The First Saturday Night in 2021 !!

What did we all do this first important weekend? I spent today doing early errands and took my morning meds. I waited half an hour before starting my breakfast to allow a few of my pills to work their magic. To be honest I do feel some what better inside as my nerve pains hit hard. Age is catching up to me before I have any chance of riding the world atmosphere to visit far flung countries. Yet, my main goals are to go back to University to get a Bachelor Degree in Canadian Literature. Then a Masters if possible in Canadian Story Telling. I know how to write but these educational ladders are beyond my pay grade for these ladders of knowledge. Do not be shocked when I want to settle down to achieve each step that is involved. I love learning in any field of study as I have already.

Tonight I have watched a few shows on CBC Gem. They have some unique programming each month. I would recommend the entire world watch CBC The coverage and type of shows is something to feel any and all crays in life. One show I watched with unbelief was called ” The Bang Bang Club.” About a photographer goes through to get that one perfect shot to go on all front pages world wide. If they are that good it can win Pulitzer Prizes for the Photographers. The hardships are plain when you go to civil war zones. It is on CBC Gem so please take time to sit and watch what our Crown News Programmer is doing for all of caring Canadians. I fully intend to keep watching CBC Gem om my computer to learn and for laughs with comedies. We can watch everything Free of Charge on CBC GEM !! That brought me into this perfect streaming service that captured my attention right away. Now, they are stuck with a proud watcher who can see the incredible improvement in the type of shows we have to watch now. Why should we pay for streaming services like Netflix who charges us and pays no taxes in our country of Canada. I wonder how many of the other streaming services make money on our backs and pay no taxes. These are our air waves and we should be taxing them for every show they are charging us for. Until they learn we the Canadian People own this country and all the natural resources. Like minerals, elements , gas, oil, coal,trees, pulp mills and all our grain crops that were under the Canadian Wheat Board which, are ours until them outsiders pay their fare share of taxes on such . Oh, yeah, I forgot Prime Minster Stephen Harper sold our Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia. No bad intentions but what would a desert country want with owning our grain businesses. Boy, I wish, I was a fly on the wall during that program of selling our grain farmers into the ground. I might ramble but, I am slowly getting to the main point of this blog post tonight. The world has just started a brand new year with countless chances to improve our improvised Ingenious People on their reserves. Lets Stop The Boil The Water Advisories across Canada for them and their children and families once and fro all. Lets while we are at things improving the housing decadence is disgusting on our reserves across Canada. Lets stop this BS and work alongside with the Ingenious Bands to bring them new homes. All this and more were signed in the Treaties with the British. This is my first blog slamming the current and the many past Governments for ignoring the First Native People of our Beautiful country. I mean it belonged to them back in when they solely occupied Canada.

Our Top Canadian Singers of all Genres who should be able to receive the same treatment here in Canada or down south in the USA. Maybe, they do, but I am fictional writer who tells fake stories about all types and kinds of things and places and people here and on other planets in other galaxies and Universes. My run on sentences are similar to my guitar that I do not have. Yet, I can music from typing my keys on this board faster and faster. Maybe, in one way this blog post will irritate some one who lost the election in the USA. Now, we are going to singing loud and louder each day while the Presidential Balls are held in Washington after President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamara Harris are sworn in. As a Canadian I am proud of how they defeated that ruthless one down there.

So, I hope you all see that our world has a fantastic opportunity to climb out of drug infested crime riddled cities. The cities have a new breath on life to branch out in greener ways and great ways to improve our atmosphere. Then, once when we hit success in all areas down the road some number of decades from now. Than, this planet will be saved and returned to its previous glory that God made it for us.

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