Then Everything Was Gone

Attention Everyone : I have gone through this blog to make improvements in it. I hope you will find it less offensive and more edible to your eyes and minds.

One second the story we were creating was right in front of us and then BOOM !! , it was gone completely. All of it just up and disappeared from reality. Providing those hackers were actually scared of just the inside cover story of it. Sorting things out and proving who did what, is a lousy road to take this morning. I say and if we all agree then we skip the original story and find a new by-line to go with. One thing I warn about & I am serious about is recouping the costs of for the damages they inflicted on us.What did they expect from hitting us at the worst moment. They should have known we were the number one periodical by our name alone ” The Lonely Ghautiude Chronical “. Though , we can never swear,nor prove that for those bad things, and we can and do just run into burning buildings to save damsels in distress. There is one person who can deliver us to freedom from this chaotic situation we are facing right now. Just let me know if you so desire that I follow this avenue to contact him. You and I are the only ones who are really aware of what is about to take place on the east side of our solar system. I did have the chance to run away from all this but Fighting is in my blood and built into my family from the very beginning. However, I was over ruled by some one with smarter brains and saw things different out comes. Trust, I will say does not/nor was it borne from those times. But, it can be traded for lives in severe situations as this transmits into one of those. Lets go and run as fast as possible to see if we can tip this over to one side and have her afford a winner and a loser. Bored minds are active with no real desire to slow down right now. Respect was lost along with trust and loyalty that were earned over time. No one does such devious well planned endeavours unless war is on the menu. We here on Belrieter are among the original residents of this solar system as part of the Sigma Eridanj Galaxy.

My final decision tonight is to go to sleep. Two things may happen. The second they will release the loyal foot soldiers to assist them in the final images before the end with red blood running down from the top floor. They do know I have the last of the gentleman in disguises with complete control over them all, all 55,000 soldiers, and a few tanks and a few evil birds, will bring us to their attention. Just before they realize we are serious and will let this thing loose upon the residents of Wilhelm City. You take the head that reigns and sow your murderous seeds by noon today. Lets at least pray and get some sleep before the slaughter begins in the very early morning hours. The last thought Khekix Uvval had was just before falling into a quiet slumbering sleep was” Who is this fool and what is he trying to carry out ?”

The top picture is some of our super cruisers patrolling over the ancient ruins of our city “Awaoyling”. We still hold this place with all the respect they deserve. The bottom picture is one of our cities with a incredible looking super fighter cruisers hovering over it. They are stationary over another huge city of ours named ” Vertbroieuk “. We are prepared for war at any given notice except no one has dared to come at us as a fighting force. Our people will be ready at a moments notice once the sirens go off at dawn. The crews will report in minutes to fire up their ships and fly out to take care of these fools with ease. This does show that signify that peace is preferred but we will fight back if attacked. But, this fight will be heard loud and clear across the solar system and beyond maybe. As you may notice our ships are huge designed with shields to with hold any known armaments for hours if necessary. As for now everything is quiet and the air is clean. And clear shots allowing for long distance radar, to fetch outlines of anything within about, half the solar system away.

We have more pictures of deep space cruisers lined up in the hangars waiting for such moments to fire up the super charged turbines and kick it into warp speed. Our men and women are caring and thoughtful individuals, ready to save their families and our planet from harm or hostile take overs. So, who ever this fool does not realize he is biting off the head of the top crews any where in our solar system. Just call us the protectorate. By morning maybe, these insane people will change their minds and depart for safer parts of the solar system.
See for yourself is that being peaceful is better than sticking around here waiting to be killed ? I am going to say yes it is !! These are from the depths of our galaxy where life is safe and people want to have a good life. We have made a few trips out there to set up trading missions with a number of planets we came across. Maybe if these were our friends a party would be set up to welcome them to our world. But, alas we wait to see what morning will bring about for us and our people. Come back and check out our world we will be here trust me on that. All this over the simple title of a newspaper periodical that has belonged to us since time began.

One day the people of the planets in our solar system in “The Sigma Eridanj Galaxy” will be better people if no unpredictable fighting breaks out. I am sure that two periodical newspapers can survive in such vastness of this incredible deep outer space. We are determined to prove this to the rude ruling forces from Phatotera. Which is from another galaxy that we have never entered in the history of our solar system. Our world prays that peace will still reign in the morning. That would be an amazing Head Line on the front page of the ” Lonely Ghautide Chrobical” in the morning issue.

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8 thoughts on “Then Everything Was Gone

      1. After that nothing else happened Cherie. It was weird for sure. Maybe my PC is having problems but she is good to me and I feed her constantly with Data everyday. lol I just laugh and chock it up to experience actually Cherie. You do not need to worry my dear friend. I am going to try and relax and go to sleep by 11:00 PM. Thank you for the talk Cherie. Much appreciated


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