Great Gruesome Beivilk Kaulm

If, there ever existed a frightening, diabolic, and formidable Demon then Beivilk Kaulm was a perfect fit. In fact he was often called the worst type of demonic creature to ever exist any where. The thing was he was part human as the story went it was his parents got taken and killed by the demons who inhabited this area. For some strange and eerie reason those who knew Beivilk Kaulm say he looked like his father. Beivilk went off like a rocket yelling he was not this supposed half human demon at all !! To prove people wrong he went and took a few more lives of innocent residents who had nothing to do with pissing him off.

The local people added the great before his name because it was a secret unanimous vote how disgusting he is period ! Everyone knew Beivilk would think it was a compliment on his approach towards others.

At some point in time a sort of deception would need to be seriously taken to rid this planet of Beivilk Kaulm one way or another. His creed were the only demons left around this area. And maybe a super powered cruiser would show up to assist in doing Beivilk away with. Then all his creed could be got rid of the same way. A lot of foreign companies doing tours of deep space drop by to check on the planets this far out. Bringing supplies which are usually needed by then. So, Beivilk Kaulm need to look down and check is drawers to be safe. lol

The planet that still had demonic beings is named Griburuty 3WG8. A special number was attached to the planet due to the level of demonic activity over the centuries. When planets are away so deep in space it is difficult to return to often unless an emergency beacon is set off. Then the closet crew will head straight for here to provide assistance of any kind required. Demonic activity and the demons must be eradicated as fast as possible. Over the last few centuries all the crews have done their fair share to rid this sickness off all known planets. Having a great working relationship with life forms on all planets is the goal of all companies out here. Leading to having a safe, comfortable and happy life for all.

This bottom picture is Beivilk Kaulm so take note of how scary and frightening he is to face in the dark of the night. Or even in the light of the day inside of your home for instance. He is not afraid to enter into any place after all he is sadistic and very skilled at doing it. Have a serious look at his sickle to see how that weapon would kill with one swell lop. These demons are half dead and pure sickness and fully twisted in all facets of their world. This also applies to the demon’s way of thinking in order to enforce fear through out this planet Griburuty 3WG8. The other pictures of demons are his group or at least part of their crowd. Bottom line is be very very careful any time of the day or night. Set of a security alarm to let us know and the closest ship will divert and arrive as fast as possible.

Now that we have done all that is possible we have to set off for the next planet over for a couple of days. We can be right back in about the time it takes to run as fast into the safest place you have. Just be observant of the surroundings as they change then call for us to come back. This is what our trips are for mostly this far out in deep space. Plus, our crews want to try out their new incredible demon killing beams and other weapons. They are ready and able to assist all of you know this. Until next time we come back. Or until you call us back there. Thanks for every thing you did for us while we visited.

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