What incredible Dreams

As one year comes to an end another 12 months is set to startle us with new highly classified stunning ideas. New Year’s Eve is full of songs and good times with family this year due to Covid 19 Virus. Lets, just say this past year was that was not expected even not as an everyday run of the mill year. Please, stop and think about all of the spine-tingling, shocking, dead bodies on the news surprising, stunning, and incredible dreams we all popped out of our minds all night long. Like, back in the old days in 2019 and into the past years. There had to be some sort of mind-blowing, dreams that slowly, creep into your mind’s eye, after contemplating for a while. This has to be a sorry time to want to bring to life some hot dream from your teenage years. Let’s say Zomley Bhigie wants to bring alive some of the best sexiest hottest sweatiest dreams from his youth. This is at the exact time his wife is in bed with him. They are two of the closest married couples we all are aware of. They were a daredevil pair who loved and played adventure in bed all through school. No other couple or twosomes could even come close to maxing them out or outperforming Zomley Bhigie and Anna Koscux in any sex game competition. That was back in high school when excitement was normal and sex happened in weird places. But, If all these games were tucked away in a secret location, if they actually were returning to the human race then the trouble was coming soon enough. Okay, let’s not get the investigative teams any heartaches before they start this sex game scene from decades ago. High schools were adequate in having lots of things on hand like tech equipment. One might think it was a way in regard to how safe were high schools these days. Now, relax you have to have fun while doing this investigation in a school setting. Plans needed to set up with little or no fanfare. In other words, this operation was to be top secret out of the capital. Parents suddenly got cold hands and feet fearing their school kids just might stumble across a copy of his video. From one point of view of one officer searching for information about all these videos, they were well hidden. So far anyway. None of the former teachers questioned ever recalled such behaviour ever taking place here. Police Brass knew this was wrong and started pressuring them into confessions. It was that age group who were probably going to jail should anything turn out to be true and illegitimate. Each High School Principal should be held to the same legal level as the teachers and parents from back then. Students may be the most compromised of all being questioned. After all, they were in those videos taped back when they were in High School. The most asked question around the city was ” How did the cops find out ?” Was someone out there wanting to share dirty info more for a great deal in court. Who knew !! Residents were not happy being embarrassed over such behaviour from so long ago! The top rebuttal to the most asked question is ” Why were young kids, your kids, doing such despicable behaviour at the local high school?” Possession of school equipment after hours required a teacher to be present at those times. Who is hiding that dark part so earnestly ? And where exactly are those pertinent records hiding ? Yes, as time was slowly winding tighter and tighter some one may or may not step forward. But, everything bottom line is got away out of control in that high school at in the evenings. Police should start focusing their attack and search for all the required records that were not yet found. That is the best avenue to switch over to fear had to be felt by know by someone. Who paid the over time for teachers during the time these shenanigans were be carried out ? Did the local school superintendent know of anything or any part of what students were doing in the school during evenings. It started to look like many teachers, students and now the superintendent may take the a point of not saying anything in court. I guess they would rather face jail time than step forward to simply clear up an old mess. This high school was in a mid populated city and nothing made sense now. Where should the blame be focused or should any blame be focused against anyone ? A court room case might rip apart this great high school that took a long time to turn it into a success in classes and sports. This was according to the police chief that a chance had to taken under the circumstances. Gossip ran wild through out the town. Every restaurant this was high on the gossip while people ate three times a day. It would be dangerous to have a court case decided by gossip and not by law.

This is a complete fictional story that fell out of my regular mind and my subconscious mind. I could have turned this fictional story into things that are taking place due to Covid-19 pandemic. I do not write true stories due to the laws around being 100 % correct or a writer could be sued for damages. I just want people to realize once things if they come out at all not to be surprised at the overall charges and fear and doubts. I just want to create content that may or not help me find work. I love writing and need money to publish more books so finding writing work is my way of trying to smile all the time. I hope as always everyone enjoys my blog posts. Please leave comments if you disagree with my blog post or have idea on how to improve its over all appearance. Thank you all so very much your reading and following has made me feel honoured and humbled. God bless you all out there.

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