Other Worlds Are Frightening

Yes, I know there are those who disagree with my point of view on this matter. As a Former Ambassador of the Jupiter Intelligence & Security Forces, I have seen my share of new worlds that are this way. Because no one had ever been to some of these remote outer planets in our universe. And maybe, at times they were attacked for no apparent reason just that they existed when no one else knew of them. This does foster terrible first impressions when stuff like this does occur. I worked on many expeditions to cool off situations, that exploded into full out war, in the remote outer quarters of the forbidden zone. I was just a raw, rookie Ambassador Malzertoni Ka’alg Kigeary from the planet; Abella 591. As some of you might recognize my planet it being the one where the First Convention of All Known Planets was held. That was my first meeting so little I was aware when the names for Ambassador’s came up and my name was there upon that list. Needless to say I started out on my travels with the chosen name of our “All Known Planets” in command this was which they adopted to change the name to: Judgment & Security & Peace Deep Space Command.

From this day forward, across many universes, this Name would become well known with the residents of all planets we know of. Judgment & Security & Peace Deep Space Command was now our formal operating organization. The first operational duty was going to input the crew names and ships all of us would end up on before shipping out. I was waiting for the name of the ship I was to command. This gave us a chance to introduce ourselves to each other as this is Protocol so please follow this to the letter. Setting up crews and ships might take a full 24 hours with every operational Tech being kept busy till then. Until everything was ready and checked many times over we should go into the city of Zrovine.There was great food and service there. I felt relaxed as I was told to take the night off and report back by first light. I had lots to get drunk for and sober up as well before I start my Command. So, I would drink slowly and only get feeling good before hitting the racks for a restful nights sleep.

We finally arrive at the Steakhouse and Tavern in Zrovine. We paid the bill and piled out onto the street in front of the place. The odour of the food wafted out into in the air outside making my mouth water and I think all of the rest did too. Getting into this majestic restaurant was very easy. Virtually no long wait at all. We stood for about five minutes and the shown to our table. Which was a little longer than required but it fit all of that were there that night. We ordered drinks to let our tongues loose and felt like talking. The talk was light humoured in many ways. The food was being cooked and prepared for ten people I was surprised that many tagged along tonight. But, that was great in lots and lots of gamely ways. The mass of us sat and talked about things that seemed funny to all of us hahahahahahahaha…….Some of the waiters and waitresses gave us strange looks or they wanted to join in our party. Our waitress Khadija Casnenar dropped over to warn us our food was going to start coming from the kitchen any minute. We said okay then. Thank you Khadija Casnenar. she laughed and turned back to the kitchen. We drank up so the other waitress would be able to take away all the empties from our tables.

The food came as the steam was rising off the trays loaded down with food types. We sat still as Kadija and her fellow waitresses set up our plates in front of each of us. Each order as exactly what each of us ordered. The food smelled so good this was just like a meal at home after being gone for ten years or so. Once, they left us alone, we dug into this incredibly cooked food. We had all night to eat so we took our time and found things too talk about. Things like this always builds camaraderie according to military officials who are in our company. Which is why the military usually has success creating this among the different units. This is one important method required to keep the squads and platoons as one tight group.

Malzertoni Ka’ab Kigeary had a few loose ends to clear up before bed. Meant he was leaving early to see his family. They sat there and let the military leaders explain there part in all this for now. The drinks tasted good but they could not have more than four of any kind of alcohol. They were entitled to food and water. That was great for these troops to drink water more so than alcohol at a certain point. For tonight I was given a command from General Hobons Luxor Yachieds. The party was to end at midnight so all could make it back in time to finish stuff for tomorrow morning. It was only about sois ren to Midnight. Space languages have to learned to be enjoyed and to make foreigners feel at home. My chance to learn a certain language is high as I want to do this.

The time just arrived for the drinks to stop being poured and the men to drink up. If not these men will radio for more cars to haul everyone away to jail. Need I remind you it is cold in those beds. No one had trouble sleeping according to the roll of film shot the previous night. Anyways, the guys and ladies got into the vehicles so we could go to the base and sleep. The call for Revelry came early to some. The crew members who came along plus a few others had been in the lounge area having fun. I thought he would ask me to buy his house in the rocky valley.”Everything in it’s own time.” My MOTTO !! This story ends for now so good night from some place where they fed us run away’s from some where. One or two did some mountain climbing before turning themselves in to serve a sentence or not. Sure enough after about six hours in the courtroom some one asked for a break in this matter. Maybe fifteen to twenty break and the Judge said Yes be aback in twenty minutes. Court was called to order and all were accounted for. Judge George Gertiangear stood up and refreshed his charge to the courtroom. In case anyone was talking with others in the fresh air outside. This trial was done like a dead bug swashed on the windshield of a vehilce. Good night and see you here in the morning. Bye from here to everyone. lol

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