Merry Christmas Everyone

I wish you all the best and all the happiness that is required at this time of year. Especially after this year we need a huge breath of fresh love and happiness and friendship across the world.

Heavenly Fathers only begotten son was born in a stable in Bethlehem. He was born on earth to save us all from our sins. Along the way he taught the Holy Scriptures with his 12 original Apostles. I know for one Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wants us all to live in total Peace, Happiness, and with grace and with Gratitude and Honesty etc.

Lets all stand together after such an incredible deadly year of Covid-19 taking its toll world wide. Covid-19 did not discriminate as it made its way around the world we live on. But, lets all pray together for these vaccines to work and get rid of Covid-19 period.

Lets have turkey, gravy, boiled potatoes , stuffing and all the white and dark meat to last all day. All the time assisting us to build some of the most sweet, kind and lovable memories ever made on our world.

Love to you all across the world !!

James A. Best-Author-Blogger !!

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