Return To Vrierburgh

Vrierburgh is home to such outstanding Alien Forces who limit the amount of foreign alien beings allowed to travel in deep outer space. They have the most terrible super cruiser armed weaponry possible. When, I say foreign-alien travellers it is those that are not native to this solar system where they may cause problems. Vrierburg’s home solar system is the ” Baracella Sidengatis Region”. Which is in the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy which is a fairly large one compared to others in this deep space region. The Vrierburgh’s , “Topiorytelligence Thruster Attack Forces” travel a lot to keep outsiders to a minimum. To prevent any foreign take overs of any planets that have agreements in place. There are a number of planets in the Baracella Sidengatis Region that have life forms that are friendly to them. The most agile is the Topiorytelligence Thruster Attack Forces. That is due to the number of fighting super cruisers developed compared to any one else in their region. Maybe, the residents of Vrierburgh have been more advanced for many Sroselt’s ahead. Their Universities were also the most integrated and the top instructors across the Baracella Sidengatis Region. Space ships produced on the campuses were the reason no one had anything like they did. Students were matched to their skills to the best operating abilities for each one. Once other space travellers saw their space cruisers they were sure to be very cordial and polite.

Returning to Vrierburgh meant a home coming after being on ten P2 trip deep into the Baracella Sidengatis Region and the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy than ever before. The Topiorytelligence Tghruster Attack Forces arrived back in the month of Sroselt which was the 12th Slisk day. The top officers were interviewed by the Base Commanders upon their arrival. It was important to fetch all the best intelligence using this method and this proved beyond any other method. More planets were found which held life forms comparable to their Vrierburgh’s abilities. They created a few more contracts to keep the peace a far away as they are. Plus, they signed contracts to cross trade in similar areas beneficial to both planets. Travel agreements in place now allowed for space travel through the solar Region into the outer galaxy planets. The crews were incredibly impressed with the beauty of the deep space the further they went out into the galaxy. They located a few giant planets that did not hold any life just rocky craggy surfaces. Other ones were covered with different gaseous lids over top those particular planets. The stars seemed brighter and more colourful way out in the outer edges entering the galaxy never before travelled. What was one of the most waiting for thing is the first travellers from so out into the Draco-Aegimius Galaxy. Each planet’s creatures or inhabitants for one reason or another seemed different in body shape and looks and voices.

For Ceteds Stolqak , the Chief Engineer, this was the best trip after serving for over twenty P2’s. He loved the space travel and looking after and servicing the giant super cruisers. Especially the brand new ones fresh out of the manufacturing bays awaiting their first trips. These he found always performed beyond the specs that were in place. The hyper speeds and the shields were optimal at the top hyper speed 10 across through deep space. Everything gleamed and shone when the equipment was all brand new being the only crew allowed aboard for this test flight for the next 8 P2’s. if, the ships and equipment performed ultimately then longer and more complex trips could be under taken.

So, until the next trip this crew was on leave and could spend time with family and friends.

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