Another Tall Tale

My world is much different than I had  ever imagined it would turn out to be.  Right from the early stages the fun and games seemed to come in short spurts. As life went along times got serious which was normal. But then it was not fun at all. Actually working full time for real money I would do this all the time. Or I was actually led to believe. Getting bored at work who knew before hand about stuff like this. We were not trained before to expect break downs such as this. None of us saw this in any training manual they gave out. Should they not have video games for times like these? We all thought so. Next work place will need to be a tech palace full of bright, warm, friendly exciting people. Along with shiny new computers hooked up to giant satellites to pick up views and more from around the world and far into space. This way we can send people links to export their work back to us to check it all out. Or forward their work to perspective employers etc.

To be honest my world is nothing like I just described above. No, it is a bleak, barren existence compared to reading about other great worlds. This is where futures are guaranteed to be so much better. One can walk in tall green fields full of scrumptious fresh grown vegetables. Which is some weird looking back at what my mere bleak, barren existence really is. Just my memory if I can set to run wild and crazy free of any strings holding it back from reaching its top levels. Then, maybe my soul would accept or could accept the desired out comes that I am to live. I do not enjoy being disturbed from searching through forever’s. In desperate need of fulfilling my requirement for being held here in this sparse small room chained to the floor. I get nourishment twice a day from these mean, nasty shape shifters. I have never looked one right in the eye due to them hiding behind the door as they slide food trays in to the room. A loud bang as the door is slammed hard to scare me. How else is one supposed to survive while being chained to the floor and no place to hide?

I recall sleeping on the ice cold tin floors of a tiny cell some where. I think because a whole bunch of us were kidnapped by some ferocious, horrendous and hideous beings. Yes, maybe this is what became of my mind trying to escape my grim reality in this small four walled room. I had no idea of where this place existed or where they had us hidden away from reality. What is reality to anyone? Right now it is just a figment of my over active imagination. Reality is just what you want it to be. When you have no reality one must escape to create freely the life we want and live where we want. There actually was a faint streak of memory left of my past life. This existed long before I was among this herd of beings grabbed and tossed into flying machines. Long greyish looking things with wide wings along side other flying machines that were roundish in shape. Remind me that this was the only sliver of my past still alive in my thought base. A lucky part of me before a state hanging onto this strange unscrupulous life. I might sound a mite full of serious mind bending problems in need of new physicality location. Just my mind trying to shout out for assistance with my depression which is driving my soul to try to escape when they come to feed us. Running full force while being chained down to the tin floor. See my thoughts are crazy yet my sanity is stretched almost to its full existence.

Another part of me is doubting that anyone of us even are still breathing in order to fulfill these sick, twisted, implausible shape shifters fantasies. Why and what are they getting out of being here? Oh, oh, I hear something scratching the tin floor not far from my eye sight. Maybe, a small nourishment for my empty stomach full of hunger pains constantly. This is to say, we are not fed much I guess enough to keep us alive for their amusement. Except we are locked to the floors of our cells all the time. Wait would they have their way when we are sound asleep after our minds cave in for the day. Another sample of my mind being over active. Not, really or truly accurate account of what is going on where we are living. Not one ray of sunshine gets into our dim cells. I am guessing I must be dirty and in bad need of a shower and shampoo and soap etc. When was thee last time I stood under a hot shower allowing the water to keep my body wet for almost a wonderful twenty minutes. Yes, now I am actually recalling some truth here and now. Please, understand living in the dark like a mushroom is not fun at all. The stench I smelled was my disgusting rotting body. Who is going to recognize me when ever we all can break out and get back to our homes? I am going to start creating more stories that have no reality and no end to them. Give me a break for a good solid nights sleep allowing my mind to regenerate itself.

This tall tale is all fiction as my mind was allowed out to run around the neighbourhood for most of the week already.

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