A Insulated Flying Jacket

This support helped create the best interior flying jackets ever produced by Willow Arts Defense League. Part of the stupendous Search and Rescue Division under neath the guidance and direction of the Prodigy Deep Space Fleet Commander Nerinco Tricorno. Commander Tricorno has a strong history of flying some of the most important missions ever handed down. He has always succeeded with no lose of life in any of ships ever ! But, this ultra secret mission into the never before visited Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. We would first seek out a planet by the name of Xounope this surrounded around by six small moons with no names yet. If, on this mission there is some extra time please name this six moons here in orbit. Commander Tricorno has asked for certain type of ships on this deep space voyage. Like several probably a dozen or more of the STS Destiny Deep Space Intruders and about six or eight STS Ravager 5S Space Cruisers. Right now we were all based upon the planet Bonoe 4DPY which is used to build and create new and interesting attack force cruisers.

This gigantic Galaxy Wide review to attack it with search and rescue capabilities. There is still the beautiful city of Crouxppol which is located half way up the side of Buxmouth Highlands. This is situated here for the stunning look outs into the stars that are bright in the night skies. There is nothing similar any where they believe in our galaxy for now. The structure was built in such a manner that from every room the views were extraordinary. The rooms were so large and stunningly furnished with rare items found on other planets during previous fleet voyages. The beds are so large and well laid out according to size and covers required. Everyone was going to fully enjoy their stay here in the Peaceful Pastures Hotel. They had another four days stay here to find the best flying jackets ever made. Which means the producers would require vetting for safety and security. Let’s be realistic that what ever the final well chosen pick the winning design could be over ruled but many worries. The sign at the top of our story refers to the way the last producer of our flying jackets was stunning to say the least. This one had to be just a tad more stunning with out much flare just one that would keep people warm and safe while they were wearing one of them. The crews were the most important ingredient in the success of this voyage into the great unknown areas of the Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. Plus total secrecy was sworn by everyone to the success of this mission is ultra important. Once the members of this mission all retired to bed and they laid down they might fall asleep like nothing. The Hotel was peaceful indeed and surprisingly had some of the greatest cooks could be found on any planet seemed to be working here. This granted even more quality and serenity to Peaceful Pastures Hotel. There were some fields but no cattle or anything else were roaming and searching for food. At one time the fields were home to large herds of cattle, horses and some herds of Stetopus, Taveers Ponites and even Wudybara’s. The morning sounds as they became awake were bone chilling and the senses were just humming along. Each individual herds made different noises which were unique to this area. The stories and the history of this place long before it was settled was placed in each room for the visitors. This voyage was vital to the success of finding the best quality materials for the flying jackets, for all the crews being put together as we speak sort of anyways.

This picture gives us a peek into what the voyage was going to be focusing on as they race through the areas never searched before in there own Beta Zephyrus Galaxy. With a lack of information in regards to what they might run into was indeed one bad thing. Not having any contacts in that part of the Galaxy was even worse for safety and security. In other words this drove home the message that one was to wear your flying jacket at all times outside of your rooms. This also allowed others to distinguish who was who among the participants which were selected with some reservations but they all earned to be here on this voyage. Let’s be happy for them all as they head out into uncharted territory. Learning would start the second they start heading out on this long long journey until they return. yet, the top Commanders must have known the out come and the chances of success. The last words that were read that morning they were leaving were : Ladies and Gentlemen; This mission out into the darkest parts of our Glaxay to find the best fabric for officers flying jackets. We all prayed for your success this year. We are also announcing this trip is going to be a possible Ten Year trip before we come back with all the things we need. We will be successful said the top flight commander Clovac Tilia. As this world is relying on us to bring back enough material to last for many long light years. Our secret small spying things never sent anything back so it is alright. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahhhahahahhahah. It is that time to end this talk with all of you standing here waiting for your sons and daughters head out to see and help the entire. But, come over around 11:00 AM and I had to speak it out loud sorry. That bit of information wanted yes is alright so lets get going. Say your last good byes and crews lets head out to board our new ship. One by one they silently walked the gangways to their ships to get readied to store their gear and stuff. This will return in about ten years to complete this deep space journey and the return.

So, this brings to an end this blog for now. I hope you all will like this one or not lol. I hope if you find anything you like to point out to me I will reply. After Ifix something right ? lol

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I do not accept any use with out prior express providing you with things my way or no way. This is my wall right. lol

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