Abrealand; The Connector Group

Abrealand, is in such a non-typical position to not only control passage to many other unique and significance countries but to negotiate access to such human rights tribunals as needed to eco-groups and in some cases NGO’s. Not one non-elected or elected governments are allowed access to enter let alone take pictures by alien shutter bug or by all small self operated UFO’s as both are blocked and barred entry. Abrealand has this all locked down until the year 4632. By, then all wishes of countries subject to the now enforced “Abrealand; The Connector Group” will be tightly detailed and under lock and key in only one giant super safe in Abrealand itself. These land rights, water rights and air rights are a key to ensure that this part of the world is saved from groups intent in damaging all areas not under lock and key in such land locked areas. Legal rights seemed impervious at first yet, they quickly became real necessary to ensure requirements that are locked into writing by the World Court System in Abrealand. As one can see land has a value way out of bounds according to the records filed with the Abrealand Land Court Records. The water rights are not near what they should be set at and those same water rights will be negotiated upward over the next years before 4632 arrives. Air rights are also not protected to the proper level required to sustain life on this planet ” Sotfiner Wimong” in The galaxy of “The Major Avtos Vortex” in the universe, “Jiaketuary NP-64”.

One read over through these important issues makes the fight for the land, water and air quality that much more demanding and negotiable. Plus, the drink ability, plantibilty and breathability are the main reason for setting up the Abrealand; The Connector Group. All this turned into a fresh, new legal home for the new Abrealand Land Court Records. The new Abrealand; Connector Group Court House will be open next year well before the dates for filing legal briefs and the setting of strategies to appear in front of the Chief Magistrates start. That jockeying will kick start years of legal wrangling in the new court house. The, very first time anyone, will have that type of voice mandate to protect their indomitable rights to clean land for growing food stuff’s, fresh water to drink when needed to.and fresh air to breathe all the time.

All this in the legal arena had been put into motion when the first people’s started to ask pertinent questions. The general public became slowly educated which scared the ruling party. This evidently meant a shake up from the bottom up to the top echelon. Plus, I hope that many other alien people jump at the opportunity when you come over as well. This was so envisioned and designed to ensure all alien residents out in the far flung planets had access to top legal help. This was due to some outrageous alien sicko trying to grab all the planets in the outer portions in the farthest distances from assistance. It seemed a natural progression to where things now sit with new courts to handle truly unique cases to everyday legal battles. For the first time in history all alien rights were to be protected for eternity in this incredible legal realm being built and put into action. This will mean all the decent Confederations in space will feel at home here to assist in aiding alien rights on their home planets and beyond. The ultimate objective is to warn the wild and rude alien’s to be real quiet and use manners while stopping any where out here. So, for now things are going to be ratified to protect the land, water and air on and in between planets soon. It was known the very first cases would attract large crowds of the powerful and the meek and innocent ones.

One day the signs for lawyers in need of clients would pop up in offices in the new buildings being erected. This planet, Sotfiner Wimong, just happened to be central to most of the surrounding planets. The decision as to which planet was to become home for the new court house was not an easy one for those involved. The residents of all planets had an equal and alienable right to have the court house built on their planets. It was the high commissioner’s who made the final curtain call for Sotfiner Wimong to be showered with all these wonderful artifacts. Plus there were all sorts of papers written by some of the important and some high handed lawyers to read and discuss before that final decision was passed. The well educated high commissioners were provided with transport to all the effected planets to meet with those in agreement or those opposed. Getting the feel for the real individuals affected by the land, water, and air discussions was pertinent to their call, for where the new court house was to be created. Now, that is the final part before the high commissioners depart to where they live. But, they would be back when the new court house opens the legal-lease on the people and businesses. Of, course they would be sworn in to hear cases in all chambers through out the majestic building where the law is at home for all.

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Please read and enjoy my words for which they are meant to be for. Thank you all !

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