Those Were The Times

Way back in those days. we had nothing exciting to do so we had to find our own way through life. At first it was easy learning to look and act older than we were. Plus, most of us were taller than our age which helped. We had learned to play bar games in other cool and dirty bars where the bad types hung out. I will say that one has to know someone usually to get into the bars on those back streets. Trust me we did know the right people who drank in those establishments back in those times. This elevated our standing with ours inside the dark and stank interiors that stunk of booze and cigarettes. We smoked to give us the edge over some other young pups trying to pull the same tricks. We always slowly drank our drinks usually money was tight so we had to play pool or shuffle Board. We had learned to play pool and this other game Shuffle Board that which we were really excellent at both. AT most nights we could win a few here and there with out any fights. Another thing to be aware of fighting in strange bars as the other clientele loved to join in and kick the hell out of who ever was on the floor. I lost a few and learned many very Valuable lessons. Once we entered their territory we played by their rules. Some times we just pushed the limits and went up against some tough characters. Going outside one had to be faster with ones hands and feet or you were sure to be bruised black and blue for days after. After you got a few wins under your belt the others would give you all the room you wanted. We just simply followed our elders into that dark cloudy area of where men had to prove they were men. Anything else was greatly frowned upon and then you would get run out of town rather fast. But, hey we all grew up and learned how to pick up young women who were attracted to our looks and means. This meant we could provide a good time for them as long as they were with us and us only. Some shoving matches ended with very few fists being thrown ever. If it passed that point some one was getting knocked out and it was not going to be me. I was nobodies fool and people standing around knew I could kick ass. I drew my own conclusion and decided they wanted to see blood from the young stupid gangster type. That is exactly what took place rather fast and quick as it is over. I was not a man of steel but a darn good street fighter from my home town on the eclipse of the yellow moon rising high above. This planet actually seemed an exact copy of where I was from on the other side of the galaxy. My name I used was my real name Khingan Vrukvuth III. I was from a giant planet named ” Tregastea ” almost half way around the Galaxy with the name of ” Comae Eioneus “. I grew up in the fashionable “city of Akaburgh “. This is where I polished my fists and my feet against some who thought they tougher than good ole me. I lost the first three fights I had. I came back and beat every one of them. That was the way to prove your manhood if you wanted women, parties and good times to flow to you instead of away. Beauitful fresh young women in the bars were rather impressionable. We were aces at that game with all those incredible women back then. They always were some happy in the mornings so I was smiling and my buddies were as well. That was one great night so we knew to return here another time. Like striking it rich all the way around. Yes, we was darn good and all around everyone knew that. But, still we had some that tried to stand against us but failed and other ones were close to close actually. Styles in women were very easy to choose from as most were exceptionally beautiful. I usually was the one to fall in love easy as the perfume and the moves they made drove me mad. I knew I had to have them all or most of them or one or two anyways. I was not that greedy for sure. I was just as much fun as anyone in this neck of the woods. The back woods held some surprises trust me. Huge giant size having weiner roasts and making fire driven cookies or desserts. They tasted good and the beer was ice cold and the women were hot as could be. Like shopping at the Edidlender Mall. The outside sign said Come in Shop to you Drop. We took it till we found what we wanted first and foremost and party hardy then drop onto one of the stunning beds on the store floor. We made a huge mistake once they woke us all up and hauled us away. We pleaded that we just followed the over head store sign at the mall entrance. We just played the game by their rules with no damage just everyone having fun until each couple dropped off onto the nearest bed. Was that not what the sign was all about ? We were fortunate the Judge let us all off with a warning and also one for the Mall Owners as all. So, we decided after a long discussion that things had to be slowed down which we did. That was the last time we needed to be thrown into a courtroom against any more lawyers. They were getting smarter than our lawyers had become. Next year was the earliest return to our cruising routine and partying across the Galaxy for sure. So, good bye until that point in time comes around once more.

12 thoughts on “Those Were The Times

  1. I enjoyed this post, James! It reminded me of being young and wild as a buck! Carousing around town with the few friends I had and getting high with them. Oh, yes. I was a stoner back in the day! LOL But didn’t go to many bars then. We’d go to house parties.
    Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚

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