Success of Yesterday

First, lets look back at yesterday with a vision of what actually took place. Do not allow any make believe to enter into our thoughts as they must remain pure.

“For now I am going to relax”, said Mr. Yan Corly. And he did. Some where in the back of his mind were the facts staring back at him. Yan could not but wonder how many inhabitants felt this way.

The Town of Alrynerafon had been through the best times in their history this past year. Everything turned to roses to steal a saying from the past. But, yesterday was the number one day out of all this. Mr. Yan Corly was relaxing while he slowly passed things through his steal trap mind. He had been proven this to be absolutely positive many times over.

Yet, when the town folks got together to go over yesterday’s events, what or by how much would things differ. Some where Mr. Yan Corly fell asleep snoring logs all alone in his office. Well, after sun had gone down he awoke feeling good and all rested up. He knew that most residents had gone home and rolled up the sidewalks while retreating. Yan decided to follow suit and went home to an empty house. Except the sidewalks he left in place just in case he wanted to go for a walk.

Nights here on Olnarvi’s could get cold but with warm clothes one could get by. Days and nights were always equal time in hours. This is what drew the people to come out here this far in the solar system. The night skies were lit up with such natural wonders of stars, nebula’s, meteors, comet’s streaking by leaving fiery tails burning blueish. Everyone felt the change was well worth this stunning beauty all day and night. There were now three major cities spaced around the planet with a fair population made up of ones from all different planets through a number of solar systems and universes. The Town of Alrynerafon was the original landing site when the Anaulepoint Super Cruisers Limited first arrived here. They were sent out to map all the solar systems and universes over a ten years tour.

Mr. Yan Corly came to find out what it would take to build a live here on Olnarvi’s. Yan was always fascinated by the stories and reports about life in outer deep space. This was the most exciting decision he had ever decided on. And one of the most correct locations he felt at home the first few minutes after stepping on the surface of Olnarvi’s.

This all spun back to the situation the folks of Alrynerafon had to face about yesterday the best day ever in their history. Mr.Yan Corly asked that no one let fantasy ideas crawl into their minds about what took place yesterday. Today he had to gather folks together to discuss this super, great, event filled day. Having a clear record for the archives of their town, must be first, and ,foremost ensuring just the truth entered into it. One might say Mr. Yan Corly was the unofficial Mayor of Alrynerafon. Being a just figure in town he participated in all debates at the town hall during council meetings. He did have very good debating skills and the knowledge of the English language required. Also, he seemed to have the support of the majority of the residents in town. Still Mr. Yan Corly never let on if he wanted to be a politician or just an active citizen.

His objective is to have everyone talk about what took place with no extra words added in. Just the plain truth of what took place so a permanent record could be drawn up. The intent is to store this record with all official files and papers. Also to show the future residents that past citizens took the town into being very successful. The truth of what exactly happened is always going to sway the future residents.

Mr. Yan Corly had booked the town office for this meeting about what took place and happened honestly for their history sake’s. People filed in slowly after talking with their friends and neighbors. Taking seats in different parts of the gallery and in the office itself. This was just like a huge open meeting room with good acoustics. This will assist in hearing each other and those who are taking notes on the procedure. The over all feeling in the room was what seemed to be an agreement as to what truly took place and happened honestly. The mayor was holding the pounding stick to stop those who either ran over time or were getting abusive. The top members of the crew from the Anaulepoint Super Cruisers Limited ship ” CSRT Phobos Super Pursuit Battle Cruiser”. The crew members were guests of the Mayor and Council. Maybe, they could shed some light on how things were in the past light years if possible. Having them there gave a lot of support to the truth side, in this attempt to ensure everyone understood the importance of getting things right tonight. They had only one time to be honest and open up clearly and that was this evening for three hours or four if things were going great.

Cool drinks and eats were catered by the Cosmic Cafe from across the street from city hall’s open room. No one went thirsty or hungry due to the meeting running on time so far. Mr. Yan Corly paid for the Cafe’s drinks and food long before the meeting took place this evening. He was nothing if not brilliant to make sure all bases he could cover were.

Returning to the meeting and the residents had already covered most of what took place that day openly and telling the truth. Before more than half an hour the meeting was closed. The notes that were written were put into a special envelope secured with tape and signatures to ensure nothing bad would happen. The future history of the Town of Alyrnerafon was sealed in a great way by everyone that took part. Mr. Yan Corly should have been given credit for all he had done towards this night. He never needed this spot light being on him.

This is the END of The Success of Yesterday !!

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