The Prey in The Air

There was no real explanation for what existed high overhead in the air. The beast of prey was some form of an ice age pterodactyl. It was more than huge and less than a giant monster with wings capable of picking up human beings and deposing of them. This sounds like a weird movie from some foreign producer and director with leanings towards things that kill. Especially since this was not a movie it was for all pretenses real life. Right here on the cold western plains in South Dakota. Now, lets try to explain maybe this creature came out of the ground due to a larger than life sink hole opened up in the middle of wheresoever. At one time back in the last two hundred and fifty million years ice covered the entire planet before the dinosaurs roamed the fresh green earth. I know some people have seen what is a pterodactyl on stands in museums in large cities across the nations on earth. But, how can something that has been extinct for millions of years just suddenly appear in the bright blue sky? Oil workers were unsure of being the next meal or morsel for this giant bird of prey. They kept their families locked behind closed doors at home instead of them being outside in danger of being swept away in those gross ugly claws on that pterodactyl bird of prey. Armed guards were being brought in by the companies for safety of everyone on site and in the town close by all drilling rigs. Nothing short of armed missiles were capable of taking down this pterodactyl cruising the skies for food. Already there had been three men grabbed and just swooped away to where ever this pterodactyl nested. Maybe, groups of armed crews should be roaming the country side to shoot and kill that flying animal of prey. The worst thing summer had just started so people and families had to have fresh air with windows and screen doors open wide. The heat during the South Dakota summers could be unbearable at times. Especially with a pterodactyl wanting to have fresh meat to eat everyday. Did there exist more than one of these pterodactyl’s out there? There had been only one flying high in the skies over the oil camp town. There was no way that one other was in the skies at the same time. It was impossible to hide anything so giant sized in a clear blue sky. There was a rumour that the owner of the the rigs was asking the air force to put some planes in the sky to shoot these creatures down and out for good! Who knew if this was just a rumour or true fact based idea of the head honcho. It was like going back into time through a drilling project while looking for oil underground. Like some form of gas turned their world upside down and inside out in seconds. Did some seismic force decide to release the pterodactyl’s loose from a deep seated grave? Maybe there existed a open air cavern for them to live in all this time. Danger is all this meant for the workers and families until someone got rid of the giant size pterodactyl’s from this area. When shift change took place workers waited in a secure area until the relief shift arrived. Then they all made it single file out into the compound and onto a bus to take them home safely, if possible. For some unknown reason, the pterodactyl’s were not aware of the bus being a metal can that needed a can opener to eat the food trapped inside. Which as the mine boss told every crew that until those dumb big birds figured things out the air force would shoot them down. Why not have these up to date skeletal remains in one of the famous museums across the country? Stories would certainly fly around for the next few decades about how the pterodactyl’s chased the tin bus on wheels with out catching it. But the birds did not have any can openers to reach inside to feed. Starvation may take some time which came from the head office of the mine. The local newspapers were to scared to send news crews out to the site. Who could blame them for the right reason out there? This situation could go one of two ways. Until one out come would stop these giant white fifty foot wing spread pterodactyl’s from striking again. I wonder if anyone prayed for a serious storm clouds with extreme wind warnings to hit right now for the next week at least. Blow those seventy million year old foggies down onto a deserted island in the south pacific ocean areas. Or blow them north into the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears which was more of a fair play situation. So, my choice for the final scene is the being blown north to the arctic ice fields to fight polar bears. That is my excuse for the ending of this blog post tonight.

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9 thoughts on “The Prey in The Air

  1. Awesome story, James! And Scary! Especially the though of the pterodactyl opening a bus like a sardine can and eating the occupants alive. I imagine that if pterodactyls showed up in real life, there would be a few politicians trying to keep people from killing them and making them extinct again. You just know it would be politicized!

    Wishing you many blessings!

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    1. Thank you for such an agreeable comment. Yes, I was hoping it would come across as scary. The story itself just popped into my mental state of being. It sounded good to my brain so… Cherie Thanks for liking this story.

      Liked by 3 people

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