Another Winter Arrives

Yes, as of today the snowfall is steady and sure as the afternoon turned into evening here. The temperature is around five below Centigrade. Enough to ensure the snow keeps coming down over night for sure. I do not get along with winter I just accept it as part of being a Canadian living in the Great White North. We do have polar bears up north still roaming around searching for food with less ice cover than ever before in history. As the tale goes according to some great scientists who should be congratulated on being right. I can agree with them as the snow is falling out side of my house I live in. It usually does snow before Halloween in these here parts. It might be one in a hundred years when there is no snow until early November. But, this year it had to come early to chase the bears back to their liars so they sleep soundly for the next six months or so. We do not need any more garbage wars against those black bears, who want to get fatter to sleep longer, so the information has always spoke of. I remember watching films about the Great White North in Social Studies I think it was anyways. I was held spell bound as the film reel rolled on and on showing what it is like to live in the snow and ice covered northern areas of our country. The residents hunted according to the history of their people going back to when they started to live up there. Apparently, I was for sure trying to understand how they could live up there never seeing any reflection of them in us down here. That is because we never had been up to the north let alone gone past the that line into the arctic. We were told how cold it was and how they dressed to keep warm all year long. I was astonished to think that Canada had people who lived way up into the arctic. The only ones I knew of was Santa Claus and his reindeer’s and his elf’s making toys for all the children of the world at Christmas time. Then Rudolph would lead Santa’s sleigh ,with his red nose so bright through fog and snowfall, dropping off those presents for all the children not just the good ones. I think It was probably real hard to build a igloo to stay in while out hunting or just a place to live for the winters. Fitting those pieces of packed hard snow into the exact pattern required to not have it fall down on top of the people inside of it was an exact science.

Pretty soon the roaring of snow mobiles will be heard around the village up here. They are going outside of here using them in the ditches and other areas designed for the machines. I have a hard time understanding how the price of those snow machines have climbed into the stratosphere. Crazy and out of this world if you ask me about any of it. When, I was a teenager I do believe the cost for any snow machine like a ski-doo was around $500.00 if that. I know each year since more and more revolutionary equipment has been added to them. Why just so those machines can go just as fast as nay highway vehicle ? This is true which I do not understand the why behind this fascination with speed off highway like in the winter months. Then again in the summer people have SUV’s which are for off road travel that can get through any bushes or trees. I own one of those SUV’s but have never used it for off road travel. I love the four wheel drive in the slippery winter months and I adore the two wheel drive in the summer.

Well, I just looked out my door and the white stuff is still falling steadily covering my SUV and by morning it will be hidden under a fresh soft white coat of snow. I do not mind rain in the winter as one does not have to shovel it or brush it off any vehicle or sidewalk etc. Plus, rain makes things wet and plants grow better year around at times. At times rainfall comes down so fast one could run out in the bush and have a shower. Real nature lovers would do this for sure trust me.

This is another short blog just to let you all know I am alive even though the snow is crushing my thoughts lol JK I am going to say good night and stay safe out there everyone.

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