On the Outer Banks

The outer banks covered an area of approximately fifty-five million light years. Just between the edge of The Gomez Cluster and The Ceti Brumopia Pass. This place was phenomenal while extremely fascinating at the same time. One could possibly explore the outer banks for a century or two to three even. One will never have a boring day this is guaranteed, just because, go there to find out the answer to this old age question. Remember to make notes of what takes place and you might make out the complex answer or answers you are after. Plus, enter the date of when you enter the outer banks.

One stupendous clue is the people are friendly in some places and not so in other places. You have to figure out how to get along with those who oppose you compared to those who get along with you. This will keep you on your toes so to speak truly indeed. Your space craft will be a guide if your Team of Programmers see the outer banks properly. Have a secure and safe trip around and through the outer banks. Trust your crew of distinguished men and women who serve with you aboard the VSA Gaurdian. By the time you get part way through the outer banks you might have seen or met some indifferent people from a number of planets. But, do not let them bother what you think is correct or not. After all we are the same to those out here who have never seen anyone of our likes before. That is the most intriguing part of space travel meeting and being active on other planets among the residents of the rocks spinning around in space.

Being optimistic and positive in deep inner space is easy to maintain. From the start cruising through the stars, comets, meteors and planets is mind blowing. Just unreal after being on one or maybe two planets until you join the companies keeping the peace out here. You joined one of the original companies called the Moon Wood Universal Defense League. Who has a large number of ships cruising out in many areas of deep space from the outer banks to the Thenal Aniagel System. The main duties at times is to map the galaxies and universes in deep space. Some times it may take a number of ships cruising the same areas to correctly map each area out in deep space. Most ships are out cruising through space for periods of ten years before returning home. The crews usually are home for up to three or four months before shipping out again on their second ten year tours.

The second ten year tour is spent in other newer areas found in inner space. This is why all areas are mapped over and over because the distances in space are so far apart. Plus, there is chances to participate in stopping attacks on other planets. These wars are short lived but have been important in keeping training up to date. None of the space companies have ever lost to an opponent in a space shoot out or a war. Training excersises are kept up to date on a regular basis while out traveling in space. Each one is carried out under the most vivid of conditions faced against live rounds. Every crew follows a creed of being the best they can be. All things are carried out as if facing stiff opposition when on a rescue trip aiding planets from attacks by enemies from space period. At times the practices are mixed up from home base who over sees the entire ten year deployments. The entire flights are made up of food transport ships, medical ships and a large number of small close up fighter crafts. Plus other larger attack cruiser ships strictly for defense of all concerned. There are a number of huge transport crafts with full loads of armaments for each fighter craft in this space flotilla. Along with other items deserving of each craft. Should any ship require repairs while in space, there are the ships exactly for this reason which are brought along. The Home base ensures each mission has the exact needs and wants with them before leaving. Their due diligence is carried out with honour and dignity with the safety of all concerned first and foremost.

The crews have chances to take time off for breaks to have fun and burn off any unused nerves. From dancing, bowling believe that or not to other games like cards and chess and other games using the minds to unwind their nerves. There are computer games or using artificial firing weapons to immatate fighting once or twice a week. And the ships are stocked with movies saying back up to sixty years or so. Lots are comical which is a must up in deep space. And other great movies made for large crowds to appreciate them all. Relaxation for medical reasons is a must. Music is another method of relaxation for all crew members of the space crafts.

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