Tomb of Oaken Wood

This is Gateway Time Passage straight ahead on the far right. Apparently not one soul had been here or seen this site in almost one million light years. Just on the other side of the Gateway Time Passage should be a long lost universe of spectacular beauty. Once you shoot through, just follow the wide berth between the planets orbits ,that shows off the most majestic planet ever seen, called by the name Xochaunov. The sole reason this planet showed such beauty was the way the twin orange suns bounced their rays off it. The last space ship that landed on the surface to explore hoping to meet some new form of life. Half of the crew left their ship to walk on the stunning surface dirt. It had seemed they had chosen the wrong landing spot at first. They kept walking searching for anything that might lead them to a clue as to who lived or still lived here. After about an hour or two they spotted something that stood high above the surface of this planet. The landing crew split into two groups; one to guard the rest and the others to go explore this land mass. On the way up the side of this mass were steps or what was left of them. Once the group reached the top they called for the other partial crew to meet them up on top. After everyone was together on the top of this land mass they noticed some strange openings or what looked like them. They finally attained the spot where the openings were exactly where they thought. The openings were taller and wider than anticipated which was good. They entered one of these two openings in hopes of finding the previous inhabitants of this planet Xochaunov. It had been some one million light years since they had last been seen. Hope for finding or locating anyone left alive started to fade away. As a matter of fact their lights were beginning to reflect back at them. They kept going until the back wall was reached. There were no openings or cracks to be seen any where. They turned and walked back out of this first cave opening. They reached the front of the openings and decided to take a break for about fifteen Semiles. The group leaders spoke in low tones about this situation not looking favorable at all. Still they had one more tunnel opening to search before going back to their ship. They let the crew members to take a little longer break before starting out. Everyone checked their equipment to ensure it was tightly buckled up. That was when the walk began into the opening of the other tunnel. At least they looked like tunnels they had seen many times earlier. Their steps seemed to be slower on purpose for no known reason. About more than part way down they could not believe their eyes. Right in front of them stood a top a metal stand was a dark looking thing. Once they got right close to it. It was a Tomb of Oaken Wood. Now, what was something such as this being inside the tunnel and so deep inside of it. The crew leaders were baffled by what they faced at that moment. The time had come to radio their ship to find more information on what that Tomb of Oaken Wood held and exactly where did it come from. Was it some high leader from this planet in some time long past period of time? Or just maybe it was nothing but an empty Tomb of Oaken Wood. But, to the leader on the planet itself this was just plain odd and nonsensical. The only hope rested with the crew left on board ” The Pomona Starfish Chanilla Battle-cruiser SG”. Being a member of the Talmoxos Intergalactic Attack Squadron who were intertwined with Mythic Star Division. As this explains the connections they had could always find answers for the most finds. Major Wye Timoth was with the ship ” The Pomona Starfish Chanilla Battle-cruiser SG”. His crew was in touch with as far up the chain of command as the Admiral Asan Mortn. Right now he was second in command of the company that paid the wages and fees for food and supplies and more. Everyone joined together to make it easier for buying in ultimate incredible packages at cheaper costs. The price of information has real high costs depending on who needs it and how fast it is required. The Tomb of Oaken Wood was certainly taking on a scale never even polished before nor seen let alone who built this one. There were countless men and women in uniform working harder by the minute to solve this dilemma. The crew on the ground had orders to stay on point. Plus, if they may find any clues to assist in solving the situation then please do. Suddenly, they were handed a message that things were going to take a few more Pentagraduals.

Slowly the information started to be sent out to them. The crew had a radioman who would be responsible for each word that came off of his machines. Spurts and pieces that was wanted and the desired information arrived. No one was leaving the front of the tunnels until an exact answered arrived. Another forty semiles passed slowly. Then another portion of the message arrived which meant the next two or three pieces arriving would solve the mystery in the Tunnel. That was the optimal out come to bring this long day to a close. Within a semile or two the findings resulted in knowing why the Tomb of Oaken Wood was down there. As it turned out the body belonged to a historic Admiral Hitoik Holphoi. He was the first explorer in this region a million light years ago. The were all kinds of stories about his feats and feasts he held for the local residents of here. You could say he was the peoples Admiral in charge. His body was embalmed and interred inside of The Tomb of Oaken Wood. The final disposition was to leave the Admiral sit where he was left. A final Salute was ordered and then the crews left the surface once more. Probably never to return here for maybe one or two light years.

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