Rising Monster

There is some where out in the eastern portion of the inner deep space region exists according to the best scouts a rising monster that is real. Once the Defiant Defense Super Forces return they will be briefed in all details of this disgusting rising monster. Their headquarters is here for the foreseeable future until the Admiral recalls the entire Team. They would be out cruising until about midnight so it was going to be later. Maybe, even in the morning allowing them to get some sleep after a fourteen hour shift.

First thing after a shower and some breakfast they all headed to the briefing center. The two scouts took to the podium after short introduction. Streviak spoke first detailing the exact location where this terrible infernal monster was. We were starting to return to base when something caught our eye sight. We had never seen anything like these alien beings before. The first one we managed to get a clear picture of it. Please look at the screen to see for yourselves what they look like. Now, if any of you have had any encounters with this type of alien, please speak up.

To Streviak’s surprise three hands shot straight up. The first was a Number Two from one of the ships docked here. The second hand was a engineer who had to fight to ensure their shields lasted. The other belonged to a Captain of one of the newest super weight battle cruisers. She was given the floor first due to her rank.

Captain Sherese Tadford gladly enlivened the audience with an incredible story. This took place during her second ten year tour deep inside the Adrilaprice Quadrant in the Trankgreeb Galaxy. They were sent to search for some deadly looking grey and not to tall beings but just as fear some looking as any alien. The second week there was something on their radar screens that could not be made out. Captain Tadford decided to send out one of the light weight shuttle cruisers for a closer look hopefully not bring noticed. These alien types were not kind looking at all she added. In fact they became quit fierce and attempted to attack the shuttle. After the we had them locked on with four of the largest missiles on board they backed down. However, they did not try to flee. In fact they figured they might stare us down making us leave. Their mistake was under estimating our desire to drive them away and ensure they never come back. This stand off lasted for about six hours as they decided to approach on our space. We let them get so close then we hit them with a particle beam which drove them back further from our space. In the end they initiated a fight that lasted for two shots from our large missiles that blew up their ship. Our logs provide us full protection orders to defend against being blown up. We clearly followed those orders to the letter. We figured they would never come back around these quadrants ever again. Just know being ready to fire the shot that ends in a tragedy for them is better for us. When I gave the order to destroy that ship and the crew and staff it was not easy until we had no choice. Just remember these aliens do not leave with out a fight. Thank you for listening to me. Everyone stood up and clapped in appreciation of her talk. Captain Tadford left the podium and returned to her seat. She acknowledged the crowd.

Streviak asked Commander Zav Tobs, Second in Command of the ship, Prometheus Opal Star, to come up and tell us his encounter with these aliens.

Commander Zav Tobs started with a short message about what was just told to all of them by Captain Tadford. Her message is one that mirrors our encounter with them. We were out in the ” The Dirkuridian Apex star Territory”. This is way out in the mid-eastern area and we were chasing the trail of some of the worst enemies from the planet Chegeihines. We were given this assignment just before we left our base. The star territory is so beautiful with so many stars you can never count them all. The are more planets that surprised us so we were like how do you find anyone around here. We were hailed by a friendly ship from the Anachist Star Forces. This was not going to be easy at all. Our attention was placed squarely on finding and locating to arrest four suspects. Just as we tried to land on the surface of this planet they shot at us intentionally. We fired back to protect our ship and crew etc. They at once hailed us. We answered with all our armaments aimed on them. The Admiral on board wanted to talk with us about not firing at each other. This was cool with all the officers. A cease fire was reached and they came on board our ship to sign it. This went off with out a hitch. In fact the Admiral was easy going or appeared to be. We took them over to the huge relax cafe. It was huge and the best coffee on this side of the galaxy.

We had a incredible discussion with them in regards to who we were searching for. We informed them that if these criminals were on board they must turn them over to us immediately. One thing lead to another when out of the blue their ship hailed us again. It was for the Admiral who took the private call. The criminals had been on board this entire time. We asked for them to be turned over. In just under five minutes those men were all turned over to our arrest and custody. I thanked the Admiral with an unexpected handshake and the band then played his favorite song. All this was worth the trouble of getting that arrest warrant for those men. We paid a small fee for the men and left later with them in secure custody in our cells. Each one was hand cuffed and clipped to the side of the ship’s ten inch thick wall. The four men slept standing up in a bed that was comfortable. We felt this was all a way to easy right. At about six o’clock in the am when we were hit with some sort of missile. We opened the front deck window and here it was the same crews who turned the men over to us. We fired back to protect ourselves and our ship. The fight apparently was for show due to the head of the enemy gang wanted his men back. Our shots shook their ship with waves of super fast air spinning them around. From this point on to our planet and we docked with the police landing site. We ensured to get al the forms signed in triplicate and that was desired by our police forces. Once the criminals were passed over in a friendly transition suddenly we took a deep breathe and exhaled with relief. Tey were informed they might get shelled on but do not worry as we were told it all for show. The gang whose men were arrested for what they committed a true enemy was born within

Commander Zav Tobs thanked all of for listening to his speech. There were those who stood and clapped at the end of his speech. The Commander returned to his seat.

Lieutenant Striviak called upon the Head Engineer from the ship named Zoedean Braylin. The Head Engineer was named Cagrner Elson. He got right into what took place with them. There encounter came out of the empty stars in front of them. They were cloaked and they removed their cloak and fired upon us with three short distance missiles. What do we do in this situation now? They were the ones who cloaked their ship and moved right in close and fired at us without damaging our ship. Of course our ship was made out of solid pairing of metals Titanium and Aluminum mix. The ship was light but very sturdy and built for space warefare. We had no problem escaping their firing missiles or other things at us. So, we eventually fired back and they took off and left. I think we hurt their ship in some way they could not protect themselves any more. They were never seen by us while we do our tours in deep space. The encounter was interesting for us as this was the first time we had to use force against any alien ship. Plus, we learned our ship could and did out maneuver an alien ship like we faced. Thank you all for listening to me and our story.

The crowd was still engrossed by all three stories told today by some individuals who actually faced alien warfare and survived it. But, to have three experienced space travelers each tell their stories is indeed a special treat. Now you have all the information at your finger tips for later use. Well, this meeting is over and you are all invited to stay and meet these three guests for today.

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