The Friday Report- ZSUW-NEWS

Good morning to all our loyal listeners we are here with The Friday report. There has been lots going on in our little corner of deep space. On Tron Une there was the weirdest type of accident that I have never personally witnessed before. It seems that traffic was going pretty good over head as people were going to work down town. When, it seems that one cruising car decided to veer off course and smashed into a high rise office building. Who won you ask ? The cruising car apparently was the one that dropped down onto the cement walkway down below. The office building received a small scratch that was not visible from below. The owners just smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. I shake my head for this was the first time anyone tried to fly through an office building. lol cute or I tried to be funny.

Quinata Asperata- ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

On the morning of Tron Du a cruising share ride car was carrying two elderly women taking them to their semi-annual doctors visit. Both of these thoughtful women were hard of hearing it seems. The driver was courteous and spent time trying to talk with the two Grandmotherly woman. He was unaware of the hearing problem of his passengers. After trying to get them to talk he finally just drove in silence. After a few seconds one of the women hit him with her purse. The driver was completely shocked and flabbergasted as to why he got hit ? It was all due to his attempt at speaking to the two elderly woman after all. They both told police that he was talking dirty to them and they were against such terrible behaviour. But, wanted the driver to know he was being put on notice next time he would get a lot worse from both of them. The driver told police he was just shocked and flabbergasted as all he wanted was to talk to the nice, polite elderly women. He learned his lesson as it seemed he had a rather large bump on the side of his head. One woman had a heavy object in her bag. The driver laughed wondering how the frail woman got the strength to swing her purse with that heavy object in her purse ? hahaha He hoped the rest of the day would go off with no more being hit for nothing by nice elderly women.

Akix Drixoks ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

Today, is the Birthday for the Vakler Interplanetary Investigations Limited. The Fortieth Birthday which the founding partners were the same ones who started out forty years ago. Silene Almonia and Dhaslith Udears. They were so proud of the record of their Investigative company as they had solved more than 90 % of the complaints brought to them. Over a Forty year Period I was astonished with the high level of success they had reached. Silene Almonia spoke first saying they agreed when they started out that having a high percentage of solved cases was what they were going for. Some outfits tried to make a name for themselves but failed. She went on to say that Dhaslith and her were just trying to be the best they could be as private detectives. That was their company motto ” We will never stop until the case is solved”. At first it was just the two fo them over the years they hired a team of six highly disciplined fellow private detectives who held the same belief’s. The big party was going to be held in a large hotel dining room which they rented for their company and their clients. So, you see good work always pays. So much so they bought an office plant just two weeks ago, their first one. It is a beautiful green and blue Asebraisy which blooms with a huge red flowers that have a sweet scent when they open up. This sweet scent lasts at least ten Trons.

Unzeix Ecals ZSUW NEWS Staff Reporter

This is our Friday Morning News Report. We hope you have enjoyed reading these three stories. We will have more for all the readers in our next issue of The ZSUW NEWS. Till then have a fun and happy times until we meet again !

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