Shuffling The Deck

This all started because of a new comer by the name of, Fodliogus. A one name person. He stood about sixteen trigutes high. He was saying this done on his home world. They shuffled the deck after each round of playing. No one in the room could understand what he was trying to pull off. They all kept their eyes on him as if he was trying to cheat. He was so tall and huge everyone was afraid of  Fodliogus. Except that stranger did not have a mean streak inside of him. To him it was something that was not understandable. Why, when there was nothing in his demeanor that showed he was mean at all? Things were the same no matter where he went. This time he felt it was going to be different for him regardless of their first impression of him. He would show them over time that he had no desire to be harmful towards them. Fodliogus had decided to be intelligent about the entire situation and allow his good will to show through to his new friends here.

By now it was closer to six months since Fodliogus had arrived in this peaceful community. There had never been one troubling incident due to Fodliogus creating it. The residents are used to shuffling the decks after each hand of play. In fact they found the results were clearer and better for all involved. To be honest Fodliogus was a great friend with such a fantastic approach to being a great neighbor. He worked all the time helping people with broken or cracked wood doors and window frames. He was such a respectable carpenter that he was made a full citizen of the city of Cotiloriand. Fodliogus was extremely happy and proud and humbled to be accepted into their midst. They held a special supper at the Cotiloriand Community Center which held approximately eight hundred to eight hundred and twenty tables. That many tables held the entire population of the city now. So, each table sat four people, thus, the total population had to be roughly 3,280 residents.

The ladies were cooking the meal as some others were working these days which was good to now. The more women working was a goal of the City of Cotiloriand as they stood out as one of the new forth right communities. Everything was established and accepted by everyone by special ballots. A true democratic city established on the banks of the eastern edge of the Senabourn Sandstone Mountains. These mountains had been here which enticed a lot of us to go climb up as high as possible. Great exercise and lots of races and over land derbies had been held over the years and they were still going today. A special city that showed its happiness by what it does each year to brighten the city up. Lots of flowers and small trees planted for contests held in the summer time.

Much of what Fodliogus started out by his shuffling the deck after each hand of cards played. His concept was at first grudgingly accepted but as time went on the residents thanked him for bringing this method here with him. Fodliogus thought back since he first arrived here and all the things that had worked out for him. Coming here with nothing but his concept of shuffling cards, and his natural ability to be carpenter, he knew that shuffling was very similar to moving to a certain place. Also Fodliogus had a great faith in God from an early age and this accompanied him all over where he went. His faith, love, caring and a good thoughtfulness plan in place. He had been ministering to his new neighbors as he went about doing things and playing cards with them. I would imagine this opened a lot of eyes and ears as the residents heard what he was saying on different days.

As summer was coming to an end the mayor and his council started thinking about winter slowly approaching soon enough. For some reason they felt being rushed into getting winter supplies earlier this year. The ice cold winds from the north had been consistent last winter. They knew exactly what was required and where to get it all from. It was going to take a concentrated push by everyone to participate for the sake’s of their families. Fodliogus was single but he already offered to help others who needed more than he did. A few days later they had filled up all the stores for the entire winter period.

The city council took another look through last winters report on damages to homes that needed fixes before this winter struck. They phoned around and got four teams to go around to assist citizens to repair their homes. Surprisingly all the team work came about after an attack by some strange new eerie force in mid January. Now, while it was still warm the work was carried out until it was all done. All well done before the first snows came dropping down on us here.

Cortiloriand had not been settled for a large community or this many years. But has proved itself to a rigid and reliable city to with stand even the most prudent dangerous events. Protecting the far side of this stunning country was well worth it to us out here. There was not one individual that could say any bad words against this community. It was self reliant and so much more every year.

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