Mystery of The Singing Librarian

This was found in a number of ancient files stored in the back rooms of the library itself. Where did this singing Librarian show up or arrive here in our city of Wrecastegolth? That was possible that she came from one of the closer planets that had or allowed trips around the solar system. The fact that file is old and thus, was to provide problems opening things up. More time was the next obvious conclusion to draw. Back then no one objected to taking a slow time period in stride to protect the information contained within it.

When this library became to be created is still a mystery to all who have came around to look within the shelves and file boxes. And exactly who built such a structure which stood out and above other buildings in the same area. Thus, such a stunning structure in amidst other smaller decrepit other buildings.

Maybe, some one had hopes of opening the entire three or four blocks to revitalization of old homes for the sake of new grandiose buildings. In all honesty architects want to raze old buildings to create new incredible stunning creations that draw in new investors. It is all a sham using money and pulling in new investors to use every dollar. Assists to, input some serious change. Exactly, in the way new architectural marvel’s are up and running faster, than most private investors. One more strange approach is why invest all this money in a back water city such as Wrecastegolth. There were other high class cities to choose from out in the rest of the planet.

Time to get back to The Mystery Singing Librarian who last had been seen not long after her last performance as the Librarian. What devious person or persons unknown to investigators might have harmed our precious, hot and revered librarian? This terrible incident actually took place such a long time ago. However, top officials in the police administration felt it was not a simple case of foul play. As such it needed to be reopened to ensure the proper procedures were in fact followed. Maybe, the case may lead to other locations and other suspects. The Singing Librarian required all connected to have closure in one way or another. Even if top city officials were slightly hesitant in letting any more investigations to the one stunning case that they could not solve. A resolution was passed to green light this investigation to proceed.

The newspapers and radio and TV stations were carrying this news item as number one. People expected that a real ruckus would erupt as the public became aware. There was no ruckus or noise just a feeling of relief with this avenue being done. Finally The Singing Librarian was going to have her final say in regards to what and who took her life. This was well over due her.

The entire group was organized to investigate this stunning case. They were prepared to have long days ahead. In fact they were locked into one whole floor of the city hall building for this duty. All washrooms, beds, fridges and stoves were installed already. The final objective is to solve this strange and comprehensive missing person’s case that may have been a murder. Each sheet of evidence is going to be read and gone over probably dozens of times. Six members on each side of this issue were the one’s who were deciding the out come for or against what took place.

How is it possible or probable to know exactly what took place? The Singing Librarian had lived a long time ago. With no skeletal remains or tell tale signs she left for some where else. This case was difficult enough except she was a incredible singer. Everyone had left remarks about how sweet and clear her voice sounded. Maybe, if she only wrote something down about where or what she was doing in the final days of her world. Now there are people trying to piece together her life and where it might have lead her. Her voice was the one great piece in her life. She would have been remembered no matter where she hung her hat. Alas, there were no way to record songs back in her life time. Things had come to a sorry end in regards to such a beautiful sounding voice who could sing any song perfectly.

The Mystery of the Singing Librarian is still unsolved today on her home planet and her home city of Wrecastegolth.

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