A Most Dangerous Space Eater

One wormhole did not always turn one out where the craft was set to be delivered. Was it overused by all spacecrafts? It could have been that the spinner became dislodged during the controlled flight. At this stage it was hard to pin point the exact cause. But, our engineers are working feverishly figuring this system failure out. Before another spacecraft is lost coming either into or leaving the wormhole. These space highways are important to move seamlessly from one galaxie to another. More and more spacecraft have found the space highways to be a very efficient mode of travel. When they are lost due to another mistake this space highway is shut down. Thus, forcing everyone to find another way to swiftly go between the universes.

In the same manner hiding fast is important that is why wormholes are there according to those escaping trouble they caused. Leaving anyone chasing them lost back at the beginning of this space highway. All this could be just a sham trying to keep secret this wormhole. Except they are gaining in size swallowing up more stars and other space junk. Leaving a real true black hole in the cosmic screen of space. Watch out and stay safe in areas you do not know. The power of the pull of a blackhole is surprisingly strong. Just, think about why one of these can grow to such a incredible size in no time. Nothing is going to slow down a space swallowerer. One has to think long and hard about the history of these stunning areas eating up what ever is in their way. Can they grow and swallow more of space than what space specialists know? Over time we must be careful in deep space exploration. As beautiful as space is it might just stump people out here who are trying to ensure all are safe from incongrious alien bullies.

Those who rely on the help of others in deep space know that worm holes are one reason they arrive right away when called. Some times even space companies can be slowed down due to space junk like comets and fields of huge meteors. Plus if they are coming to provide protection in deep space. The aliens who are creating discomfort will do anything to prevent anyone getting through. In most cases the aliens are mistaken about who they are facing. Individual space companies can carry heavy munitions inside larger space crafts. Which no alien force has ever encountered. These are only used as a last resort when all else has failed to bring attacking alien forces to their knees. In the history of the space forces who keep the peace; those heavy weapons have been used less than a handful of times. The way these men and women serve with distinction in deep space is very respectable.

There are a large number of Space Companies with spacecraft patrolling the depths of space itself. The crews are well educated and trained for every position on board each ship out in space. Yes, These brave men and women sign on for ten year tours of duty way out in deep space. This shows how brave and how willing they are to protect the beings on all the planets that are inhabited. Every crew is willing to put their lives on the line when helping protect planets under attack by some rogue group of alien fighter craft. The crews in the crafts providing assistance to those in need are very positive in carrying out there duties. They believe that everyone has the right to live in peace, with enough food and supplies and the right to have medical treatment on time. No one wants to shoot down an enemy craft unless provoked by those firing on planets with no defences at all. Their space missions are to protect the unfortunate when being attacked, and mapping entire galaxies or areas of each galaxy.

Through out space there are bases constructed to house the central command of each area in space and deep space. This is a bonus that means life saving space crafts are closer than originally forcasted. As of now the plan is the same. To have life saving personnel nearby to help those who ask for help. All this infrastructure takes time to put in place and to construct all that is required for saving lives and planets. Training exercises are held daily to ensure the tactical readiness is there at a moments notice. Schools and Colleges and Universities are built in large cities to centralize the education programs which are very much needed for all ages actually. In this manner the families of those who go out into space and deep space are close to each other. They hopefully will become close friends while their loved ones are working way out there in space. Every planet where Central Command is quartered their is a huge support unit waiting. This is what a huge family is all about being here in such stunning, incredible beauty.

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