Confessions of An Alien Freak

Let’s begin with where this Alien Freak was picked up and taken into custody. If, for some reason, this will shock your thoughts trust me on this one. One day the Vortex Security Swat Services were doing a routine cruise through some of the outlying planets in The Leonis Expanse. The Leonis Expanse was part of the Capella Carina Giant Universe. Needless to say, this is far inside the deep middle set of planets with two green/blue moons. No one on our crew had ever explored such incredible coloured twin moons before. A slow-speed cruise just relaxed watching the outside before our screens. At some point, radio frequencies tried to send a message out to us. We stopped our KBL Eagle Super Cruiser on that spot. Our ship was a Battle Cruiser with all the bells and ringers to defend against any enemy force if attacked. Our radio personnel were still trying to decode the message and the frequency it was sent on. We knew most of the time it usually was nothing of consequence. Not this time. We eventually had arrested an Alien Freak. Yes, a true greenish-blue Alien Freak. These Freaks were really dangerous to outsiders from this planet we circled way above called Groth 9HJZ. Now, we had nothing keeping us at this location anymore. We fired the engines to full throttle and headed home. Once we backtracked half way at that stardate we got home faster than ever planned on. One and a half days is some record from out that far. Now, the interrogation began under the deck in the security holding cells. Not taking chances with our new friend the greenish-blue Alien Freak.

What confessions did this greenish-blue Freak hold in his memory banks? Was he from that planet or not? Did he truly understand he was being held on an instigation discovery warrant? Some Alien Freaks could endure people talking with them for long periods of time. Other Alien Freaks had no toleration for such tactics. All we desired was a confession of everything he saw, heard, carried out, met who when, a time when he arrived at Groth 9HJZ, and why he picked this planet? To say we were completely unsuspecting of how fast this greenish Blue Alien Freak began spilling stories faster than could be recorded at times. But he went back and filled those holes in for us. What he who turned out his name is; Breccreots Scuurgien. As he stated or as Breccreots Scuurgien went on to say he was originally from the planet; Chobbae Gawa in The Uranilla Expanse in the universe; Meoclavin Universe. Breccreots was freely telling his life history like it was nothing to recall. Was there a particular country on his home planet he called his home? What city or town was he from around there? He just kept letting us know his home country on this planet was a weird sounding name to him. After a few more short beaks he exclaimed the name is Morroe Genyma. A hilly country with such stunning natural beauty it shocked even him upon returning home. The country covered a third of the planet so it was rather huge. On the far eastern edge was a mountainous range of granite monsters almost higher than all the terrain here. It is named for some scientist he thought. He mentioned it might be; The Comleahier Peaks. It was a weird sounding name after all. We poked his memory a little further for his home city. And where he was educated to gain the skills as an Alien Freak. Breccreots spent a long time and we saw how hard it was on him now. I asked him if he desired a break and he said not right now. A few seconds later he stuttered out something sounding like Trauling or Sladross. Finally, he shouted with happiness ” Ozheehhull”. I was raised there and educated there. Breccreots was hungry so we had to find out what they ate here on his home planet to get him food to eat. His family knew the top restaurants in Ozheehhull. They actually ordered for us and had it delivered to our location across the city. Wow! Now that was some nice for them to do. The delivery was not long so we were not quiet just famished. The food was enough to feed twice as many people. Yet, most everyone, including myself dug right in and had seconds of this incredible tasty food. Once, we finished off the food we sat back and relaxed for a long time. We talked in low voices in case we decided to order more food. It was plain alright to just relax. The small talk went on for the entire time we relaxed after supper.

I just wanted to have Breccreots to assist in finding any pictures of his planet we could keep as a record of being here with him. He was, I do admit a very wonderful person after all. Most Alien Freaks are just downright unlocked in their minds and run free making all kinds of voices and noises no one understood. That was it was a serious decision to have Breccreots come aboard with us for a short voyage to his home planet. See below for planets that are the nearest to his home planet.

to see planets
Digital Generated Image16:9 Space Scenes:

All of these Breccreots said he could not pick anyone for sure even though we flew around and over his home planet. I know once we blast off back into our duties in the far away deep space arena. We have a long time before we are to be going home. Until than be good and smile and be nice. This is due to you never know who you are speaking to it may well be an Alien Freak. So do be careful and run fast if need be. trust me they do not run fast if ever run period.

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