I Suffered Two Bear Attacks

That is right. I did suffer two bear attacks one last Thursday evening and again Saturday night some time. I called the RCMP and told them what happened both times.

Thursday evening around eleven thirty or so I heard what I thought were the voices of two drunks outside in my yard. I started to get upset and yelled at them. I then decided to pick up my big flashlight and put my boots on. I went outside and yelled and no one answered so I kept shining the flashlight all over my yard. My yard is huge it is a half a block of land and lots of trees and one crabapple tree. I never did see anyone let alone hear anyone out there it was quiet as could be. I went back into my house and called the RCMP and talked to a constable and explained what took place. She listened to me for a couple of minutes before she answered. I was asked if I was sure it was two guys and replied yes I am sure it sounded like tow guys. She then told me that while I was talking she did a couple circles around this area and saw no people at all. I was sure it was two guys. She told it was a bear and not to go outside any more !! I did not go out any more that night. When I was out I found one bag of garbage down by the west side of some tress. It was just laying there nothing was wrong with the baf. I carried it back and lifted the garbage cart back up straight on its wheels. The other black bag of garbage was still in the cart. Weird but I was wrong I guess lol

Then Saturday night some time the bear struck again. When, I got up I went and opened the door and looked outside. I was shocked by what by what I saw. This time the cart was pushed or thrown into the front of my SUV. There was no damage to my SUV. Which was great actually. But my garbage was stretched out in a good straight line. Round piles of garbage over about 60 feet from the front of my SUV. I went to my shed and got the rake out and cleaned the mess up. I went back in the house and phoned the RCMP.

I told the lady who answered what took place and she patiently took it down along with my phone number and address to check that it was the same as the last time I called on Thursday night. She told after we talked that she was passing onto one of the officers who look after such things. Okay, so are they going to call back soon. She said she thought they would. I grabbed a fast shower and got dressed when the phone rang a few times. I picked up the hand set and said hello . They female voice on the other end asked if I was James Best. I said yes I am. She asked my address which I confirmed was correct. She made sure all the previous information was correct. Then she surprised me by asking if she could come over now. Right now ? She said if that was alright. I told her yes come over right now.

I went out side to check and make sure she was going to make the right directions to find my house. My house is hard to see as it is hidden blocked by one Steel Shed. And lots of trees which block the rest of the view of it until you get up a little higher up the hill. Sure enough she missed the turns. She went by and turned around by that time I was almost down the hill to the avenue. I was waving and yelling its me its me. She never saw me as she was phoning my house and was no getting any answer. I was a few feet from her truck before she saw me. She then asked if I wanted to get and ride back up to my place. I said sure thank you ! It was alright getting a ride back up the hill to my house. I told her I had cleaned up already as I had to be in another town for church services at ten thirty am. She was an incredible officer very polite and very easy to get along with. I think she liked and I am sure I liked her ! We had a good talk and I told her I hope to see her again one day. She replied maybe you will. I know I want to see her again.

Now, you all need to hear more about the bear which is surprising even more so. I was at my bank today and told her what took place. she chuckled and said their were three bears in town. One was at my place which is almost dead center in town, another up by the school checking out the northern part of our town. The Third Bear was down over by where she lives. I was shocked and we both had a laugh actually. One very exciting time took place from Thursday to Saturday night. It was weird really to me. I have never seen bears in our town before. I have only lived here for almost 12 years now. I guess I am still learning about northern life lol the hard way and I am retired now. hahaha Life can be exciting and make us laugh about such harsh troubles that might have been.

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22 thoughts on “I Suffered Two Bear Attacks

      1. Yes, here in Canada especially western Canada where we have lots of wild bears from brown bears, black bears, and the scariest ones the Grizzly Bears. Most of the bears can be seen and have pictures taken from that distance they want. Yes, it is perfect way to see those bears from the wild up close and safely.

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    1. One was in the north hill up by the school. One was around my place. The third bear was just over down the south end. Yes, Two bears were bad enough in three nights. I have lived here since May 1 st ,2008 the same location. This was the first time i have ever saw bears in town.

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