The Incredible Deep Space Action

As much as all the residents of the planets holding these international Inter- Space Contests are happy, easy going residents they loved this tournament. Sitting squares is in accordance with who the last one to win was and can know sit on the Best Square while hosting this one. This year’s first Team getting the Top Square was the Team From : The Planet of SAPUS 20Q8. Truth be known this particular planet was one of the most stunning, Gorgeous and Beautiful Planet that Had the Best People. Research came up with this isolation idea of how it stood out among all others. I point this out as the” Planet was the winner from last year”. #1 Rule is stated clearly as possible on this layout. The rest of what the Planet SAPUS 20Q8 is all about will be revealed as the proceedings get started. So, sit back and relax and get ready for another stunning race from ” The La Pertonia Star System “.

Here we are enjoying the bright night, filled with stars , and other planets covering up the space field around our home. Each year a space field filled up with graciously & grandly built stars. And all sorts of planets that are just as stunning to ones in the current space field ! Where judgments are decided as to the winners in each of four categories put forth. This year was the one, to kick off one incredible party as cities, special areas on each planet, and the planets themselves. As the sights put forth from each one had such natural beautification’s, to shock the throngs of people who are lined up. This year this tournament was being held in the most incredible Solar System of ” The La Pertonia Star System “. The planets involved in this are in order : 1. SAPUS 20Q8, 2. Gautis 3. Leron JV 4. Croxaliv 5. Etryria 6. Druzomia 7. Vakler Urantep.

There are going to be seven planets on this side of the La Pertonia Star System all vying to be the next Champion of the Sitting Squares Race. This is an exciting field of racers this year compared to past Championship Races since the word leaked out further this time around. The top racers from the La Pertonia Star System are here to entertain us for the entire length of the race. Do not forget this race is one of endurance, sportsmanship and smart, crafty manoeuvrings as the contestants go around the track. This race track was agreed upon before the registration began which is vital to the success of each years race. This is the month of Tluxath and as such this is the best time to hold this Championship Race. The stars and planets are lined up exquisitely showing off their natural beauty with such ease. This Championship Race will last for 4 Gnyhub’s. Thus, making this race one of the longest, hardest, and most enduring since its conception. The crews have to be in top physical and top mental shape as well in order to be successful as the next Champion. So, Ladies, Gentlemen and Children get ready as the race is about to start. Ensure you have all your food and drinks before sitting down to watch all these incredibly stunning Flying Machines line up. As they are nearing to go for the Gold so to speak with each one seeking the top spot. It is sad that only one can win this endurance race as I think all of them are Champions for coming here this year. To me the simple best part in my thoughts, are right now as they begin twisting and jockeying for the most advantageous spot to jump out in front from the gate. The Race Marshall will have to be quick to his buttons to stop any such rough and unsportsmanlike conduct. These seasoned veterans know how far they can push the top officials before the race begins, hopefully on time. That is why it is an endurance race everyone. it looks like the Race Marshall is signalling the ships and crews to stop the nonsense and line up properly so the race can begin. From this point until the gate is thrown wide open no more of anything will be tolerated. Or the irresponsible craft can be prevented from taking part by being removed. The Get Ready Light is On which means each craft must be willing to go when the Green Light comes on. Let’s see who is able to jump out to that early lead right out of the gate. We have seven crafts to choose between but my money is on the favourite #1 SAPUS 20Q8. That is the same one who did win last years endurance race in The Intton System. His experience will come in handy especially since he is from the La Pertonia Star System. Time will tell who is going to be able to out fox his competitors, as they go through this long, gruelling race, but fantastic star field in front of them all. The Race Marshall is standing up as he must be starting the race. The Green Light is lite up and everyone is off. They are just getting past the first few markers with no one yet taking the lead. It might be a few limps to get these crews deciding the best way forward in this first few lengths of the race of the Glyfert. So, lets just slowly wait for the results to come in from our remote callers who are part of the Officials Team for this Race.

This Race is going to take a lot of time to decide who wins and who loses. Part Two will be out in a couple of days. I think it is best to let the crews aboard these flying machines get the kinks out of their particular sleek cruisers before expecting any results before that point. Until next time be good and stay safe as the Captains of each vessel are doing right now.

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