Suddenly I Knew Part II

The last time, I wrote the First Part, which was a long time ago. She has told me about it and I wanted to redo it. We have to wait till you are ready for such a wall project she told me. I will drop over after. Today, I am ready for such a wall project. To enamour my senses in motion to create another, incredible tale from the Files of the SSE Infincon. The computer has a wonderful memory even sincere in her mannerism’s. RE: Johnation Behrens, Chief Anthropological Records Department.

We are now cruising through the Rippled Star System Galaxy within the Pluciarath Universe. This galaxy is stunning enough to bind our attention all day long out here. The stars assume to being rippled by the effect from the power of the speed of light as we go by at warp twelve. It is a magnificent sight to behold, as everyone seems to hold their breath, as there are no noises being heard on the control deck. The screen is splashed with stunning waving stars, due to the radar penetrating in front and to the sides. Nothing had prepared us for seeing such alluring, breathtaking sights. Captain Zundrieks Xilvoir gaze is held captivating, dazzling his receptors in his brain. We all are caught up in the inspiring, mesmerizing field of rippled stars as we zoom by them all. As of yet no orders to change course or to slowdown. Nothing stuns our eyes and souls like never before seen rippled stars. There have been other fascinating sights except, they do not come any where near, in proximity to this ravenous, sensational, spell binding scene in front of us. The total time to cruise through the Rippled Star System is approximately a slisk or seven days in earth time.

After, what seemed to be hours the Captain calls for order aboard the deck. Still the consciousness of reality seemed to set upon us. Everyone answers his or her name as it is called out. Duties are returned to normal like nothing occurred to sway them away. We are ready to keep records of what we see and do each shift. Our daily logs are what will enable future trips to be taken this far out into deep space. Being the initial ones to break the barrier from known space through this wall into never before travelled space. When , we left on this voyage the view was we might not find any new and unexplored world out there as there were none. We have proved them wrong or right as I had a sneaky persistence that was to edge us forward with ease and authority. After just one year and a bit we have found a few with life forms never before seen. It took awhile to learn to communicate with each planet’s residents. In all cases we fortunately learned many different dialects through out each planet. Which of course made us feel like conquering hero’s but in reality we never had any problems. We were always made to be at home with each tribe. Now that is why I joined the SSE Infincon Crew. To explore new and friendly worlds to asses how they expound to being in contact with our species. I must state all the kids and women and men were quite requisite in appearance and stature. Thus, this was so appealing to my studies that had a number of out comes this far out past the known deep space. Yet, thus this new deep space exclusive travel plan seemed hypnotic with tantalizing surprising and little known else. A meeting was arranged to decide where we go from here. And for what search patterns do we tie to each individual contact with extraterrestrials. How do we correlate and write out such steps to definitely follow with no exceptions ? The Team made sure we came back here tomorrow morning after breakfast. To in fact solidify all the methods we could use or would dare to use unless attacked first. Than, deadly force only would be taken. The Admiral’s group of senior officers spoke directly to each of us. Do any of our present officers recall such a directive given to each of them at that point.

Maybe, except that last questions made our officers decide to rest to their quarters for awhile. The rest of us stayed behind to make some sense of this thing that happened just then. One junior officer said he felt we had not broken any order given to us since we have been travelling for just over a year. Plus, there was enough senior officers on board should any trouble arise. Four of the senior officers were up for Admiral once we returned to base. This was common knowledge aboard the SSE Infincon. There was not a strong enough power on Caldenal, I felt which could have kept these senior officers who needed this trip to stay. Part of me was also bordering on the absurd, maybe we all were brought together to save as many lives as possible. This was the first trip out side the known deep space quadrants. Thus, all of this truly had to be the reason, their last trip and our first exploratory trip into and past into unkown deep space. After a vigorous back and forth we came to am unfailing explanation as to exactly what existed for our long true best performance. Our unfailing love and gladness of following these senior officers into a fire fight with out warning, just a desire to stay alive with our senior officers by our sides.

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6 thoughts on “Suddenly I Knew Part II

      1. Everything is going good actually. The weather is fantastic for this time of year. Looking for work as a freelance writer etc. This is interesting to say the least. I sleep good for the most part which is awesome.

        How is everything with you and your family ?


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