The Sword of Six

This supposedly started some twenty centuries ago according to the local legends that were always being talked about. It comes down to no one being absolutely sure who started this but was it at that exact time when the Sword of The Six were most powerful. The Sword of The Six were unscrupulous and very dangerous and held the reigns to control completely tight. There was not one person or one business that ever escaped their grasp which made them nothing but richer as the weeks flew by. Arguments would flare up trying to decide just who was the ring leader of The Sword of The Six. Yet, no one would ever agree on the proper names of the members of this notorious group who controlled millions of lives. Plus, they had all the weapons of destruction to be used against the population when required to squeeze them tighter. Unfortunately, the local animals were of the tamed variety not the mean, nasty wild creatures that roamed the areas outside the towns. Some of the gossip went to The Sword of The Six having control over the wild creatures but most felt that was impossible for anyone to achieve such power over wild animals. That might be true to some degree as people did disappear when trying to escape through the forests or across the hot desert sands to the eastern boundaries. The cities of Krugate, Vrofcester, and Inding composed most of the population. The Sword of The Six held many of the companies hostage until they agreed to split the total profits more in the favour of The Sword of The Six. Control and victory drove this repugnant, harrowing and obscene crime bosses to want more and more. There was nothing that was good enough for them to call it quits. No, sucking the cities and companies dry is the proper term they used according to the local chatter. The Sword of The Six knew enough to bring with them accountants they trusted one hundred per cent. That way no profits were ever lost due to miscounts. These accountants were paid very well for this effort they put forward all the time in their working days.

These ones called The Sword of The Six were well known to historians over the last twenty centuries. When ever any attempt was made to corroborate what actually took place back in those days it failed. Because historians argued over trivial matters. Some thought the historians may have been relatives of this asinine, pernicious Sword of The Six. Others felt that some government officials were purposely ruining any investigation into the correct history of those times. Still others came up with the fact those who were in positions to prevent such happenings refused to budge off their chairs. If, The Sword of The Six were this cut throat here what were they like on other planets. This galaxy had probably a couple of hundred thousand or more planets as far as the eyes could see. How The Sword of The Six moved around was a complete mystery as far as anyone knew or could recall from their family or relatives who passed information along down the family tree so to speak. They must have had some of fastest cruisers made back in those days. They had the money to pay or just order some plant to provide them with what they wanted or else harm just befall that business or businesses. They were some most, weird, decrepit individuals to say the least according to the grape line. Talk started to open up about the possible planets they might have struck out against. There was the following planets ; Thelmastea , Gautis, Truonus, Efryria , Druzomia, Locivis, Leron JV, Phatotera and Croxaliv to name a few for now. They were in the Omicron Sagittarius Galaxy which was gigantic in size. They could have excess to such Super powered Imperial Spacecruisers that would hold a fair load of cargo in its bays under the main body of the ships. There cargo was light and easy to pack into the crevasses of each compartment below. Some of the currencies of the time were : Golden Gnaxcho , Mefla, Yxdo, Srywnar , Bloodbound Tenge, Forest Riyal and Ancestral Statep. These would of course fill easily into all the spots required for extra stuffing.

So, we have surely started to make out the proper intenary and the stuff they would with out a doubt take with them on their journeys. The Sword of The Six are not to be fooled with by any means not with the amount of weapons of different varieties that just simply kill people period. They take over cities slowly maybe than pounce before anyone realizes it. Or when they do they are completely bound up in their schemes along with The Sword of The Six. We will keep digging into the past history of these unscrupulous, fiendish attackers who come from out of no where it seems at times or with out any warning for sure. Word of mouth aroused this digging into such barbaric creatures from twenty centuries ago. Why would such demented, formidable intruders just pop down and land with no trace of any transport machinery. They had it hid maybe they had a secret base under the sand dunes to the eastern side of the country. More time is definitely required to piece this all together. So, until next time our investigative crew arrives to say they have more information for the masses please listen to them.

Bye for now it is getting late into the early morning hours for these people already.

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