Thursday in Emergency

To begin with yesterday afternoon I saw a doctor. She wanted me to come this morning for a ultrasound on my lower right leg. The ultrasound is done and over with. I am waiting for the same doctor from yesterday to let me know the results. To say I am curious is true.

I just got removed from my emergency room. They will call when they have a bed for me again. The hospital has the air conditioning on due to the late heat wave. I must admit the cool air feels amazing.

I was told it might be an hour or so before the doctor receives the ultrasound report. Until then I stay in the outer area of emergency. Where the chairs are and they feel comfortable. 🤔 This is my make believe look. We all have one for such hard times. Being thankful for my phone as I can create stories for you, my audience to read 📚. Stay tuned for the final words of today’s blog.

The final words are that my lower right leg is alright. No blood clots and it is healing just fine. It is amazing how much has healed over night. I know the power of prayer and how it works. I thank Heavenly Father for answering my prayer to heal my leg. He answered me. I love you, Heavenly father. Thank you so very much for watching over me and helping me in my time of need. Amen

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