The Old Gopher Studio’s

The Old Gopher Studio’s were built on the grounds of the former Majestic Star Production’s lot. The city of Costa Dobosier was once the home to all the major movie studio’s. Which was who produced all the top shows for the theater chains across the planet of Ogrihines. After they shut down the productions of major movies and transferred to the planet Antarus 3. As it was cheaper to make and produce movies as the stars were also paid less in this environment. Antarus 3 had lousy air due to intense geysers shooting off acid’s all harmful to people. It was the winds that carried the acid around the planet. Most of the time the winds blew the opposite direction taking them up and into the higher and higher atmospheres. The word was the acid slipped through and out into space. No actual proof of this activity but everyone hoped it to be true and accurate.

However, the great city of Costa Dobosier was determined to keep things rolling along with new and up coming younger actors and actresses. The Old Gopher Studio’s still had most of the production equipment and some of the larger sound stages. Plus, a fair number of the staff stayed here in hopes of working once again on the grand old movie lots. Lets face it this was home to so many who decided to move to make cheaper movies on Antarus 3. Here there were no cheap movies being made it was an incredible heritage passed along from one generation to another. The head of production was an old producer who loved the originality of filming on the grand old lots. Zavis Mayzon enjoyed the feel of the old methods used and he was intent on using them going forward. Plus, The Old Gopher Studio’s was his baby to start with back when the real great film companies arrived here. Soon after he sold most of his shares to younger producers who wanted in. He was content they kept their word to him and his teams.

Zavis Mayzon, as head of The Old Gopher Studio’s bought the rights to a thriller with the top awards in sight for it. The screen play was incredibly written with such unbelievable characters ready to be signed into each part. They had access to the top crop of new actors and actresses only a call away to step into this movie. Zavis knew he had a box office smash on his hands. he called his favorite director who stayed behind to be with his studio’s. Kamron Flynn was the best director four years running at the Pyantworth Awards. The top award show on the planet for movies etc. Zavis and Kamron were the ones who chose the entire crew not under contract right now. And they picked the actors and actresses for minor roles. Once again they had so many to choose from in this years pool. No date had been chosen for the production to start but around a two or three months from now they figured. Working with new crews, actors, actresses and the rest of the new crew, who all had to be brought up to speed. And the desire of Zavis Mayzon to ensure that all the equipment was all ready to go with no break downs during filming of this movie.

Three months and a bit later filming began on the movie titled ” The Unexpected House Guest” starring Brandon Xavis, Heeter Chindler, Jaelyne Scarlex, Sanya Kirstenof, and Aubrina Catelea. It takes place on the forest road in Shoym Plua lands in the north end of the planet Phavohines. With the natural forested area the trees bend over making it eerie looking after the sun dips down. Zavis Mayzon was going to be one of the greatest producers to ever create a master piece of a movie. Filming was going to take roughly ten to twelve hours a day to get this movie out to the public on time for the award season. Their were lots of trailers for the actors and actresses to use for make up and wardrobe issues. And there were a few trailers left over for practicing lines with each other. All those involved threw their hearts in to make this movie on time and within budget.

Zavis Mayzon and the director Kamron Flynn were working in close quarters everyday which made the final product that much better. Re-shooting scenes took place right away there was no time for waiting till after. Doing this when the actors and actresses were fresh was important and ensured great quality. The days were long enough shooting up to twelve hours a day. The single yellow sun shone with enough brightness to have the entire crew feeling super each day. The natural energy from the rays of the sunshine definitely made the lots and sound stages a lot more fun. Three months came so fast and an extension of two more weeks was called by Zavis Mayzon and Kamron Flynn. The final scenes were really in depth so taking a slow approach would just provide the right feel to the end. The two weeks actually worked in their favor and the film was screened and the public got to see it on time.

The awards season had not got off on the right foot for unknown sources were saying. Those same unknown industry sources were saying this movie ” The Unknown House Guest” was going to be the spoiler and win perhaps all awards this season. Zavis and Kamron were stunned by this news of such success of their film. Time was always the true measure of how good a film actually was. If this hung in there maybe it would win all top the awards in the final new award show.

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6 thoughts on “The Old Gopher Studio’s

  1. Hello Shantanu You do know my blogs are fictional for now until we uncover the real thing on an alien planet out in the dark deep space or maybe they live closer. Yes, you could apply ahead of discovering the alien Film production sites. You may win once all is worked out with our government after finding all of the stars on a planet out there lol


    1. My post was not meant to shed light on anything to do with Hollywood. It was just a trip through my mind’s eye creating a fictional story. I love writing about different things. How you or anyone else sees things in what I create is fine. I like to hear what you have to offer it is always enlightening.

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      1. For me, felt the resemblances of Hollywood even though your story asserts fictional planetarium particukars. When we write about theater, I suppose the stars, the traits of energies and major personalities interplay, so much like astrology and our world. You have a unique imagination, James A Best.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very much Americaoncoffee for the appreciative compliment. I enjoy creating stories of all sorts. Keep your comments coming my friend, Americaoncoffee. Have a great Wednesday. May your imagination soar to the highest level possible !!


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