Immortal : The Cain Intruder

This is about what actually or just maybe only took place or never took place. Whatever, The Immortal : The Cain Intruder is dangerous to all those involved. Being the ones involved in transforming this into one of another Super Cruiser Type. Everyone should sit back and read the specs on what it takes to commit to a do over into another powerful Super Cruiser. Each one is topped off with two big attack missiles on each side and two multi-firing machine guns stuck on the sides. Plus other armaments inside each super cruiser. That is why they are named Super Cruisers. We have them no one else does. The last period when we had to create a few extra super cruisers was many light years gone away in the past. The Cain Intruder was known for killing the enemies well actually blowing them to pieces. Usually with nothing left but an empty spot which is now our spot in space.

We all were aware this argument had to be shelved before it becomes demoralizing. The attitude in our ships were to be positive and to show respect to all grades of officers. Since our prime space mission is changing into more of meeting new worlds and the residents living on them. Being on our best behaviour is going to be just as important in building new relationships across the galaxy. We would be required to map out each new planet in each new solar systems. The Galaxies would be assigned names until we are told to stand down on this approach. Galaxies were going to be harder to map out unless our computers are up to doing this with lenses powerful enough to reach out that far. We can come in closer to ensure all parts of the solar system which is The Depopia Cloud Node are confirmed on all maps. The Galaxy is going to be called UDJ43D. A fairly huge galaxy with unknown number of planets, etc. again this is for mapping to secure everything out there and we mean everything. Now, one last issue to bring to all of your attention. The Universe we are going to be entering out there is named : The Prenate Klovincial GQK 32A Universe. These orders are to take effect immediately so please post to all officers on duty through out the ship. Thank you everyone for your assistance in this extremely important part of our mission today. You can all go home or stay on board it is up to everyone.

I counted about 15 planets in this picture of where we are headed in the next few days. So, relax, get lots of rest and see you all soon. Yes, you can guess I do love pictures of space and deep space galaxies and universes.

We are going to see a view universes like this one way out the deeper we get into far away space. Yes, some stunning beautiful sights to look forward to for every crew member to view. Form your own visions of what may exist where we are headed to. But, do not fail to search openly for an angry alien people who may attack us. None of us have ever been out here and unfortunate no one else in Command has either. So, we are really flying by the seats of these uniforms. As comfortable as they seem I would rather keep mine on. Lets have more fun yet still be the best we can be on duty everyone.

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