The Gilded Heaven’s

Delda Teiru, had worked for this film company, Megaart Proflux Film Production, for what seemed like a long time,but in relative terms it was only two years. They had chosen the planet, Geyecarro because of it’s stunning natural beauty. With bright green grasses, white sandy beaches and gigantic mountains called ” The Haverliers Corigstaridge Peaks. Shooting this film against such stunning peaks seemed like such an incredible dream like set to perform on. They were in the Vulongolia Telmles Steller Nursery Solar System. It was fantastic to see new stars being born and flung out into deep space through this solar system. How much more of a magnificent site could they hope for to shoot their film ? The entire film crew and cast were waiting for the final draft of the film to be approved by the companies management team. The film was to be paid in Ancestral Statep had to be cost efficient to recover the total expenses. Once the film was released to the throngs of expected screaming crowds back at home. Their home planet was of course Xestruna which was still part of the same solar system. Not one of the crew or cast wanted to leave this fabulous planet they were on even still they had been here a short time. The name of the film was still up in the air until it was approved as part of the complete film package. Resting among the exotic species of plants and trees while practising their lines sort of established a story book setting. A guarantee ensured no one would be cut due to an exact number of cast members being in place for weight purposes. Their four space cruisers only held so much extra pounds due to the extra fuel for the return trip to Xestruna. Having to bring along the complete set pieces brought the costs of fuel to be higher than normal both ways.

Finally, the movie was ready to be shot. The title ended up being ” The Gilded Heavens “. This name was the choice of the Megaart Proflux Film Productions before anything was loaded on any space ship. The costs were allowed to be a floating total of Ancestral Statep’s as nothing like this had ever been carried out on another planet. The choice of the location was an incredibly lucky pick fulfilling every desire and need for the film. The set up crews were eagerly at work placing back drops where they all belonged according to giant lay out charts. Thus, building a film set out in the solar system was indeed classy and extraordinary. With hopes that film goers would really appreciate the extra effort put into the reality of it all. Nothing else can compare with the natural forces, beliefs, problems and the figuring out how to create such a stunning, colourful movie ever developed. Most of the back drops are for sure real and in place for eternity. The characters were made to reach out to grab the eyes and ears of the movie goers. This alone has the script fully exposed to establish the subjects sticking out against such star producing effects behind the scenes. Our cameras caught all the birthing of new baby stars all the while filming ” The Gilded Heaven’s” in the foreground. Our Megaart Proflux Film Production will be forever remembered for this timeless shocking picture from the planet ” Geyecarro”.

” The Gilded Heavens” stars actress Adha Estad and actor Aemmuk Augzall in the roles of ” Serunkal ” Princess of the fabulous “Qrustead’s” and ” Selei IIxoks” the handsome Prince of the ” Zrovine”. A secret is being allowed to more ever and in addition to the main plot of this location oriented screen play right in front of us all. This aspiring production builds a bond between the two main characters possibly leading to marriage. This might assist them to potentially and ambitiously create a new kingdom to serve all their people evenly and fairly. This creation will be released to theatres early next year the date to be announced. Stay tuned for trailers from the prospective of the planet ” Geyecarro”.

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