Enjoy At Your Own Risk

Way back in the day there was always that one person who loved to create fun projects according to him. To everybody else they had it figured out he was crazy and fun to be with. Women at times found him to be extra funny and fell in love with that guy. But, back then we all had a blast at times. I can recall lots about the great times at the Ridgeville Sportsdom on my home planet of ” Sunfall Waracalla Alpha. ” Even the name held certain conatations connected to such a special place. The Ridgeville Sportsdom was originally built to hold school Gyadnenas Games. In the life that arose once it opened the teams were from across the Solar System. As you can imagine there was lots of inter-plantary rivalry going on before, during, and after each game. Every Team was fully recognized by the Sports Federation Of the Solar System. This was the big time out here in The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. Sports is what kept the solar system alive and competitive among all ten planets and thirty moons that orbited these planets.

Here are the names of all Ten Planets in The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System : 1. Cevecarro , 2. Zoth Y29, 3. Gnomie 1D , 4. Ayetov Lulive, 5. Thera 0A0Q, 6. Betreihines, 7. Vamizo Treintos 252 , 8. Old Telebus VII , 9. Keuric Zingehia , 10. Vulurdan 3

The Teams travelled by Team Air Bus Systems which in fact were hydrogen powered cruise Deep Space Ships. They could hold the entire Teams, the equipments and all the Team Gear aboard them. The Team Air Bus Systems Space Ships were exquisitely luxurious. The seats allowed each player and passenger to slowly sink into the soft seats and fall asleep for the entire trip. Soft feather filled cushions with a soft underbelly of foam rubber. One could not have asked for such luxury ever. The Sponsors of each Team went all out to show they cared enough to do what it took to win the much sought after Inesa Zhunard Championship. The very, unique, thing with each Teams Air Bus Systems Space Ships, is the fact they were painted in each Team’s colours; with the names written in huge letters across the length of each of the ships. As each team was eliminated the players would have no problem finding their way home aboard these brightly coloured Space Ships.

These Inesa Zhunard Chamionships were held during the cooler Tliard of each Qleuhn. For the First Time Ever The Championships are going to be beamed back to every planet in ” The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System.” All planets followed their home team as they went through each session. You might say gongball had caught on big time all across the entire solar system. The Championship Series was awarded to the Silly Pug Films Productions from the planet of Old Telbus VII. Believe this or not Old Telebus VII film Production company had been voted the top film production company of the Qleohn. Yes, such a feat was not easy to win apparently. The winners were voted on by the cities that held each Championship Games. Anticipation was that this time around more of the winning city and planet could be exclusively featured during the break in the games.

This Years winning city is : laenteglos which is the Capital City of the Planet Cevecarro. Everyone looked forward to learn about the winning city; Laenteglos, as it was one of the oldest cities in their solar system. Now this was going to be very interesting indeed. Considering that most of the other entrants come from newer planets after the formation of The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. No one knew the explanation for their galaxy being split into two births. Just one of the unknown happenings out here and the explainable happenings. Regardless, the galaxy was stunning in it’s natural settings with all the ten planets filled in by the indefinite number of stars shining. The planet Cevecarro was the third one to come alive with life back in those early days of the formation of The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. Some, people say this solar system was the agteway into other inner galaxy’s and universes beyond the last planet on the edge of life. Laenteglos, the capital of Cevecarro, was rich in ancient structures put in place by their for-bearers that called this city home. Not much was known about those beings as the only things left behind were the incredibly structured buildings set up with solid rocks. All over Laenteglos one could see more fantastic structures that had to be over four or five thousand Qleohn’s old. Most of the other cities were set up in the same period of Qleohn’s way back then.

The Inesa Zhunard Championship was going to begin very soon as the ships were being called into the line up spots. Anticipation was being felt slowly building up at this point of the race starting line up looked like some sort of major colourful gang bit. The first ship that crossed the finish line in under seven Emi’s would win The Inesa Zhunard Championship. You knew no matter how much jockeying, and other non-contact elements, would be in play through to the end of this; white knuckle cruising through out The Super Teplos Quadron Solar System. The Champions were going to be worn out and ready to touch solid terra dermighajig once again. Yes, the winning smiles of the winners was going to be spun through space to every planet in this galaxy. Smiles that did not show the honesty of the way they raced against their competitors. Even though it was supposed to be non-contact this rule was ignored when out of sight in certain spots by some ignorant rude ships. Do not forget the race was being beamed back to all the planets.

The results were coming in fast and furiously as the ships flew by their home planets going as fast as possible in order to not consume all the hydrogen on board. They wanted to have lots left for the last leg of this competition s they raced back to Cevecarro for the victory. By the sounds of it fans were rabid with excitement each time their home Team was announced going by a check point. Oh, yes, folks this was one for the history books even though they were out on the track trying to win it all. The screens showed all the ships vying to pass each other and not go out of bounds. Which was not an easy feat to accomplish. But, it was done all the time. here they come heading back to home base with the Cevecarro Team Ship being in first place and ahead by by enough to win if they did not make any mistakes. It seemed to be close between the Teams from Gnomie 1 D and keuric Zingehia for second place. the rest of the filed were strung out behind the first three ships. it was going to be Cevecarro for the win if they keep going for the last bit before they cross the finish line in First Place. The fans were screaming and yelling for their ships to hurry up and catch up and win this race. Needless to say the team from cevecarro won by small fraction which was all that mattered. A new Champion was being crowned in the Huge City Square by the Officials. What an important and stunning feat was done by the Cevecarro Team. Let’s all be proud of this moment in history. It may not happen like this again ever !!

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