The Remnant’s Dusty Mirror

Over in an ancient foreign city; ” Quan Ma Imang”, in the land of ” Drui Preau” once owned by the Biedgar Areden Grakeas Family. Apparently, there existed by some strange rumour a box which was to contain the true ownership papers of “Drui Preau”. The last heir of this huge land mass was to be ” Strucix Grakeas” himself. It was long talked about how he died in some weird accident in some other country. Strucix was usually running to assist in saving some store or school or what ever. He was a good man with a greater love for mankind than any member of his family. Strucix had some vague idea of a special mirror sitting all covered with dust up in the attic of his families house. He grew up there and had never seen this crazy storied mirror that was all talked about. Now, he was to return home immediately for an emergency meeting of his home property. The countries government was actively trying to change the laws around inherited items. Which had a huge value upon the taxes payable for each year of possession of such items. This was going to raise the ire of the rich who could afford top lawyers. But, tax laws were not the straight purview of the government in power. Not one item could be brought to the business of the Government, with out a plebiscite being run first. So, this was about to blow up in its face so to speak. Never before, had any taxation problem not be brought to the attention of the owners, of each piece of property they wanted to tax. This indeed was to be some what of huge fight over taxation rights and how it is carried out. The government was going to have their toes held to the fire for breaching the law of the land. Somehow, there must be a way for the rich to be forced to pay their fair tax burden instead of having it forced upon the ordinary citizens time and again. One interesting point the government was right to raise according to the citizens of this land of ” Drui Preau”.

The remnants dusty mirror belonging to the said Strucix Grakaes was the starting of the tax row that was bringing him back. This important meeting over his belongings in his family’s house stirred a fire inside of him. How dare this government try to strip the rich of their ancestral rights of not paying tax on inherited items passed down from one generation to another. Strucix knew of the old tale in regards to this dusty old mirror holding a power to escape into another place. Would this also take the remnants dusty mirror with him should he attempt to use an unknown power? He felt in his heart he was in the right to take what belonged to him and rush it through his old dusty mirror. But, he would need to find the the old ownership papers with everything else attached to them. Yet, this government knew of his way of helping the less fortunate over all lands as much as he could. So, why attack his tax rights on his old family estate. He was amidst to find out when he returned home. All he had done was set out to carry out the wishes of his Family. Here instead he should have paid more attention to what was occurring behind his back. The people here never told him what the present government was stirring up in these matters. Especially, the tax laws on old family holdings. Strucix Grakeas was inbound and worried sick over the unknown and not to clearly new tax laws that were going to try and crush his income by paying such outrageous taxes.

A tax war was looming before he touched down at the airport at Quan Ma Imang, the ancient city in the land of Drui Preau. He had to ensure his tax lawyer met him at the airport to inform him of what exactly was hitting him in his bank account. Secondly, he must get to his old family estate home right after this visit. That remnant dusty old mirror held the most important key to his future. His mother told him to stay up to date with that. During his travels he forget the dire warning from her. Now, he must find those papers and figure out how to escape from here with that mirror before any new taxes hit directly on it. Strucix was lost considering the last time he was here his mother sat before him explaining this very predicament they faced. She told him where to find the many pages of things to find and to clear them out. That remnants dusty mirror held within it a secret way of sending objects to certain locations with easy code words. To places no one need worry about them as all are safe as possible forever and forever. Now, this mind blowing situation might tear Strucix apart inside. As strong a man as he built himself into with lots of abilities to lead or mislead people depending on what they wanted from him. Now at this point, Strucix had exactly eleven days to find the papers and depart with all art. Along with the remnants dusty mirror with it’s hidden secrets in his pocket. Sleep was important or Strucix might miss the exact spot that was calling to him. Food was secondary until supper was very much required. Some days Strucix sat trying to recall the same words his mother told him in her urgent soft mannerism. Tears were never going to cut it for him. He never held tears as being effective effort to gain what one wanted. No, strong men had the special inner toughness to pull anything off especially when it was so needed. Strucix had a few successes with using a medium to get through into his subconsciousness. Today, he was on the search on the dark web to find a medium that was extremely effective to assist him. After, many hours Strucix did in fact find the one he really wanted to be there to assist his luckless effort so far. So, they agreed to meet at his flat and get things found that very evening. After a few short hours what Strucix required was in his hands. He payed off the medium and gave her a big tip for her extra efforts. After, about another two hours went by and all one might have heard was a soft laugh. Two days later when the city went to call on one Strucix Grakeas he was gone along with all his stuff that was to be taxed. They sent police to start w search of all residents for clues on his disappearance. No one heard or saw anything, in fact they mostly remarked it would have taken a large crew and huge trucks to haul it all away. So, where Strucix Grakeas had finally did something that his dear old mother desires of him with ease to say the least. Now a happy and contented man out there among the prosperous people who he loved and admired. Those feelings were reciprocated back to him. His music most likely is making some juke joint bounce with hit music over and over again.

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