Life Under Our Ocean’s

2021 is off to a great start for myself. The weather here is some fine for January. Now, if this sticks in the area for another few months, well I will be happy camper. Mother Nature is pleased with the her works turned out and came tight now. Hats off to her majestic warm air she is beholden for us all. One day at a time is the way to go. The only thing is when out driving the snow is melting. When on coming traffic goes by the windshield get a bath in muddy water. That is what our windshield wipers are for. So, I am not complaining this is all good practice for the real spring when it shows up. Besides each day like this is closer to yes, Spring. The results are from my own personal poll today while I was cruising the highways and by ways. I took votes from other drivers when they were splashed across the windshields and their hoods. Yes, the sides of my vehicle are white looking like salt. We are in the winter months at least the calendar says it is winter. Mother Nature must have some secret desires yet to show off to us on our planet. Old Man Winter, where exactly is his old body laid up? Those two are not usually far apart at the worst of times. So, it seems.

The sun has long ago sunk over the horizon into the eastern part of our effortless turn on earth’s axis into a morning situation. By now it is probably mid to late afternoon over the International Date Line. Yes, our brothers and sisters who live on that side of the planet are fortunate to be awake while we sleep and dream all night long. Things were done right the first time, we just have to look around and grasp the incredible, stunning, unknown things yet, to find on our very own planet. I for one feel the ocean floors are where the most important discoveries will be located. Some of the most exquisite, unknown creatures are ones we have never laid eyes on at all. The oceanographers are aware of things living down at the bottom of the oceans and seas. Yet, I do believe we will or may never find out all the sea creatures, that God made for us in the cold, cold waters of the oceans and seas around the world. I have found some weird and hardly been seen by the world at large ??

This thing actually lives on the bottom of the our ocean floors. They have kept hidden until recent dives down to see what was there.

I have found more pictures of things down on the ocean and sea floors. The last frontier on our planet. Our Oceans !! Take care and look and think about why or where did they come from? There are many heater drains that feed heat from the centre of our planet. They are some weird and different and out right scary.

Bye for the night. I need more sleep as my body is old and worn out lol lol Maybe ?? But, no. I am still in great shape just ask anyone female if I am with you. I am a decent human being with a weird sense of humour at times. But, I love everyone as Jesus Christ taught during His earthly Mission. God bless you all. Have a good night.

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4 thoughts on “Life Under Our Ocean’s

    1. Hi Malcolm These creatures do not come any where close to the surface of the oceans. They stay at the very bottom of the ocean floors where we would not survive due to the lack pof oxygen and the depth alone would kill us.

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  1. Winter in these parts is from 5 to 8AM, Wednesday and Thursday, one week in January. (It was in the 90s F in my community east of San Diego, 2 days this week! I imagine though, those creatures living at the bottom of our oceans, if they were to travel to our surface world, would find us very odd indeed.

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    1. Yes, our winters here last usually from the end of October until the end of April or May. Our winter temperatures in our winters range from minus 10 to minus 48 and windchill brings those temps tp minus 50 or more at times. Yes, it those creatures would find us very odd up here as well Eric. Thank you for the comments.

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