Lost Amid The Chaos

This past week or so has been hazardous to the people on the planet Detronetous. Life out past the last out post of the Gartidamus Regime was dangerous. Period. No one knew who or what was coming next to attack or coming as peaceful visitors. We have lived this way for many years being on edge. The old people told of our past history of living in peace among all the planatory travellers. Gigantic ships from many different Space Federations which came in search of unknown worlds. They were advised to keep moving towards the twin orange suns. It was spoken that there existed a number of planets that may or not have life forms. As for the records speaking of grateful travellers revelling here there were hundreds. We enjoyed having foreigners stop by showing off their particular technologies. Our planet provided students to go with them to learn of becoming officers aboard these vessels. Some of us would have gladly traded places with the young men and women who were chosen. But, it was going to be many light years before they returned if at all. In fact very few came back home after hunting out around the universes out there. Their lives must have excited and thrilled them all. How we waited in anxious anticipation of one of them returning to spin stories. We felt that in some magical way they would hold us spell bound for hours upon hours. At least from our advantage point the comets and meteors flew by at dizzying but colourful speeds. The red hot tails dazzled us watching them slowly disappear around the galaxy. Plus, we saw other huge dark rocks tumbling around in oblong circles. They were fascinating to us, which made the wonder, that much greater on how could they roll around being so gigantic at times. The full size screen in front of us was plain fascinating and stunning in full colour. It was to bad that there was no way to save or record these events of our galaxy. Word of mouth was the best method of transmitting information back in the early parts of our life here. This is what drew me towards a future with the Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. Just listening to the few personnel it was just intriguing and so incredible which appealed to my sense of adventure. That was exactly the point in time I felt I had not other calling just an Officer with Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. Dedicating my life towards finding new planets with life on them is stunning enough. To be among a crew that actually were capable of talking with new life forms makes my heart smile. My face has a giant grin from ear to ear when that day finally arrives out here among the stars, suns, moons and planets. My family was so happy when once I made my decision. They could not have been any more happier for me. I have kept this memory right locked up where it does the most good inside of my heart. The Gartidamus Regime, for what it is wort, lives on the drags of life forms who get lost among their areas in deep space. Better worded as areas where there is no known forces to put a stop to this inhuman torture facing innocent space tourists for the most part. These people paid money to see more of deep space from a kindly space company willing to carry them out and back. That despicable Regime refuses to answer hails when sent out by all Deep Space Cruisers. Reason number one for them to be brought to justice in a space court. This turn of events has brought the Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division. As the name suggests they are not going to be pushed around by any alien beings or alien ships. You could say they are this areas Watch Dogs. A term from so way back into time but it is brought out of sleep locked retirement for many different difficult creatures. This time the addition of the name is permanent upon this company Division. A very proud division who knew this name change was coming down the pipe. Once, they pull out of the dock a heavy dark screen covers their ship the full length and around the girth of the entire ship. No one is going to see them on any radar screen or any location. This majestic edge over the enemies is manufactured back home on another planet. The full time being spent on this special mission was known to only The Top Headquarters Staff for this trip. Now, Driftonics Deep Space Cruisers Division was chasing the head of an enemy with no warning until the end was on top of them. With a few giant sized bangs it would be over permanently. This is why head hunters are searched out for these unwarranted events from enemy forces with the big bully syndrome. No one should accept any other answers to the big bully syndrome. Which kills thousands and hundred of thousands of innocent space people on their home planets. When we first started doing our own deep space discoveries wars were not present any where in out there. Just lots of planets with good, funny, caring thoughtful people doing the best to eek out a living on each planet. Yes, this is what we could and did help them out with. Growing foods were our best ideas that went around our near planets first. After that we branched out deeper and deeper into space. After, a number of space years it was like a virus started to grow in this star showings dark space. This was so stunning and magnetic and majestic to see a perpetration being forced upon these planets under the stars. That was the first call to Driftionics for help. They sent back a short note saying early next year they would come to their rescue once and for all. Well , that time period had come and Driftonics Deep Space Cruiser Division was here and taking care of business as agreed to. The resident of Detronetous took in deep breaths knowing that the big bully people were wiped out. The rest of the galaxies and the universe were smiling and happier for the first time in many space years. Having friends to be able to call on when trouble gets worse is a long call into and through four different universes. The Space Companies stuck together like glue they had no other way to survive against each terrible enemy that arrived.

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