships are going to be beamed back to every planet in ” The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System.” All planets followed their home team as they went through each session. You might say gongball had caught on big time all across the entire solar system. The Championship Series was awarded to the Silly Pug Films Productions from the planet of Old Telbus VII. Believe this or not Old Telebus VII film Production company had been voted the top film production company of the Qleohn. Yes, such a feat was not easy to win apparently. The winners were voted on by the cities that held each Championship Games. Anticipation was that this time around more of the winning city and planet could be exclusively featured during the break in the games.

This Years winning city is : laenteglos which is the Capital City of the Planet Cevecarro. Everyone looked forward to learn about the winning city; Laenteglos, as it was one of the oldest cities in their solar system. Now this was going to be very interesting indeed. Considering that most of the other entrants come from newer planets after the formation of The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. No one knew the explanation for their galaxy being split into two births. Just one of the unknown happenings out here and the explainable happenings. Regardless, the galaxy was stunning in it’s natural settings with all the ten planets filled in by the indefinite number of stars shining. The planet Cevecarro was the third one to come alive with life back in those early days of the formation of The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. Some, people say this solar system was the agteway into other inner galaxy’s and universes beyond the last planet on the edge of life. Laenteglos, the capital of Cevecarro, was rich in ancient structures put in place by their for-bearers that called this city home. Not much was known about those beings as the only things left behind were the incredibly structured buildings set up with solid rocks. All over Laenteglos one could see more fantastic structures that had to be over four or five thousand Qleohn’s old. Most of the other cities were set up in the same period of Qleohn’s way back then.

The Inesa Zhunard Championship was going to begin very soon as the ships were being called into the line up spots. Anticipation was being felt slowly building up at this point of the race starting line up looked like some sort of major colourful gang bit. The first ship that crossed the finish line in under seven Emi’s would win The Inesa Zhunard Championship. You knew no matter how much jockeying, and other non-contact elements, would be in play through to the end of this; white knuckle cruising through out The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. The Champions were going to be worn out and ready to touch solid terra dermighajig once again. Yes, the winning smiles of the winners was going to be spun through space to every planet in this galaxy. Smiles that did not show the honesty of the way they raced against their competitors. Even though it was supposed to be non-contact this rule was ignored when out of sight in certain spots by some ignorant rude ships. Do not forget the race was being beamed back to all the planets.

The results were coming in fast and furiously as the ships flew by their home planets going as fast as possible in order to not consume all the hydrogen on board. They wanted to have lots left for the last leg of this competition s they raced back to Cevecarro for the victory. By the sounds of it fans were rabid with excitement each time their home Team was announced going by a check point. Oh, yes, folks this was one for the history books even though they were out on the track trying to win it all. The screens showed all the ships vying to pass each other and not go out of bounds. Which was not an easy feat to accomplish. But, it was done all the time. here they come heading back to home base with the Cevecarro Team Ship being in first place and ahead by by enough to win if they did not make any mistakes. It seemed to be close between the Teams from Gnomie 1 D and keuric Zingehia for second place. the rest of the filed were strung out behind the first three ships. it was going to be Cevecarro for the win if they keep going for the last bit before they cross the finish line in First Place. The fans were screaming and yelling for their ships to hurry up and catch up and win this race. Needless to say the team from cevecarro won by small fraction which was all that mattered. A new Champion was being crowned in the Huge City Square by the Officials. What an important and stunning feat was done by the Cevecarro Team. Let’s all be proud of this moment in history. It may not happen like this again ever !!

Those Were The Times

Way back in those days. we had nothing exciting to do so we had to find our own way through life. At first it was easy learning to look and act older than we were. Plus, most of us were taller than our age which helped. We had learned to play bar games in other cool and dirty bars where the bad types hung out. I will say that one has to know someone usually to get into the bars on those back streets. Trust me we did know the right people who drank in those establishments back in those times. This elevated our standing with ours inside the dark and stank interiors that stunk of booze and cigarettes. We smoked to give us the edge over some other young pups trying to pull the same tricks. We always slowly drank our drinks usually money was tight so we had to play pool or shuffle Board. We had learned to play pool and this other game Shuffle Board that which we were really excellent at both. AT most nights we could win a few here and there with out any fights. Another thing to be aware of fighting in strange bars as the other clientele loved to join in and kick the hell out of who ever was on the floor. I lost a few and learned many very Valuable lessons. Once we entered their territory we played by their rules. Some times we just pushed the limits and went up against some tough characters. Going outside one had to be faster with ones hands and feet or you were sure to be bruised black and blue for days after. After you got a few wins under your belt the others would give you all the room you wanted. We just simply followed our elders into that dark cloudy area of where men had to prove they were men. Anything else was greatly frowned upon and then you would get run out of town rather fast. But, hey we all grew up and learned how to pick up young women who were attracted to our looks and means. This meant we could provide a good time for them as long as they were with us and us only. Some shoving matches ended with very few fists being thrown ever. If it passed that point some one was getting knocked out and it was not going to be me. I was nobodies fool and people standing around knew I could kick ass. I drew my own conclusion and decided they wanted to see blood from the young stupid gangster type. That is exactly what took place rather fast and quick as it is over. I was not a man of steel but a darn good street fighter from my home town on the eclipse of the yellow moon rising high above. This planet actually seemed an exact copy of where I was from on the other side of the galaxy. My name I used was my real name Khingan Vrukvuth III. I was from a giant planet named ” Tregastea ” almost half way around the Galaxy with the name of ” Comae Eioneus “. I grew up in the fashionable “city of Akaburgh “. This is where I polished my fists and my feet against some who thought they tougher than good ole me. I lost the first three fights I had. I came back and beat every one of them. That was the way to prove your manhood if you wanted women, parties and good times to flow to you instead of away. Beauitful fresh young women in the bars were rather impressionable. We were aces at that game with all those incredible women back then. They always were some happy in the mornings so I was smiling and my buddies were as well. That was one great night so we knew to return here another time. Like striking it rich all the way around. Yes, we was darn good and all around everyone knew that. But, still we had some that tried to stand against us but failed and other ones were close to close actually. Styles in women were very easy to choose from as most were exceptionally beautiful. I usually was the one to fall in love easy as the perfume and the moves they made drove me mad. I knew I had to have them all or most of them or one or two anyways. I was not that greedy for sure. I was just as much fun as anyone in this neck of the woods. The back woods held some surprises trust me. Huge giant size having weiner roasts and making fire driven cookies or desserts. They tasted good and the beer was ice cold and the women were hot as could be. Like shopping at the Edidlender Mall. The outside sign said Come in Shop to you Drop. We took it till we found what we wanted first and foremost and party hardy then drop onto one of the stunning beds on the store floor. We made a huge mistake once they woke us all up and hauled us away. We pleaded that we just followed the over head store sign at the mall entrance. We just played the game by their rules with no damage just everyone having fun until each couple dropped off onto the nearest bed. Was that not what the sign was all about ? We were fortunate the Judge let us all off with a warning and also one for the Mall Owners as all. So, we decided after a long discussion that things had to be slowed down which we did. That was the last time we needed to be thrown into a courtroom against any more lawyers. They were getting smarter than our lawyers had become. Next year was the earliest return to our cruising routine and partying across the Galaxy for sure. So, good bye until that point in time comes around once more.

The Friday Report- ZSUW-NEWS

Good morning to all our loyal listeners we are here with The Friday report. There has been lots going on in our little corner of deep space. On Tron Une there was the weirdest type of accident that I have never personally witnessed before. It seems that traffic was going pretty good over head as people were going to work down town. When, it seems that one cruising car decided to veer off course and smashed into a high rise office building. Who won you ask ? The cruising car apparently was the one that dropped down onto the cement walkway down below. The office building received a small scratch that was not visible from below. The owners just smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. I shake my head for this was the first time anyone tried to fly through an office building. lol cute or I tried to be funny.

Quinata Asperata- ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

On the morning of Tron Du a cruising share ride car was carrying two elderly women taking them to their semi-annual doctors visit. Both of these thoughtful women were hard of hearing it seems. The driver was courteous and spent time trying to talk with the two Grandmotherly woman. He was unaware of the hearing problem of his passengers. After trying to get them to talk he finally just drove in silence. After a few seconds one of the women hit him with her purse. The driver was completely shocked and flabbergasted as to why he got hit ? It was all due to his attempt at speaking to the two elderly woman after all. They both told police that he was talking dirty to them and they were against such terrible behaviour. But, wanted the driver to know he was being put on notice next time he would get a lot worse from both of them. The driver told police he was just shocked and flabbergasted as all he wanted was to talk to the nice, polite elderly women. He learned his lesson as it seemed he had a rather large bump on the side of his head. One woman had a heavy object in her bag. The driver laughed wondering how the frail woman got the strength to swing her purse with that heavy object in her purse ? hahaha He hoped the rest of the day would go off with no more being hit for nothing by nice elderly women.

Akix Drixoks ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

Today, is the Birthday for the Vakler Interplanetary Investigations Limited. The Fortieth Birthday which the founding partners were the same ones who started out forty years ago. Silene Almonia and Dhaslith Udears. They were so proud of the record of their Investigative company as they had solved more than 90 % of the complaints brought to them. Over a Forty year Period I was astonished with the high level of success they had reached. Silene Almonia spoke first saying they agreed when they started out that having a high percentage of solved cases was what they were going for. Some outfits tried to make a name for themselves but failed. She went on to say that Dhaslith and her were just trying to be the best they could be as private detectives. That was their company motto ” We will never stop until the case is solved”. At first it was just the two fo them over the years they hired a team of six highly disciplined fellow private detectives who held the same belief’s. The big party was going to be held in a large hotel dining room which they rented for their company and their clients. So, you see good work always pays. So much so they bought an office plant just two weeks ago, their first one. It is a beautiful green and blue Asebraisy which blooms with a huge red flowers that have a sweet scent when they open up. This sweet scent lasts at least ten Trons.

Unzeix Ecals ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

This is our Friday Morning News Report. We hope you have enjoyed reading these three stories. We will have more for all the readers in our next issue of The ZSUW NEWS. Till then have a fun and happy times until we meet again !

The Incredible Deep Space Action

As much as all the residents of the planets holding these international Inter- Space Contests are happy, easy going residents they loved this tournament. Sitting squares is in accordance with who the last one to win was and can know sit on the Best Square while hosting this one. This year’s first Team getting the Top Square was the Team From : The Planet of SAPUS 20Q8. Truth be known this particular planet was one of the most stunning, Gorgeous and Beautiful Planet that Had the Best People. Research came up with this isolation idea of how it stood out among all others. I point this out as the” Planet was the winner from last year”. #1 Rule is stated clearly as possible on this layout. The rest of what the Planet SAPUS 20Q8 is all about will be revealed as the proceedings get started. So, sit back and relax and get ready for another stunning race from ” The La Pertonia Star System “.

Here we are enjoying the bright night, filled with stars , and other planets covering up the space field around our home. Each year a space field filled up with graciously & grandly built stars. And all sorts of planets that are just as stunning to ones in the current space field ! Where judgments are decided as to the winners in each of four categories put forth. This year was the one, to kick off one incredible party as cities, special areas on each planet, and the planets themselves. As the sights put forth from each one had such natural beautification’s, to shock the throngs of people who are lined up. This year this tournament was being held in the most incredible Solar System of ” The La Pertonia Star System “. The planets involved in this are in order : 1. SAPUS 20Q8, 2. Gautis 3. Leron JV 4. Croxaliv 5. Etryria 6. Druzomia 7. Vakler Urantep.

There are going to be seven planets on this side of the La Pertonia Star System all vying to be the next Champion of the Sitting Squares Race. This is an exciting field of racers this year compared to past Championship Races since the word leaked out further this time around. The top racers from the La Pertonia Star System are here to entertain us for the entire length of the race. Do not forget this race is one of endurance, sportsmanship and smart, crafty manoeuvrings as the contestants go around the track. This race track was agreed upon before the registration began which is vital to the success of each years race. This is the month of Tluxath and as such this is the best time to hold this Championship Race. The stars and planets are lined up exquisitely showing off their natural beauty with such ease. This Championship Race will last for 4 Gnyhub’s. Thus, making this race one of the longest, hardest, and most enduring since its conception. The crews have to be in top physical and top mental shape as well in order to be successful as the next Champion. So, Ladies, Gentlemen and Children get ready as the race is about to start. Ensure you have all your food and drinks before sitting down to watch all these incredibly stunning Flying Machines line up. As they are nearing to go for the Gold so to speak with each one seeking the top spot. It is sad that only one can win this endurance race as I think all of them are Champions for coming here this year. To me the simple best part in my thoughts, are right now as they begin twisting and jockeying for the most advantageous spot to jump out in front from the gate. The Race Marshall will have to be quick to his buttons to stop any such rough and unsportsmanlike conduct. These seasoned veterans know how far they can push the top officials before the race begins, hopefully on time. That is why it is an endurance race everyone. it looks like the Race Marshall is signalling the ships and crews to stop the nonsense and line up properly so the race can begin. From this point until the gate is thrown wide open no more of anything will be tolerated. Or the irresponsible craft can be prevented from taking part by being removed. The Get Ready Light is On which means each craft must be willing to go when the Green Light comes on. Let’s see who is able to jump out to that early lead right out of the gate. We have seven crafts to choose between but my money is on the favourite #1 SAPUS 20Q8. That is the same one who did win last years endurance race in The Intton System. His experience will come in handy especially since he is from the La Pertonia Star System. Time will tell who is going to be able to out fox his competitors, as they go through this long, gruelling race, but fantastic star field in front of them all. The Race Marshall is standing up as he must be starting the race. The Green Light is lite up and everyone is off. They are just getting past the first few markers with no one yet taking the lead. It might be a few limps to get these crews deciding the best way forward in this first few lengths of the race of the Glyfert. So, lets just slowly wait for the results to come in from our remote callers who are part of the Officials Team for this Race.

This Race is going to take a lot of time to decide who wins and who loses. Part Two will be out in a couple of days. I think it is best to let the crews aboard these flying machines get the kinks out of their particular sleek cruisers before expecting any results before that point. Until next time be good and stay safe as the Captains of each vessel are doing right now.

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Another Winter Arrives

Yes, as of today the snowfall is steady and sure as the afternoon turned into evening here. The temperature is around five below Centigrade. Enough to ensure the snow keeps coming down over night for sure. I do not get along with winter I just accept it as part of being a Canadian living in the Great White North. We do have polar bears up north still roaming around searching for food with less ice cover than ever before in history. As the tale goes according to some great scientists who should be congratulated on being right. I can agree with them as the snow is falling out side of my house I live in. It usually does snow before Halloween in these here parts. It might be one in a hundred years when there is no snow until early November. But, this year it had to come early to chase the bears back to their liars so they sleep soundly for the next six months or so. We do not need any more garbage wars against those black bears, who want to get fatter to sleep longer, so the information has always spoke of. I remember watching films about the Great White North in Social Studies I think it was anyways. I was held spell bound as the film reel rolled on and on showing what it is like to live in the snow and ice covered northern areas of our country. The residents hunted according to the history of their people going back to when they started to live up there. Apparently, I was for sure trying to understand how they could live up there never seeing any reflection of them in us down here. That is because we never had been up to the north let alone gone past the that line into the arctic. We were told how cold it was and how they dressed to keep warm all year long. I was astonished to think that Canada had people who lived way up into the arctic. The only ones I knew of was Santa Claus and his reindeer’s and his elf’s making toys for all the children of the world at Christmas time. Then Rudolph would lead Santa’s sleigh ,with his red nose so bright through fog and snowfall, dropping off those presents for all the children not just the good ones. I think It was probably real hard to build a igloo to stay in while out hunting or just a place to live for the winters. Fitting those pieces of packed hard snow into the exact pattern required to not have it fall down on top of the people inside of it was an exact science.

Pretty soon the roaring of snow mobiles will be heard around the village up here. They are going outside of here using them in the ditches and other areas designed for the machines. I have a hard time understanding how the price of those snow machines have climbed into the stratosphere. Crazy and out of this world if you ask me about any of it. When, I was a teenager I do believe the cost for any snow machine like a ski-doo was around $500.00 if that. I know each year since more and more revolutionary equipment has been added to them. Why just so those machines can go just as fast as nay highway vehicle ? This is true which I do not understand the why behind this fascination with speed off highway like in the winter months. Then again in the summer people have SUV’s which are for off road travel that can get through any bushes or trees. I own one of those SUV’s but have never used it for off road travel. I love the four wheel drive in the slippery winter months and I adore the two wheel drive in the summer.

Well, I just looked out my door and the white stuff is still falling steadily covering my SUV and by morning it will be hidden under a fresh soft white coat of snow. I do not mind rain in the winter as one does not have to shovel it or brush it off any vehicle or sidewalk etc. Plus, rain makes things wet and plants grow better year around at times. At times rainfall comes down so fast one could run out in the bush and have a shower. Real nature lovers would do this for sure trust me.

This is another short blog just to let you all know I am alive even though the snow is crushing my thoughts lol JK I am going to say good night and stay safe out there everyone.

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I Love MY Job Tag #1

Hello Everybody. I have been tagged by my good friend Mrs. Holliman @ GOD’S LOVE for the ” I Love My Job Tag” and I am so grateful to her for this. I have to say this, if you have not been to her blog than you missed this one. Her Blog is full of God’s Love and how important it is to each one of us. You will find peace in her blog from Heavenly Father love. Thank you and God bless you !!

I was tagged on Oct. 17, 2020 by Mrs. Holliman @ GOD’S LOVE

I Love My Job Tag :

Websters defines a job as a paid position of regular employment. However, there are many jobs which we never receive a paycheck. ( I.E. Stay-at-home-parent, caregiver etc). So far the purposes of this tag, a job is any work that you do on a regular basis. No paycheck is required.

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  3. Tell us why you love your job.
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Why I Love My Job:

  1. Allows me all the time I want to fulfill my job as a ” Fresh Air Sniffer”.
  2. I can simply open my door and take a big whiff of the wind as it hits my face at 60 km/hr.
  3. I can take an easy walk down town. This gives me about an hour to sniff the fresh country air. There’s nothing like it all !!
  4. Lately the air is cold so I do not take many sniffs of the air as it may freeze my nostrils closed.
  5. I love my job because no one else wants it.
  6. I have to admit I do help millions of country folks by ” Sniffing The Fresh Air For Them ” first. better me than them others.
  7. The #1 Thing about my job is it is a home based entrepreneurial type of work.
  8. This is the type of work that Wayne & Schuster would’ve loved to do. they were funnier than me am.
  9. I love my job as it allows me to write my books and my blogs. which are not paying me anyways right now.

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Return To Vrierburgh

Vrierburgh is home to such outstanding Alien Forces who limit the amount of foreign alien beings allowed to travel in deep outer space. They have the most terrible super cruiser armed weaponry possible. When, I say foreign-alien travellers it is those that are not native to this solar system where they may cause problems. Vrierburg’s home solar system is the ” Baracella Sidengatis Region”. Which is in the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy which is a fairly large one compared to others in this deep space region. The Vrierburgh’s , “Topiorytelligence Thruster Attack Forces” travel a lot to keep outsiders to a minimum. To prevent any foreign take overs of any planets that have agreements in place. There are a number of planets in the Baracella Sidengatis Region that have life forms that are friendly to them. The most agile is the Topiorytelligence Thruster Attack Forces. That is due to the number of fighting super cruisers developed compared to any one else in their region. Maybe, the residents of Vrierburgh have been more advanced for many Sroselt’s ahead. Their Universities were also the most integrated and the top instructors across the Baracella Sidengatis Region. Space ships produced on the campuses were the reason no one had anything like they did. Students were matched to their skills to the best operating abilities for each one. Once other space travellers saw their space cruisers they were sure to be very cordial and polite.

Returning to Vrierburgh meant a home coming after being on ten P2 trip deep into the Baracella Sidengatis Region and the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy than ever before. The Topiorytelligence Tghruster Attack Forces arrived back in the month of Sroselt which was the 12th Slisk day. The top officers were interviewed by the Base Commanders upon their arrival. It was important to fetch all the best intelligence using this method and this proved beyond any other method. More planets were found which held life forms comparable to their Vrierburgh’s abilities. They created a few more contracts to keep the peace a far away as they are. Plus, they signed contracts to cross trade in similar areas beneficial to both planets. Travel agreements in place now allowed for space travel through the solar Region into the outer galaxy planets. The crews were incredibly impressed with the beauty of the deep space the further they went out into the galaxy. They located a few giant planets that did not hold any life just rocky craggy surfaces. Other ones were covered with different gaseous lids over top those particular planets. The stars seemed brighter and more colourful way out in the outer edges entering the galaxy never before travelled. What was one of the most waiting for thing is the first travellers from so out into the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy. Each planet’s creatures or inhabitants for one reason or another seemed different in body shape and looks and voices.

For Ceteds Stolqak , the Chief Engineer, this was the best trip after serving for over twenty P2’s. He loved the space travel and looking after and servicing the giant super cruisers. Especially the brand new ones fresh out of the manufacturing bays awaiting their first trips. These he found always performed beyond the specs that were in place. The hyper speeds and the shields were optimal at the top hyper speed 10 across through deep space. Everything gleamed and shone when the equipment was all brand new being the only crew allowed aboard for this test flight for the next 8 P2’s. if, the ships and equipment performed ultimately then longer and more complex trips could be under taken.

So, until the next trip this crew was on leave and could spend time with family and friends.

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