Blade of Wyverns

Vaex’en Gher’uks had heard the shout of the Wyverns as they attacked the innocent of the cummunity listed as Iricabury. The blades of the Wyverns were sharp so with one fell swoop the victim was gone. They kept this retribution go on and on all day in the sun forcing all families as they were slaughtered. Most of the settlement of Iricabury were elderly and young so targets are easy to spot which made my stomach turn told Vaex’en Gher’uks. I could not take any more and hoped my back up were going to come roaring inward to turn things in our favor. Since the Blade of Wyverns was going done to defeat once and for all. Not one town, village, wanted to see the likes of these bad ones ever again. The battle for the people was loud and noisy which was due to the armaments all being made of steel. The protection equipment over top of their bodies shielded them from harm as it to was made out of steel and iron.

The Wyverns were scattered among the many lands surrounding the small village of Iricabury. Vaex’en Gher’uks was feeling hot under this sheet of steel but knew it was warranted. Vaex’en made his name as being the protector of his neighbours no matter where he lived. In actuality he was quite the polite and kind gentleman. Having a wife and family provided his will to be a worker of the land. Aye, if you done it right all things were working in our favour. This part of the planet, Xenders, contained the most rich soil to raise food for the families and for the cattle who usually roamed the fields. You could see some of great colourful trees natural to this land. Such as the Feyire, which was medium height with nice wide limbs and a strong trunk. The other limbs carried the leaves of such golden brightness to be seen with gladness every morning fluttering in the early morning breezes. The next tree to look up is the Otenfonna. Another huge trunk tree with a high height to it. the other limbs were some strong to allow kids to climb all over them. The limbs had dark green leaves waving to the village people in the morning breezes. There were a third tree which grew so well in these parts. Iricabury’s ancestry was from the northern Qherqik Bertagon region. they required a stronger and steadier breed of tree to with stand the cooler weather for a few months each year. This tree that was chosen is named Jopranium. A beautiful, stunning tree reaching outward and upward to the sky. The trunk was solid as any found in this country. The tree seemed to have some of the most colourful leaves ranging from dark green, lime green, dark blue, yellow, red and orange and -light blue. Needless to say this tree was going to be seen for miles and them some on a bright day in the year. some would end saying the Jopranium was flashing its colours with abandon. Iricabury was indeed the best and cleanest little village in these here hills.

Iricabury was what seemed endlessly bothered by thieves trying to rob them for one thing after another. The residents were very glad that Vaex’en and his family and fellow farmers chose to stay here. They brought with them new farming techniques which were sorely required by all the other farmers. They also taught the practice of always helping each other during times of difficulty and in times of bumper crops. Iricabury was becoming the best kept secret up in these here hills. Except someone let it out so that turned a quiet sweet village into one that keeps getting attacked. Things are going to change trust me Vaex’en told them over and over until they started to trust him more and more. There was no reason that Vaex’en Gher’uks should not be trusted by everyone. He had proven all his beliefs and practices in regard to farming 100 %. So, when the Blade of Wyverns came calling they were scared due to the local hero Vaex’en Gher’uks was gone. Maybe, these nasty, frightening thief’s came running their horses through the village knocking everything over they could. Most of the residents were saying over and over in their heads come back Vaex’en !!

What only seemed like a few minutes from afar they heard horses being ridden at a fast pace heading toward Iricabury. Sure enough Vaex’en and his men came ridng into the village center for a solid, dangerous, sounding effect on the Wyverns. Their blades were useless against forces who were better trained and out fitted with better weapons. This is where the story started but we know the battle was as rough as any one ever had seen before.

The battle came to an end and the Wyverns still alive were arrested and taken to the local Sheriff in the town of Klatgan. This was about eight miles straight into the Sheriff’s Office. He would be impressed with the people who were going to take up residence in his jail. And Sheriff Uccax Amhoiris. The residents got a reward which was quit substantial and was split even by the Sheriff and by Vaex’en. Even the trouble they experienced everyone was happy to get something unexpected that would help repair the damage done to their village.

Yes, I must say they certainly went and bought the exact materials required to replace the beauty with a proven all year strength and colours in better trees and just as much colours with the leaves. Once again passing through visitors or staying over night it seemed they all loved the peacefulness and the beauty of Iricabury. Now, that they all stood toe to toe with the Wyverns no one was ever going to bully them. I will let you all go as the story has now come to a conclusion.

Good night and have a wonderful week full of peace and happiness

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